UPS tracking

UPS tracking


United Parcel Services (UPS) is one of the world's biggest global shipping and logistics companies. UPS offers global shipment solutions for buyers and sellers across the globe and even boasts same-day delivery options in certain regions.

Get real-time events of your UPS tracking with Ship24 by heading over to the homepage, entering your UPS tracking numbers and hitting "Enter". Your results should show up in a bit. You can enter up to 10 UPS tracking numbers at the same time and get results almost instantly.

UPS package tracking

UPS Package Tracking

When you choose to ship with UPS, you will receive a unique tracking number concerning your package. Whether you brought shipping services with them directly or you purchased an item and the seller will be sending your item with UPS, you should always receive a UPS tracking number. If you did not receive it via an email or from the sender, make sure to follow up to make sure you receive your tracking code, to track your UPS package globally.

Tracking numbers for UPS packages posted within the United States tend to be in the format of an eighteen-digit collection of letters and numbers. Sometimes, UPS tracking numbers start with 1Z and end in numerical digits.

UPS Tracking Number Example

An example of this is below:

  • 1Z 999 AA1 01 9371 6784

Ship24's inbuilt auto-detection system, which recognizes couriers from any tracking number entered into the website worldwide, is why so many people are beginning to use Ship24 instead of tracking through UPS or other couriers directly.

In an increasingly globalized world, universal multi-courier tracking systems are becoming essential and Ship24 is leading the way with its AI-powered, true end-to-end tracking services. This means that it's capable of tracking couriers like FedEx, China Post, India Post and much more!

UPS International Package Tracking

Tracking a UPS international package can be done in numerous ways. A third-party tracking website, such as Ship24, or the main UPS website are two options.

By entering the UPS tracking number on the website, you can begin tracking your international package. A list of UPS tracking details will be displayed to reveal the most recent status of your delivery after a few seconds.

So this means that whether you are staying in India, the UK, the USA, or anywhere around the world, you can guarantee that Ship24 can track your parcels even if it is being shipped by DTDC, Royal Mail, USPS, DHL, or any other global couriers.

UPS Ground Tracking

You can get your UPS Ground tracking by finding your UPS tracking number which can be found below the receipt. With this UPS Ground tracking number, you can go to the official website of UPS or use a third-party tracking site to get the latest tracking information anywhere you are 24/7.

Simply copy or type up to 10 UPS Ground tracking numbers on the chosen tracking site and get all the shipment information you need regarding your delivery. Entering your tracking number will give you all the latest tracking updates that you need for your UPS mail, package, and shipment delivery.

Can I use UPS tracking numbers on other websites?

While UPS is renowned for its multinational package delivery and logistics, it does not specialize in package tracking. The truth is that although many of the leading postal services and package delivery couriers are logistics experts, when it comes to capable shipment tracking, many are using third-party companies to fulfil their global tracking needs, because of the numerous benefits.

You don't need to specify which courier your package is with, name the package destination, or fill out any long or time-consuming information on the website. Any tracking number from any courier can be entered and Ship24's auto-detect system will recognize the courier instantly, scan the corresponding website and provide you with the latest information on your package.

Where can I find the UPS tracking number?

When sending or receiving a package, a UPS tracking number will be issued to you. The UPS tracking number can be found in the following places:

  1. At the bottom of the receipt.
  2. On the package's shipping label.
  3. On the email address or phone number that has been provided.

UPS Tracking Number on Receipt

The UPS tracking number can be found on the receipt given to you at the time of shipment. It is typically located near the bottom right of the receipt and labelled as "Tracking Number" or "Shipment Number." This number can be used to track the status of your package on the UPS website or by contacting UPS customer service.

Additionally, you can also check the email confirmation which you received from UPS after placing the order, this email also contains the tracking number.

Use this UPS tracking number to track your mail or packages on Ship24 for a fast and convenient way of tracking.

What does the tracking update mean for my UPS parcel?

While the universal Ship24 package tracking API will give you updates instantly on any change in a package's status, if you believe your UPS package is delayed, then contacting UPS directly will be necessary.

Head to the UPS website to find out how to contact them. Contacting by telephone is advised, however, charges may be incurred by the calling depending on whether you are calling from the United States or another destination.

