Lazada tracking

Lazada tracking


What is Lazada?

Lazada is an international eCommerce company that was created in 2012 in Singapore and is now owned by the Alibaba group. Maximilian Bittner founded this company with Rocket Internet, a European internet company headquartered in Berlin. When they founded the Lazada website, the creators intended to establish the "Amazon of South East Asia". The platform today is a regional giant in the eCommerce sector and has expanded into various other countries.

In 2014, the company started operating in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines, among others, leading Lazada to become the largest eCommerce operator of Southeast Asia in August 2018 and claimed to be the top e-commerce platform of the South East Asia region in September 2019, registering more than 50 million active buyers per year. The most recent statistics show that over 8,000 employees work today for the company and this number is only set to grow in line with the marketplace's continued growth and expansion.

Customers visiting the Lazada website can find a vast section of brands, products, and sellers. Buyers can enjoy the huge choice at their fingertips, with almost anything available to purchase for reasonable prices, including electronics, musical instruments, building equipment, cosmetics, furniture, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, clothing and footwear, and more.

Lazada package tracking

Does Lazada have a physical store?

Lazada is an online eCommerce platform, which is usually a business model which does not require a physical shop in order to operate. Also, not having costs from operating one or multiple shops, including on overheads such as rent and electricity, mean that the platforms sellers can usually offer products cheap as the savings are passed on to buyers. It has proven a successful business model which has gone from strength to strength in an increasingly digital world.

That being said, in 2019, the eCommerce company partnered with Amorepacific, a Korean beauty company, to open its first retail concept store. The store name illustrated the collaboration between the two companies, being named Amore Store X Lazada, and was launched at Funan in Singapore. The CEO of Lazada, James Hang, declared that Lazada was no longer just an e-commerce company, and is now focusing on being a general commerce company, freeing itself of the limitations of just offering eCommerce services, starting with its first retail collaborations as a statement of intent.

This proved to be an exciting development both in the giant's future as well as in general, with other industry players watching closely to see which direction Lazada moves in and whether that will pave the way for other eCommerce giants to follow in its footsteps depending on its success.

How do I track my order from Lazada?

There are various existing methods and platforms which you can use to track your Lazada order. Including:

  • Lazada application.
  • Lazada website
  • Ship24

The first option is to use the Lazada application by following these next steps. Firstly, open the Lazada application and enter the Lazada tracking number or code you received while placing the order with Lazada, which is usually composed of 9 numbers, such as 123456789. Then, you will need to click on the Lazada tracking option. This will bring you to a page that should have all of the details of your package available. However, should your Lazada parcel pass between different couriers on route to its destination, it may not have all of the details available for your parcel one hundred percent of the time. This is something worth bearing in mind when considering which option to use to track your order.

The second option is to go on to the Lazada website and click on the section called "Track My Order". You will need to write your email address and enter your Lazada tracking number.

For further information, you may click on the "other queries" section should you have any questions or need extra support from the Lazada tracking support team. Then you will see three options which read "I want to know where my order is", "I want to return an item" or "I want to cancel an order". Choose the first one to track your Lazada package. Again, depending on the courier used by the seller, you may not be able to get the best real-time Lazada tracking information from that website.

Therefore, the best option is to use the Ship24 website to follow your Lazada parcel. Here, you will get full details of your Lazada package order, from the point of dispatch with the seller, through the various checkpoints, and between different handlers, up until the point your Lazada parcel is delivered to your doorstep.

You will just need to go on the Ship24 homepage, put your Lazada tracking number in the search bar and click enter. You will get all the information about your Lazada shipment, its real-time location, and the courier used for the transportation. The Ship24 tracking system is comprehensive and works with over 10,000 shops and couriers to offer market-leading tracking services. It is also free of charge for anyone to track their parcel as many times as they like, with each search gathering the most precise up-to-date information on your Lazada order.

What is my Lazada parcel tracking number?

