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DHL tracking


DHL is a company with a goal to not only deliver packages but also deliver prosperity, transport health, feed development, and bring joy to all of its customers. They aim to improve everyone's lives by connecting them every day through their delivery services. With the tagline of "Excellence. Simply Delivered.", DHL is considered one the best logistics company, they don't just follow the tagline, they live with it.

DHL package tracking

Tracking International DHL Package

Tracking your international DHL package can be done in two ways. One way is to use Ship24's universal tracking system and the other way is to use the DHL tracking website. Either way is a good way to keep track of your DHL package as it both gives up-to-date information on the current status of your package.

To track your packages, all you have to do is copy your DHL international tracking number and paste it onto the Ship24 homepage or on the DHL website. Ship24 gives your results in a matter of seconds and you can track up to 10 DHL international packages simultaneously.

One benefit that you will get from using Ship24 is that no matter which courier is handling your DHL package, Ship24 can detect it. Ship24 has an auto-detection courier feature where it can determine which courier is handling your courier. So whether it's Yanwen, Canada Post, PHLPost, India Post, or Royal Mail, you can guarantee that Ship24 can give you the latest tracking updates on your DHL international packages.

Tracking DHL Express Package

You can track your DHL Express package by copying your DHL tracking number and placing it on the Ship24 website. You should get information such as the time of delivery, the date of delivery, the current status of the parcel and many more.

With Ship24, you can track up to 10 DHL Express packages simultaneously and get results within a few seconds. Not only can you track your DHL Express package but you can also start tracking different couriers such as FedEx, USPS, UPS, China Post, DTDC, and many other couriers that have express tracking services.

Another way you can track your DHL Express package is by contacting DHL Express Customer Service. The customer service agents should be able to assist you by giving information on the whereabouts of your DHL Express package. Please note that the information given to you will still be given online.

This also works if you are tracking an international package. A DHL international tracking number will be required to track your DHL Express package. Most users use their DHL tracking numbers to track their international orders from popular marketplaces such as TikTok, Shopee, Amazon, eBay, Temu, and many more!

DHL Tracking Number Format

You will receive a DHL tracking number when you ship your DHL parcel. A tracking number is a unique set of numbers, sometimes with letters, that will identify a package for domestic and international shipping. When you ship a parcel, the customers will usually receive an email confirmation or notification with the DHL tracking number.

There are several variations of DHL tracking numbers, depending on the type of DHL shipping the customer chose for the package. These can be identified below:

  • DHL Parcel tracking number has a 10-digit number and letters, starting with 3S, JVGL, or JJD.
  • DHL Express tracking number will have a 10-digit numeric beginning with 000, JJD01, JJD00, JVGL, or a similar variation.
  • DHL eCommerce: tracking number will vary from 10 to 39 characters. It usually starts with GM, LX, and RX. Alternatively, the tracking number can start with up to five digits.
  • DHL Global Forwarding: tracking number could have several different tracking code variations, including a 7-digit numeric only, a 1 number followed by 2 letters and 4-6 numbers or begins with 3 or 4 letters, with a 3-digit carrier code, followed by a dash, then an 8 digit number. All of the above are subject to variation.

When searching for a DHL parcel, people are concerned that they need to know which DHL tracking number corresponds with which DHL service, such as those listed above. However, if they visit the Ship24 tracking site and enter their number to find where their parcel is, the site's global tracking system can instantly recognize the DHL tracking number and match it with the DHL service to see real-time information on its current whereabouts and status.

The benefit of using Ship24 is it takes the onus off the customer needing to know about their tracking number, what it means and where to use it. Instead, customers can bring their DHL tracking number, or any courier tracking number, to the Ship24 website and it will do the work for them.

Equally, if the DHL parcel they want to track changes hands to a different courier, perhaps one that is subcontracted by DHL where they do not have available delivery services.

DHL Courier Tracking Status Meaning

When you track a DHL parcel using a DHL tracking number, a list of courier tracking statuses will be shown. Each status indicates the current whereabouts of your DHL parcel. The DHL tracking statuses are as follows.

DHL Courier Tracking Status

Courier Tracking Status Description
Shipment information received The data of your package has been received, you can now track it.
Processed at The DHL package is being processed at the origin/destination country.
Arrived at DHL Sort Facility The DHL package has arrived at the local sorting centre.
The shipment has departed from a DHL Sort Facility The DHL package has left the local sorting centre.
Arrived at DHL Delivered Facility The DHL package has arrived at the delivery terminal and is waiting to be processed again before sending it to the recipient.
Processed at The DHL package is being processed at a certain location.
Customs clearance status updated. Note - The Customs clearance process may start while the shipment is in transit to the destination. The customs have the DHL package and is being inspected.
Shipment picked up The DHL package is processed and the courier is ready to pick it up for delivery.
Shipment is on hold The shipment is delayed and will not make it in time for the estimated time of delivery.
Shipment is out with courier for delivery The package is being delivered to you.
Delivered You have received the DHL package.

