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Is BangGood from China?

BangGood is an online marketplace created in 2006, based in Guangzhou in China. When the buyer orders from BangGood, the products can be delivered in most of European and North American countries. Today, the company employs more than a thousand employees and has multiple offices in China. The marketplace has a lot of products from electronics like smartphones, tablets, video games, batteries and chargers, televisions, cameras, but also clothing, fashion accessories, bags, automobiles, home appliances or again pet supplies. The headquarters are located at the following address:

Baiyun Park,

Is BangGood legit?

BangGood claims to be committed to bringing China’s “high-quality goods” to the world. Indeed, the company tries to be focused on consumer cross-border sales and works with over 3000 top quality chinese brands, proposing on its website more than 500 000 products. All these products undergo the suppliers review, then there is also an arrival inspection followed by the after sales feedback monitoring and finally all the products are tested through strict quality control standards.

In addition, BangGood has existed for more than ten years in China now and the company has accumulated a wealth of supply chain resources with the time.

Finally, Banggood is certified by Trustwave (an information security company from the United-States) and by McAfee Secure (when a website is certified by this company, it means that there are no viruses, malware or again phishing attacks that could harm the buyer computer).

Where does BangGood ship from?

The marketplace has a large choice of products and can be a good and fast delivery option when ordering products from China because Banggood has warehouses in China (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou) but also in the US, in the European Union (France and Spain), in Russia and in Australia.

In addition, BangGood offers free shipping on most products and proposes two different types of services: the Standard Shipping method and the Express Shipping method which is faster than the first one.

How long does BangGood take to ship?

All items sold with BangGood are guaranteed to be delivered in 60 days, excepting for the following countries:

  • Brazil , 120 days.
  • Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Argentina, Peru, South Africa and orders shipped with European Railway Direct Mail, 90 days.
  • For orders shipped from the US, EU,RU,AU, FR and ES warehouses, the delivery is guaranteed to be within 30 days.

If the BangGood shipping time is not respected, the buyer is eligible for a full refund after the postal investigation conducted by BangGood. However, a full refund is not available if any of the following circumstances occurred:

  • If the order was not insured and if it has been lost or stolen.
  • If the delays have been caused by the buyer providing an incorrect or an incomplete delivery information.
  • If the delays have been caused by any other beyond BangGood’s control such as public holidays and customs issues
  • If the delays have been caused by any force majeure incidents such as bad weather, war or natural disaster.

How much does BangGood shipping cost?

The shipping costs on BangGood vary according to different factors such as:

  • The type of product ordered
  • The location for the delivery
  • The shipping method
  • The selected warehouse

It is possible to check the shipping fees on each product page and also at checkout.

The buyer can also have an estimation of the shipping fees when he will have selected the correct delivery country, when he will have selected a warehouse and choose a shipping method.

How to track my BangGood order?

Ship24 will help the buyer in the BangGood tracking by generating information from a multiple group of resources from posts across the country and cross border. Usually, the buyer can only track his package on the BangGood website or the BangGood mobile app. The buyer will need to use the shipment tracking number (located on the BangGood order page) to track the parcel on Ship24. The format of the shipment tracking number will depend on the courier company that will be in charge of the order. Most of the time, the orders made on BangGood are sent through China Post delivery service, Netherlands Post, DHL, or again EMS China Post. The tracking numbers are then never the same and can be composed of 16 characters, 9 characters...according to the courier used for the delivery.

Ship24 is a tracking tool solution and if the buyer has any complaints regarding the services BangGood provides or if his package has not arrived yet, he can contact the seller directly or BangGood customer support.

How to contact BangGood customer service?

If the buyer wonders “where is my BangGood parcel?” he can use the tracking number provided with the order, and for further information he can reach the Banggood customer service here:

Desktop: http://www.banggood.com/Contact-Us_hi111

Mobile: https://m.banggood.com/contact_us.html

How to track the Priority Direct Mail?

The Priority Direct Mail service ( when the buyer orders something, this service allows a faster delivery, about 7-12 days) encompasses many companies (such as DHL, PostNL…) for package delivering and BangGood employs it for delivering to certain regions. With the order tracking number, the buyer will be able to track down his parcels. If he needs details from one point to the other, ship24 search bar can come handy. Most of the other companies only feature the details of a parcel when it has gone out for delivery.

Where is my parcel from BanGood?

Among other delivery methods, BangGood adopts AllJoy Logistics that is used for the shipping method. Ship24 uses its networking technology to track parcels shipping from China to across the world. The buyer will have point to point tracking information that would allow him to track down the current shipping location of the parcel. Once the buyer enters the tracking number, he can find hisbrowsing history the next time he connects to have updates, he does not need to type it again, the tracking number will be available and that will let him track down his parcel and tell the exact delivery location. He can also enter a new tracking number in Ship24 website input box where he can then track another parcel. The buyer can also either expand or breakdown the tracking numbers present in the batch up to 10.

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