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What is the United States Postal Services?

The United States Postal Services (USPS) is a leading American postal service and parcel delivery service which first began serving customers way back in the 1700s after the Post Office Department was created following the Postal Service Act.

Many people outside the United States ask what the USPS - which is also referred to as the US Mail - stands for today. In truth, it is still one of the largest postal service providers despite facing competition from rivals DHL, FedEx, and UPS.

Can USPS parcels be tracked worldwide and by who?

Although the USPS does have shipment tracking services as part of their operations, packages carried by the USPS are not just handled by the company and are more and more often being delivered by other couriers, subcontracted by the company. Therefore, parcels handled by the United States giant could be passed over through different couriers as they make their journey to their final destination.

Any number of handlers deliver packages for the USPS, depending on where the destination of the package is destined for, as well as the size and weight of a parcel in certain circumstances. Consequently, the tracking options available from USPS are sometimes lacklustre for individuals and businesses wanting the best possible tracking options for their shipments via the company.

Ship24 auto-detects couriers handling any USPS packages just from the tracking number you provide. The truth is that parcels - during their journey - go through complicated progress as they can be handled by many different couriers and potentially under evolving tracking numbers.

The Ship24 tracking system, which is universal, is literally made to handle these shipment changes to stay abreast of any changes that should happen with your USPS package. You don't have to select which courier is being used, even if you have specifically used USPS, as Ship24 interprets your tracking code and finds where your parcel is, whoever it is with. Indeed, our core tracking data sources constantly monitor to ensure you get the best possible tracking information.

Can I track my USPS parcel using a tracking API?

Yes. Businesses who want to take their USPS tracking to the next level are choosing Ship24, the powerful, universal multi-courier tracking API with in-built AI machine learning and a dedicated, best-in-class support team.

Ship24 offers a range of tracking API packages to suit your business, with rapid integration within minutes. Ship24's tracking API is a one-stop-shop tracking solution for your business, delivering true end-to-end location and status tracking in as close to real-time as possible. Take advantage of:

  • True end-to-end tracking capability
  • Uninterrupted, 24/7 tracking at your call
  • Access to 957 couriers, with new couriers constantly added to our system
  • Super-fast integration: Enjoy integration within minutes and check out our documentation
  • AI-Enabled data: Tracking number pattern recognition and smart detection included as standard
  • Automatic 'auto-courier' detection: Ship24 instantly detects which couriers to use just from the tracking number.
  • True end-to-end tracking: Track your parcels seamlessly across multiple couriers even if tracking numbers change.
  • Top quality support: Utilize a responsive in-house support team, with enterprise SLA/dedicated account managers options if required
  • 24/7 ongoing data quality monitoring

In this new era of digital evolution, where eCommerce has grown exponentially and on an international scale, tracking APIs have become an integral tool for businesses who need capable tracking API systems for shipping. Whether your business needs a tracking API for business to customer or business to business, the Ship24 tracking API offers global shipment tracking functionality available at a single call. Take your USPS tracking to another level with Ship24's tracking API.

Ship24's tracking API can effectively track your UPS parcel wherever it is sent worldwide, as long as it is registered post. Using Ship24 means utilizing the functionality of a market-leading tracking API.

Logistics is complex, so Ship24 makes it easy. The universal tracking system is equipped with auto-detection, AI machine learning, and 24/7 data quality monitoring to ensure you have all the data available. Ship24 is your one-stop-shop tracking solution, with the idea being we do the hard work, so you don't need to. Check out of range of package offerings USPS parcel tracking API.

Has the USPS changed international services on its parcels?

The USPS has made some changes to the names of international service options recently which should be noted by customers looking to use USPS services. The following changes are listed below for consumer knowledge while making parcel delivery purchasing decisions with the USPS:

  • Airmail - also known as Letter Post - is now called or First-Class Mail International. This type of mail covers small packages weighing up to four pounds, or 1.8 kilograms.
  • Air Parcel Post has been replaced by Priority Mail International (PMI)
  • United States Parcel Service - Supplied mailing boxes for Priority and Express mail are now able to be used for international use.
  • Global Express is now Express Mail International, while Global Express Guaranteed is unchanged.
  • Economy Parcel Post has been discontinued.

Please note: The above could be subject to change. Ship24 can track all mail that is registered, regardless of the courier is. Businesses can also take advantage of direct access to the Ship24 tracking API which also covers multiple couriers and encompasses globally capable tracking services, straight to their system once integrated.

Do USPS parcels use sub-contractors for their international parcels?

When it comes to global tracking of your USPS parcels, buyers should know that parcels may travel with several sub-contracted couriers at certain points, depending on the shipping route, weight and size of the parcel, or a number of others factor. Consequently, getting the latest location of your parcel might not always be possible through USPS tracking. But (and there is always a but) Ship24 specializes in shipment tracking and therefore has the edge on USPS tracking. Head to the Ship24 website to see you yourself and get real-time location and status tracking information instantly.

