Banggood tracking

Banggood tracking


BangGood is a marketplace located in China. Similar to AliExpress, users can purchase a wide range of products at an affordable price. BangGood ships all over the world with warehouses located on most continents.

Banggood package tracking

What is BangGood?

Created in Guangzhou, China in 2006, BangGood is an online marketplace that has so far sold goods in over 168 countries worldwide. Its user base is upwards of around 66 million and consumers using the platform are predominantly from North America and Europe. The platform is also expanding into newer markets, such as Asia and South America.

When the buyer orders from BangGood's online marketplace, there is a range of delivery options for products where shipping is available. Today, the company employs more than a thousand employees and has multiple offices in China.

BangGood also has warehouses located in the United States, Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom (UK), Germany, Russia, France, Czech Republic, Dubai, Australia, and Japan.BG express was launched in the UK, Germany, Belgium, and Denmark.

BangGood's marketplace has a lot of products, ranging from electronics such as smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, chargers, televisions, and cameras to clothing, fashion accessories, bags, automobiles, home appliances, furniture, pet supplies, and cleaning products, and much more.

It is similar to other platforms such as AliExpress and GearBest, which are also based in China, in that it specializes in eCommerce businesses to business and business to consumer sales. BangGood can be accessed either through the website or the mobile app.

Where does Banggood ship from?

BangGood has over 30 warehouses in key locations around the world, which helps it allocate, process, and dispatch parcels quickly and efficiently, which is why it is so trusted by customers and businesses alike. It uses these warehouses in order to make logistics as convenient as possible, resulting in faster delivery times and a better post-purchase customer experience.

The warehouses and depot centres operated by the company are located across multiple different countries and regions meaning that packages can be dispersed easily, minimalizing the need for third-party involvement and friction in the delivery process as a result.

How long does a BangGood order take to arrive?

BangGood orders can be delivered in as little as 2 days if the parcels are being dispatched from a nearby BangGood warehouse to the buyer's location. Goods sent from a BangGood depot in China will usually be delivered in 8 days or more.

The delivery turnaround depends on a number of factors, the delivery service purchased (as per the options available at the checkout for an item), the size and weight of the shipment, and the transportation used, among other things.

When you purchase a product from BangGood, the estimated delivery time will be shown on the product detail page when you place the order. Please make sure this meets your requirements when ordering a product.

Please note, that other delays can occur, and it is advised to allow extra time for ordering during holiday seasons. Buyers should also check that the goods being shipped are not restricted items in the destination country, to ensure they can pass through customs.

Other potential delays include force majeure events, such as natural disasters, bad weather, political affairs, and so on.

If you have any further questions, please contact BangGood directly.

Where is BangGood located?

BangGood operates around the around. They have warehouses in Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America. Although the main headquarters is located in Baiyun Park, Guangzhou, China.

Where does BangGood ship from?

BangGood does not ship orders from its head office address. Instead, sellers on BangGood use couriers and postal services to deliver orders to buyers worldwide. Which courier or postal service is used will depend on the location of the delivery, but the most commonly used services are:

As orders sent by merchants on BangGood use a variety of couriers and postal services, it can sometimes be difficult for buyers to track their shipments. It can be especially challenging when orders are passed from carrier to carrier, which requires buyers to visit multiple websites in order to track their orders effectively.

Luckily, Ship24 tracks over 1200 couriers at the same time, meaning people who want to track their BangGood parcel will only need to enter their tracking code once on the Ship24 website and they will find full tracking information on their order, including status and location.

To track a BangGood parcel order, buyers simply need to enter their tracking number code onto the Ship24 website. The BangGood package tracking number will be supplied by the seller and is usually found either in the purchase order confirmation email or on their order details on the BangGood website. In order to view the order details on the BangGood website, buyers will need to log in.

Is BangGood legal?

The BangGood website says that it is committed to bringing China's high-quality goods to the world for the best possible prices. BangGood claims that it works with over 3,000 Chinese brands, boasting that its website holds over 500,000 products.

