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Delivery timing

In 1810, mail was delivered 7 days a week but in 1912, the situation changed and post offices and mail delivery was stopped on Sundays this for regular mail only. Nowadays, USPS Mail (with the exception of Express Mail) is not delivered on Sunday. After budget restrictions, Saturday delivery was temporarily suspended in April 1957 but finally restored. In 2013 USPS announced that standard mail delivery service would be done up to 5 days a week, which was reversed by Congress
Most people are asking: does mail come on Saturday? Does the post office deliver on Saturday? Is USPS open on Saturday? Or about the USPS business hours on Saturday. This question depends on two factors, the geographic location of the recipient (zip code, states) and the product chosen by the sender.
So yes USPS does deliver mail on Saturdays. Saturday delivery depends on the mail class. USPS delivers only Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail packages on Saturday for now. The delivery hours and delivery time on Saturdays depend essentially on the location of the warehouse, if the package is “out for delivery” it should be delivered the same day.

What type of product can be delivered to a customer on Sundays?

USPS delivers your package from Amazon with Priority mail express and Priority Mail packages on Sunday. For your Amazon order, USPS will deliver it only in some locations (based on the ZipCode). Please kindly check with the seller the mail product chosen for your order and always ask for a tracking number.

What is the cost of delivery of the package on Sunday?

The cost of a Sunday delivery is not related. Most of the packages ordered even with Express shipping are working on “business day”, which excludes Sundays. However, some marketplaces offer this service like Amazon with USPS priority mail. Check it out when ordering to be sure to have your package delivered at the right time! Does a 2-day delivery, take into account the weekend?

Will it be delivered on Sunday if shipped on Friday?

The delivery time depends on the location of the recipient. For some areas within the US, Priority Mail service can take up to 3 business days, the Priority Mail Express product will offer a faster delivery in a day so if your choose this option when you ordered on Amazon, your package should arrive in the weekend, including Sundays.
Nowadays, USPS mail is delivered daily to the door of all business addresses and private residence (Mailboxes clusters, commercial areas) In significantly less densely populated regions, USPS is starting to optimize the cost of delivery by reducing direct delivery in favor of pickup point or mutualized mailbox.

Tracking USPS package

If you are sending from the USA or receiving a package to an international, the leading historical postal operator USPS is a good option for many small businesses. However, when it comes to international package shipment and tracking, monitoring tracking event updates can also come off as "obscure" to some.
To know where you can track your USPS package, you can use the official USPS website or you can use the Ship24 search bar that will automatically provide you the event tracking information globally so you can monitor events statuses to not miss a delivery or to make sure your customer as received its order, and understand what they mean.

Where can I track my USPS packages?

With USPS, tracking shipments or packages from online orders is simple. You need the tracking number that was given to you when shipping or given by the seller, the marketplace (Amazon, Asos, eBay), or the eShop directly. With this tracking number, you will be able to follow it and know the latest status and the location of your shipment.
There are also the following options to contact the customer service if you have any issue with your package delivery with USPS :

  • By telephone, you can contact customer support at 1-800-222-1811
  • By sending a textual content message with your tracking number and package content in the message
  • By the USPS Mobile App

Find all the information's here https://www.usps.com/help/contact-us.htm You can see automated tracking updates in your history on Ship24.

You are selling online? Inform your recipients and clients that they can track their package with Ship24.com or send them the link!

Which USPS products are providing tracking information?

All USPS products can be tracked some products have tracking information but you can choose to pay an extra to monitor the shipment more in detail.
However, for international parcels and delivery with USPS, now not all of them are providing tracking information as soon as they leave the USA, as each country has specific scanning abilities and agreements. This is the difference between a registered and a non-registered parcel
What USPS tracking statuses are meaning? When you search for tracking information on ship24 or you go on the website of USPS Tracking, here are some tracking statuses you may additionally come across:

  • USPS Pre-Shipment “Pre-Shipment Information sent to USPS, USPS Awaiting Item”: On ship24 it corresponds to "Data received" USPS has obtained the electronic transmission of the parcel number that will be used by the sender. In this case, USPS has now not truly obtained the parcel or the package however is conscious the seller will hand it over to them. Once USPS receives the shipment, the tracking event status will be updated and the expected shipping date will be available.
  • USPS In Transit to Next Facility "Arrival at the unit": The package is at the Post Office and is out for delivery. In most of the case, if the item arrives at the local Post office in the morning earlier than 9:30 am, it will deliver that day, or on the next business day.
  • Arrived at USPS Facility or Departed USPS Facility: The parcel was sorted in the USPS processing facility close to the addressee (based on the state and the ZIP Code)
  • Customs Clearance: Your package has cleared US Customs and will be given to USPS for last-mile delivery Received by U.S. Postal Service from the U.S Customs: The postal courier has received the package from the customs and will be delivered in the coming days
  • In Transit to Next Facility: Your package is moving within the USPS network and is on track to be delivered check out the lastest tracking event on ship24
  • Out for Delivery: Your parcel left the distribution center near the addressee and will be delivered on the same day
  • Delivered: Your parcel has finally reached the final destination, this is the last scan
  • Other Delivery Exceptions: “Delivery attempt - No Access to Delivery Location: The package was attempted but the delivery was not done, the representative could not get into the delivery area (for example, a door code, a gated community where admission is required).

Get the best tracking experience with Ship24 for the tracking of all your USPS parcels!

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