eBay tracking

eBay tracking


What is eBay?

One of the first marketplace eCommerce platforms, eBay was created in California in 1995. Today, it is a multinational e-commerce marketplace that connects buyers with sellers, with a wide range of products listed ranging from clothing, toys accessories, furniture, shoes, office equipment, and cleaning products to software, electrical devices, televisions, gaming consoles, and celebrity merchandise. Sellers can be individuals or businesses and the popular eBay feedback and rating system gives consumers confidence in the online products.

The platform was also one of the first marketplaces that introduced new ways to sell products online, including silent auctions where sellers can bid on items against other users. It also introduced the ability to set a maximum price, allowing users to let eBay facilitate bidding for them. This means the customer is getting them the best possible price for the product while being protected from spending beyond their means.

This type of sale is additional to the standard direct consumer to consumer, business to consumer, or business to business sales.

eBay package tracking

Which courier ships from eBay?

eBay does not have in-house logistics or deliver any parcels themselves, therefore all of the goods ordered through the marketplace platform will be delivered by external carriers. Usually, the seller should inform the buyer as to which courier they are using and of the estimated delivery time.

The most common couriers for deliveries on eBay are if you choose US Standard Shipping within mainland USA, are:

However, if you wish to ship internationally, the shipping process could include one or more couriers as your parcel progresses from country to country. Furthermore, the choice of the courier will depend on the size and weight of your parcel and also the order's final destination. To track your parcel, even if it is an international shipment that may pass through a number of couriers, buyers just need to enter their tracking ID number on the Ship24 website to find out the current status and location of their parcel or package.

All registered parcels sent via any of the couriers above can be tracked using the Ship24 website. However, buyers should be aware that post that is not registered cannot be tracked.

How do I track my eBay package?

Tracking online your eBay order is very easy, first, you need to obtain the tracking number provided by the seller or on the eBay page. If you have not received a tracking number or code, you should either contact the seller, check the order confirmation section on the eBay website or check out the order confirmation email which should be sent to your inbox when you have completed your purchase).

Once you have your eBay tracking number, you can use it to track your eBay parcel with Ship24. Tracking your eBay parcel with Ship24 will give you real-time updates on the status and location of your package. Ship24 is connected with over 1200 couriers and postal services meaning that it can simultaneously search hundreds of carriers and get you the latest tracking information regarding your order.

If a buyer is having an issue tracking their product, they should first make sure that they have entered the correct tracking number.

Sometimes there can be some confusion between various other numbers and codes you receive with your purchase, such as the order number or the final bill. These are separate codes that can do not help you track your eBay parcel. Make sure you have obtained your eBay tracking number from the seller, and entered it correctly, in order to track your eBay package.

If you have not received the tracking ID or it cannot be found, buyers need to contact the seller because it could mean that there may be a mistake on the number provided or that the package has not been handled by the courier yet.

Buyers should note that sometimes it can take 2 to 3 days to receive tracking information due to a number of factors, including delay in processing, the seller has not posted it yet, the package has not been picked up, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Where do I track my eBay parcel?

To track your eBay parcel, simply enter your tracking code on the Ship24 website to get real-time status and location updates on your eBay package. When you enter your eBay tracking number in the search bar of Ship24, you may receive information/updates that are similar to the following.

  • Pick-up Successful - This means that the seller has packaged the parcel and it has been received by the courier.
  • Dispatching from the origin center - This means that the order is being dispatched from the first processing station.
  • Arrived at the destination country - This means that the package or parcel has arrived in the same country as its final destination.
  • Arrived at the nearby center - This means that the order is one step closer to its destination and is at a nearby processing center.
  • Out for Delivery - This means that the parcel is currently in transit for final delivery.

How can I get an eBay tracking API?

For businesses or developers who want to integrate an eBay tracking API into their platform, you need to create an account on Ship24 first. Once created, you can choose between our two tracking API plans, We have a “per-call” plan and a “per-shipment” plan. Upon choosing a plan, you are given 10 free trials. The usage of each trial is deducted per shipment that has been tracked.

Please note that Ship24 is not capable of tracking eBay’s order numbers, it can still track the couriers that the seller has used. An order number and a tracking number are both different numbers so don’t be confused on which one is which. If you need some dummy tracking numbers to test out on your platform, you can shoot us a message and we’ll gladly provide you with some.

Ship24’s tracking API is highly recommended because of its fast integration and a dedicated in-house suppose to guide you with every step of your process. It offers so much more benefits as well.

Where is my eBay parcel?

To know exactly where your eBay order is, you will need a comprehensive tracking system that will scan hundreds of couriers simultaneously in order to find the exact status and location of your package. Ship24 has that capability and works with over 10,000 shops and couriers internationally meaning it can track down your eBay parcel instantly.

All you need to do is provide the tracking number on the website, click enter, and boom! All of your parcel details, including previous handlers and the various locations your package has travelled through, will be on your screen. The Ship24 system will quickly be able to decipher the courier, whether local or international, that your parcel is with, meaning it can give you the most up-to-date information as soon as you enter your eBay tracking number.

