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China Post EMS


China Post EMS, short for China Post Express Mail Service, is a reliable and efficient postal service operated by China Post, the official postal service provider of the People's Republic of China. It is a comprehensive express delivery service that offers domestic and international shipping solutions to individuals and businesses alike. China Post EMS is renowned for its wide coverage, affordable rates, and commitment to timely delivery.

China Post EMS package tracking

China Post EMS Delivery Time

Although generally faster than other national postal delivery times, China Post EMS shipping times vary because multiple handlers are involved in the cross-border delivery of goods.

However, China Post EMS usually delivers to the USA and Europe in around 5 to 15 working days, or more if to other, more rural destinations. China Post EMS does offer delivery in as little as 2 to 5 working days in Asia, however, the remoteness of the destination can impact this delivery time significantly.

Please note, even if an estimated delivery time is given, the time and date a package will arrive can never be 100 per cent correct.

Online Tracking System of China Post EMS

Tracking your packages with China Post EMS is a convenient and efficient way to stay updated on the status and whereabouts of your shipments. With a reliable online tracking system, you can easily monitor the progress of your shipments from the moment they are dispatched until they reach their final destination. Also, if you prefer using other tracking platforms, Ship24 is another reliable option to track your China Post EMS shipments.

To track your shipments, simply follow these steps:

  1. Obtain the Tracking Number: After placing an order or sending a package through China Post EMS, you will receive a China Post EMS tracking number. This number serves as your key to accessing the tracking information for your shipment.

  2. Visit the China Post EMS Website: Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the official China Post EMS website. Look for the tracking section, which is usually prominently displayed on the homepage.

  3. Enter the Tracking Number: Once you've accessed the tracking section, enter the provided tracking number into the designated field. Double-check the number for accuracy to ensure precise tracking results.

  4. Initiate the Tracking Process: Click on the "Track" or "Submit" button to initiate the tracking process. The system will then retrieve the latest tracking information associated with your shipment.

Alternatively, if you prefer using Ship24, a trusted third-party tracking platform, simply go to the search field above and enter your China Post EMS tracking number in the provided field.

China Post EMS on Ship24

Ship24 will retrieve the relevant tracking details and display them in a user-friendly format, allowing you to easily monitor the progress of your shipment.

Shipping with China Post EMS

To ship a parcel with China Post EMS will depend on whether you are the one sending the parcel or if you are purchasing some goods in China and the merchant or marketplace where you are buying the goods is using China Post EMS to send your goods.

If you are sending the goods yourself, then you will need to find out where the nearest post office to drop off the package you want to send is located that offers EMS services. Your nearest post office service may also do pick-up, but this is not guaranteed nationwide (in China). Ship24 also offers shipping from China solutions with our own partners, who offer pickup from your location as part of the services in hundreds of destinations around China. To find out more, check out our dedicated Ship from China logistics solution page.

If you are purchasing goods from a business or marketplace place in China that will use China Post EMS to track your package, then you will not need to know the location or route which your parcel is travelling, as you will be able to track the movement of your China Post EMS package with Ship24, using the China Post EMS tracking number, which you should receive at the point of sale (either at the checkout or in a confirmation email).

Please note, if you do not receive a China Post EMS tracking number then you should contact the business or marketplace where you purchased the goods.

Types of China Post Shipping Services

The three types of shipping services offered by China Post EMS are as follows:

  • Domestic: For EMS shipments that are mailed across China.
  • International: For EMS shipments to international destinations
  • The Next Morning Express: A premium service that promises next-day delivery or a full refund.
China Post shipping services

Comparison with Other Postal Services in China

China Post EMS vs. China Post Registered Air Mail

While China Post EMS focuses on expedited and express shipping, China Post Registered Air Mail caters to standard and non-urgent shipments. China Post EMS offers faster delivery times and more robust tracking capabilities compared to China Post Registered Air Mail. It is ideal for time-sensitive packages that require reliable and efficient delivery.

