DHL tracking

DHL tracking


Tracking your DHL packages offers a simple and convenient way to stay updated on your shipment's progress. This guide simplifies the tracking process, highlighting essential steps and tools for a hassle-free experience.

DHL package tracking

How to Track DHL Packages

DHL provides a simple solution to track your shipments through their tracking system. By entering your DHL tracking number, you access detailed information about your package's route and status.

On the DHL Website

  • Start by visiting DHL's official tracking page, designed for real-time updates.
  • Enter the unique number assigned to your shipment into the tracking field.
  • After clicking "Track," you'll see the latest on your package's location, delivery timeline, and transit history.

Using Ship24

For an alternative tracking solution, Ship24 offers a versatile platform, supporting DHL among other carriers.

  • Place your DHL tracking number on the Ship24 site and hit search.
  • Receive up-to-date information on your shipment’s status.
DHL tracking

After a few seconds, you will receive tracking updates on your packages.

International Shipments with DHL

DHL's international tracking makes sure you can track your packages worldwide with the same ease and detail.

DHL Parcel International Standard

Use this service for cross-border shipments, inputting your tracking number for current updates on your package's progress. This system provides real-time information, from transit to delivery, allowing you to always stay informed.

DHL Parcel International Direct

DHL Parcel International Direct enhances your shipping experience with detailed tracking and proactive updates, including notifications about customs clearance, local delivery statuses, and final delivery confirmations. This service is designed to keep you well-informed throughout your package's progress, offering a direct and efficient shipping solution.

DHL Express Package Tracking

DHL Express provides a tracking system that helps you track your shipments. With real-time updates, this service ensures that you are always aware of your package's location and expected delivery date. Tracking is easy: simply visit the DHL tracking page or use Ship24 and input your tracking number.

DHL Express Europe

DHL Express offers a comprehensive tracking system across Europe, allowing timely updates on your shipments. Below is a closer look at DHL Express services in Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, and the UK, showcasing each branch's unique offerings.

DHL Belgium

DHL Belgium is pivotal in managing shipments across this centrally located country. Known for its efficiency, DHL Belgium facilitates rapid transit times throughout Europe, making it a key hub for both local and international logistics. Their dedicated tracking system provides real-time updates, ensuring Belgian customers are always informed about their shipment's status.

DHL Spain

In Spain, DHL Express focuses on connectivity across the Iberian Peninsula and beyond. Offering extensive coverage, DHL Spain ensures that parcels reach their destinations swiftly, whether within the bustling cities or the scenic countryside. Spanish customers benefit from the local expertise and global network of DHL, with tracking features that keep them updated at every step.

DHL Netherlands

The Netherlands' strategic location as a gateway to Europe makes DHL Express an essential service for businesses and individuals alike. DHL Netherlands prides itself on providing fast and reliable shipping options, complemented by a tracking system that offers peace of mind with detailed package information and expected delivery timelines.

DHL Poland

DHL Poland serves as a crucial node in Eastern Europe, offering tailored logistics solutions across this expansive country. With a strong presence in major cities and regions, DHL Poland ensures seamless delivery services, bolstered by a user-friendly tracking system that offers transparency and control over your shipments.


The UK's DHL Express branch stands out for its comprehensive domestic and international shipping solutions. DHL UK combines local knowledge with global logistics expertise. Customers in the UK enjoy access to DHL's robust tracking system, providing detailed insights into their shipment's journey and delivery schedule.

DHL Domestic Express Tracking

For shipments within the same country, DHL Domestic Express offers a reliable tracking service that keeps you updated from the moment your package is dispatched to the point of delivery. This service is ideal for urgent documents and parcels, providing a smooth tracking experience for all domestic shipments.

DHL Global Mail/DHL eCommerce Tracking

DHL Global Mail and DHL eCommerce tracking services are perfect for keeping tabs on mail items. With specialized tracking technology, you can monitor the progress of your documents and small packages, ensuring they reach their destination safely and on time.

DHL Global Forwarding and Freight Tracking

DHL Global Forwarding and Freight services cater to larger shipments and freight needs, offering detailed tracking information. This service is essential for managing logistics and ensuring that goods move efficiently across borders.

Tracking DHL Packages via Phone

For those who prefer traditional tracking methods, DHL offers phone-based tracking services.

To track a parcel via a phone call, customers can dial 0844 248 0844 and say "Track a Parcel". Using DHL's speech recognition telephone system, you will be able to access live updates on the progress of your DHL parcel. Tracking your DHL parcel through this service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with costs varying depending on where you call from.

You can also send a text message with your waybill number to +44 7720 334 455 and DHL will reply with the latest information on where your parcel is.

However, this service has associated charges which vary depending on the country from which the text is sent.

Understanding DHL Tracking Numbers

DHL tracking numbers are unique identifiers that allow you to follow your shipment's progress. Depending on the shipping method you choose, tracking numbers may vary in format but always provide the necessary information to track your package effectively.

