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Is ASOS online only?

ASOS is an online fashion company based in the United Kingdom. It was founded in London in 2000 and tried to aim first young adults. The ASOS website proposes over 850 brands and has also its own range of clothing, accessories and make-up.

The name “ASOS” originally stood for “AsSeenOnScreen” because the website wanted to sell at its beginning imitations of clothing people could see in the movies. Today ASOS doesn’t have this meaning anymore but the company still uses the name “ASOS” as an acronym.

The headquarters of the company are located at the following address:
Greater London House,
Camden Town,
London, England.

The company owns other offices in big cities such as New-York, Berlin, Paris and Birmingham. For the moment, ASOS is only online and allows its customers to follow their deliveries thanks to a tracking number sent for every order made through the website.

Can I track my ASOS order?

ASOS tracking is an easy process that Ship24 offers to the buyer. Once the purchase is done, the buyer will have the possibility to track any order being shipped via the ASOS website. Indeed, our Ship24 service will automatically help the buyer to track his ASOS order, showing the current location and the delivery status of the package. The buyer will just need to enter the tracking number (that usually consists of 9 numbers) in the search bar of Ship24 to check his order’s logistical status.

ASOS works with partners and all the shipped orders have their own shipment number whose format depends on the partner company that will deliver the package. For example, if the package is delivered by Netherlands Post, the shipment number can look like this one: 4SBCUC0010132. If the partner is Spain Post, the shipment number can look like this one: RK606224286ES.

What shipping methods does ASOS have?

For the US, ASOS proposes the standard shipping method, the Express shipping method and the Next-Day shipping method. The three options are fully trackable.

  • The Standard shipping method: the buyer can send his order to a residential or business address. He can also choose a UPS collection point.
  • The Express shipping method: it allows the buyer to receive his order faster to a residential/business address or to a UPS store.
  • The Next-Day shipping method: in some areas of mainland US the buyer can receive his package the day after he ordered on ASOS website. He can check on the website if the Next-Day shipping is available to his delivery address.

Where does ASOS ship from?

As of 2013, the main fulfilment centre of ASOS is located in Barnsley, South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, where they employ 3,500 workers. The two other fulfilment centres are located in the US and in Europe.

Where does ASOS deliver to?

ASOS is delivering its customers over 200 countries in total ( in the US, the UK, Russia, European countries and many others). ASOS offers free standard shipping to all of these countries when a certain amount is spent. The Express shipping service is also provided where it is possible.

When the buyer wants more information on the countries ASOS ships to or again information about the timescales available and costs, he just needs to change his browsing country. He just needs to click on the flag in the top right-hand corner of the browser and select the country. On the mobile website, the buyer has to click on the three lines in the top left-hand corner and scroll down the pop-out menu to change the flag.

When the buyer is browsing with the ASOS app, he just needs to click on “my account” in the bottom right-hand corner and in the cog he will be able to change his “shop in” country.

How long does ASOS take to ship?

The time taken by ASOS shipping depends on the country where the package is sent. Items are usually delivered in 6 business days if the buyer is located within the USA. There is a small caveat to this policy if the buyer order is over $200, where a small customs clearance charge may apply. If the buyer needs his order faster, he can choose another option for an extra cost. Even these costs for a faster delivery are competitive with other retailers in the industry.

Customers outside of the USA cannot return for exchange an item but they can get a refund on a product if they return it in its original condition.

Occasionally, there may be delays especially during busy periods or because of other factors such as postal/delivery partners delays, logistics issues, delay due to the traffic, bad weather conditions or again if the partners are not able to access the delivery address. In every case, the buyer is kept updated and can always track his parcel’s progress on Ship24.

Is ASOS free delivery?

Being a global retailer, ASOS uses a large network of shipping couriers along with fulfilment centers to deliver orders as quickly and cost effectively as possible. If you choose US Standard Shipping your order might be delivered by UPS, USPS, FedEx. The ASOS free shipping will be applied if the total costs are over a certain amount likely 40$+. Otherwise, shipping costs are charged to the customer.

For Australia, the standard delivery service is free for orders over $70.00, it will cost $5.00 for orders under $70.00.

What currency does ASOS accept?

The buyer can pay in different currencies according to the country he is shopping from.

To change the currency, the buyer has to click on the flag icon in the top right corner of the page and select the currency of the country in the “currency” section. When the buyer will pay his order, he will be charged in the currency he has selected and if his payment card is registered with a different currency, the bank will automatically convert the price using their exchange rate.

It is also possible to purchase ASOS gift vouchers with different currencies and if the buyer wants to pay an article on ASOS with a gift voucher, he just has to make sure to select the same browse country flag and the same currency to spend it.

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