AliExpress tracking

What is AliExpress?

Launched in 2010, AliExpress is an online retail service or marketplace owned by the Alibaba Group, which is based in China. The marketplace platform allows buyers from all over the world to access products from small and medium-sized businesses, mainly from within China, without having to visit a physical premises.

AliExpress started as a business-to-business (B2B) buying and selling portal, designed to be used by e-commerce websites employing the dropship business model. AliExpress is different from other marketplaces, such as Amazon, because it acts only as an e-commerce platform and does not sell products directly.

However, it has expanded into offering more services, including consumer to consumer, business to consumer, payment, and even cloud computing services. Consequently, sellers on AliExpress can be either companies or individuals, allowing for more people to access the platform to sell goods.

AliExpress is also available in multiple languages, including French, Spanish, English, Dutch, Italian, German, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese, Indonesian, and Russian, with countries outside of those listed generally using the English version.

How popular is AliExpress?

The AliExpress marketplace group is very popular for both merchants and consumers because it represents a cost-effective way for businesses to reach the international market. The saving is in turn passed on to the customer, meaning low-priced products. Coupled with the ability to have all of the products featured on your door, it has proven a winning formula that is only set to grow in an increasingly digital world.

AliExpress works with a number of different partners, including both local and international postal services and curriers, in order to deliver products to consumers. Some of the major couriers in partnership with AliExpress include the Singapore Post, Correos, DHL, Posti Finland, and many more.

Both consumers and merchants alike can also now take advantage of multiple shipment tracking options on goods purchased through the site. Ship24 covers over 10,000 shops and couriers, making tracking AliExpress orders easy. To begin tracking your order from AliExpress, simply enter your tracking code on the Ship24 website to start getting instant, real-time location and status of your order regardless of what it may be!

Where is AliExpress located?

AliExpress is located in the Alibaba headquarters, in Hangzhou in China at the following address:
No 969 West Wen Yi Road,
Yuhang District, Hangzhou,

Sellers and buyers should note that AliExpress does not ship from this address as it is just an online retailer. Therefore, tracking will not begin at this address and all AliExpress parcel tracking will start from the initial postal service or currier which the sender chooses. If you need real-time tracking on your AliExpress parcel, Ship24 offers comprehensive tracking - including status and location updates - on all items purchased from AliExpress.

Is AliExpress safe?

What makes AliExpress so safe is that the buyer is completely protected when the purchase is made directly through the AliExpress marketplace. However, in order to track your AliExpress order, a number of conditions must be met.

For instance, the seller has the responsibility to share the shipping details, including the parcel tracking code as well as the delivery time AliExpress offers (which vary depending on the available shipping options).

The seller should send this information when the purchase is made, which is especially important for a positive merchant customer relationship but also to allow the latter to track their AliExpress package.

Once the buyer has received their tracking code, they can get all the information they need regarding the status and location of their package by entering the code on Ship24.com.

How do I claim a refund for my AliExpress order?

The seller has the responsibility of having a refund policy in place, and any policy regarding refunds must be clear and transparent for the buyer. If an item is not delivered after the end of the delivery period mentioned, which is 45 days, a refund request can be placed and should be honored by the seller.

In order to request a refund, the buyer will need to follow the steps below:

  • The first step is to contact the AliExpress support team to report the issue concerning the order. A notification will be automatically sent to the original seller who will have the option to correct the mistake.
  • Then the seller will respond in a number of ways, such as by offering to send a new product with a potential partial refund, however, the buyer does not have to accept the offer if they do not want to.
  • If a refund is still not given, then the buyer can open a dispute which will be
  • If the seller ignores the dispute, the money will be returned to the buyer by AliExpress. Usually, the buyer gets back his money within 2 weeks.

How long does AliExpress take to ship an order?

As with all shipping methods, delivery time may vary depending on a range of factors including unforeseen delays, local holidays, processing complications, adverse weather conditions, and so on. However, of the two services that AliExpress proposes, it offers the following estimated delivery timeframes for each service:

  • For AliExpress Standard Shipping, delivery usually takes 15 to 45 days from when the package or parcel is sent.
  • For AliExpress Premium Shipping, delivery usually takes 7 to 15 days from when the package or parcel is sent.