Buyers should note that a Lazada order number and tracking number are two different codes that are used for two different reasons. If a customer wants to track their Lazada package, regardless of which courier is being used by the seller, they will need the tracking number, not the order number. Once they have the tracking number, they can proceed to the Ship24 website to track their parcel in real-time.

In order to help buyers identify what their parcel tracking number will look like, below are some examples of tracking numbers. Please note that these numbers vary in style depending on the courier they are being handled by.

Lazada eLogistics - Typically, Lazada eLogistics tracking numbers will look like this: MYMP000000913140, MPDS-397492527-6079

  • Gdex - MY30006933571
  • Skynet - 238438625504
  • Poslaju - ER521883035MY
  • NinjaVan - SHP18071923377R6TM
  • ABX Express - SHX99476095MY

As mentioned above, Lazada e-Logistics subcontracts out to other couriers, using various partners and local postal services such as PosLaju Ship60, Oleh Seller Own Fleet, AS-Rincos, Hong Kong Post, The Lorry, Seller Own Fleet, 7-Eleven, aCommerce, DHL and others.

Therefore, buyers wishing to track their Lazada parcel are advised to use Ship24, as it has the ability to track Lazada packages with hundreds of local postal services and couriers, making it easier to track down your parcel and find out its location and status in real-time.

How long does it take for Lazada to deliver?

The time it takes for delivery will vary depending on the size, weight, and destination of your Lazada parcel or package. One of the factors is usually the destination, with more rural places in countries with less transportation infrastructure being among the destinations which can experience the most delays.

Although packages ordered from Lazada arrive mostly on time, there are some rare circumstances in which the item will be delivered late. Some circumstances are such:

  • Fulfillment by the seller or warehouse is late
  • The courier didn’t receive the item from the seller on time
  • Some centres are receiving a high volume of orders
  • Inclement weather
  • Closures of roads in some areas
  • Problem within logistics
  • COVID-19 is highly affected within the area

You can improve your delivery times by choosing faster modes of Lazada parcel delivery. This can decrease them to as little as within 3-5 working days. For instance, air travel and premium delivery options cost more but they offer much faster delivery times than if items are sent via sea and road. Buyers will get confirmation and shipping details through email which should tell them how long delivery should take, but they can also try to contact the seller to get an estimated delivery time before purchase and look at parcel delivery options if they want to improve on that estimate.

Those who place orders from overseas sellers should expect to wait longer for parcels to get delivered, usually between 5 to 20 working days, before receiving their Lazada shipment. Make sure to confirm the order and wait for the shipment notifications from the sellers once you have purchased. Overall, Lazada’s shipping time is known for being fairly reasonable when compared to other companies.

International Lazada shipping fees depend on the area and the order you want your Lazada parcel to be delivered to and if the delivery or handling of the parcel at any point is outsourced to another courier, then it may not be Lazada's fault if there are further delays with that delivery.

To check the status of your parcel, you can simply input your tracking number on the Ship24 homepage to track where your parcel currently is and the time it arrived at a certain location.

Are items coming from China safe from COVID-19?

Lazada released a statement saying that there are no risks that will be contracted from the coronavirus through the parcels or items. They also stated that their staff from logistics undergo temperature checks every day and they also go through a strict sanitation process before handling or sending out packages to the receiver. As much as possible, Lazada ensures and monitors the safety of both its staff and customers to make Lazada a safe platform for all users.

How do I refund/return my items?

You will only be eligible for a refund/return when the items you ordered from Lazmall arrive within 15 days from the day you ordered or 7 days from non-Lazmall such as Marketplace, Crossborder, Taobao, etc. and they follow these conditions:

  • The items you received are defective.
  • You received the wrong items when it was delivered.
  • There are missing items in your order.
  • The item you received is a counterfeit.
  • You don’t want them anymore. Also known as the “Change of Mind” policy. This is only applicable when you buy the items from Lazmall.