These DHL courier tracking status also shows when you track your packages with your DHL international tracking numbers. Below are some of the tracking notifications that you will encounter when you track on Ship24.DHL tracking notifications

DHL Tracking not working or updating

If the DHL tracking notification is not updated, it is usually because the package has been passed on to a local courier for the final part of the journey. DHL tracking services will usually end after the parcel hand-off has taken place. Wait at least 24 to 48 hours before trying to track the DHL parcel again.

If a DHL tracking number is not working, make sure you have double-checked and entered the tracking code given on the Ship24 website. Sometimes the codes can be difficult to read but rest assured if the right code is entered, the Ship24 tracking system will find it.

If the DHL tracking number still is not shown as valid, customers are urged to contact the eCommerce merchant or shipper to verify that the number is correct. If the DHL tracking number issue still cannot be resolved, customers are encouraged to contact DHL customer services directly.

How long does it take for DHL to update parcel tracking?

Usually, DHL updates the status of all tracked parcels within a few minutes through an electronic device when receiving or sending a parcel. As soon as the tracking information is updated by DHL, it will be available to view on the Ship24 website.

Calling or texting will charge you for your latest tracking details with DHL, the Ship24 website is always free at the point of use and can be used as many times as you like, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Why does my DHL tracking number give information for a shipment that is not going to an intended destination?

Shipment waybill numbers are recycled by DHL for operational reasons. Therefore, sometimes two shipments travelling under the same air waybill number will occur. However, individual parcels will be separated and sent to their addresses accordingly. Customers are encouraged to keep checking their DHL tracking numbers until their package has reached its destination.

Can I track my DHL parcel on any website?

There are several ways to track your parcels nowadays. You can either head over to the DHL website and track your parcels there or you can head over to a third-party tracking website. Although there are many third-party websites, many are turning to Ship24 for a reliable and accurate tracking system.

Ship24 is the best way to track your DHL parcels because you will see up-to-date information regarding your parcels. From the day it leaves the origin country to the day it arrives at your doorstep, Ship24 guarantees you will be with every step of your parcel.

Can I track my DHL parcel using an application?

To track your DHL parcel using the Whatsapp application, you will need to download the application onto your device, install it and then add the DHL number to start using it. However, people who do not want to download and install the Whatsapp application to track their DHL parcel, can alternatively just go to the Ship24 website and type their DHL parcel tracking number into the search bar and begin tracking their parcel instantly.

Ship24 doesn't require you to download or install anything on your device or computer and can begin tracking your DHL parcel instantly just by using your DHL tracking number.

DHL Express customers can, however, keep track of their parcels through the DHL WhatsApp in-app digital assistant if they wish. Using the app makes tracking your DHL parcel easy this application is also available 24/7. The digital assistant can help with tracking your DHL parcel as well as help with other general customer service inquiries.

To begin tracking a DHL parcel, users just need to add the DHL Express WhatsApp number +44 1163 265750 to contacts, open a new chat, and send 'Track' followed by the 10-digit DHL tracking number.

However, people using this service should note that they cannot track all parcels through this service. If the next parcel they order is handled by a different courier, then it means that they will potentially have to download a different application or add a new contact on an existing application or several other variables.

Whichever courier your parcel is sent with - DHL or otherwise - can be tracked without the need to download or install anything, no matter how many different couriers your parcels are handled by.

Tracking DHL Parcel with Email Address

Parcels cannot be tracked using an email address; however, users can email DHL if they want to find out about tracking details with the DHL tracking number. Although, this is one of the slower ways to track a DHL parcel.

Emailing DHL regarding DHL parcel tracking is a more time-consuming method, which requires more from the buyer as they will need to open their email and create the email to request the tracking details. Also, it can take longer for DHL to reply about your parcel and you may miss the email if you are not checking your inbox or have lost your internet connection at some point.

Therefore, the best way to get instant information on your parcel is by simply typing the tracking number into the Ship24 search bar. You don't need to make a request or add any additional information other than the tracking number to the search bar.

You will then be met with all of the details of your parcel instantly, including your current location and status, without having to wait for a reply, notification, or having to check your inbox.

If you would prefer to email, however, users can access tracking for their DHL parcel by emailing their waybill number in the subject field to the specialized DHL tracking service. You can email contact them at:

What are my DHL parcel tracking options?

DHL is a leading courier company that offers various ways to send parcels globally, with tracking available so customers and businesses can keep track of their parcels in real-time. Despite this being relatively well known, many still take to google to find out how to track their parcel, with one of the most common questions being: Where is my DHL parcel?

Luckily, tracking DHL parcels has become simple and DHL international tracking is available through the website, which is useful for individual and infrequent buyers - who only deal with DHL - wanting to keep track of a single package or parcel. In this case, after a person has purchased a package and their parcel handler has been identified as DHL, they can proceed to the DHL website to keep track of their DHL package.

