China Post EMS Tracking

China Post EMS Tracking

China Post EMS Tracking

EMS (Express Mail Service) is an express delivery service founded through a global agreement by national postal offices (facilitated by the Universal Postal Union) worldwide to partner together to deliver mail worldwide. The idea behind the scheme is to improve the efficiency of services and delivery by its member, particularly to foster and ensure the continued growth of eCommerce and its positive effects on the global economy. The scheme includes La Poste, Correos de El Salvador, Japan Post, and many more.

China Post EMS is the Chinese national post office, which also offers EMS postage options. When you send a parcel via EMS, the parcel will have a unique tracking number, which when sent from China is called the China Post EMS tracking number. This tracking number allows you to track China Post EMS parcels worldwide, using just the number provided when you purchase China Post EMS services.

The service is hugely popular with e-Commerce merchants, known as e-tailers, which represent a huge business in China, making the EMS service very popular, particularly with overseas buyers who want access to low-cost goods manufactured in the country. However, the demand from overseas buyers has also seen a rising need for China Post EMS tracking capability, so that consumers and businesses can track their EMS parcels as they travel to their respective destinations. This has left many wondering where to get the best China Post EMS tracking services.

Therefore, this guide will explore the best China Post EMS tracking services and answer any questions that people may have about using China Post EMS tracking or the service in general.

China Post EMS Tracking Reliability

EMS was created out of a collaboration between some 180 national postal services and is responsible for delivering more than 7 million packages every week. The reason behind the founding of EMS is to offer customers a faster delivery service by taking advantage of partnerships between the national postal services who take part in the scheme.

China Post EMS specifically is generally viewed as reliable because of its reputation for delivery and the large network of postal offices worldwide that service EMS packages. However, delivery times often vary.

A majority of EMS packages are originally dispatched from China, and therefore will have China Post EMS tracking available. The fact that you can get China Post EMS tracking with an order vastly improves the reliability of using the scheme, as both the buyer and seller should be able to track their China Post EMS parcel along its journey, making the delivery of the package more reliable and less likely to get lost. However, it still does not guarantee delivery, and not all China Post EMS packages reach their final destination. This could be because of several reasons, including:

  • Unpaid VAT tax on an order: Meaning it is stuck at customs in the destination country awaiting the duty to be paid before it can be released for delivery)
  • Wrong address: Often small errors in and address, such as a postcode or the misspelling of a destination can result in packages going missing. Make sure you double-check any address before sending your parcel either with China Post directly or with the merchant from who you are purchasing the product (who is using China Post EMS to send your parcel).
  • Unregistered Post: Unregistered post is not able to be tracked and therefore is more likely to go missing. Sending posts with China Post EMS is recommended over standard China Post sending service, so you receive a China Post EMS tracking number.

China Post EMS Tracking Number

Each China Post EMS package will have a China Post EMS tracking number. This will be a code that will be sent to you after you purchase China Post EMS postal services via email or by the merchant who is using EMS to send your package. A China Post EMS tracking number will be around 12-15 characters long contain both letters and numbers.

If you have purchased an order from a Chinese online marketplace such as Alibaba or BangGood who will be using China Post EMS to send your package (when purchasing you should be able to see which courier the merchant will be using). In this case, the merchant or marketplace will be responsible for sending your China Post EMS tracking number either at the check-out stage, in a confirmation email, or within a few days after the purchase has been made (usually also by email).

If you have purchased delivery from China Post EMS directly, you should be given the tracking number immediately at check-out (if done in person) or by confirmation email after pick-up and/or processing.

Best Access to China Post EMS Tracking

The best way to get global China Post EMS tracking services is with the one-stop-shop for tracking, Ship24. That's because we are not limited to tracking a single courier or postal service, but instead, our tracking system is designed to scan the entire web for tracking information on a parcel. We track thousands of couriers, e-tailers, marketplace orders, and more in every single search, allowing us to pull the latest information relevant to your parcel no matter which courier is handling it or where it is in the world.

Better yet, our service is free to use and you can track up to 10 different China Post EMS tracking numbers at the same time. You don't need to provide us with any personal information or make a Ship24 account, simply enter your China Post EMS tracking number and start end-to-end tracking your package from dispatch to delivery.

If you are a business and want to up your tracking game for over 10 tracking numbers, check out our powerful shipment tracking API and consignment webhook services today and utilize market-leading shipment tracking.

Causes of China Post EMS Tracking Delay

While China Post EMS tracking shipping is generally a faster delivery option than standard national postal delivery services, the delivery times will usually vary because of several reasons:

  • International deliveries/cross-border deliveries involve multiple handlers.
  • Incomplete information was given by the addressee.
  • System failure of the courier.
  • Sudden increase of delivery volumes.
  • etc...

China Post EMS Tracking Improves Parcel's Delivery Time

China Post EMS tracking does not have the ability to improve the delivery time and speed of your parcel. However, having China Post EMS tracking means you can keep up to date on the latest progress of your parcel on its journey, giving you the best idea of when the China Post EMS package will arrive.

Estimated Delivery Times

Common estimates of the delivery times of China Post are:

  • China to USA and Europe in 5 to 15 working days
  • China to Asia in 2 to 5 working days
  • China to the rest of the world in anything from 10 to 30+ days

Please note, the remoteness of the destination in any of the regions mentioned can impact delivery time significantly.

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