USPS Shipping

USPS Shipping

What is United States Postal Services or USPS shipping?

The USPS (United States Postal Services) is the national American post service and one of the biggest parcel delivery operators in the USA. As well as domestic delivery, USPS offers international delivery options to lots of countries worldwide. While domestic delivery is generally referred to as posting with USPS, international postage is usually referred to as USPS shipping or shipping with USPS. This is because one of the most common forms of USPS delivery to international destinations is by ship. While USPS delivery uses other modes of transport as well, such as air and land, the catch-all term which has been coined in the industry for the movement of goods by the courier is USPS shipping.

USPS shipping is a complex operation that often involves multiple logistics companies and couriers to complete, especially when USPS packages are destined for overseas travel. This has left many wondering how to get effective USPS shipping tracking in order to keep up to date on the progress of their USPS shipment. USPS shipping, much like the other major couriers (and its competitors such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, Royal Mail, and so on), offer tracking. However, many are turning to universal tracking platforms - like Ship24 - which offers USPS shipping tracking worldwide.

This is because as mentioned above, USPS shipping methods can involve a number of third-party actors which may mean that it becomes difficult to track a USPS parcel at certain points within its journey. This isn't true with Ship24, because the platform works much differently from USPS shipping tracking. While USPS can only track USPS parcels, Ship24 actively tracks 1,000s of different couriers, e-tailers, marketplace orders, and more to bring the latest information for all our users on their individual parcels. This means you can get complete, universal USPS shipping tracking on any order all in one place.

How do I get universal USPS shipping tracking?

With Ship24 you don't need to worry where your parcel is being dispatched from or delivered to in the world, as it is a universal tracking tool, which means it has the ability to track USPS shipping worldwide.

You don't have to give us any information about your package either, including which courier it is being handled by or where it is going, and we don't even ask you to sign up to our website. All we need is the USPS shipping tracking number which you will receive by a confirmation email once you have completed order from a marketplace or merchant which is sending your package or when you purchase USPS postal services directly. This is because Ship24 has a built-in auto-detection functionality which allows us to read your package details and scan the internet for any information about the status and location of your parcel. It will then deliver any relevant information to you instantly; with the info, you receive is the closest to real-time as possible. Join the thousands of businesses and individuals who have switched their USPS shipping tracking to Ship24 to ensure they get the highest quality service all in one place.

What are the different types of USPS shipping?

There are multiple different kinds of shipping offered by USPS, each of which will be priced differently depending on the size, weight, dispatch, and destination of a parcel. Each individual service will also offer varying delivery timeframes, with the more expensive services offering the fastest delivery times.

  • First-Class mail (Originally known as Airmail) This type of post covers packages weighing up to four pounds, or 1.8 kilograms.
  • Priority Mail International (PMI): this is a priority but may not arrive as quickly as the first USPS shipping option
  • USPS standard parcel service: International and domestic standard parcel services delivered by USPS.
  • Express Mail International
  • Global Express Guaranteed is unchanged.

Please note, depending on the specifications of your USPS parcel, all of the services listed below may not be available. For bulk orders or large USPS shipping, you should contact USPS directly.

What should I do If I have a problem with my USPS shipping?

If you have an issue with your USPS shipping, you are advised to contact USPS directly. While Ship24 can offer you the latest USPS shipping tracking information, including the status and current location of your parcel, any issues with delivery will need to be taken up with the handler directly. It is advised that you search for the latest USPS tracking information using the Ship24 website so that you are in the know about the information that may be needed when speaking to customer services.

This information may also help you understand what the issue is with your parcel. For instance, if it is being held at customs because of an outstanding tax payment or prohibited goods, you will be notified after searching for USPS shipping information on the Ship24 website, which could help your query to be solved quicker by the USPS team. Please find USPS shipping customer services contacts below.

  • Landline USPS shipping support: 1-800-222-1811
  • By using USPS shipping Mobile App (please download to your handheld device)
  • By sending a text with your tracking number (which can be found from your purchase confirmation email or login on the marketplace where you made the purchase).

For more information, check the "contact us" section of the USPS site.

What are USPS shipping notifications?

When you are tracking with Ship24, you will receive USPS shipping notifications on your parcel which will alert you to new events which are happening with your parcel. These will generally accompany the location of where you parcel is or last was (if it is in transit there may not be information about its exact location). Some of these are listed below. If you have any questions about your USPS shipping notifications, you should contact the courier directly as they will be supplied by their systems and relayed by Ship24. We do not create the notification status types.

  • Pre-Shipment: USPS has received a notification of your parcel however they have not received the parcel yet.
  • Arrival recorded at USPS: The package has been accepted by USPS and will not either be dispatched immediately or processed and then dispatched.
  • At customs: Package has arrived at customs.
  • In transit: Your package is being moved from one location to another as part of its journey.
  • Out for delivery: The USPS parcel aims to be delivered to its final destination on the day this notification is shown.
  • Delivered: You or the recipient has collected the parcel at the delivery address.
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