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China Post EMS


China Post EMS, also known as China Post Express Mail Service, is a subsidiary of China Post focused on fast mail delivery. Founded to meet the growing demand for expedited shipping, China Post EMS offers a range of services that include domestic and international shipping of packages, letters, and parcels.

China Post EMS package tracking

What is China Post EMS?

China Post Express Mail Service (EMS) is a postal express delivery option offered by the national postal service in China Post. EMS is part of a worldwide initiative originally created by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) to help improve international post and parcel delivery efficiency. EMS postal services are perhaps most used in China with China Post EMS, due to the fact the service is hugely popular with distance sellers for eCommerce.

They offer a range of services including international, domestic, and same-city express delivery, as well as cash on delivery. They also provide solutions for e-commerce platform cooperation, logistics finance, and warehousing.

EMS is a collaboration between some 180 countries' national postal services and therefore offers package delivery across most of the world. Around 8 million parcels are delivered via EMS every week, beginning their dispatch with China Post EMS.

How China Post EMS Works

China Post EMS operates with a focus on efficiency and accuracy, starting from the moment a package is dropped off. When a package is received, the sender is required to provide detailed information on the express mail waybill, including the contents, quantity, weight, and value of the package. This information is important for sorting centers to categorize and prioritize shipments.

The recipient's name and address must be written precisely in English, and it's suggested to include a telephone or fax number for easy contact in case of issues. The address should be comprehensive, including not just the postal code but the exact location to ensure accurate delivery.

The operational mechanics of China Post EMS involve a series of steps, including sorting at specialized centers, delivery, and tracking. Sorting centers use the information provided on the waybill to categorize packages, and tracking numbers are assigned for package tracking.

China Post EMS Delivery Time

Although generally faster than other national postal delivery times, China Post EMS shipping times vary because multiple handlers are involved in the cross-border delivery of goods.

However, China Post EMS usually delivers to the USA and Europe in around 5 to 15 working days, or more depending on the location. China Post EMS does offer delivery in as little as 2 to 5 working days in Asia, however, the remoteness of the destination can impact this delivery time significantly.

Below is an estimated delivery time for several regions:

Destination EMS Delivery Time
United States 7 to 20 Days
Australia 7 to 15 Days
Canada 7 to 20 Days
United Kingdom 7 to 20 Days
France 7 to 20 Days
Brazil 7 to 20 Days
India 7 to 15 Days
Indonesia 7 to 15 Days
Italy 7 to 20 Days
Japan 7 to 15 Days
Malaysia 7 to 15 Days
New Zealand 7 to 15 Days
Philippines 7 to 15 Days
Pakistan 7 to 15 Days
Russia 7 to 15 Days
Saudi Arabia 7 to 20 Days
Singapore 7 to 15 Days
South Africa 7 to 20 Days
Thailand 7 to 15 Days
Turkey 7 to 20 Days
United Arab Emirates 7 to 20 Days
Vietnam 7 to 15 Days

For a more detailed and accurate estimated delivery time, you can get your China Post tracking on Ship24. To track with Ship24, all you would have to do is enter your China Post tracking number on the search field or the homepage and then click on the search button.

China Post EMS on Ship24

Ship24 will retrieve the relevant tracking details and display them in a user-friendly format, allowing you to easily monitor the progress of your shipment.

China Post EMS Weight Limit

The weight limit for packages sent via China Post's Express Mail Service (EMS) depends on the destination, and it can differ from place to place. In most cases, you can send EMS packages weighing between 44 to 88 lbs (20 to 40 kgs).

However, some destinations might have their own weight limits. For example, when sending EMS parcels to Japan, the maximum weight allowed is 30 kilograms.

China Post EMS Shipping Services

The three types of shipping services offered by China Post EMS are as follows:

  • Domestic: For EMS shipments that are mailed across China.
  • International: For EMS shipments to international destinations
  • The Next Morning Express: A premium service that promises next-day delivery or a full refund.
China Post shipping services

China Post EMS Prohibited Items

There are a number of prohibited items that cannot be sent with China Post, these include but are not limited to:

  • Explosives
  • Perishables products.
  • Erosive or flammable goods
  • Radioactive and poisonous products.
  • Products dangerous for personal safety
  • Anything that can contaminate or damage other packages.
  • Perishables products.
  • Animals
  • Other products that can be considered unsuitable for mailing.

Please note that any packages which will be handed over to third-party couriers, postal services or destination country customs may have their own list of prohibited items, and senders should be careful that the contents of their China Post EMS parcels do not contain anything prohibited by any handler or country which they are being imported too.

Contact China Post EMS Customer Service

For any questions or issues regarding your China Post EMS package, you can contact them through their phone number or email address at:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section will talk about frequently asked questions about China Post EMS.

Is there tracking for China Post EMS?

Yes, there is tracking for China Post EMS. You can track your China EMS packages through the China Postal Express & Logistics website or the Ship24 homepage.

Is China Post EMS legitimate?

Yes, China Post EMS is a legitimate postal service. It operates under China Post Group Corporation Limited, the official postal service provider in China. Established in 1985, China Postal Express & Logistics Co., Ltd became a part of the EMS Cooperative in 1999. This lends it both credibility and a long-standing history in the express mail and logistics sector.

Does China Post EMS provide insurance for shipped items?

China Post EMS does provide insurance options for shipped items. When using China Post EMS to send packages, customers have the opportunity to purchase insurance coverage for their shipments. This insurance is designed to protect the value of the items being sent in case of loss or damage during transit. The cost of the insurance will depend on the declared value of the package and the specific terms and conditions set by China Post EMS.

Can I send a package internationally using China Post EMS?

Yes, you can send packages internationally using China Post EMS. China Post EMS (Express Mail Service) offers international shipping services to numerous countries around the world. Whether you need to send documents, merchandise, or personal items, China Post EMS provides a reliable option for international shipments.

To send a package internationally through China Post EMS, you will need to ensure that the destination country is within their service coverage. You can visit the official China Post EMS website or contact their customer service for a list of supported countries and their respective shipping rates.

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