How do you get free USPS shipping?

If you are purchasing USPS shipping directly from the postal operator, you will need to pay for the service which you require. In this instance, there is no free shipping options available. However, if you are purchasing an item from a marketplace or online store who sends parcels with USPS, the you your USPS parcel shipment cost may be covered by the business or seller. If this is the case, you should be made aware that you are not responsible for paying for USPS shipping at the point of purchase. Many marketplaces and businesses offer free shipping on USPS packages to incentivize the purchase of their product.

Can you track free USPS parcel shipments?

Whether you purchase USPS parcel delivery services directly or if an item you order has free USPS shipping included in the purchase, you can always track your USPS order with Ship24. All USPS orders are registered, meaning that they will be given an official USPS tracking number and you can use this number to track a USPS parcel on the Ship24 website. Many people choose Ship24 when tracking USPS parcels because the postal operator often partners with multiple other private couriers and logistics operators, especially where international delivery is concerned. To give you an example, if you order goods from Europe and are located in America, often the first part of your parcels journey will be handled by a European courier company first (for instance from the warehouse or shop it is being picked up from), before travelling overseas with a logistics company (whether by sea or air), before being received by USPS in the US and delivered by them. The same applies if you are sending goods out of the US (or ordering from the US), but in this case USPS would handle the first part of the journey. With Ship24, you don't need to know who is handling your parcel when, or at what part of the journey it will change hands. Using just the tracking number, Ship24 can recognize and follow the journey of your parcel regardless of how many times it changes hands.

Does Ship24 offer step-by-step USPS package progress?

Similar to many tracking systems, Ship24 notifies you as soon as you enter your tracking number onto the website. If you want USPS step-by-step parcel or package progress, you can get the latest status and location information via the Ship24 web page. A business or individual who wants to find out the latest information on their parcel, instantly, with automatic tracking number detection including for absolutely free, just needs to enter the tracking number they received when they first made the purchase.

It should be considered by any buyer that purchases that Ship24 is only a tracking tool that takes no responsibility for the courier's parcel handling. If a parcel is lost, damaged or any other issues should occur with any parcel handled by a courier, customers are encouraged to contact the courier - in this case, USPS - directly. If an issue with your shipment should occur, please follow find the contact of USPS, where a query can be made directly to the courier. Please find the couriers details below:

  • Landline customer support at 1-800-222-1811
  • By the USPS Mobile App
  • By sending a text with your tracking number (which can be found from your purchase confirmation email or login profile on the marketplace you made a purchase) in a message

To find all relevant information on the "contact us" section of the USPS site for more information should you need it.

The courier, at the end of the day, is responsible for making any updates and adding the most up-to-date events. Once shipment tracking information is made available Ship24 will let you know of the latest possible tracking information. The quickest way to access these tracking events is through the Ship24 universal tracking system.

Are USPS parcel updates the best way to get updates?

While other tracking API systems may vary in response time, Ship24 offers up-to-date tracking information response times in as close to possible as real-time. This is boosted by its tracking superiority, in that Ship24 connects with over 700 couriers and thousands of different shops.

Ship24 makes it easy. When, or if, a parcel changes courier or even tracking numbers, whether being handled by major couriers such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, or otherwise, Ship24 tracks location and status 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Does USPS ever make a mistake while shipping a parcel?

USPS, just like other couriers and handlers, can come across problems when it comes to delivering parcels. There are lots of different reasons as to why parcels might not be delivered on time or cannot even be delivered upon occasion. The issues don't always necessarily come down to the courier either. It can be because of an incomplete address provided by the seller, package damage, or several other reasons.

If you come across an issue with your USPS parcel, you need to check up with the courier directly. The Ship24 tracking has the ability to detect the most recent information when it comes to your parcel status and location. Regardless, any tracking updates are available on the shipping tracking system provided by Ship24.

Which tracking best covers USPS parcels?

Ship24 has the ability to track all registered USPS orders. All updates will ultimately be provided by the USPS delivery service, but you can keep up to date with all of those through the Ship24 tracking web page. It should be taken into consideration, by the way, what status updates from USPS mean. To understand a USPS parcel event update effectively, note the below:

  • Pre-Shipment - USPS has received the notification of the parcel number however they have not received the parcel.
  • Arrival recorded at USPS - The package has arrived and is at a nearby facility / The parcel is close.
  • Customs Clearance - Package has cleared customs.
  • In Transit - Your package is moving within the USPS network. To track the movement in better detail and for the latest updates, always check with Ship24 tracking.
  • Out for Delivery - The USPS parcel aims to be delivered today.
  • Delivered: You have your parcel!

Can you help track my USPS parcel?

While USPS tracking can only track USPS packages, the universal Ship24 tracking system makes parcel tracking a non-issue. Ship24 constantly connects and scans hundreds of couriers and even more online shops, making sure you keep the most up to date with any developments on your USPS package or parcels. it can perform global tracking effectively regardless of the courier.