When a product is ordered, buyers are encouraged to remember that sellers have an obligation to give an estimated period for delivery. The above timeframes are simply estimates, and the seller should also take in to account several other considerations in order to provide the best possible estimated delivery time.

For China domestic shipment only, Alibaba/AliExpress products are delivered within a 2-3 working days and sometimes later for more rural regions on the mainland. Some couriers, such as DHL Express, are faster.

For cross-Border eCommerce and international shipping estimates are as follows:

  • AliExpress Standard Shipping Transit time: 18-28 days *Free*
  • EMS (China Post) Transit time: 17-36 days
  • DHL Express Transit time: 10-21 days

Factors that can further affect shipping time include:

  • The method of shipping

Depending on the courier and the method of transportation, time will vary. AliExpress has partnerships with local couriers both in China and other countries and shipments will be faster if the delivery is made by one of those partners. In addition, if the buyer opted for registered mail instead of regular mail, the time of the delivery will also prove faster. The seller should be aware of which couriers are being used and they should use this information to give the buyer a more accurate delivery estimate.

Also, when a package is sent by private couriers - such as FedEx, DHL, or otherwise - the buyer may still be required to pay customs fees, which pending payment, could delay the delivery process further. The seller should be able to advise on payable fees however these will change depending on the destination.

  • The destination country

The orders will arrive faster in countries where the state postal service is good and where people already order a lot from abroad. The buyer must also take into account the weather forecast of the country/region because the delivery can take longer according to meteorological events.

  • The time of the year

For example, if the buyer orders during holidays periods, such as around Christmas or at Chinese New Year, partners and couriers working with AliExpress will be busier than usual and subsequently, all delivery times are usually extended. When a high volume of orders is being processed in a country, smaller local postal services will take longer to deliver everything in time and delays are to be expected. However, up-to-date tracking information on an order's status and location can be retrieved by entering the tracking code or number of the parcel at any time on the Ship24.com website.

How do I track an AliExpress order?

Thanks to Ship24, tracking an AliExpress parcel or package couldn't be easier. Buyers will only have to enter their tracking number onto the Ship24.com website and they will be able to access real-time information regarding their order's status and location.
Once a purchase has been made, the buyer will receive a tracking number from the seller, and they can use this to track their AliExpress order with Ship24. Ship24 covers over 10,000 curriers and shops meaning it can effectively process and identify individual shipping codes, make a connection with the relevant currier, and send back status and location information instantly on the website. The buyer just needs to enter the tracking number in the search bar on the ship24 website to check.

Should the situation arise that the seller did not send the tracking code, the buyer should be able to find their AliExpress tracking information on the AliExpress website.

What does my AliExpress tracking status mean?

The AliExpress tracking code allows users to track their parcel or package in real-time. However, sometimes there can be confusion over the status of their order. Below is the definitive guide to what order terminology and tracking status mean so that you no longer need to be confused about what is happening with your order or parcel as well as what certain item tracking statuses mean.

  • Order received - This is when the order has been received by the seller should get back to the buyer shortly to provide more information about shipment and tracking
  • Awaiting clarification - This is when the buyer has not provided the seller with the product link, or the quantity is missing, or specific color and sizes have not yet been defined and therefore it will require further communication in order for the purchase to go-ahead
  • Order unfulfillable - This is when the selected product is not able to be delivered internationally.
  • Order amount - This is when the seller has updated the buyer with the total amount, (meaning the price of the product plus the shipping charges in a grand total)
  • Order in progress - This is when the purchaser is attempting to buy the product.
  • Purchased - This is when the product is purchased and is waiting for its arrival in the warehouse for dispatch.
  • Order packed - This is when the product is ready for dispatch.
  • Order consolidated - This is when the product is combined in a single package.
  • Order invoice - This is when the order invoice has been uploaded.
  • Shipped - This is when the package has been shipped.
  • Order arrived - This is when the order has arrived at the final destination.
  • Order canceled - This is when the order placed by the buyer has been canceled.
  • Order refunded - This is when the seller has requested a refund on their order.
  • Order abandoned - This is when no information about the order can be seen, often due to no response from the buyer.

What is my AliExpress tracking number?

Just like many marketplaces in China, all registered shipments will have a tracking number, and AliExpress is no different. The tracking number, also known as a tracking code or tracking ID, will always be unique to an individual parcel.