Those who are not located within the United States are best advised to contact their customer services via the website, to resolve their query.

UPS Tracking Notifications Meaning

Ship24 will give you the same tracking details you would receive if you were to track through the UPS system, meaning you won't miss out on any information by using our universal tracking system. Instead, the benefit of using the global tracking system with Ship24, is that should your parcel be subcontracted or passed on to be distributed by a local courier.

If you are tracking your UPS package through the global Ship24 tracking tool, you may get tracking details such as the following, or similar. A short description will follow to help buyers and sellers further understand these standard tracking details or statuses.

UPS Tracking Status Description
Shipper created a label, UPS has not received the package yet. A shipping label is created but the package is not with UPS yet.
Package Received for Processing The package is being processed.
Package Processed The package has been processed.
Order Information Received The shipper has applied for a tracking number provided by a third-party courier/marketplace.
Arrived at Post Office The package has reached a local office.
Shipment tendered to UPS Mail Innovations The package has been dropped off at a local post office.
Departed from UPS Facility The package has left a local facility/warehouse.
Arrived at Facility The package has reached the facility/warehouse.
Processing at UPS Facility The package is being processed at a UPS facility.
Out For Delivery The package will be delivered to you today.
The receiver has moved. We're attempting to obtain a new delivery address for this receiver. The recipient has changed their address. UPS is trying to get the new address of the recipient.
Delivered The package has been received by the recipient.

These are just some tracking details that you receive when you use Ship24's tracking system. If you receive any of the following but you believe there has been a mistake communicated, all queries should be directed to UPS as Ship24 does not have any control over parcel handling. UPS can be contacted online or by telephone.

How can I track the delivery speed of my UPS package?

The speed at which your UPS parcel is subjected to several factors. However, you can track the speed at which your parcel is progressing from location to location or origin to destination through the global Ship24 universal tracking system.

UPS Delivery Time

  • Size of your UPS parcel: Your parcel could be shipped using various transportation methods, which may depend on its size.
  • Weight of your UPS parcel: Just as with the size of your parcel, the weight can also affect the transportation method used.
  • UPS Shipping method used: As well as size and weight, the transportation method used for your UPS package may also cause delivery delays.
  • Holidays or events: Christmas, Ramadam, or Black Friday (the sales event) are some types of annual occurrences that can delay deliveries in some regions.
  • Unforeseen circumstances: Crashes, blockages, customs delays, and a whole range of other unforeseen circumstances can also delay time arrivals.

UPS tracking number not showing details

In some rare cases, a delay or an issue with UPS tracking can occur. A delay in tracking details with the UPS tracking number may sometimes be because UPS has not received the package yet or UPS has not yet scanned the package. Give it a few hours or a 24-hour timeframe before trying to track again.

Also double-check the UPS tracking number for any missing letters or numbers. This could be a case of why there are no UPS tracking details being shown.

If there are still issues after a few days, there might be some complications with the delivery. If this is the case, it is best to consult with the UPS customer care team so that they can assist you with your package.

How can I track my UPS package if I lost the receipt?

There are many ways you can track your UPS package without your receipt. One way is to track your parcel using a UPS tracking number. If you have lost your receipt and you don't know your tracking number, you can check out the email address that you have provided and look for UPS' email.

The email should give you information such as your tracking number, the recipient's address, and other pertinent information.

If you are the recipient, you can contact the sender and ask for the UPS tracking numbers.

How do I make sure my IOSS UPS parcel is sent to the EU correctly?

In July 2021, the EU enacted new VAT rules and a new Import One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) system, which has affected how businesses send eCommerce goods valued at 150 EUR or less to their member states. Therefore, businesses that sell goods to the EU, specifically those that use UPS to do so, should make sure they are fully IOSS registered in or to benefit from the advantages of using the scheme when posting and selling items to buyers in the EU.