  • DHL Parcel Tracking Number: Begins with prefixes like 3S, JVGL, or JJD, followed by a series of numbers.
  • DHL Express Tracking Number: Typically a 10-digit numeric code starting with 000, JJD01, JJD00, JVGL, or similar variations.
  • DHL eCommerce Tracking Number: This can range from 10 to 39 characters, often starting with GM, LX, RX, or a sequence of digits.
  • DHL Global Forwarding Tracking Number: Offers various formats, including a 7-digit numeric code, a combination of letters and numbers, or a code beginning with letters followed by a carrier code and an 8-digit number.

DHL Courier Tracking Status Meaning

When you track a DHL parcel using a DHL tracking number, a list of courier tracking statuses will be shown. Each status indicates the current whereabouts of your DHL parcel. The DHL tracking statuses are as follows.

Courier Tracking Status Description
Shipment information received The data of your package has been received, you can now track it.
Processed at The DHL package is being processed at the origin/destination country.
Arrived at DHL Sort Facility The DHL package has arrived at the local sorting centre.
The shipment has departed from a DHL Sort Facility The DHL package has left the local sorting centre.
Arrived at DHL Delivered Facility The DHL package has arrived at the delivery terminal and is waiting to be processed again before sending it to the recipient.
Processed at The DHL package is being processed at a certain location.
Customs clearance status updated. Note - The Customs clearance process may start while the shipment is in transit to the destination. The customs have the DHL package and is being inspected.
Shipment picked up The DHL package is processed and the courier is ready to pick it up for delivery.
Shipment is on hold The shipment is delayed and will not make it in time for the estimated time of delivery.
Shipment is out with courier for delivery The package is being delivered to you.
Delivered You have received the DHL package.

These DHL courier tracking status also shows when you track your packages with your DHL international tracking numbers. Below are some of the tracking notifications that you will encounter when you track on Ship24.DHL tracking notifications

Why is DHL Tracking not working or updating?

DHL tracking might not update for a few reasons. One common cause is that your package has been handed over to a local courier for the final leg of its journey. After this handover, DHL's tracking updates might temporarily halt. If you don't see updates, it's advisable to wait about 24 to 48 hours before checking again. This pause allows the local courier to process and update the package's status within their system.

Can I track my DHL parcel using an application?

For those looking to track a DHL parcel via an application, the WhatsApp app offers a convenient option. You can download and install WhatsApp, then add DHL's contact number to start tracking your package. The DHL WhatsApp service operates around the clock, providing tracking updates and answers to general customer service queries. To use it, add DHL Express's WhatsApp number (+44 1163 265750) to your contacts, initiate a chat, and send your tracking number following the word 'Track.'

However, if you prefer not to use WhatsApp or install any apps, Ship24 is an alternative. This web service enables you to track your DHL parcel instantly by entering the tracking number on its site, no downloads are necessary. This option is especially handy for tracking packages handled by different couriers, avoiding the need to juggle multiple apps or contacts.

Tracking DHL Parcel with Email Address

While tracking a DHL parcel directly with an email address isn't an option, DHL provides a route for inquiries about shipment progress through email communication. This method, involving sending a request to DHL with your tracking number, serves those who prefer or require an alternative to direct online tracking.

  • Direct Contact: Reach out to DHL by emailing your tracking query to, placing your waybill number prominently in the subject line for clarity.
  • Response Time: Consider this method tends to extend the waiting period for tracking updates due to the nature of email communication and response times.

DHL Delivery Hours

  • Operating Hours: DHL's standard delivery window runs from Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Delivery Timing: The specific delivery moment is influenced by variables such as parcel size and the destination address.

Contact DHL Tracking Customer Service

When you need assistance with tracking your DHL parcels or have queries regarding shipment, several contact options are available to ensure you get the support you need.

Visit the DHL Website for Live Support

Engage with a customer service representative in real time through the live chat feature on the DHL website. This option provides immediate assistance for your tracking questions.

DHL Customer Service

Call DHL Customer Service

  • General Inquiries and Support:
    • Within the US: 1-800-225-5345
    • Outside the US: +1-954-888 7000
  • Tracking and Delivery Inquiries: For detailed tracking information and delivery questions, use the same phone numbers to get in touch with DHL's knowledgeable staff.

Email Communication

  • Online Contact Form: If you prefer to communicate via email, fill out the contact form available on the DHL website. This method is suitable for non-urgent inquiries, as it may take some time to receive a response.

Social Media Interaction

  • Facebook and Twitter: DHL is active on several social media platforms. You can reach out to them for support through their official Facebook or Twitter accounts. This option is beneficial for quick questions or when seeking advice from the community.

Visit a Local DHL Office

  • In-Person Support: For those who prefer face-to-face communication, visiting a DHL location might be the best option. Use the location finder tool on their website to find the nearest office. Speaking directly with a representative can provide personalized assistance and immediate answers.

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