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As we all know, Amazon and eBay are dominating the scene in the e-commerce world as it is the only marketplaces that have hit the 1 billion visit mark. However, global marketplaces such as Rakuten, Shein, Adidas, Lazada, and Banggood are in the race to compete with the two titans to provide for the needs of consumers worldwide.

The widespread coronavirus outbreak in North America has encouraged customers to shop online. Many of these were first-time internet buyers who were compelled to do so because brick-and-mortar stores had to close, yet this new behaviour has persisted globally even after the lockdown. E-commerce has grown as a result, with marketplaces like Newegg, Overstock, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, Bonanza, and Tophatter capturing a sizable portion of these additional purchases.

Mercado Libre is one of the largest online shops and cross-border trade organisations in South and Central America. While the rise of e-commerce is expected to grow in the continent over the years, small online shops such as Casas Bahia, Elo7, and Everlane are expected to be a tough rivals for Mercado Libre.

While the biggest marketplaces in Europe are Amazon and eBay, other marketplaces are starting to rise to compete with these marketplace conglomerates. Some of the well-known marketplaces that are growing in Europe are Zalando, Conforama, Otto, Rue du Commerce, and more. Check out the list of marketplaces in Europe below to read detailed information about each of them.

Eastern Europe is one of the fastest-growing regions in terms of economic development. The rise of marketplaces in the region is expected to satisfy the consumers’ needs by giving them the services they need. That being said, online shops such as Allegro, Ozon, and Yandex Market are to live up to the consumers’ expectations.

China presently leads the globe in e-commerce with more than 610 million online users. It is not a surprise that China has emerged as the new gold mine for all internet retailers, whether they are domestic or foreign, given its potential. Marketplaces like Alibaba, Taobao,, and Kaola are among one the favourites in China.

One-stop internet shops are mainstream nowadays and have ingrained themselves into the everyday routines of millions of customers, most specifically Asians. Furthermore, the epidemic has greatly hastened the embracement of e-commerce that experts had expected would occur in a decade; online markets are in fact the primary characters. Coupang, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Vova, and Zalora are among the online shops that play a critical role in keeping the market alive in Asia.

While most marketplaces operating in Oceania are small online businesses, Oceania - especially Australia - also sees small online shops among the most important marketplaces. Small online shops including,, The Iconic, and Trade Me are seeking ways to leverage their existing store presence to boost their e-commerce performance.

As e-commerce continues to develop in Africa, African natives are getting more and more inclined towards online shopping. Hence, the number of marketplaces keeps increasing year by year at an exponential rate. Marketplaces namely Jumia, Konga, Zando, Kilimall, and Zasttra are some that are helping boost the e-commerce market in Africa.

With a wealthy population and high internet usage, e-commerce should be very well established in this region. Rapid growth is forecasted in the Middle East since e-commerce sales are expected to increase more each year. With that, it will slowly but surely ratchet up online retail’s market share. Marketplaces like Hepsiburada, Markavip, and Zoodmall are apparent shops that can help boost the growth of e-commerce in the Middle East.

What do marketplaces do?

Marketplaces are online areas where customers can seek out products from numerous various vendors. These marketplaces provide a variety of products, price matching, and a more straightforward shopping experience. Marketplaces have provided benefits for consumers and business enterprises, from faster customer care to custom shipping.

What are examples of marketplaces?

Marketplaces are online spaces where buyers can select products at a certain price from sellers or merchants. Some examples of widely-known marketplaces are:

  • Amazon - is an online store where enterprises can open accounts and sell goods as long as they follow certain guidelines. Amazon also offers merchant stores several monthly plans.
  • Alibaba - is a wholesale marketplace for wholesale purchases where customers can find the best deals on large quantities of goods. Alibaba enables customers to develop custom products, bargain directly with manufacturers, and save a lot of money.
  • eBay - is a popular online marketplace recognised for its consumer-to-consumer transactions and auctions. It’s also quite well-liked by internet retailers who use it as a sales channel. eBay is accessible to a lot of countries.