Ship24 IOSS UPS Parcel

To register for the IOSS, look no further than with the shipping sector experts, Ship24. Our international team of experts can get you IOSS registered within as little as 2 days, making sure you get:

  • Full VAT transparency with total fees displayed and paid at checkout
  • Elimination of handling/customs processing fees that could be previously incurred at border points
  • Fast-track delivery with minimum customs delays
  • EU-wide, single VAT payments

There are also several benefits for customers purchasing products under the IOSS. By paying VAT upfront, it removes the chance of hidden fees being charged on imports, such as customs processing or handling fees. This improves the customer buying experience, boosting confidence in overseas sellers which in turn should encourage sales.

Is it possible to get free UPS parcel shipping?

When using UPS shipping directly, you will need to pay for the service which you want, such as the express or standard UPS shipment options. However, if you purchase from a store or online marketplace, often sellers will offer to pay for UPS shipping for you. This is done for many reasons, but mainly to purchase the product more attractive as free shipping is included. Offering UPS shipping means that customers trust that their product will be delivered due to the confidence and reliability that UPS provides customers.

Equally, sellers are also reassured that their products will arrive on time and in good condition when sending parcels with UPS. It also benefits both parties as you can track a UPS parcel using the UPS parcel tracking number from dispatch to delivery. This is because tracking UPS parcels is always an option, due to the fact that UPS packages are each assigned a unique UPS tracking number before being sent.

Both buyers and sellers may want to be aware that many people use Ship24 to track UPS parcels. This is not because UPS does not have its own in-house tracking system, but that often the courier works with other delivery partners, for instance where it does not have its own fleet to deliver (such as in other countries when concerning international deliveries).

This has meant that some people worry about having to switch how they track a UPS parcel partway through the journey of their package.

Which is the best global tracking system to track my UPS parcel?

Ship24's global tracking system tracks and traces thousands of online shops and couriers to locate your parcel and give you real-time status updates for free. There is no need to enter anything more than your tracking number, then let Ship24 do the rest! It is as simple as that.

At Ship24, we understand that as the international courier and logistics sector continues to become more and more competitive, buyers and sellers often find they are switching couriers more and more frequently to find the fastest, safest, and most efficient service.

Indeed, many are also forced to choose between the only available couriers in the country they are purchasing their order in, meaning that they may have to put their trust in handlers and postal services they have never used before. This can be confusing for customers when it comes to tracking, as they don't know where to track their packages. This is where Ship24 comes in.

Ship24 is an all-encompassing, universal tracking system that is connected to over 1,200 couriers worldwide. Using just your tracking number, it scans couriers across the globe to find the latest details about your package. Its universal capability means it is a one-stop shop for parcel tracking, whether for UPS parcels or any other courier or postal service.

Will a tracking API enhance my tracking capability for UPS parcels?

When businesses are looking to improve their UPS tracking capability, many are opting to go with Ship24's powerful shipment tracking API. This is because it offers universal tracking functionality, with in-built AI machine learning and courier auto-detection.

This enhances businesses' tracking capability because whether their parcel is being handled by UPS or any one of the other more than 1,200 couriers covered by Ship24, they will get 100 per cent of any location and status updates in as near real-time as possible.

Ship24's universal tracking API offers businesses peace of mind, due to its powerful, multi-courier tracking capability and courier auto-detection system.

Our system delivers true end-to-end tracking functionality with 24/7 tracking information available whenever you call. Currently, this includes coverage of some 957 logistics companies, with new couriers added constantly. As part of the package, you will get courier auto-detection and our system integrates within minutes to offer the most seamless process possible to get your tracking up to speed.

Also, our AI-powered service includes instant tracking number pattern recognition and parcel status detection, meaning you get one hundred per cent of the tracking information. Finally, our expert in-house support team is here to help you get the right service, with enterprise SLA/dedicated account managers for more specific needs.

The fact that Ship24 has been built with AI learning at its core, is a testament to the fact that our system is designed to be continuously developed to ensure we continue to meet the needs of businesses with us both now and in the future.

Our system is designed with 24-hour data quality monitoring and we are constantly adding new couriers and online shops to ensure we are always offering you the best service possible.

Let us help make your tracking API solutions a reality, with the comprehensive tracking API from Ship24.

Should I send my parcel via UPS?

