China Post Shipping

China Post Shipping

About China Post Shipping

Shipping is a catchall term that refers to the movement of orders, goods, packages, and parcels. Therefore, China Post shipping refers to when the movement of goods is organized by the China Post. Although China Post shipping as a term would make people think it concerned that transportation of goods via sea, it actually includes other modes of transportation - such as by land and air - as well as by boat. China Post shipping is searched by many on google as it is the general term used for delivery of goods by the postal service.

China Post shipping is a large-scale operation, as it is used by millions of people every year to send all kinds of packages, from private items to loved ones a few miles away to international eCommerce orders bound for Europe or the US. Indeed, the latter is big business in China and although today there is a lot more competition between couriers seeking to capture the huge delivery market, China Post is still one of the most used services. This is because China Post shipping is an economic postage option which is still relatively fast for the price it charges. It also has a large presence across China, with a wide logistical reach and many post offices serving both urban and rural areas across the country.

Meaning of China Post Shipping

China shipping refers to the ability to send an item from one location, often via a courier or logistics company, and deliver it to another. Originally, China shipping was not offered the parcel handler, but it has recently become a staple service within the logistics industry and is offered by all major postal operators across the world.

Track China Post Shipping

All China Post shipping orders can be tracked as long as they are registered orders. When you order from a marketplace, such as Alibaba, BangGood, or GearBest, the merchant will most likely be sending the parcel registered as it means the order can be tracked and therefore is less likely to get lost. However, sending a parcel registered does cost more money, so if the China Post shipping seems very cheap, make sure that your order is being sent registered (please note, some merchants offer free shipping as standard, and although these will usually be registered there is no harm in checking before placing your order).

Places to Track China Post Shipping

International China Post shipping will usually only be handled initially by the China Post, before being handed over to a local courier in the destination country of the parcel, such as UPS or FedEx in the United States, DHL, or DPD in Europe, or AusPost in Australia.
Therefore, if you want to ensure you have full end-to-end tracking on your China Post shipping, look no further than the universal shipping tracking system from Ship24.

Tracking with Ship24

With Ship24, you don't need to know who will take over the handling of a China Post parcel along its delivery route, as just using the tracking number you will be able to continue tracking your China Post shipment the entire journey. This is because Ship24 pulls tracking information on your China Post shipping no matter which logistics company or partner courier the delivery is being handled by. Where China Post only offers the ability to track parcels in its possession in some cases, Ship24 searches 1,000s of carriers and logistics handlers every time you hit the search bar, meaning you have the best chance of getting the latest information on your China Post shipping by searching with Ship24. In fact, millions are tracking shipments traveling with multiple couriers on Ship24, as it means they don't have to switch courier websites or chase after China Post shipping information because they know they can get every tracking event all in one place, on Ship24.

Getting a China Post Shipping Parcel

China Post shipping is predominantly purchased by individuals and B2C eCommerce merchants. They either purchase this directly by dropping the items off at their nearest post office or using the China Post shipping pick-up service (where available). Contact your nearest post office or visit the website to enquire about China Post shipping services to get started. Alternatively, if you are purchasing goods from China and the marketplace or merchant uses China Post for shipments (or it is one of the couriers available for you to choose from), ask the seller about whether shipping with China Post will meet your requirements (such as the estimated delivery frame).

Please note, as China Post shipping refers to the delivery of parcels in general, shipping includes all forms of transport and is not just limited to packages traveling by sea.

Common Questions About China Post Shipping

What Affects China Post Shipping

China Post shipping can be affected by multiple factors and stages within the shipping process, much the same as shipping with any other courier, national postal operator, or logistics company. This can include delays within the shipping routes (such as if major shipping canals are blocked or flights are grounded due to adverse weather conditions), or delays at customs (when parcels contain prohibited items or VAT is owed by the recipient to the local tax authority before goods can be released for delivery) and so on.

Ship24 offers universal tracking options, including business-level API and tracking Webhook functionality for advanced China Post shipping tracking capability. If you are interested in China Post tracking, don't hesitate to reach out to our expert international team so we can find the right tracking services for you. Alternatively, if you just wish to track a single package, you can do so now, for free, on the Ship24 homepage. Just enter your China Post shipping tracking number and start utilizing market-leading shipping tracking instantaneously. You don't need to log in or give us any personal information, just enter your China Post shipping tracking number, hit go, and start searching the globe for the latest information on your parcel!

Contacting China Post Shipping When Problems Occur

If you encounter an issue with your China Post shipping, then you need to contact the courier directly. China Post should be ultimately responsible for the delivery of your package even if the parcel has changed hands, this is because the partners which deliver your China Post parcel will have been selected to perform the delivery in the destination country by China Post.

China Post Shipping Contacts

Therefore, contacting China Post directly is the best way to find a resolution regarding your shipment. The contact details for China Post can be found below (Please note these could be subject to change).

  • China Post shipping team: +86 11183 or +86 11185

You are advised to search for the latest location and status details on your China Post shipping using Ship24 before calling so you can provide as much information as possible to the China Post shipping team.

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