USPS Tracking Number

USPS Tracking Number


How do I track a USPS package using my USPS tracking number?

All registered shipments with USPS will include a USPS tracking number or code which you will receive when purchasing a USPS delivery service or purchasing an item from a merchant or distance seller who will use USPS to deliver your package. Once you have your USPS tracking number, simply enter it into the Ship24 website (you don't need to provide any other information), and begin tracking your package end-to-end with the universal package tracking capability Ship24 provides.

With its inbuilt auto-detection system, it doesn't matter whether your package is handed over to a different logistics company or courier for part of its journey, you will still be able to track your USPS package from start to finish with Ship24.

USPS tracking number package tracking

How do I get a USPS tracking number?

When you purchase any registered USPS service for package delivery, you will receive a USPS tracking number directly upon purchase or via a confirmation email. You will be able to identify this USPS tracking number as it will be around 10-20 characters long and contain a mixture of letters and numbers which are unique to your package.

Alternatively, if you have chosen USPS to deliver your package when purchasing goods from a business, distance seller, or online marketplace, you may receive the USPS tracking number from them instead of directly from USPS, as they will usually dispatch the order to USPS themselves once you have made the purchase.

Please note, if your package is being sent by a seller with USPS, you may need to allow time for the package to be picked up or sent with USPS by the sender before you receive a USPS tracking number. The seller or marketplace should let you know if an item will not be dispatched immediately, however, if you have still not received your USPS tracking number within 48 hours you should contact them directly to obtain your tracking number.

What does my USPS tracking number mean?

Every USPS tracking number will be unique to each package that is sent, with the characters in the tracking number being relevant to a number of different parts of the shipping process, such as details about the contents, whether VAT has been paid on the item, the destination, and so on.

An example of which is below a USPS tracking number for a package dispatched to be delivered in America will look like the following:

  • IZ 123 AA1 05 9371 6931

However, you do not need to know what these numbers mean thanks to Ship24's autodetection system. In fact, you don't need to enter any information relevant to your package or personal information when tracking with Ship24, simply enter your USPS tracking number on the homepage and begin scanning thousands of couriers simultaneously, including the USPS, with just the click of a button.

USPS Tracking Notifications

When you use your USPS tracking number to track your package, you will get 100 per cent of the tracking updates regarding the status and location of your package as it passes between points along its journey.

Some of these USPS tracking number updates could include:

Tracking Notifications Description
Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item The shipping label for the package has been generated and it will soon be transferred to a USPS facility.
Arrived at Post Office The package is present at a nearby office and is prepared for delivery.
Arrived at USPS Regional Facility The package has arrived at either a regional center or distribution hub.
Departed USPS Regional Facility The package has departed from a regional center or distribution hub.
Arrived at USPS Facility The package has arrived at a USPS facility.
Processed Through Facility The package has been processed or recorded at a facility and is prepared for international shipping.
In Transit to Next Facility The package is currently en route to another facility.
Arrived Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item The package has been picked up by a third-party courier and will soon be delivered to USPS for the final delivery.
Departed Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item A third-party courier has collected the package and will soon deliver it to USPS for final delivery.
Out for Delivery The package is presently in transit for delivery.
Out for Delivery, Expected Delivery by The package is scheduled for delivery and is expected to arrive at the designated time.
Delivered, In/At Mailbox Your mailbox contains the USPS mail, postcard, or package that was delivered to you.

Do packages with USPS tracking numbers get delivered faster?

The speed at which your USPS package is delivered will not depend on whether it has a USPS tracking number but instead, on the USPS postage service you opted for or purchased (or which was purchased by the company or marketplace you ordered the product from).

The cost of that service will depend on the following:

  • Size of the package: The size of a USPS size could mean it is shipped using different transportation methods, with larger and/or bulk shipments being sent by sea, which takes a lot longer than by air.
  • Weight of the package: The weight of your USPS package could also mean a variety of different shipping methods.
  • USPS service: Depending on the price you are willing to pay, there is a number of different USPS shipping services available which offer a variety of delivery turnarounds for customers.
  • Holidays: Holidays usually mean a larger amount of goods being bought and or sent which could affect the delivery time.
  • Natural disasters: Of course, sometimes unforeseen circumstances could affect the delivery of your package, which cannot be accounted for by couriers or merchants.
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