China Post EMS vs. China Post SAL (Surface Air Lifted) Mail

China Post EMS stands out from China Post SAL Mail in terms of speed and cost. SAL Mail is a slower and more economical option that is suitable for non-urgent shipments. On the other hand, China Post EMS provides faster delivery speeds and enhanced tracking features, making it preferable for time-critical or high-value items.

China Post EMS vs. China Post ePacket

China Post EMS and China Post ePacket are two distinct services offered by China Post. China Post EMS is primarily designed for express and expedited shipping, offering faster delivery times and comprehensive tracking capabilities. China Post ePacket, on the other hand, is an economical shipping solution primarily utilized for lightweight packages. While ePacket generally takes longer for delivery, it provides a budget-friendly option for smaller items.

China Post EMS Prohibited Items

There are a number of prohibited items that cannot be sent with China Post, these include but are not limited to:

  • Explosives
  • Perishables products.
  • Erosive or flammable goods
  • Radioactive and poisonous products.
  • Products dangerous for personal safety
  • Anything that can contaminate or damage other packages.
  • Perishables products.
  • Animals
  • Other products that can be considered unsuitable for mailing.

Please note that any packages which will be handed over to third-party couriers, postal services or destination country customs may have their own list of prohibited items, and senders should be careful that the contents of their China Post EMS parcels do not contain anything prohibited by any handler or country which they are being imported too.

Contact China Post EMS

For any questions or issues regarding your China Post EMS package, you can contact them through their phone number or email address at:

About China Post EMS

China Post Express Mail Service (EMS) is a postal express delivery option offered by the national postal service in China Post. EMS is part of a worldwide initiative originally created by the universal postal union to help improve international post and parcel delivery efficiency. EMS postal services are perhaps most used in China with China Post EMS, due to the fact the service is hugely popular with distance sellers for eCommerce.

This is the fact that China Post EMS offers rapid cross-border deliveries of small and lightweight goods possible at affordable prices with a quick delivery turnaround. The fact that trends show that eCommerce will continue to grow, with demand for goods manufactured in China particularly strong and set to continue growing due to the relatively cheap cost of ordering goods from the region.

EMS is a collaboration between some 180 countries' national postal services and therefore offers package delivery across most of the world. Around 8 million parcels are delivered via EMS every week, beginning their dispatch with China Post EMS.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section will talk about frequently asked questions about China Post EMS.

How long does it typically take for China Post EMS to deliver a package?

The typical delivery time for packages sent through China Post EMS can vary depending on various factors. Generally, for international shipments, the delivery time can range from 7 to 30 business days, although it may take longer for remote or less accessible locations. It's important to note that these time frames are approximate and not guaranteed, as they can be influenced by customs clearance processes, transportation conditions, and other external factors.

China Post EMS is known for its reliable and cost-effective international shipping services. However, the exact delivery time will depend on the destination country, the efficiency of the local postal service, and any potential delays that may occur during the shipping process. To track the progress of your package and get a more accurate estimate of the delivery time, you can use the tracking number provided by China Post EMS on their website or through a third-party tracking website like Ship24.

Does China Post EMS provide insurance for shipped items?

China Post EMS does provide insurance options for shipped items. When using China Post EMS to send packages, customers have the opportunity to purchase insurance coverage for their shipments. This insurance is designed to protect the value of the items being sent in case of loss or damage during transit. The cost of the insurance will depend on the declared value of the package and the specific terms and conditions set by China Post EMS.

Can I send a package internationally using China Post EMS?

Yes, you can send packages internationally using China Post EMS. China Post EMS (Express Mail Service) offers international shipping services to numerous countries around the world. Whether you need to send documents, merchandise, or personal items, China Post EMS provides a reliable option for international shipments.

To send a package internationally through China Post EMS, you will need to ensure that the destination country is within their service coverage. You can visit the official China Post EMS website or contact their customer service for a list of supported countries and their respective shipping rates.

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