UPS tracking number

UPS tracking number

What is a UPS tracking number?

Although the United Parcel Service (UPS) was founded way back in 1907 in Washington, it wasn't until the 1980s until the ability to track packages began. Even then, logging the transit of UPS parcels was mainly introduced so the company could keep track of the flow of packages under its control. However, UPS - along with many other parcel delivery companies and couriers - quickly realized that customers would also like to be able to track their parcels too. Therefore, UPS introduced UPS tracking numbers, a unique code that is assigned to a parcel that allows customers to track the progress of their delivery.

Today, the company is one of the largest couriers in the world, employing some half a million people around the world, but mainly where it is based in the United States. It also handles millions of parcels every year, all with unique tracking numbers which allow but UPS and their customers to track parcels worldwide. UPS's main competitors include major international couriers FedEx, USPS, China Post, DHL, and DPD.

How can I get a UPS tracking number?

Every registered parcel that is sent with UPS will be assigned a UPS tracking number. You will receive your UPS tracking number either directly from the company (if you have purchased UPS delivery services directly, either by pickup or drop off at a UPS store or online). Your UPS tracking number will either be on the receipt which you receive when purchasing your delivery service or via the contact information you provided, such as by phone or email.

If you have ordered something from a merchant or marketplace which uses UPS to deliver your parcel, you will usually receive your UPS tracking number through them. It will either be on the checkout section when you have made a purchase or in your 'orders' section on the relevant website. It could also be included in your confirmation email which you will usually receive after making the purchase. Alternatively, if the merchant is handling the postage, they may purchase UPS delivery services directly and therefore it will be their responsibility to forward the tracking number to you. If you have made the purchase from a merchant, make sure to confirm how you will be receiving your UPS tracking number first so you can begin tracking straight away.

To help you identify your UPS tracking number on the receipt, confirmation email, or any of the platforms mention, please find a typical example of a UPS tracking number below:

  • IZ 999 AA5 01 5837 1950

UPS tracking numbers typically consist of an eighteen-digit collection of letters and numbers. UPS tracking codes can sometimes start with IZ and end in numerical digits (with letters occasionally added), like the example shown above.

Please note, each UPS tracking number will be unique in order to identify the UPS parcel, where it is going, whether there is outstanding VAT owed on the parcel, the type of UPS delivery service it is being delivered in accordance with (such as standard or express) and other important information which will be crucial to making sure it is delivered on time.

Where do I use my UPS tracking number?

Once you have your UPS tracking number, whether directly or via the merchant, you can head to the Ship24 website and begin tracking your parcel anywhere in the world. You don't need to tell us anything about the contents of your parcel or give us any personal details. You don't even need to tell us which courier you are tracking! Simply enter the UPS tracking number into the home page and Ship24's comprehensive multicarrier tracking system will get to work finding the latest information on your parcel. Millions of individuals and businesses are now choosing to track packages on Ship24 because of how easy simple it is to use and how many couriers, logistics companies, package handlers, and more are covered (more than 1,000 and counting! ). No longer do you need to change the place where you track a parcel depending on the courier or couriers which are handling your delivery. Get all your UPS tracking needs in one place, with the tracking experts, Ship24.

Alongside a responsive IT support team and 7 days a week, 365 days a year tracking capability, Ship24 is the one-stop-shop for all your tracking needs.

Which UPS services can be tracked with a UPS tracking number?

UPS provides a range of domestic and international logistics and parcel delivery services. UPS also offers other services outside of deliveries through its various subdivisions and operating arms. Some of the sub-companies within UPS are listed below:

  • UPS Airlines: the company's cargo airline,
  • UPS Freight: A freight-based trucking operation that supports its logistical reach
  • UPS Flight Forwarding: The UPS Flight Forward is a delivery drone project which aims to see last-mile deliveries done by unmanned drones.

Regardless, the core of the UPS business is still package delivery. UPS is still known and recognized predominantly as a reputable and longstanding shipping industry leader who has high customer loyalty, particularly in the United States.

Can I use a UPS tracking number on another website?

Although UPS is known for international parcel delivery and last-mile logistics, its ability to track parcels is not always guaranteed. This is because, in order to deliver parcels worldwide, UPS uses independent and third-party logistics companies for transportation and last leg delivery. Therefore, UPS does not always offer tracking when a parcel is handed over, unlike Ship24. Thanks to the fact Ship24 offers to track with more than 1,000 different couriers, postal operators, and so on, you can ensure that no matter how many times your parcel is handed over to another courier along the way, you can still keep getting the latest tracking updates on the Ship24 website.

You don't need to know who your package is being handled by or at which point it will be handed over, Ship24 does the hard work by scanning the internet and the 1,000s of couriers we cover to pull the latest UPS tracking number information and deliver it to you within seconds.

Will a UPS tracking number speed up my delivery?

The speed at which your UPS parcel is delivered will depend on the size, weight, and delivery service which you have chosen. Tracking your parcel with Ship24 or UPS will not speed up this process. If you need your UPS parcel to be delivered within a certain time frame, you should consider the options which best meet your budget on the UPS website. Faster shipping methods (which are usually transported by air) will be more expensive. Using your UPS tracking number you will be able to keep up to date with your parcel along its journey to give you a better idea of the estimated time of arrival. Make sure to keep checking the latest information by entering the UPS tracking number into the Ship24 site at any time, and get the latest status and location information whenever you need it.

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