UPS shipping

UPS shipping

Is UPS shipping reliable?

UPS is a major international courier which is involved in the shipping and delivery of millions of parcels every year. It has built up a solid reputation, particularly in the United States where the business began and is still headquartered, over the more than 100 years that it has been operational. It is generally well respected and used by millions of individuals and businesses every year to facilitate the delivery of their parcels. UPS also offers a money-back guarantee on deliveries that fail to arrive on time or do not arrive at all, with refund amounts varying depending on the value of the contents of your parcel.

What's the best way to track UPS shipping?

Despite UPS being one of the market leaders in international logistics and package delivery, choosing which courier to send a parcel with is a big decision. This is because consumers want speed, merchants want reliability, and everyone wants dependable tracking. Although Ship24 can't make the decision for you as far as who you send your parcel with, you can always be reassured that you can get quality and universal end-to-end tracking. Whether you are using UPS shipping, or any of the other major couriers - such as FedEx, DPD, TNT, GEODIS, China Post, USPS, or otherwise - Ship24 can track over 1,000 different logistics and package delivery carriers all from just one website.

You no longer need to switch between the various logistics handlers when trying to track your parcel. With Ship24, you simply need to edit your tracking number into the homepage to start finding tracking information with the thousands of handlers we cover. We don't need you to register for our business or enter lots of information concerning yourself or your parcel to begin UPS shipping tracking, just enter your UPS shipping tracking number and get results within seconds!

Not only are individuals using Ship24 for their everyday tracking needs, but we also provide professional, business-level tracking for international companies who integrate with our system to get the latest UPS shipping information directly, whenever they need it. For more information about our per-call and per shipment tracking API and webhook services, check out our dedicated pages or find our pricing under the solutions tab at the top of any Ship24 webpage.

What do I do if the UPS shipping tracking is wrong?

Although we would advise that you check for the latest UPS shipping tracking information via the Ship24 website to get the latest information regarding your parcel, if you believe the shipping information is incorrect (for instance, if it states that the delivery is heading to a different address than it is meant too) then you must contact UPS directly.

There can be a number of reasons why mistakes like this occur. For instance, sometimes couriers recycle old UPS shipping tracking numbers and before the system is properly updated, it shows an old parcel.

How do I track an Amazon order which is being shipped by UPS?

Amazon uses several different handlers to deliver products, one of which is UPS. Amazon Prime, the companies premium next-day delivery service, almost only uses UPS for its express deliveries, especially in the United States. This is because UPS is a trusted partner of Amazon. If you order something from Amazon and are aware it is being shipped by UPS, then you can head to the UPS website and track your item directly. However, you will be required to log in and enter some information in order to locate the specific order which you are trying to track. This is not the case with Ship24.

By using Ship24 to track your UPS shipping, you just have to enter your UPS shipping number onto the search bar to get instant results on the location and status of your Amazon order. We don't require you to sign up and/or log in, and our inbuilt autorecognition system means you don't need to tell us which courier you are trying to track. Simply enter your UPS shipping number, or the tracking number for any package you are trying to track and click go!

Which is the best universal UPS shipping tracking platform?

As the international logistics sector continues to grow, buyers and sellers are finding that they are having to switch couriers constantly to find the fastest, safest, and most efficient service. This means that they are also having to switch how and where they are conducting their tracking, leading to complications and a lack of information available to the customer. Ship24 was launched to resolve these issues, offering a one-stop shop for all your tracking needs which covers all the couriers you could need, including UPS shipping.

Ship24 is an all-encompassing, universal tracking system that is connected to more than 1,000 couriers worldwide. However, it's super simple to use and only requires your UPS shipping number in order to begin tracking your UPS shipment. Whether you are tracking a UPS order or an order with any of the other major couriers, let us do the hard work and try out Ship24's powerful tracking platform today!

What UPS shipping delivery notifications will I receive?

When searching for UPS shipping tracking information you will get various notifications that will describe the latest events which have happened with your parcel. For your convenience, some of these are explained below:

  • Arrived for dispatch/delivery: When a shipment that contains multiple packages arrives at a warehouse and can start to be unloaded.
  • Arrived for collection: The package has arrived at a pickup point. This can happen if a package delivery was attempted but the recipient wasn't available (some services will try to contact the customer and deliver again)
  • Package being processed: The parcel has been collected and notified as received and will now be processed before being dispatched.
  • Delivered: Package has been delivered
  • Delivery changed: Detail has been changed (usually the date of delivery or address)
  • Deviation: Something wrong has happened and there may be a delay.
  • International arrival: Package has been sent from origin country or arrived at the destination country.
  • In transit: Package is on the move
  • Returned: The package has been returned to sender.
  • Terminal: The package is now registered/arrived at the inbound/outbound storage terminal
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