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Ebay is one of the first marketplace. eBay Inc is connecting buyers with sellers globally. Products on eBay can be sold either via a silent auctions so users are able to input the maximum price they are willing to pay and for which the site will automatically increase bids. Check where is your eBay parcel!

Ebay Shipment and Delivery Tracking Solution

eBay Shipment methods

Ebay is one on the first marketplace e-commerce. eBay Inc is connecting buyers with sellers globally. eBay was one on the first marketplace for products that can be sold either via a silent auction so users are able to input the maximum price they are willing to pay and for which the site will automatically increase bids, or via direct buying. Ebay is a multinational e-commerce marketplace founded in 1995 in California.
If you choose US Standard Shipping in the USA, your order might be deilver by

  • UPS,
  • USPS,
  • FedEx You can go with the any of above given shipment methods for domerstic and international shipment.

How to Track eBay Order Online

Now to track online your eBay order is very easy, first you need to obtain the tracking number provided by the seller or on the eBay page if it is not mentionned check out the order confirmation email sent to you. You can use that tracking number to track your eBay order and get all the real times updates on Ship24. Ship24 is a tracking platform connected more than 100+ couriers and carriers. You can track any of the eBay orders here.

Once, you enter this number in the search bar, you may receive information / updates like:

  • Pick-up Successful
  • Dispatching from the origin center
  • Arriving at the destination country.
  • Arriving at the nearby delivering.
  • Out for Delivery.

Ship24, enables you to use the enter tracking number and locate the real time updates about your shipment. Make sure to enter the correct tracking number, if you do not have tracking event you can verify if you parcel is registered, if yes contact the seller it may have a mistake on the number provided or the package has not be handled by the courier yet (it takes 2-3 days to receive the first tracking information sometimes)

eBay Global Shipping Program (GSP)

GSP stands for Global Shipping Program to allow seller to grow their business market around the world. As once the package goes shipped, and till the shipping process completed, the Global Shipping Program will be taking care of it. Global Shipping Program is like a protective shield for your package from the first step “Pick-up parcel” and the final parcel delivery. You can now ship as well your parcel internationally with eBay.

  • Here are some reasons for choosing GSP:

Tracking: Ship24 enables you to provide to your recipient a end – to –end tracking Seller/Customers Protection: If, you parcel goes damaged or lost, the program is protecting both of them Delivery time: Take less time to delivers parcel internationally The Global Shipping Program helps to find about your package, and identify the parcel that can be shipped or not in the international market. Best and Top notch featured liked by everyone is, end – to – end tracking and delivery.

  • The Drawbacks of eBay's Global Shipping Program is the cost:

Everything shipped within the GSP is sent USPS Priority International mail. The lowest price for an international package is about USD$35. Also eBay charges a flat customs fee on all items regardless the recipient country.

  • The Alternative to eBay Global Shipping Program (GSP) is to ship directly:

To grow you business, to limit the shipping fees, and control the customs fees, a lot of seller chose to ship directly:

Check the <a href="https://www.usps.com/ship/shipping-restrictions.htm" target="_blank">USPS restriction</a> check what cannot be shipped to some countries. Some country limit the shipment of used/ second hand products, for Italy as an example you cannot import Leather. >>If the parcel weight is less than 4 lbs the best option not offred by GSP is to use First Class International. If the item is valuable by shipnig directly the sender can add an insurance from a third-party service, such as WorldPost or ShipSurance.

Both option are good for cross-border shiping. It gives more options to the Buyer! GSP remains a good option with more expensive items or oversized items that would go Priority anyway.

Where is my Parcel from eBay?

Ship24 makes it simpler to you, with the single tracking or multi tracking features; it is very easy to know the current status of your parcel from eBay. Just provide the tracking number in the given field. Done! You’ll get here every single update about your parcel from Pickup and delivered time, status, etc. Check it Tracking Number Format – AA 000 000 000 AA First thing, if you still have any concern regarding the eBay Shipment / Delivery do not hesitate to contact the seller from the Ebay page or on the <a href=" https://www.ebay.com/help/home" target="_blank">contact us page</a> and you will find more information about your order delivery issue.

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