Businesses that send their packages with USPS competitors, which include UPS, China Post, FedEx, Japan Post, DHL, no longer need to visit those individual websites to track their parcel. Indeed, buyers no longer need to use USPS tracking services at all and are flocking to the one-stop-tracking-shop - Ship24.

How do I send USPS parcels under the EU IOSS import system?

The European Union has rolled out new EU VAT tax rules alongside a new optional import scheme. The VAT changes mean all goods imported to the EU will be subject to VAT, where previously goods valued at 22 EUR and under were exempt.
A new import scheme, called the Import One-Stop Shop scheme (IOSS), has also been introduced. Although the scheme is optional and only applies to goods imported to the bloc that value at 150 EUR or less, businesses registered to IOSS are set to benefit from fast-track shipping, increased transparency on VAT charges, and be able to consolidate EU-wide VAT payments into one single remittance in the country in which they are registered.

American businesses not established in the EU, particularly those who use USPS, will not be able to register for the scheme with an EU tax authority (to which they will make the consolidated monthly VAT payment) directly and must do so via an IOSS intermediary, who is established in one of the 27 EU countries.

Ship24 is authorized to offer full IOSS intermediary solutions and many businesses and marketplaces around the world are choosing us because of our expansive shipping sector expertise. Registering for IOSS with us as your fiscal intermediary will make sure your business benefits from:

  • Best-in-class support for EU IOSS compliance
  • Priority customs processing for the fastest delivery turnaround on imports
  • Full transparency due to prepaid VAT system any removing hidden costs
  • A single VAT payment to a single IOSS intermediary representative for EU-wide sales
  • Double-checking system for VAT declarations as part of our services
  • Competitive pricing

With Ship24, transition to IOSS is easy and quick, with IOSS numbers delivered within as little as 2 days! Start taking advantage of the benefits that IOSS registration provides for your business and customers.

How do I complain about my USPS parcel shipment?

While Ship24 can help with all your shipment tracking needs globally, if you have an issue with your parcel handling or the courier, you must contact USPS directly. Ship24 can offer you the latest status and location updates. But, if your parcel is stuck, delayed, or having another issue, contacting the courier directly is the best solution to resolve your issue.

How do I enter my USPS tracking number into an all-encompassing tracking system?

When searching for a USPS package, many don't know that there are companies out there that can deliver all of the tracking information that they need just from their tracking numbers. Equally, many are unsure whether independent shipment tracking companies cannot only track parcels universally but that they can also track multiple couriers at the same time from the same system.

Luckily, you don't need a degree in shipping and tracking with USPS to know what to look for. Yet in reality, business shipment tracking is easier than ever! Ship24 offers one of the best in universal tracking and will update you with the latest location and status information whenever it is available.

The Ship24 tracking offers a step above so anyone wishing to sit back and relax knowing that all the information on their parcel is available at their fingertips, is guaranteed.

Where do I get optimal USPS universal tracking?

The journey that a parcel goes through, particularly when shipped internationally, is a complicated and long logistical operation. Parcels can be handled by several many carriers under various tracking codes as it passes across international borders.

This is why we made our tracking system with the capability to handle variables that can occur within the shipping industry as after all, this is our area of expertise. We do the hard work locating and relaying the information, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Can tracking through Ship24 make my shipment quicker?

Some buyers often track their packages through USPS, however the best way to track packages is through the Ship24 website because not only does it offer multi-carrier auto-detection on tracking numbers, but the information provided by the universal shipping service is one of the market leaders in the market.

For instance, if an order passes through a series of handlers, it occasionally occurs that the latest tracking info is not available. This is where Ship24 offers superior service, through its connection with multiple carriers for the latest updates, allowing for the most accurate real-time updates.

What is the format of the USPS tracking numbers?

A USPS Tracking Number is a shipment tracking number or unique ID which is assigned to each USPS parcel shipped through the courier. This number will only be used USPS.

Any tracking number of any USPS parcel is unique and will be a 20 - 22 digit long, number with no letters in it - or with two letters ended at the end. Please find some examples of tracking numbers provided by USPS below. Below you can see the examples of tracking numbers

(Please bear in mind: The tracking numbers of USPS Express Mail are 13 characters long, begin with two letters, and end with "US". )

Service Sample Numbers:

USPS Tracking is: 9400 1000 473859400 0000 00
Priority Mail is: 9205 5000 04938495069000 00
Certified Mail read: 9407 3000 00374859489500 00
Collect On Delivery Hold For Pickup: 9303 3000 00047380795310 00
Global Express Guaranteed reads: 82 0005748300
Priority Mail Express International EC 000 4839600 US
Priority Mail Express reads like 9270 1000 00030291869580 00
EA 000 000 000 US
Priority Mail International would be: CP 000 000 000 US
Registered Mail looks like 9208 8000 20194859430000 00
Signature Confirmation is this: 9202 1000 0059438271300 00

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