Consumers are also reassured by a supplier review program operated by BangGood to check on seller authenticity. BangGood also carries out inspections on products to ensure quality control and the company has implemented a sales feedback capability on its website for buyers which it monitors.

It is a testament to BangGood's success that it is continuing to grow and expand for over a decade since it was founded. The growth of the company has also meant it has grown its operational capacity while improving its core functionality, making the marketplace platform safer for both sellers and buyers.

Finally, BangGood is certified by Trustwave (an information security company based in the United States) and by McAfee Secure (when a website is certified by this company, it means that there are no viruses, malware or again phishing attacks that could harm the buyer computer). The aforementioned has made it particularly popular with consumers and businesses in the company's target regions, Europe and the US.

Where do BangGood ship parcels from?

Nearly, if not all, of the products, featured on BangGood, are either made or sold in China. Therefore, the most likely place of shipping will be with China Post, DHL or other local courier options in the East Asian country. The marketplace's large choice of products means a variety of different BangGood parcel delivery options depending on the item in question.

BangGood also facilitates the fast movement of goods as couriers and sellers utilize the company's warehouses in China - namely in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou - but also in the US, Europe and Australia.

How much does BangGood parcel shipping cost?

BangGood offers free shipping on most products featured in its marketplace. However, if there is a charge, BangGood has two main options available for customers.

Shipping Method

  • Standard Shipping method - This is the cheapest shipping option and often will be the slower of the two services. Standard shipping could be done through a range of different carriers and postal services but will most likely be sent via road, rail or sea.
  • Express Shipping method - This is the more expensive shipping solution and often will be the faster of the two services. Express shipping could be done through a range of different carriers and postal services but will most likely be sent via air, for the quickest delivery turnaround.

Lots of products on the BangGood marketplace offer free shipping to entice sales, but free shipping may mean that products are shipped via the cheapest possible method and this could mean a lengthy wait for your BangGood parcel or package. Buyers should take this into account should they need their BangGood parcels within a specific timeframe.

How do I get a refund from BangGood?

If the BangGood shipping timeframe is not met, the buyer is eligible for a full refund. Usually, this refund will be awarded after a postal investigation is conducted by the BangGood support team.

Refund Restrictions

Buyers should note that a full refund is not available if any of the following circumstances occurred:

  • If the order was not insured and if it has been lost or stolen.
  • If the delays have been caused by the buyer providing incorrect or incomplete delivery information.
  • If the delays have been caused by any other beyond BangGood's control such as public holidays and customs issues
  • If the delays have been caused by any force majeure incidents such as bad weather, war or natural disaster.

Where is my BangGood package?

The best place to track a BangGood parcel order is by entering the BangGood parcel tracking number on the Ship24 website and allowing its comprehensive tracking system to do the rest. It will give you instant results on not only the location of your package but its current status and the progress it has made so far on its journey.

How much does BangGood shipping cost?

The shipping costs on BangGood vary according to different factors such as:

  • The type of product ordered - The size and weight of the BangGood parcel will depend on the size of the item ordered. The seller should be able to advise on shipping costs and delivery time when it comes to abnormal or oversized parcels or packages.
  • The location for the delivery - The more rural the location the longer it will take for your parcel to reach its destination. Buyers and sellers should always check whether delivery options are available in their area and take into account the chance of possible delays.
  • The shipping method - As mentioned before, carrier transportation methods will mean longer or shorter delivery times, with air often faster than the sea.
  • The selected warehouse - The location of the nearest processing facility to its final destination could delay the delivery process

Buyers should note that It is possible to check the shipping fees on each product on the BangGood website. The buyer can also get an estimation of the shipping fees when he or she selects their delivery destination of choice.

Some purchases also show the option to select which warehouse the purchaser would like to use and also the method of transport, which will help both parties better estimate the time of delivery.

How do I track my BangGood parcel?

