China Post tracking

What type of product is my package sent from China?

International products for China Post consist of Small Packet, Large Package, and EMS. The Small packets and massive package of China Post can be tracked if registered only. Otherwise the information will be limited to mainland China only. As indicated by transportation strategies, it tends to be isolated into three classes: Air Parcel, Surface Air Lift and Surface Parcel. China air mail/parcel is the most used one, which is low-cost and convenient. EMS is faster than China Post Mail however it is more expensive.


Ship24 is a tool to track online your package from china wherever the final destination. Simply enter the tracking number that was given to you when checking out, by the seller in the confirmation email, the marketplace “My Order” on Amazon, Asos, eBay or the eShop page directly. With this tracking number you will be able to follow it and know the latest status and the location of your shipment.

China Post Small Packet

China Post International Small Packet is used for the shipping of lightweight gadgets under two kilograms from China to different nations and regions. It is the economic one amongst all other ways of shipment. Items such as small products, cosmetics, clothes, are easy to be shiped this way. Nowadays, it is mostly used in e-commerce marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and AliExpress and by individual customers too

What is "ePacket"?

As the name “ePacket” suggests, the shipping service was once shape for e-commerce purposes, in order to make it easier, faster and low cost for receipients to receive their purchases from online shops from China and Hong Kong.

China Post Large Package

For the objects over 2kg (regular mail) and less than 20kg, 30kg, or 40kg. China post offer options to suit most business needs and not urgent shipment. Compared with EMS and other specific products, ChinaPost big package solution is much cheaper than other couriers. You can track and trace your package using Ship24 search bar thanks to the tracking number if the parcel is registered.

China Post Products

China EMS (tracking number starting with E or L China ePacket(EUB) (tracking number with 13 characters starting with “Lx”) limited to 2Kg. International e-EMS (available for 50 countries only) China Post Mail China Post Registered Mail China Post Ordinary Parcel

How to Send Parcels by using China Post?

Composed of numbers only, the post code (zip code*) is mentioned on a letter or a parcel or package. A postal code is specific to each country and usually stands for a specific area that the residents or companies locations and used in standard to improve the sorting and the delivery. China postal code is composed of six digital numbers.

China postal Delivery

China postal-delivery is one of the most popular transport methods currently. It is used by retailers from China and Hong Kong and is one of the best transport strategies that allow you to ship internationally in less than a month, if there is no delay. Fortunately, China submits tracking suggests that most orders come inside 30 days.

When you check out in your favorite Marketplace or eShop, you will probably observe many programs that can arrive sooner with “Express” options.

What are the requirements to use China Delivery Method?

Based on the information furnished by using USPS, there are some requirements that need to be checked before the package or parcel is being dispatched with china post. Most of these requirements have to do with the weight and dimensions of the product.

  • Weight: The weight of the package being-shipped cannot exceed 2 kg (4.4l BS). This weight take into account the weight of the item inside, the filler stuffing material, the delivery box, and some other packaging material. The only exception to this weight rule is for Israel, the place the applications can weigh up to 3 kg (6.6 lbs.).
  • Value: We are talking here about the content valuation of any product being shipped, cannot be more than USD$400 and need to be shipped from China or Hong Kong to one of the international locations that are eligible for china post-delivery.
  • Minimum Package Size: The package that is rolled up has a minimum length of 11 cm. A regular packet must have a size greater than 14 cm and a width biger than 11 cm. The diameter plus the length is more than 17 cm. If the package is under this format, you can use a larger box and add more packaging filling material to fit the minium requirements.
  • Maximum Package Size The longest side of a typical package should not excess 60cm. Moreover, the sum of length, width, and height should not exceed 90 cm. The same for a rolled up package it might not get over 90 cm and with the diameter, not more than 104cm

China Post, EMS/EUB, ePacket postal tracking number format look like this :

  • ( A# xxx xxx xxx CN ) ( C# xxx xxx xxx CN ) (L# xxx xxx xxx CN)
  • ( R# xxx xxx xxx CN ) ( XA xxx xxx xxx xx ) (E# xxx xxx xxx CN) ( V# xxx xxx xxx CN )

This format is used to detect the courier when you use Ship24 to track a China post Priority Mail, a China EMS package or an ePacket

Tracking number starts with “Cxxx” | ”“Exxx” | “Lxxx” | "Rxx" can be tracked, e.g. RC234450634CN. Numbers starting with (U# xxx xxxx xxx CN) are unregistered parcels it means there is no tracking information available most of the time. When you order online, ship24 recommends to choose shipping option “registered”.

Where can I track my China post packages?

Your package from China can be tracked by using our postal tracking tool on ship24, you can track ePackets with China Post, USPS, EMS/EUB China post. You can also contact the China Post Tracking Customer service:

Monday – Sunday 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM GMT+8

  • Phone number: +86 11185 , +86 11183 (the best option)
  • Email: feedback@chinapost.com.cn (Most of the people never receive a response to their email)

What does China post package "in transit' means?

When you package or parcel is in transit, it means that the item has been shipped from the origin country and is and its way to its destination. Check the event details on ship24:

  • Your parcel may has been handed over to the carrier.
  • Your parcel may has been dispatched or left its country of origin.
  • Your parcel may has reached the destination country and is under customs inspection.
  • Your parcel has reached its destination country and is domestic transit.
  • Your parcel is under another transit period. It can be in another country as a transit point and will be forwarded from there to its final destination country.

Other status that you can find on tracking your package:

  • Dispatching In transit
  • Outbound in sorting center In transit
  • Arrived at facility In transit
  • Inbound in sorting center In transit
  • Accepted by carrier In transit
  • Waiting for pick up In transit
  • Shipment confirmation In transit
  • Departure from outward office of exchange In transit. Your parcel is ready for shipment to the destination country or your parcel may have left China already but the package type is Unregistered. The tracking number (U* * * *** ) does not provide further tracking information
  • Arrival at inward office exchange In transit, The package has arrived to destination country
  • Delivery arranged Out for delivery
  • Returned to Sender Exception
  • Attempted delivery
  • Held by Customs In transit
  • Released from customs In transit
  • Hand over to airline In transit
  • Arrive at facility In transit
  • Depart from facility In transit
  • Export In transit
  • Outbound in sorting center In transit
  • Arrived at facility Sorting
  • Inbound in sorting center Sorting
  • Arrival at Sorting Center Sorting
  • Arrival at delivery office Sorting
  • Accepted by carrier In transit
  • Waiting for pick up In transit
  • Shipment confirmation In transit
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