AliExpress package tracking

The marketplace from the Alibaba group is popular for the important catalog of product from China. AliExpress offers to international buyers very good prices on products that can be delivered directly to their door. Packages are usualy sent by Cainiao, Yanwen, SF Express. Find out where is your AliExpress order package!

Aliexpress order tracking solution for packages and deliveries

The marketplace from the Alibaba group is very popular for its prices and the important catalog of product from China. With customized websites in France, Germany, Spain, UK, Russia and Mexico, AliExpress offers to international buyers very good prices on products that can be delivered directly to their door.

AliExpress standard shipping solutions

AliExpress Standard Shipping (economic) is the most used solution and is most often free for the buyer. Find out where is your AliExpress order package with ship24.com with your tracking number

You can follow your parcels and your shipments on ship24 by using the tracking number given by the seller for all shipping solutions offered by the marketplace. If you don't have this information you can connect to Aliexpress page with your order, you will find it here,<a href="https://trade.aliexpress.com/orderList.htm" target="_blank">Aliexpress page</a> with your orders, you will find this information provided by the seller and is not related to the order number

How long does AliExpress take to deliver from China?

When an order is placed with AliExpress, the biggest advantage that lies is the customer service support respond with regards to the shipping queries that a majority of buyers have. Although AliExpress is known to offer a wide range of product categories across the globe, the time of delivery takes more than various other online stores, i.e. 15 to 45 days comparatively 7 to 14 days for BangGood. Some clients get upset thinking that their parcels/ packages have lost despite of thinking that Aliexpress package lost can be sorted out in few simple steps as below:

  • As a seller on AliExpress, it is the responsibility to share the shipping time AliExpress offers (with different shiping options) as not every buyer on this platform reads out the few information mentioned within the description part of the product. Upon sending over the congratulations greeting when a purchase is made, reminding the expected time of delivery is something that sounds appropriate for the customer relationship.

  • As a seller once AliExpress have placed or offered the tracking code, it should be sent over via email to the buyer with an explanation regarding how to utilize the provided information to look for the current location of the parcel/ package on Ship24.com

  • As a seller, your policy of refund must be as clear and tranparant. In case if an item is not delivered after the end of the delivery period mentioned, i.e. 45 days, one can take back the refund or claim it on 46th day.

Why I am viewing status not available for my AliExpress package?

As far as the delivery statuses are concerned, when a purchase takes place on the AliExpress marketplace, the tracking ID is provided in order to view the status of the parcel/ package. According to the list of statuses, below are the representative statuses that normally buyers view :

  • Order received - meaning that the order has been received by the seller and will get back to the buyer shortly.
  • Awaiting clarification - meaning that the buyer has not provided the seller with the product link or is broken or the quantity is missing or specific color and sizes have not yet been defined.
  • Order unfulfillable - meaning that the selected product is not the one eligible for international delivery.
  • Order amount - meaning that the seller has updated the buyer with the total amount, i.e. the price of the product plus the shipping charges.
  • Order in progress - meaning that the purchaser is working on buying the product for the buyer.
  • Purchased - meaning that the product is purchased, awaiting for its arrival in the warehouse.
  • Order packed - meaning that the product is ready for delivery.
  • Order consolidated - meaning that the product is combined in a single package.
  • Order invoice - meaning that the order invoice has been uploaded.
  • Order payment made- meaning that the seller has received complete order amount.
  • Shipped - Good news! meaning that the package have been shipped.
  • Order arrived - meaning that your order has arrived.
  • Order cancelled- meaning that the order placed by the buyer have been cancelled.
  • Order refunded- meaning that seller have refunded the seller.
  • Order abandoned or no status can be seen- meaning that no information about the order can be seen. This may be due to no response from the buyer.

Just like many marketplace in China, your shipment has a tracking number, AliExpress also provides with one in no format. The tracking ID is supposed to be always a different one, i.e. the numbers are always different such as TY72726064444700008. However some Tracking numbers are invalid or the seller provided the same tracking number for serveral orders. If you have any issues with it, contact <a href="https://helppage.aliexpress.com/buyercenter/index.htm" target="_blank">Aliexpress customer support </a>

When it comes to tracking the package/ parcel, there is a tracking ID that is used instead of the order number. Although you can connect to the order section on AliExpress, Ship24.com is the ultimate tracking platform, also providing updates on your package/parcel along its way with updated notification about your order.

Once you have your tracking number, you can paste it in the search bar above. The tracking number will automatically be saved in your history Tracking number of parcel sent from China are likely similar to CNAPY83xx1295 LZ87124xx90CN

AliExpress Standard Shipping deivery time and other shipping methods

Sometimes the packet is sent without tracking information, this is the case mostly when the tracking number starts by UN***. The information may be in this case limited to the country of departure. As the package can be handle by different couriers, the tracking number can change on it's way How long does Aliexpress take to deliver from china (e.g. Countries/Regions)

AliExpress mostly deliverer parcel with slow economy parcels solutions. Aliexpress tracking number are for examples:

  • Registered: RY123**CH
  • International Parcels Economy (non registered): UN123**CN
  • Domestic shipment : 97.00.123456.2343423 International Courier: TT123**CH

For China domestic shipment only, Alibaba / AliExpress products are delivered within a 2-3 working days delivery and a bit more for rural region (within China). Some products like DHL Express, are faster , however DHL ecommerce solutions are equivalent to Aliexpress Shipping for global shipping

For cross-Border Ecommerce and international shipping:

  • AliExpress Standard Shipping Transit time: 18-28 days Free Shipping
  • EMS (China Post) Transit time: 17-36 days
  • DHL Express Transit time: 10-21 days

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The marketplace from the Alibaba group is popular for the important catalog of product from China. AliExpress offers to international buyers very good prices on products that can be delivered directly to their door. Packages are usualy sent by Cainiao, Yanwen, SF Express. Find out where is your AliExpress order package!

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