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What is Joom?

Joom is a well-recognized online international marketplace based in China, created by Ilya Shirokov, Ilya Rubin and Yuri Ivanov. The company is known for offering top-rated quality products to Russia and other countries (100 in total) since 2018. It has been shipping all the products by using its own logistic company, namely Joom Logistics.

The owner’s headquarters are located in Riga and the company also has offices in Moscow, in California, in Shenzhen, in Hong Kong and in Luxembourg.

Is Joom safe and trusted?

Joom is among the safe and trusted names among the numerous marketplaces due to its effective shipment and the Joom delivery options. When it comes to the registration process, Joom logistics is registered in China. During 2018, more than half of the orders were delivered to Russia and Joom occupied 5,1% of the chinese goods market in the country, arriving at the second place just after AliExpress.

How can I track my Joom order?

By using Joom Logistics, all the packages, shipments and deliveries to Russia are expected to reduce the average time of delivery within the major cities of Russia, i.e. from twenty to average ten days. Due to the optimization of the logistics process and the delivery control system, Joom delivery is expected to reach the best delays.

When it comes to the tracking of parcels, especially when the shipment is made via Joom logistics, tracking shipment (with registered mail) would prevent the delays and decrease the percentage of orders that are undelivered. With regards to the delivery made by Joom, it is optimized to simplify Russian postal service processes via making shipments within the country directly.

When it comes to the Joom tracking, every order has a unique tracking number which is distinctive from the order number. Once you get this Joom tracking number, is it easy to track your Joom order on the Ship24 website without using the Joom’s app or the Joom’s website.

How are Joom tracking numbers?

Joom sellers are known to utilize few of the common postal services that includes:

Hence, the tracking number formats of the parcels are in the format as mentioned below:

  • Yun Express: YT1917311113000209, YT1900421244000470
  • Clevy Links (Economy): RB600396185GE, RZ900015322KG
  • Flyt express: F50718140706290U, CTAFT0040182090YQ
  • ePacket: LX733342489CN, LM533925589CN
  • SF Express:064113022920, 030009297114
  • China Post: RL810555063CN, RG023621889CN

How to track parcels from Joom? It is not necessary to use the application or the website for the tracking of your orders on Joom.com. Ship24 as a tracking platform that will show up the latest Joom tracking status or will convert the status into English for you to understand. It is highly possible that the language barrier may come when you buy from China. You can connect to the official Joom website or directly on ship24, the best solution where you can get the effective results by following the steps as below: **Please note that you’ll have to copy the tracking number as nothing would be possible without it:

  • Go to the Ship24 home page
  • In the search bar, add your tracking number (it will be saved in your browser).
  • Review the status of your delivery (you will be able to discover the exact location of your parcel).

How long does Joom take to ship?

Once an order is placed with Joom, it will be packed by the seller for the delivery. Joom delivery time varies according to different factors as mentioned below:

  • The time that the seller takes to package and to deliver to the postal company.
  • The performance of the sorting centers.
  • The load of customs made in China for the export packages.
  • The load of customs made in the destination country for the import packages (can be longer in Russia due to specific import limitation per person.).
  • The time period postal operator takes for sending up to the last mile delivery. According to Joom logistics, it takes a minimum of 15 days to a maximum of 45 days to deliver parcels/packages within the destination country.

If you don’t see any status updates since 2 weeks and your parcel has not arrived in your mailbox, we recommend you to contact the seller or the Joom Customer service, (https://www.joom.com/en/support?contact=1) to check if your parcel may have been lost.

How much is Joom delivery?

Joom delivery is totally free, however the Joom parcel may be subject to customs duties, taxes or value-added tax (VAT), according to the law regulations of the country where the order has to be delivered. The customer is in charge of these extra costs and if he is not sure if he will be charged extra, it is better to contact the customs of the delivery country.

What are Joom delivery methods?

When an order is placed at Joom, there are numerous delivery methods including:

  • The Joom standard method.
  • The Joom economy method.
  • The Joom express method.

Most of the economy options are recommended for small value products as they offer a limited tracking service. Since Joom’s own a shipment service “joom logistics”, it uses the standard delivery method. So as a buyer, you won’t know who is the carrier that will be in charge for the last mile delivery with this Joom shipping method. In fact, Joom will deliver your parcels/packages via other couriers and postal companies when economy or express delivery services are selected by the buyers at the check out.

As far as the Chinese sellers are concerned, they are offering their customers with complete information about their products. A buyer can easily review several pictures attached, read out the descriptions in multiple languages and of course make a choice utilizing convenient filters.

Once the product is selected, the Joom standard method of delivery is normally free, registered and can therefore be tracked via the Joom website and on Ship24 website.

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