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China Post EMS

About China Post EMS

China Post Express Mail Service (EMS) is a postal express delivery option offered by the national postal service in China Post. EMS is part of a worldwide initiative originally created by the universal postal union to help improve the international post and parcel delivery efficiency. EMS postal services are perhaps most used in China with China Post EMS, due to the fact the service is hugely popular with distance sellers for eCommerce.

This is the fact that China Post EMS offers rapid cross-border deliveries of small and lightweight goods possible at affordable prices with a quick delivery turnaround. The fact that trends show that eCommerce will continue to grow, with demand for goods manufactured in China particularly strong and set to continue growing due to the relatively cheap cost of ordering goods from the region.

EMS is a collaboration between some 180 countries' national postal services and therefore offers package delivery across most of the world. Around 8 million parcels are delivered via EMS every week, beginning their dispatch with China Post EMS.

Efficiency of China Post EMS

EMS boasts a much quicker delivery time due to the fact that the service is offered by a combination of national postal services from many different countries who all voluntarily signed up to be part of the EMS postal service. However, it is usually slower than private and more costly couriers, such as FedEx 4PX, Cainiao, DHL, and other shipping companies when shipping from China.

It is because of the huge network of postal offices that the EMS represents that allows it to offer such a large number of international delivery options and deliver them within relatively quick timeframes, compared with just standard national post options.

EMS is specifically designed to be an express delivery service, therefore it promises the fastest delivery when it comes to sending packages internationally with national postal services. However, as it is an express service which uses aircraft to ensure its faster delivery speeds, there are a number of China Post EMS restrictions regarding the size and weight of each package. These restrictions are what has made the service so popular for eCommerce, as it usually involves the delivery of smaller items, with large and bulk orders being shipped by more economical options.

Duration of China Post EMS Delivery

Although generally faster than other national postal delivery times, China Post EMS shipping times vary because multiple handlers are involved in cross-border delivery of goods.

However, China Post EMS usually delivers to the USA and Europe in around 5 to 15 working days, or more if to other, more rural destinations. China Post EMS does offer delivery in as little as 2 to 5 working days in Asia, however, the remoteness of the destination can impact this delivery time significantly.

Please note, even if an estimated delivery time is given, the time and date a package will arrive can never be 100 percent correct. If your package is delayed, you are advised to follow this two-step rule:

Check on your parcel's current location by entering the tracking number given when you purchase China Post EMS services onto the Ship24 website. This should be sent by a confirmation email or at the checkout point (if purchasing an item from a shop or marketplace which uses the China Post EMS).

China Post EMS Tracking Number

When you send a parcel with China Post EMS, you will be given a unique tracking number which you can use to track your parcel along its journey. This number is usually 13 characters long and a mix of letters and numbers.

Once you have obtained your China Post EMS tracking number, simply head to the Ship24 website to get universal tracking for your China Post EMS parcel. You don't need to log in or provide any information other than the tracking number to access free, 24 hour China Post EMS tracking on the Ship24 website. Try it today and join the millions tracking China Post EMS parcels worldwide.

If you are a business looking for superior China Post EMS tracking, look no further than our purpose-built business tracking API and webhook systems.

China Post EMS Shipping

Shipping with China Post EMS

To ship a parcel with China Post EMS will depend on whether you are the one sending the parcel or if you are purchasing some goods in China and the merchant or marketplace where you are buying the goods is using China Post EMS to send your goods.

If you are sending the goods yourself, then you will need to find out where the nearest post office to drop the package you want to send is located that offers EMS services. Your nearest post office service may also do pick-up, but this is not guaranteed nationwide (in China). Ship24 also offers shipping from China solutions with our own partners, who offer pickup from your location as part of the services in hundreds of destinations around China. To find out more, check out our dedicated Ship from China logistics solution page.

If you are purchasing goods from a business or marketplace place in China that will use China Post EMS to track your package, then you will not need to know the location or route which your parcel is traveling, as you will be able to track the movement of your China Post EMS package with Ship24, using the China Post EMS tracking number, which you should receive at the point of sale (either at the checkout or in a confirmation email).

Please note, if you do not receive a China Post EMS tracking number then you should contact the business or marketplace where you purchased the goods.

Three Types of China Post Shipping Services

The three types of shipping service offered by China Post EMS are as follows:

  • Domestic: For EMS shipments that are mailed across China.
  • International: For EMS shipments to international destinations
  • The Next Morning Express: A premium service that promises next-day delivery or a full refund.

China Post EMS Prohibited Items

There are a number of prohibited items that cannot be sent with China Post, these include but are not limited to:

  • Explosives
  • Perishables products.
  • Erosive or flammable goods
  • Radioactive and poisonous products.
  • Products dangerous for personal safety
  • Anything that can contaminate or damage other packages.
  • Perishables products.
  • Animals
  • Other products that can be considered unsuitable for mailing.

Please note that any packages which will be handed over to third party couriers, postal services or destination country customs may have their own list of prohibited items, and senders should be careful that the contents of their China Post EMS parcels do not contain anything prohibited by any handler or country which they are being imported too.

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