Please note that you have to return the item first before you can request to get a refund and that you are also not allowed to exchange the items.

In order for you to return or refund the item, you can directly do it through Lazada, submit a request, and wait for Lazada to get back to you.

To do this, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to “View All Order” to look for your order.
  2. Choose the item or order that you want to return.
  3. Click on the “Return Request” button to request Lazada for a return/refund.

Does Lazada have free shipping?

Lazada's free shipping option is only applicable if the sellers offer it on their products. It is easy to check if the shipping is free or not. First, you can see on the product page if there is a mention of free shipping, if there is it should be noticeable on the webpage so keep an eye out for the "enjoy free shipping" notifications. Usually, these options are subject to a minimum purchase order. Usually, more expensive orders may offer free shipping to entice buyers, but also because it makes more sense for sellers to make a larger sale, even if it means losing out on the shipping money.

If you want to search solely for items with free shipping is to go on to the Lazada website and on the homepage, you can directly click on the icon reading "free shipping". Then, all of your searches will be for items that have free shipping. If you are looking at this option, however, you should bear the following two points in mind:

  • Buyers should note that they may be missing out on other deals on the Lazada website which don't have free shipping but are very low priced, meaning that you are still saving some money.
  • Sellers who offer free shipping will often ship the Lazada order the cheapest way possible to avoid taking too much of a hit on their profits through expensive shipping methods. This could cause delays in the delivery of your Lazada package as it will most likely not be priority shipping. If you require your delivery shipping and arriving faster, then consider paying a little extra for faster shipping in order to not be disappointed.

For those that are seeking discounts and deals beyond just free shipping, you can also check promotions by going to the seller center and checking advertisements. Equally, if you've got a discount voucher or promotional code, then place it on the promotion bar on Lazada and you could get a number of benefits, including discounts on items or free shipping where usually it would be charged. Keep your eye out for promotions like these which feature often on Lazada, to save even more money.

Does Lazada deliver on Sundays?

The answer is no. Lazada delivery options are available during weekends, but only on Saturday and not on Sunday depending on the country in which the Lazada parcel will be delivered to. When a buyer selects a shipping address, they have to ensure that they will be available during the time of the delivery.

The buyer should take this into consideration. For instance, if the shipping address is for example an office address, they should check if the office will be open during local holidays and weekends, as if they order the parcel to be delivered on those days, closures could mean that the parcel is unable to be delivered. If it is a school address, buyers should also consider the long holidays that schools take, and schedule the delivery accordingly.

How can I contact Lazada?

Lazada has a number of good customer care services and platforms. First of all, they have a friendly automated chat assistant called Cleo that can assist customers 24 hours a day and in multiple leagues.

Lazada also has live chat services available from Monday to Sunday, from 8 am to 11 pm local time. The chat is also available during public holidays depending on the country, but with slightly reduced opening hours being between 9 am to 6 pm local time.

Likewise, you can contact Lazada through their hotline. You can contact them depending on where you are located on these following hotlines:

  • Singapore: 6995 2888 (Operating from 08:00 – 23:00 Monday-Sunday)
  • Malaysia: +603 2728 660 (Operating from 09:00 - 18:00 Monday-Sunday)
  • Philippines: (02) 7795 8900 (Operating from 08:00 - 20:00 Monday-Sunday, except holidays)
  • Vietnam: 19006509 (Operating 24/7)
  • Thailand: 02-018-0000 (Operating from 08:00 - 23:00 Monday-Sunday)
  • Indonesia: +622180640090 (Operating from 09:00 – 17:00)

Lazada customer care can also be emailed at any time, however, replies to this service will vary depending on the time of day and country of origin. It may be better in some cases to wait with your request until the live chat functions open or approach the automated assistant with any queries.

The automated assistant is very helpful with standard FAQ type requests such as "How do I track my Lazada parcel order?" and "How do I request a refund on an order bought from Lazada?”.

Moreover, the live chat function will allow for much more specific requests.

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