China Post Global Tracking

China Post Global Tracking

Brief History of China Post

China Post is a wholly state-owned company established in accordance with the "Company Law of the Peoples Republic of China". Its actual name is the China Post Group Corporation, and it is the main postal provider of China, their services include nationwide delivery service (except for Hong Kong). They are the successors of the Chunghwa Post which was the only postal provider in mainland China previously before China Post as we know it was established in 1949. They are controlled and overseen by the State Post Bureau which holds the overall responsibility for the regulation of posts in China.

The company is run by a board of directors and operates various different postal services, carrying out the universal postal service obligations along with providing special postal services through the government and implementing commercial operations with competitive postal services. China Post Group has a diverse range of operations but mainly focuses on postal services, express logistics, finance, and eCommerce. Main business operations include domestic and international letter delivery services, domestic and international parcel express services, publication distribution services such as newspapers, books, etc, stamp issuance services, postal remittance services, confidential communications services, postal financial services, postal logistics services, electronics commercial services, various postal agency services, and other services the state requests.

After years of continuous development, China Post Group Co has transformed and upgraded itself into a large-scale enterprise group integrating industry and finance with diversified businesses. Its competitiveness as a company has been enhanced and its corporate efficiency has been significantly improved, along with its social impact expanding. In 2020 China Post group globally had total revenue of 664.5 billion yuan (approx. $5.9 billion) and in 2021 it was ranked 74th in the Fortune Global 500 and 2nd in the postal enterprises worldwide. It is one of the biggest postal networks and powerhouses in the world.

Tracking Post of China Parcels Globally

There are many ways to track a China Post parcel globally, you can go down the normal route of tracking via China Post's own website, which you can do by following the website link and following the instructions. Here you can track for China Post registered mail, EMS end ePacket.

Description of China Post Registered Mail, EMS, and ePacket

  • China Post Registered Mail - This is the first level of "tracked" mail from the China Post, this is used normally for everyday shipping items for example electronic products and accessories, clothing items, books, and other items you might find to be sold through eBay or Amazon marketplace. The service is divided into three different types of delivery. Air parcel, Surface Air Lift (SAL), and Surface Parcel. Air parcel is the most economical but the slowest shipping service with an average time of delivery between 2-4 weeks (shipping internationally) from China. This tracking number is 13-digits long and the tracking code starts with the letter R. Surface Air Lift parcels are faster than a standard registered mail post but cheaper than an EMS delivery and they will usually deliver between 15-20 days. And Surface Parcel delivery is purely delivered on the ground via trucks and other methods, this can take 40-70 days to be delivered to the destination.
  • EMS - The Express Mail Service (EMS) express delivery is the leading delivery service between air and land through the china post. They use their own China Post Airline and have an all-night aviation distribution network with Nanjing as its main distribution base. There are more than 20,000 dedicated express delivery vehicles and is one of the most extensive network systems that support EMS to achieve "next-day" delivery between 300 cities in China alone. They have more than 200 shipment processing centres nationwide, among which the largest centres are in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou which reach 20,000 square metres in size. They are all fitted with the most advanced technology and equipment for sorting.
  • ePacket - ePacket is an affordable fast and exclusive delivery service for merchants on sites like eBay, Amazon, and Aliexpress to name a few. It is tracked to enable the online buyers to follow their purchases shipped from China and Hong Kong. To most countries in the world, it has a delivery time of 7-30 working days for China Post Global Tracking, this could change and have hold-ups depending on the current climate if there are national holidays or maybe Covid related issues and hold-ups in customs.

All of these methods can be tracked using the China post website, the only difficulty is, if the package or parcel you send is changing hands through multiple couriers then the China Post website may not be able to find the package every step of the way.

Tracking with Ship24

This is why another foolproof method of tracking would be to use the specialist Ship24 China Post global tracking system, this works by entering your tracking number into our website and it will give you live updates on where your parcel is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year no matter how many times your package changes couriers or where in the world it may be passing through you will always be able to track your important parcel. With this method, you can track up to 10 parcels at the same time in multiple different countries with multiple different couriers, you can also act on any hold-ups and our advanced system will even give you the contact details of the courier or department your package is with.

You can find the tracking number you need to track when you purchase the item usually sent in an email to confirm your order or given to you when you face to face purchase the shipping through the main courier or seller.

New Polices on Sending Parcel to the EU from China under the New IOSS System

As of July 1st, 2021, there was huge news in the way of VAT and implications on sending from China to EU and there are some important points to take into consideration, they are as follows:

  • Cancellation of the exemption of import Value Added Tax (VAT) on goods below 22 Euros - All goods imported into the EU will be subject to VAT, regardless of their total value. For goods of 150 Euros or less, you can use the new import one-stop service program (IOSS) to charge VAT at the time of sale, it can also be collected by the customs declarer i.e UPS from the final customer. It will affect your business if your business is in a country or region outside the EU, as your customers will no longer be able to enjoy the benefits of VAT exemption for imported goods valued below 22 euros.
  • Some eCommerce platforms will collect value-added tax - A trading platform within the scope of the new EU VAT rules can be an online platform that promotes sales of products, these platforms allow sellers to sell goods straight to the customer. If some trading platforms are registered with IOSS then they are responsible for collecting, reporting, and remitting the final VAT that is payable and not the seller's responsibility.

This is one of the main reasons why so many businesses choose Ship24 to look after their IOSS and deal with their fiscal declaration. We are only a click away.

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