China Post Package Tracking

China Post Package Tracking


China Post is the official postal service of China, responsible for both domestic and international mail delivery. As one of the largest postal networks in the world, it plays a vital role in facilitating global communication and commerce. China Post tracking is a service that provides you with the status of your shipment. This service is particularly important for international shipping, where packages often pass through multiple checkpoints and may be subject to delays.

China Post Package Tracking package tracking

How do I track a China Post package?

Tracking a China Post package can be done through various methods. The most common way is to use the China Post website, where you'll need to enter your tracking number to get real-time updates on your package's location.

China Post Package Tracking via Website

To track your package using China Post's official website, you'll first need to visit the site and locate the tracking section, usually labeled "Tracking and Information." Once there, you'll enter your China Post tracking number in the designated field and click on the track button.

China Post package tracking on website

The website will then display the current status of your package, including its last known location and estimated delivery date.

China Post Package Tracking via Ship24

Ship24 also provides global tracking for China Post packages. One of the main benefits of using Ship24 is its user-friendly interface that allows you to track multiple shipments from various carriers all in one place. This can be particularly useful if you're expecting different packages from different services or carriers.

To use Ship24 for tracking your China Post package, all you need to do is enter your tracking number on the Ship24 home or the search field above, and it will provide you with the best tracking updates on your package's location and status.

China Post package tracking on Ship24

In addition to its convenience, Ship24 also offers features like email notifications for tracking updates, making it easier for you to stay informed without constantly checking the website. If you're looking for an alternative tracking solution that offers a blend of simplicity and functionality, Ship24 could be a good option for tracking your China Post package.

Can I get tracking for China Post Amazon package?

Yes, you can track a package ordered from Amazon and shipped via China Post. Here's how:

  • Amazon Tracking: Once your order is processed and shipped by Amazon, you'll receive an Amazon tracking number. This information is readily available in the order details section of your Amazon account. It allows you to monitor the package's journey until it leaves Amazon's facilities.

  • China Post Tracking: After the package is handed over to China Post, it will be assigned a 13-digit tracking code that typically starts with the letter "R" and ends with "CN." You can use this code to track your package on the China Post website. Just input the tracking number in the "Tracking and Information" section to get real-time updates on your package's location and status.

China Post Package Tracking is Not Updating

If you find that your China Post package tracking isn't updating, there could be several reasons behind this issue. One common reason is a delay in the update of tracking information. It usually takes around 24 to 48 hours for China Post to update the status after receiving the package.

Another possibility is that the package hasn't been shipped yet. In this case, try reaching out to the sender for confirmation. In addition, double-check to make sure you've entered the correct tracking number.

Also, some packages may not offer tracking services, so it's worth confirming with the sender if your package is indeed trackable. If there's no update for an extended period, like 30 days or more, it's advisable to contact either China Post's customer service or the seller to get more information and resolve any issues.

Tracking China Post Package without Tracking Number

Unfortunately, it's not possible to track a China Post package without a tracking number. However, there are alternative methods you can explore if you find yourself in this situation. The first step is to reach out to the sender or the company from which you made the purchase. They can often provide you with an order confirmation or other identifying details that may help in tracking down your package.

If the sender is unable to assist, your next best option is to contact China Post's customer service, who may be able to help you based on other information like your name, address, or the sender's details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to do if China Post package tracking says "Delivered" but not received?

If you find that your China Post package tracking status reads "Delivered" but you haven't actually received the package, it's important to act quickly to resolve the issue. The first step is to double-check the delivery location. Occasionally, packages are mistakenly delivered to a neighbor or a different part of your residence.

If that's not the case, your next move should be to contact the seller directly. They are often the first point of contact for resolving such issues and may offer a solution, such as resending the item or providing a refund.

If reaching out to the seller doesn't get you any results, or if they're unresponsive, you have a couple of other options. You can contact your bank or credit card company to inquire about initiating a chargeback.

Alternatively, if you made the purchase through an online marketplace, you can open a dispute on the platform itself. This usually involves providing evidence that you did not receive the item, after which the platform may issue a refund.

What does "China Post tracking package has left seller facility and is in transit to carrier" mean?

The tracking status "China Post tracking package has left seller facility and is in transit to carrier" means that your package has successfully left the seller's warehouse and is en route to the next stop, which is usually a local or international shipping carrier's facility.

This is the point where the carrier takes over responsibility for your package, preparing it for the final leg of its journey to your doorstep. It's worth noting that there might be a slight delay in tracking updates once the package has transitioned from the seller to the carrier.

This is normal and usually resolves itself as the package moves through the carrier's system.

Does China Post tracking work when the package makes it to the United States?

China Post tracking continues to work even after your package has entered the United States. With China Post's international network, which includes North America, tracking China Post package is possible until it reaches their final destination.

China Post offers multiple shipping options that come with tracking capabilities:

  • China Post Registered Air Mail: Ideal for small packages weighing up to 2 kg, this is a budget-friendly yet secure way to send items overseas. You can track these packages online.
  • China Post EMS (Express Mail Service): This express option is suitable for both documents and parcels. It offers quicker delivery, door-to-door service, and even some insurance coverage. Tracking is available for this service as well.
  • ePacket: Tailored for e-commerce, China Post ePacket is a quicker, cost-effective option for lightweight packages up to 2 kg. It offers end-to-end tracking and is a popular choice for shipments to the United States.

So, whether you're using Registered Air Mail, EMS, or ePacket, you can continue to track your package's journey even after it has landed in the United States.

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