Track China Post Package solutions

Track China Post Package solutions

Track China Post Package

A track China Post package request is usually entered into google when someone who has ordered from China is looking for tracking information on their purchase. Indeed, many consumers and businesses don't know that any registered parcel sent with China Post will come with a unique tracking number that can be used to track their order. In fact, once you have your China Post tracking number, the question is not one of how do I track China Post package, but where. The two best options to track the China Post package are the following:

  • On the China Post website: You can use the China Post website to track your China Post parcel. However, it is a much longer method than the next example. You will need to log in to the China Post website, find out where your previous orders are on the website, and select the correct one to begin tracking. Even then you are not guaranteed to be able to track a China Post package as often multiple handlers deal with the delivery of an order. For example, if you order something from a marketplace - such as Alibaba, BangGood, or GearBest - to the EU with China Post, your parcel will likely be handled in China by the postal service and then handed over to another logistics company and then courier for final delivery. Couriers such as DHL, TNT, or DPD in Europe or USPS or FedEx in the US.
  • Tracking with Ship24: With Ship24, getting tracking for a China Post package is easy, you simply need to enter your tracking number into the search bar on the Ship24 homepage! You don't need to log in or even sign up. Our tracking platform is free and at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Track China Post Package Request

A track China Post package request is when a user enters their unique China Post tracking code onto the Ship24 website. This is done when users want to get the latest tracking information on their orders which are being mailed by China Post. Every registered China Post parcel is assigned to a code, also known as a tracking number, to let customers track parcels internationally.
Track China Post package requests are not uncommon, and this is due to a large number of goods manufactured at relatively cheap prices in China, which make them attractive for overseas buyers, especially from the US and Europe. Whether they are bought from marketplaces as individual items or bulk purchases from businesses, China Post helps facilitate lots of international delivery of Chinese goods.

People Searching for China Post Package

Millions search track China Post package every week to get the latest on their China Post orders. The reason why it is so widely searching is because of the two aforementioned points, namely that there is a huge demand for Chinese products (which sees an increased usage of courier companies and postal services in the region, especially China Post) and secondly because many people are unsure how to check real, end-to-end tracking on their China Post delivery.

This is why our passionate team of international experts started Ship24, to be able to offer end-to-end tracking capability on not only China Post orders, but orders with 1,000s of e-tailers, marketplaces, couriers, logistics companies, and more. Not only do we offer this functionality for free and as standard, but you harness all this track China Post package power all in a single search. Now you can scan the web for results about DHL, TNT, and DPD packages as well as USPS, UPS, and more!

Issues with China Post Track Package

Common Issues with Track China Post Package Results

If you need to get the latest tracking information on a China Post package, look no further than Ship24. Here you will find out all you need to know, including the journey of the parcel so far, its current location, and the status of the parcel. However, if you have an issue with your parcel shipping progress or there if a problem has occurred since the dispatch, you must contact your courier directly. If you wish to contact the China Post directly, please find the phone number below. They should be able to answer all your track China Post package queries. Please note, the opening times of the call center will vary. Otherwise, the email address is as noted below:

  • track China Post package team: +86 11185 , +86 11183
  • Email: (there has reportedly been a slow response volume for queries sent to the China Post email address and therefore, we would recommend you to call them directly.

China Post Package Notifications

Whenever a new tracking event occurs with your parcel you will receive a notification to alert you to the change. For example, if your parcel has been delivered to a location or dispatched, then you will be notified of the new update.
If you want further details on these statuses or are concerned by a notification you have received, please contact China Post on the details provided above.

Difficulties Requesting a Track China Post Package

It can be difficult to get a good track of China Post package request results when going through other mediums than Ship24. That's why millions are choosing to conduct all their package tracking on our website, so they don't need to jump through hoops just to get the latest on their parcel progress! With Ship24 you don't need to signup or log in and we don't require any personal information about yourself, your business, or your shipment. We believe being able to track the China Post package should be as simple as possible, which is why we have streamlined the entire service meaning you are always just one click away from finding out where your China Post parcel is. Simply head to the Ship24 website, enter your China Post tracking number and click search to put in motion our powerful tracking platform, which will deliver the latest information on your order is as close to real-time as possible.

We also offer business-level tracking functionality for those who need thousands or millions of searches for goods at their disposal, 24 hours a day. This is provided by our shipment tracking API services and package webhook systems, which offer market-leading tracking power. All our tracking services have the ability to track universally, and with more than 1,000 marketplaces, logistics handlers, carriers, and so on, meaning you get second-to-none tracking services.

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