Usually, buyers only track their packages through the BangGood website or the BangGood mobile app. However, if the order passes through a series of couriers, sometimes the most up to date information is not available on the site. This is where the Ship24 tracking service is superior, in that it is connected with multiple couriers allowing for the most accurate real-time updates.

The format of the shipment tracking number will depend on the courier company that will be in charge of the order. Most of the time, the orders made on BangGood are sent through China Post delivery service, Netherlands Post, DHL, or again EMS China Post.

The tracking numbers are then never the same and can be composed of 9 to 16 characters, depending on the courier used for the delivery.

The buyer will need to use the BangGood parcel tracking number (located on the BangGood order page) to track any parcel on Ship24. Ship24 is a tracking solution, but if the buyer has any complaints regarding their parcel, they are encouraged to contact the seller or BangGood directly through their support team.

How do I find my BangGood parcel?

If the buyer is unsure where his or her BangGood package is, they can enter their BangGood parcel tracking number on Ship24 to find out information on their order instantly. The tracking system will tell users where their package is in real-time as well as what the status of the package is.

With Ship24, you can track up to 10 parcels at the same time and get results almost instantly. Ship24 will give you the latest information regarding your parcels so you can be up-to-date with their journey. Buyers should be aware that they can only track parcels using their tracking number and not the order number.

To find your tracking number, you can head over to the BangGood website or app, log in, and check your orders for the tracking number. In the case where you don't find the tracking number, you can call the seller and request the tracking number.

To search using Ship24, all you have to do is copy and paste the tracking number on the home page and you should receive results regarding that parcel.

How do I track BangGood Priority Direct Mail?

The Priority Direct Mail service can be chosen when the buyer orders something on the BangGood website. This service is a faster delivery method, with BangGood parcels sent through this option estimated to arrive faster. Again, a variety of couriers and postal services are involved in delivering this option, such as DHL, and PostNL, depending on the order size, weight and final destination.

It doesn't matter which courier or postal service is dealing with the delivery, buyers wishing to track their BangGood parcel will be able to through the Ship24 website with just their tracking number. No account is required to track their parcel and the service is completely free.

While most other companies only list certain details, Ship24 lists not only the previous and current locations of the package but also lists all of the progress it has made up to that point on its journey as well as the current status of the BangGood parcel.

Where is my parcel from BangGood?

If you want to find where your BangGood package is currently and its immediate status, entering the tracking number code on Ship24 will give you instant results. The Ship24 system uses its networking technology to track parcels from China across the world.

The buyer can enter the tracking number as many times as they like, and his tracking code will be saved in his search history allowing for fast access anytime they should want an update on the progress of their BangGood order. Users can enter as many new tracking numbers into the Ship24 website as they please for free, to check on multiple parcels travelling with multiple couriers.

When searching the ship24 website for tracking updates, users may come across some current statuses that they are unsure of.

BangGood Tracking Notifications/Updates

Therefore, below is a list of definitions for the various tracking statuses they may come across.

Notifications/Statuses Description
Order Received The order has been received and the seller will reply shortly for information about shipment and tracking.
Order in Progress This is when the purchaser is attempting to buy the product.
Purchased This is when the product is purchased and is waiting for dispatch.
Order Packed This is when the product is ready for dispatch.
Order Consolidated This is when the product is combined in a single package.
Order Invoice This is when the order invoice has been uploaded.
Shipped This is when the BangGood parcel has been shipped.
Order Arrived This is when the order has arrived at its final destination.
Order Cancelled This is when the order has been cancelled.
Order Refunded This is when the buyer has requested a refund on their order.

How do I contact BangGood?

Whether you are contacting BangGood about your order or if you have any questions regarding their services, BangGood's customer services are ready to assist you.

There are several ways to contact BangGood. One way is to go to their website, scroll down, and find "Help Center". You will be directed to another page where there are some automated answers ready for your concerns or questions.

You can also contact their customer services through their email, hotlines, or their responsive customer service that functions 24/7.


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