UPS track package

UPS track package

How do I get UPS track package capability?

UPS is a major international courier which is based in the United States and has been operational for over 100 years. It employs some half a million people, mostly in the US, and is trusted by millions of individuals and businesses every year to deliver parcels worldwide. The ability to get UPS track package capability is nothing new, however, more recently there has been a number of changes in the shipping world that have left customers wondering what the best way to track a UPS package is. These two changes are listed below:

  • International shipping expansion: The growth in demand for international shipping meant that couriers and logistics companies have had to work together in order to offer their customers global delivery options. This means that multiple actors are involved in the delivery of a parcel even though the package is officially the responsibility of the person with who the delivery service is purchased (in this case, UPS). UPS will likely handle all domestic postage which is traveling within the United States, however, if someone is posting a parcel internationally, a third-party logistics company will usually be involved in the transportation of the parcel to its destination country and a local courier will be in charge of last-mile delivery in that country (where UPS may not have the capacity to deliver). Therefore, ensuring you have UPS track package capability when multiple carriers are involved in the process will require customers to track using a multicarrier tracking platform, such as Ship24. Ship24 doesn't just deliver tracking information on UPS parcels, in fact, it delivers tracking on over 1,000 couriers, logistics companies, e-tailers, and more, meaning you have the best chance of getting up to date with your UPS tracking information with Ship24. Ship24 tracks all major couriers, including DHL, GEODIS, USPS, China Post, TNT, and more.
  • Tracking specialists being chosen over direct tracking: As the need for a specialist, multicarrier tracking sites has grown, many have made the decision to use a single tracking site for all their tracking needs. That's why millions now head straight to Ship24 for their tracking needs. By using Ship24, you are saying goodbye to needing to switch where you are doing your tracking or chasing down the individual order you wish to track, as Ship24 does all the hard work for you. All you need to do is enter your UPS track package number and our powerful tracking system will do the rest, by reading and recognizing who your parcel is traveling with from the tracking number and pulling the latest relevant data from the relevant source, and delivering it to you, all within a couple of seconds! It's even easier if you take out one of our tracking API business plans, as our system can integrate with yours within minutes and be always readily available to deliver 100 percent of package events as they happen.

For individuals wishing to track a few packages, the service is free. If you are a business that wants to optimize your tracking functionality with the experts, check out our tracking API pricing plan and webhook functionality, which can be flexible to your needs, with multiple per-shipment or per-call plans available. If you want to try us out, feel free to try tracking a parcel on the homepage or take out a free plan and get 100 calls on us!

Can I get UPS track package information on a Sunday?

Although you can get tracking information 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with Ship24, UPS does not currently deliver on Sundays in most areas, and therefore you will be unlikely to get UPS track package notifications on a Sunday. You may, however, get notifications to say that your parcel is in transit and being transferred from one place to another, but not usually for delivery to the destination address. If your parcel is being sent overseas (outside of the US), then the local courier who is in charge of the last leg of the delivery process may offer Sunday delivery, however, this will depend on the courier in question.

To check on the progress of your parcel at any time and/or find out if you think it may be delivered on a certain day, check on the Ship24 website to get the latest UPS package tracking information.

What UPS track package information will Ship24 give me?

Ship24 provides the exact same delivery notifications and updates that you would receive if you were to track through the UPS system, so you'll never miss any tracking information by using our universal tracking system. In fact, Ship24 delivers 100 percent of all package tracking information across multiple couriers, meaning it is the best place to track your parcels, whether sent with UPS or otherwise. Using Ship24's global tracking system means that if your package is subcontracted to another logistics company or courier, our universal multi-courier tracking functionality means you will still be able to get all the UPS track package data, ensuring true end-to-end tracking capability.

  • To give users an idea of some of the UPS track package delivery notifications (also called event notifications), please find some of the most common ones listed below.
  • Order accepted: The UPS shipping order has been received and is awaiting pick up/dispatch
  • Pick up complete: The parcel has been received and will be processed before dispatch
  • Dispatched: The parcel has been scanned, approved, and dispatched
  • Arrived at UPS depot: The package has arrived at the nearest depot to the destination
  • Out for the Delivery: The UPS package is out for delivery (if you have opted for the UPS parcel to be signed for, please make sure the recipient is in to accept the package.
  • Returned: (not delivered, damaged, customs process, etc)

Please note, notifications may vary and if you have any questions about the specific meaning of notification or you need help you are encouraged to contact UPS directly.

How can I speed up my UPS track package delivery?

The speed at which your parcel takes to be delivered will depend on the following factors:

  • Size: Your parcel could be shipped using various transportation methods, which may depend on its size.
  • Weight: The weight can also affect the transportation method used or processing times.
  • Shipping method: As well as size and weight, the transportation method used for your UPS package may mean that it takes longer to be delivered. Deliveries made by sea usually take the longest to arrive but are some of the cheapest options.
  • Holidays or events: Festive seasons such as around Christmas and Chinese New Year, or during sales events such as Black Friday are some types of annual occurrences that can delay deliveries in some countries.
  • Unforeseen circumstances: Crashes, shipping lane blockages, customs processing delays, and a whole range of other unforeseen circumstances can also delay time arrivals.
  • To get the best idea of estimated delivery times as your parcel progresses, check on the Ship24 website.
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