UPS is a market leader in multinational parcel delivery and logistics, but in the ultra-competitive industry, it's a tough decision for buyers and sellers to make when it comes to who to ship their parcels with. This is especially difficult in America when you have major competition from other big players such as FedEx and USPS.

Although choosing between couriers might be a difficult decision, the good news is that tracking your parcel isn't! By using the universal Ship24 tracking tool, you can keep track of up to 10 parcels at a time, no matter who their parcel is sent with. Tracking capability has become a standard requirement for buyers and sellers in the modern age, with people wanting to access details of their UPS shipments at any point they choose and from whichever country they are in.

Ship24 makes that part easy, so all you need to decide is who you want to send your parcel with, knowing Ship24 already has your end-to-end tracking covered, on a site that you are familiar with.

UPS Delivery on Saturday and Sunday

UPS does deliver on Saturdays for residential and commercial packages and on Sundays, they only do deliveries for residential packages. Packages that are generally delivered by 8 pm. Use Ship24's universal tracking system to track where your packages are so that you can be with them every step of the way.

How do I track my Amazon order if it is handled by UPS?

Amazon uses several different handlers to deliver products, one of which is UPS. In fact, Amazon Prime (which is a fast-track delivery option offering next-day delivery on featured products on the marketplace) almost solely uses UPS for its premium delivery service. The only time it doesn't use UPS is when there is an unusually high volume of deliveries and other couriers are used temporarily.

Should this be the case, you may not be able to track your parcel with UPS, even if you are using the Amazon tracking number given to you for your Amazon Prime order.

You can, however, whether your package is being handled by UPS or one over 1,200 other couriers stored connected to Ship24, use your Amazon tracking number in the universal system tracking website to follow your parcel's progress.

Ship24's global tracking system works no matter how high the volume of orders is or what time of year it is, we provide 365 days a year of proactive package tracking whenever you need it, at the touch of a button.

Does Ship24 offer better global tracking than UPS?

Ship24 is a free-to-use, universal and market-leading shipment tracking system with multi-courier auto-detection. We have helped over 300 million people track their parcels so far and our website continues to be used by millions per month due to our system's powerful end-to-end tracking capability.

Our powerful, universal tracking system works with over 1,200 couriers and thousands of online shops to recognize, locate and bring you all the relevant information you need on your parcel, instantly. We pride ourselves on reliable, real-time location and status event updates as they happen, which is just one of the reasons why individuals and businesses alike keep coming back to Ship24.

Whether to track a single parcel or to set up an integrated universal tracking API or webhook for your business, Ship24 can provide the best universal tracking solutions to meet your needs.

End your tracking woes by making Ship24 your one-stop shop for all your tracking needs.

UPS Tracking Phone Number

For queries regarding UPS tracking, UPS has dedicated customer service that is ready to assist you.

You can also contact them through the following hotlines:

  • 1-888-742-5877 (within the US)
  • 1-800-782-7892 (outside the US)

You can also contact the UPS customer care centre by simply creating an account or by logging into one if you already have one. You can also choose to continue as a guest.

About United Parcel Service (UPS)

The United Parcel Service (UPS) was originally founded in 1907 in Washington by two entrepreneurs with a reported investment of $100. Originally, deliveries were made on foot or bicycles and only covered central Seattle and the surrounding areas. In 2019, the company posted a net profit of over $4 million and employed just under half a million people both in the United States and around the world.

UPS is a global leader in package handling and logistics, with delivery service options available worldwide. In line with its other major competitors, such as FedEx and DHL, the company shortened its name, and now UPS is an all-encompassing brand that includes various subdivisions and delivery service operating arms.

UPS Subsidiary Companies

Below are some of the sub-companies within the UPS brand:

  • UPS Airlines: the company's cargo airline.
  • UPS Freight: A freight-based trucking operation that supports its logistical reach.
  • UPS Flight Forward: The newest addition to the UPS brand, the UPS Flight Forward is a delivery drone airline that many think could represent the future of the delivery industry.

However, the core of UPS's business is still global packaging and parcel delivery, through its US (domestic) and international services, as well as its supply chain and freight operations. UPS is internationally known and recognized as not only an international brand but also a reputable and longstanding industry stalwart that has high customer loyalty, especially in the United States.

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