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What is Flipkart?

Flipkart is an online trading company from India, founded in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. Currently, Asian trade and industry are not only dominated by China or Japan. India is also a strong competitor on the Asian continent, in the commercial and business world.
Flipkart is the largest and most powerful e-commerce company in India, valued at over 30 billion dollars. Since its inception, Flipkart started as a company to trade the sale and purchase of books through an online platform. 
Its commercial growth was so important that it later evolved as a company and began to sell other types of products, such as home appliances or fashion products.
Flipkart is an online retail store that has a wide variety of products for sale. Currently, Flipkart is the main competitor of Amazon in India, this is mainly because Flipkart has a market share of over 38%. Besides, the company is the main online option in India for buying and selling clothing and technology products such as mobile phones.
The power and commercial influence of Flipkart India is so big that Walmart bought a 77% majority of shares, which are valued at over $20 billion. For this reason, Flipkart has great commercial relevance in all India. 
It is important to mention that Flipkart did become increasingly popular in the world of e-commerce given its commercial rivalry with the e-commerce giant, Amazon. 
In the last few years, Amazon decided to integrate the potential and commercial opportunities offered by India. This decision led Amazon to have an important competition with Flipkart to dominate the Indian market, which is still dominated by Flipkart.

Does Flipkart have a free delivery option?

Flipkart free shipping is only available for a specific number of users. For users to have access to free shipping and delivery, they must register in a section of the online shop, known as Flipkart plus. This premium registration option allows users to have free shipping and delivery of products, as well as other types of promotions. 
Flipkart plus was created by the company to reward the loyalty of those customers who had spent many years shopping through Flipkart. 
However, those users who are not registered in Flipkart plus also have opportunities to have free deliveries. But they are conditioned by certain factors, as they can only be obtained with the purchase of certain products.

What is the delivery charge of Flipkart?

Flipkart shipping costs are the most competitive on the market. It is one of the main characteristics that Flipkart has concerning its competitors, such as Amazon. The average cost of shipping in India does not exceed two dollars.
Flipkart offers consist of discount promotions that reduce shipping costs, and benefit the needs of registered users. It is also important to mention that the company has a "Flipkart plus" option. This allows its registered users to buy products without paying any Flipkart shipping fees or any Flipkart delivery. 

How can I ship my order on Flipkart?

Flipkart is an e-commerce company very different from the rest. Especially when it comes to shipping and delivering products to its customers. It is very important to mention that Flipkart only ships within India. So it does not have the logistics to ship packages or products internationally.
Due to this, Flipkart decided to have the support of other companies. Since its foundation, Flipkart started to count on the transport and shipping services of Blue Dart. After a few years, it became evident the limitations Blue Dart had in distributing Flipkart packages to the smaller cities of India. 
To solve this problem, Flipkart opted to partner with the First Flight transport company. This became the first choice of users to send and receive purchased packages.
As Flipkart grew and the demand for the products increased, the Blue Dart and First Flight companies were unable to cope with the immense order volumes that had to be delivered.
This situation created a problem for Flipkart, as the company began to have a large amount of shipping and transportation costs for the packages.
As a solution, Flipkart opted to develop and create its own company for transport and delivery services, called Ekart. Since then it is the main option for the shipping and distribution of Flipkart packages. 

How to get 1 day delivery in Flipkart?

Flipkart free shipping is only available for a specific number of users. To obtain the one-day shipment, it is necessary to request and purchase a pin code that is obtained after the purchase of the desired product.
Through this pin code, the user has three options to decide the type of shipment you want. The first option is "traditional delivery". And the second option is "next day delivery", which must be requested within a time determined by the company. 
The third and last option is "same-day delivery" which also depends on a time frame determined by Flipkart. The company determines the periods based on the type of product and the region of delivery.

How can I track my order in Flipkart without account?

Tracking a product without having an account can be done through queries made on the Flipkart online platform. By this method, you can obtain the Flipkart tracking number and track the package through the transport companies. 
However, this method is not recommended. For security reasons it is necessary to confirm that the user making the query is the legitimate customer who completed the order.
Also, Flipkart has a mobile app that allows registered users to access all information related to the product and also get all the details of the product, such as the order number for your Flipkart tracking.

How can I contact Flipkart?

Flipkart customer care has all the necessary tools to attend the customers' queries and solve their problems. The company has physical offices spread over all cities in India, to attend and support millions of users who use Flipkart.
Likewise, the Flipkart customer care number can be obtained in the company's online platform, where it is also possible to make inquiries through email. 
It is also important to mention that Flipkart has legitimate social network accounts. Here, users can be served, regardless of the type of query or doubt they have about the company or the products sold there.

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