Whether you have ordered one parcel or a hundred packages, each order will have a separate tracking code in order for the parcel to be identified.

The format will be similar to other codes, but the numbers are always different.

For example, a tracking number for a parcel with AliExpress could be "TY72726064444700008". If you ordered another item, even if it was at the same time and the same shop, unless the order was combined then it will have a separate number, such as TY72726064444700009".

If the seller provides the same tracking number for various different orders, then contact with the seller should be made. Alternatively, buyers can contact AliExpress customer support directly for further online support.

Examples of AliExpress tracking numbers for parcels:

  • Registered: RY123**CH
  • International Parcels Economy (non registered): UN123**CN
  • Domestic shipment: 97.00.123456.2343423 International Courier: TT123**CH

Can you get free shipping on AliExpress shipment orders?

AliExpress is a marketplace platform that facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers, meaning that free shipping options may be at the discretion of the seller. As a result, shipping is not always free, and it will depend on the product being purchased. However, smaller products, such as electronics or clothing, will often have free shipping options. This is because small AliExpress parcel orders are cheaper to ship and therefore buyers, and the website, are happy to incentivize the purchase of these items with free AliExpress delivery options. Larger AliExpress shipment orders will likely come with shipping costs, due to the fact they will be more expensive to send, and costs will probably be passed on to the customer. There are a number of other variables regarding the cost of shipping, including the destination (and subsequent distance from the dispatch area, usually China), the speed at which the person would like the item to be delivered and other factors.

How long does AliExpress free shipment delivery take?

In general, free shipping options will be the most economic for the sender/seller. This means that they will likely be sent and transported by the cheapest and as a result the slowest, delivery method. If you need your AliExpress parcel delivered within a certain timeframe, you should check with the seller or website before making the purchase to make sure your AliExpress package can be delivered on time. You can do this by messaging the seller directly on the website.

An AliExpress shipment sent by sea will usually take the longest, with road and rail taking an average amount of time and air travel the fastest. However, international orders will usually travel via a combination of the aforementioned. If you want to track an AliExpress parcel as soon as it is dispatched so you have the best idea of when an AliExpress parcel will be delivered, you can do so using Ship24. Ship24 allows you to track an AliExpress parcel along its entire journey, no matter which form of transport is being used or if multiple couriers and delivery companies are involved in its delivery, all from one place. Copy and paste your tracking number into the Ship24 website and start enjoying the complete tracking experience today!

Can I track my AliExpress parcel with my order number?

When it comes to tracking a package or parcel, buyers should note that the tracking number, ID, or code and the order number will be different. It is only with the tracking information that a buyer can successfully track their parcel. They should receive from the seller once the product has been dispatched. The buyer can then use their tracking number on the Ship24 website to track the progress of their parcels from the moment it is first dispatched right up until delivery at the desired location. Although you can connect with the order section on AliExpress, Ship24.com is the ultimate tracking platform as it covers many of the partners and local curriers used by sellers meaning it is the only way to access the most correct and up-to-date information regarding your parcel tracking.

Once you have your tracking number, paste it into the Ship24.com search bar and then let the powerful tracking engine do the rest to find all the details about your package or parcel. Afterward, the tracking number will also automatically be saved in your search history meaning you can easily find it again when you want new tracking updates.
For instance, you will see your tracking number, which will look something like "CNAPY83xx1295" or "LZ87124xx90CN" above the search bar whenever go back on to the site.

Can I track my AliExpress parcel without a tracking number?

Sometimes an order can be sent without tracking information, this is the case mostly when the tracking number starts by UN***. One reason for this happening is that the seller did not register the package. This means that there may be no tracking information available for the package. If you do not receive an AliExpress tracking number, contact the seller to quivery why or for further support, the online AliExpress support team.

Why has my AliExpress tracking number changed?

Sometimes, as the package is handled by different couriers' in different countries, tracking numbers for AliExpress parcels or packages can change along the way. This can make it difficult to track the parcels and is not convenient for the buyer as they will have to access lots of different couriers' websites in order to access information about their package.

The best solution for this is to use their originally tracking number on the Ship24, which works with over 10,000 different couriers and shops and will be able to identify not only the status and location of the package but the new / changed tracking numbers which are related to your parcel.

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