Browse more of the marketplaces above and read detailed guidelines regarding them.

What are online shops?

Online shops are websites that offer buyers to purchase goods or services from a seller using the internet over a browser or by a mobile app. The main point of having online shops is that so the buyers don’t have to go out to buy the products they need and they can just purchase them online and have them delivered to their doorstep.

Online shops are a way for people to grab products in an efficient and less time-consuming manner.

What are some examples of online shops?

Online shops have taken a storm on the internet. It is a safe haven where consumers are able to express themselves by purchasing products. Examples of online shops that are known worldwide are AliExpress, Snapdeal, Flipkart, and many more!

  • AliExpress - is a widely-known online shop in China for buyers to get products at a cheaper price than Amazon and other services.
  • Snapdeal - is one of India’s leading online shops that sell products such as mobile phones, electronics, apparel, accessories, and many more.
  • Flipkart - is India’s biggest online store and is currently owned by Walmart. Buyers can purchase products such as mobile phones, clothes and shoes, electronics, home appliances, books, jewellery, and many more.

Check out the list of shops above and read some detailed information about them.

Can online shopping be trusted?

Yes, online shopping is safe. Over the years, security measures have become better on the internet which makes online shopping a secure place for buyers to get their products. Do be wary of the sellers you are buying from, there are some cases where they give you a fake tracking number or a defective item.

Do online shops offer a refund to their buyers?

In a case where an item is missing, late, defective, or you’re still under the buyer protection program, most online shops will allow the buyers to return the product and get a refund.

You can request a refund on their website, mobile app, or by filling up a form. Forms are typically short and easy to fill. Details such as your name, phone number, email, and why you want a refund are asked on the forms.

How do you track items you ordered from an online shop?

Most marketplaces or online shops have their website or mobile app that allows consumers to track the products that they have purchased. To do this, the user would most likely have to log in to their account, go to the list of orders, select the product they would like to track and view more details to see the current status of the item.

While that would be one way to track the items, some users use a third-party tracking site. A universal tracking site like Ship24 allows users to see live updates of the parcel with the use of a tracking number.

How long does an online shop take to deliver?

Delivery times can vary based on your region. Standard delivery for domestic items can take within 1 to 7 days while standard delivery for international items can take up to 1 month. For express deliveries, domestic items can be delivered on the same day or next day delivery. As for international items, express deliveries could take 2 to 7 days.

Again, several factors can affect the delivery time of the items. Factors such as inclement weather, road blockages, or customs could cause a short delay in the delivery of your order.

What is an e-commerce site?

An e-commerce site is a place that enables people to buy and sell tangible products, services, and digital goods over the internet as opposed to at a physical store. A store on the e-commerce site can process orders, accept payments, handle shipping and logistics, and offer customer support.

It is a way for consumers to spend money and get the items they want virtually rather than going to a brick-and-mortar location.

What are examples of e-commerce sites?

Throughout the years, plenty of e-commerce sites started to grow their platforms online. Some examples of e-commerce sites are:

  • Spotify - is an e-commerce site that enables people to stream music, podcast, and video services. Basic features are free but users can upgrade their account to premium to access more features.
  • Apple - is a well-known American e-commerce site that offers software and online services as well as sells electronics.
  • Lush- is an e-commerce site that is popular for its home-made cosmetics, moisturisers, shampoo, soap, and many more.

Glance over some articles on the stores above and read information about tracking and other related guides.

Which e-commerce site is the most used?

Amazon is considered to be the leading e-commerce site in most countries generating nearly 3 billion visitors every month. It is the biggest e-commerce site in America.

How are e-commerce and marketplace different?

The difference between e-commerce and a marketplace is that an e-commerce website sells goods from a single vendor to numerous customers, whereas a marketplace website sells goods from multiple vendors.

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