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What is Amazon?

Amazon is a multinational technology company from America and based in Seattle. It focuses on the Big four technologies including e-commerce, digital streaming, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. This company also collaborates with Apple, Google, and Microsoft and is today the world's largest online marketplace. Moreover, it is the world's largest internet company and second-largest private employer in the US.

Founded on July 5, 1994 by Jeff Bezos in Bellevue, Amazon is considered as one of the most influential economic forces in the world. Initially, the company started as an online trading place for books but later it expanded to sell software, video games, electronics, food, toys, apparel, furniture, and jewelry. In 2017, Amazon became the most valuable retailer in the United States, surpassing its most influential competitor Walmart.

While delivering thousands of product categories worldwide, Amazon is thinking to enhance its business even more. Amazon applied to establish a liquor store in the city of California, San Francisco, to ship alcohol and beer to the locals of the city. Amazon has developed separated retail websites for some countries and offers overseas shipping to certain countries.

Who does Amazon ship with?

Amazon has used a variety of carriers for the delivery of its orders including UPS, USPS, and FedEx as well as its own method. Amazon trucks and planes take flights from about 20 airports around the country to carriers.

Below is the list of carriers that Amazon uses for deliveries. If you have any problem with your order you can directly contact these common carriers:

  • UPS
  • USPS
  • Amazon Logistics
  • FedEx
  • DHL Express

Other carriers include ABF Freight System Inc., CEVA Logistics, Australia Post, Deprisa, DB Schenker, ECMS EXPRESS, i-parcel, Fidelitone, Innovel Solutions, Israel Post (ILP), Landmark Global, Lonestar Overnight, NSD, Parcel Pool, SF Express, WnDirect, XPO Logistics, TForce Final Mile, OnTrac, Pilot, Menlo Worldwide/UPS Supply Chain Solutions, and LaserShip.

Note that some national carriers use local/regional carriers to ship your package. In this situation, your Amazon order tracking information may not be correctly available on the national carrier website. Some heavy items may be shipped through a special carrier such as ABF, CEVA, Pilot, or XPO. Parcel pool is used for standard package deliveries to Alaska and OnTrac is used for the same-day deliveries to Seattle.

Can I see where my Amazon package is?

You will find below different methods showing how Amazon track order works and giving you information about your Amazon parcel delivery:

  • Amazon App: You can check your Amazon package on their app using your Amazon tracking id. You will be able to see a map to track Amazon packages in real-time. You can keep checking the app to see where your parcel is.
  • Amazon Website: You can also do Amazon logistics tracking in the following way.

Go to your Orders.

Select the order you want to check.

Click on Track Package. If there is no tracking information, go to Amazon Missing Packages that shows information about missing packages.

  • Amazon Map Tracking: This feature enables you to track Amazon orders in real-time. You can check the progress of shipped packages on a live map. This method can be accessed by clicking on Track Package from either your confirmation email or Your Orders.
  • Contact Carrier: You can also contact your carrier directly by their contact information. Simply go to Shipping Carrier Contacts. Select your carrier and then paste your Amazon tracking number to your package details.
  • SMS Text Tracking: This feature allows you to track your Amazon parcel thanks to information sent to you via SMS.
  • Ship24 website: You can check your Amazon delivery on the Ship24 website. You just need to go on the homepage and put the Amazon tracking number in the search bar to get information about the status of your Amazon package.

How long does Amazon take to ship?

Most sellers on Amazon ship your order within 2 business days. The following Amazon shipping times apply unless otherwise mentioned in the seller's policies:

  • Standard U.S.: Normally 4-14 business days after shipping but may take up to 21 days
  • Expedited U.S.: Takes 2-6 business days after shipping
  • Two-Day U.S.: Take 2 business days after shipping
  • One-Day U.S.: Take 1 business day after shipping
  • International Standard: Normally take 3-6 weeks but may also take up to 12 weeks due to customs delay.
  • International Expedited: Takes 3-7 business days

Note that the seller Shipping times are not certain. The actual time depends on the seller.

Does Amazon ship internationally?

Currently, Amazon is considered as the largest online marketplace serving worldwide countries. It serves the customers of the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Canada, Spain, Australia, Japan, Italy, India, Mexico, China, countries in Asia and Africa and new ones are always being added.

Amazon ships products overseas with AmazonGlobal. The available products and shipping rates vary depending on your location. To check which items are eligible for international shipping, check Search for Items Eligible for international shipping.

Some of the countries where Amazon does not ship are North Korea, Cuba, Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Botswana, and Myanmar. Amazon provides a limited selection of products that can be shipped to above 100 countries.

How much is Amazon shipping?

The total shipping cost for each product for American states Guam, Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, Federal States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, and the US Virgin Islands depends on item and shipment method.

The total cost is calculated by adding Per Item cost and Per Shipment cost. The per-item cost varies because of the number of items, volume (which is also known as dimensional weight), and weight.

Amazon collaborates with its shipping carriers to provide a good experience to customers. The international shipping cost depends on the method chosen for delivery and quantity of products. Amazon free shipping is also available for some orders.

How to change the shipping address on Amazon?

After placing an order, you can update the shipping address any time before the actual shipment of your order. Once your order has shipped, Amazon will not let you change your Amazon delivery shipping address. You can edit your address directly from the Amazon account home page. You can also contact Amazon phone number or Amazon Customer Service from their website.

Go to your Orders page. From here, select "Order Details" for the order you want to modify. To change orders shipped by Amazon, select Change to modify shipping address, gift options, or the payment method. For changing address click Change Delivery Address. Here you can choose a different address or enter a new one.

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