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What is Lazada?

Lazada is an international e-commerce company created in 2012 in Singapore and owned by the Alibaba group. Maximilian Bittner founded this company with Rocket Internet, a european internet company located in Berlin. When they founded the Lazada website, the intention of the creators was to establish the business model of the e-commerce website Amazon in Southeast Asia.

In 2014, the company started operating in different countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. Lazada became the largest e-commerce operator of Southeast Asia in August 2018 and claimed to be the top e-commerce platform of the southeast asian region in September 2019 with more than 50 million active buyers per year.

Today on the Lazada website, you can find a vast section of brands and sellers. One can find every single thing on this platform from jeans to socks, headphones to bluetooth speaker, makeup to clothes, and whatnot. More than 8000 employees work today for the company to serve the customers.

Does Lazada have a physical store?

From the beginning, Lazada was known for working online exclusively but in 2019, the e-commerce company partnered with Amorepacific, a Korean beauty company, to open a first retail concept store. The store name illustrated the partnership between the two companies Amore Store X Lazada and was launched at Funan in Singapore. The CEO of Lazada, James hang, declared that Lazada was no longer an e-commerce company: were dropping the e- we are now a commerce company, not just e-commerce anymore.

So lazada doesnt really have its own physical store for the moment but the company is step by step entering into the physical world.

How do I track my order from Lazada?

There are different existing methods to track your Lazada order:

  • Lazada application.

The first one is to use the lazada application by following these next steps. The first one is to open the Lazada application and enter the lazada tracking number you got while placing the order. Then, you will need to click on the option track panel. Finally, you will get all the needed information about your parcel on the go.

  • Lazada website.

The second option is to go on the lazada website and click on the section track my order. You will need to write your email address and put your Lazada tracking number (usually composed of 9 numbers 123456789). For more precisions, you can also click on for any other queries click here. Then you will see three options I want to know where my order is, I want to return an item or I want to cancel an order. Choose the first one to track your Lazada package.

  • Ship24 website.

The third option is to use the ship24 website to follow your Lazada shipping. You just need to go on the homepage of the website, put your Lazada tracking number in the search bar and click enter. You will get all the necessary information about your shipment, its real time location and the courier used for the transportation.

How long does it take for Lazada to deliver?

It depends on the brand you choose to place your order. If you put the request to the local sellers, then expect the delivery date within 3-5 working days. However, you'll get the confirmation and shipping details through email. Moreover, those who place orders to the overseas sellers then wait for 5-20 working days to get the shipment. Make sure to confirm the order and wait for the shipment notifications. Lazada shipping time is quite reasonable as compared to other companies.

The International shipping Lazada could take more time, so one has to stay patient. Lazada shipping fees depend on the area and the order you place. There are no fixed or listing fees. You'll be shown the charges according to your units and area of shipment.

Does Lazada have free shipping?

Lazada free shipping option is only applicable if the sellers offer it on their products. It is easy to check if the shipping is free or not. First, you can see on the product page if there is a mention such as enjoy free shipping with minimum purchase RM400.00 FBL items From Enfagrow or again enjoy free shipping with minimum one item from this seller.

Then, if you absolutely want free shipping, when you go on the lazada website, on the homepage, you can directly click on the icon free shipping. In this section, you will only find items with the free shipping option.

For the items that dont benefit from special mentions or which are not in the free shipping category, you can still check promotions by going to the seller center and checking the advertisements. If you've got any discount or promotion code, then place it on the promotion bar on Lazada to get the free shipping.

Furthermore, Lazada comes up with different vouchers sometimes, allowing buyers to have free shipping, it is part of Lazada free shipping program.

Does Lazada deliver on Sundays?

The answer is no. Lazada delivery options are available during weekends, on Saturday but not on Sunday. When the buyers select a shipping address, they have to ensure that they will be available during the time of the delivery: if the shipping address is for example an office address, it may be closed during holidays and weekends. If it is a school address, buyers have to consider the long holidays for schools.

In addition, Lazada chooses itself the best available logistic partner according to the buyer location, to ensure the order is delivered on time.

How can I contact Lazada?

Lazada has a good customer care service. They have an friendly automated chat assistant called Cleo that can assist customers 24 hours a day.

They also have live chat services available from Monday to Sunday, from 8 am to 9 pm. The chat is also available during public holidays everyday but from 9 am to 6 pm.

Lazada customer care is there to answer your questions regarding your order, if you need information about your order tracking, your order cancellation or other topics related to it.

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