Check that the tracking number format (that varies according to the shipping option selected) First thing. If you still have any concerns regarding the eBay shipment, do not hesitate to contact the seller from the eBay page or on the eBay support pages to find more information about your order delivery issue.

What are eBay shipping methods?

eBay shipping methods depend on the seller's location and the size and weight of the package. Usually, when the products are shipped from the United Kingdom or the United States, the GSP (Global Shipping Program) created by eBay is used by the sellers and the packages are sent with Pitney Bowes (an American global technology company known for its mailing equipment). Whereas sellers located in China often use couriers such as China Post or again China EMS ePacket services.

All of these couriers use a variety of shipping methods including air, rail, road, and sea, all of which have an impact on the delivery time of the product. Generally, the faster modes of shipping, such as via aircraft, are more expensive. Orders sent via road or sea can take the longest. Although, if the final destination always plays a part, rural destinations also extend delivery timeframes. The seller should provide an estimated delivery time for the buyer upon purchase.

eBay orders generally involve many different couriers and this is why Ship24 is useful to allow buyers to track their parcels without having to enter their tracking number onto multiple courier websites. Instead, they can enter the code solely on Ship24 regardless of which courier is handling the eBay parcel and get instant information on its whereabouts.

What is the eBay Global Shipping Program (GSP)?

The GSP (Global Shipping Program) allows the sellers to grow their business market around the world, making international shipping easier and more convenient for both consumers and sellers. When a seller signs up for GSP and an eligible article sells abroad, the seller simply just has to ship it to eBay's Global Shipping Center in Kentucky and the GSP will then take care of every step until the article reaches the buyer.

Indeed, once the package gets shipped and received, the Global Shipping Program takes care of the entire process moving forward.

Here are some reasons why sellers choose GSP:

  • The tracking method: GSP uses registered shipping, which means once users receive a tracking number they can use Ship24 to get end-to-end tracking capability and be fully informed about the progress of the order. It is really easy to track the eBay package on Ship24 when the shipping method used is the GSP.
  • The Protection: If your parcel gets damaged or lost, the program protects both the seller and the buyer.
  • The Delivery time: The GPS method takes less time to deliver parcels internationally.
  • The Global Shipping Program helps identify whether the parcel can be shipped or not in the international market.

How much does it cost to ship with eBay?

eBay does not deliver parcels itself, instead, it uses courier companies. Therefore, the cost of shipping will vary between different couriers. It will also depend on the size of the package or parcel and its final destination.

However, if your eBay parcel is shipped with eBay's Global Shipping Program, all orders will be sent with USPS Priority International Mail. The lowest price for an international package is about $35 US. Also, eBay charges a flat customs fee on all items regardless of the recipient country.

If the parcel weighs less than 1.8 kg (4 lbs), the best option (not offered by GSP) is to use First Class International. If the item is valuable by shipping directly the sender can add insurance from a third-party service, such as WorldPost or ShipSurance. Both options (GSP and direct shipping) are good for cross-border shipping. GSP remains a popular option.

Buys can find information about the cost of shipping desired items on the seller's listing. Here, they will be able to view the seller's shipping options, including any express shipping services or combined shipping discounts. They should also be able to see whether tracking is available on the options presented.

Combined shipping is where buyers who are purchasing multiple items from the same seller ask the seller to combine their order into one shipment, both saving money on multiple shipping options as well as making it easier to track one single order.

How do I get free shipping on eBay?

Some sellers offer free shipping on their products. To find this, when you are searching for an item, click on the "Free Shipping" filter on the left side of your search results page. This will mean all of the items in your search results will be free shipping. If items are local to you, you may also be able to opt for "local pickup". This should be organised between you and the seller before the purchase is made.

Note: Once you have purchased an item, the seller will not be able to increase or decrease the shipping rates without asking your permission to do so. If the seller makes a change that you don't agree with, and you cannot resolve the issue directly, then eBay will be able to help through the support section of their website.

How do I track my GSP eBay parcel?

When your order is sent with the GSP (Global Shipping Program), the tracking number will begin by "UPAA" or "UPBE" and be followed by numbers like this: UPAAB000000123456789.

You can use any Global Shipping Program tracking number on the Ship24 website to track your order along its entire route using Ship24.

Buyers should note that if the seller sends directly (without using the GSP program), the tracking numbers may have another format.

Can I track my eBay parcel if it is sent directly?

The alternative for sellers to the eBay Global Shipping Program (GSP) is to ship the order directly. As long as the mail is registered by the seller, the parcel can still be tracked on the Ship24 website. Ship24's powerful tracking system is connected with multiple international and local couriers, allowing it to find the latest information on your parcel whether it is posted directly or through the GSP system.

The reason why some sellers prefer not to ship an order through the Global Shipping Program is because of the associated costs. If sellers want to ship directly, they first need to check the dimension sizes, weight restrictions, and potential customs rules for the item they intend to ship, depending on the destination.

Did you know?
Although most countries will have similar policies in place regarding shipping rules, some may surprise you. For instance, some countries limit the shipment of second-hand products. In Italy, it is illegal to import second-hand leather goods, so both buyers and sellers should be aware of restrictions in the countries they wish to send their orders to.

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