However, several instances have led to this becoming a less efficient way of tracking their DHL parcel. Some of these are as follows:

  • The buyer shops at various marketplaces and platforms, meaning that they need to track multiple couriers, not just DHL, and therefore require a more all-encompassing method of global parcel tracking.
  • The buyer chooses different shipping methods depending on the urgency of their order and the destination of their parcel, meaning the couriers again may vary and thus they cannot rely on solely heading to the DHL website.
  • DHL subcontract the delivery in some countries to other couriers, therefore they will not be able to receive the latest and most up-to-date information on their parcel status and location.

The above circumstances, among others, have led people to use specialist universal tracking services from companies like Ship24. The difference between DHL and Ship24 is that while DHL international tracking can only track DHL parcels, the universal Ship24 tracking system allows users to track any parcel worldwide.

The Ship24 tracking system works with over 1,200 couriers and thousands of online shops, which gives it the capability to track parcels being carried with multiple handlers internationally. Indeed, because of the numerous connections that the Ship24 tracking system has with globally located couriers, it can promise powerful universal DHL parcel tracking options via its system.

This means that buyers who purchase an order online which is being delivered by DHL, no longer have to track with DHL tracking services. Customers can rest assured that they can globally track their package all in one place, with the Ship24 tracking system.

Simply go to the Ship24 website and enter your tracking number to begin universal tracking on your parcel from any of the above couriers and many, many more.

Can I track DHL parcel shipments that are free after ordering through a website?

DHL is one of the biggest couriers and shipping delivery in the world and is particularly prevalent in Europe. As such, when you order a parcel of the package from a marketplace, particularly one based in Europe or where the destination of the parcel is in Europe, it may be handled by DHL.

DHL shipping delivery services could include the last-leg delivery of a parcel, where it is handled before arriving in its destination country by another courier before being received by DHL to make the final delivery (this is usually the case when goods are ordered from places like China, and a Chinese company will handle the initial pickup and shipping before DHL take over).

Otherwise, a DHL parcel could be handled by the company first in Europe before overseas transfer to another logistics firm or company. This is common practice and allows companies to offer international shipping options to places where they don't have their own in-house fleet to be able to carry out the full delivery.

If you order from an online business or from a distance seller and they offer you free DHL shipping, then you can still track your parcel the entire way with Ship24. This is because Ship24 doesn't just offer the same tracking services that DHL offers, but offers global multi-courier coverage meaning you firstly, won't lose track of your order if it changes hands.

Secondly, won't need to switch tracks to keep getting the latest updates on your parcel. Don't worry, our tracking platform won't give you any fewer of the updates you would receive if tracking with DHL or any other site.

In fact, with Ship24 we guarantee to deliver every single event notification regarding your parcel (such as dispatch, acceptance at destination country customers, or otherwise) giving you full visibility and control over your parcel. Switch your DHL tracking to Ship24 and try tracking a DHL parcel today with our powerful platform.

We promise you that you'll never want to track a DHL package anywhere else!

What's the best business tracking API for DHL packages?

Ship24's DHL package tracking API is a one-stop-shop solution for businesses, delivering in as close to real-time as possible one hundred per cent of end-to-end location and status tracking information. The comprehensive tracking API also includes multi-courier capability, with built-in AI machine learning and best-in-class support included in the package.

Indeed, the Ship24 tracking API delivers an all-encompassing tracking solution for DHL packages. Also, the multi-courier capability of Ship24's tracking API means that if your parcel is being handled by DHL or another courier, you will still get all of the tracking information in one place, from Ship24.

Ship24's DHL Tracking API

Our tracking API can be called anytime to provide you with the latest tracking information on your parcel. Including:

  • True end-to-end tracking capability and 24/7 tracking at your call.
  • Access to more than 1,200 couriers, with new couriers, constantly added to our system.
  • Blazing-fast integration and AI-Enabled data.
  • Tracking number pattern following for multiple tracking number recognition.
  • Parcel status smart detection.
  • The in-house support team for your needs and 24/7 data quality monitoring.

The key to finding the best tracking API to track packages and parcels globally is choosing a tracking API with a high detection rate. By this, we mean one that covers as many different couriers as possible. You also want to ensure that the tracking API you choose offers rapid integration and has a high refresh rate so you get the most up-to-date tracking information about your parcel in as near real-time as possible.

Ship24 offers all of the above, and more, with integration taking only minutes and a responsive in-house team to help find the right tracking API plan for you, it's not hard to see why businesses are choosing Ship24.

Find out for yourself by visiting the Ship24 website today and see our choice of plans which are designed to service your business needs, and know you could be only minutes away from integrating your system and having powerful Ship24 tracking API capability at your fingertips.

How do I become EU VAT compliant under the new IOSS system in the EU?

The EU has set new VAT rules which mean that businesses that sell eCommerce to buyers in the EU will have to pay tax on all goods imported, and there will no longer be a tax exemption of 22 EUR, as was previously in place. To help eCommerce adapt to this new change, an Import One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) system has been put in place to facilitate and fast-track cross-border trade for goods valued under 150 EUR.

To send DHL packages under the IOSS system. For businesses sending eCommerce packages to the EU with DHL under the IOSS, you will need to let the customs declarant (which will be DHL if you are posting with this courier), that the parcel is being sent as an IOSS package. This is so the European customs who receive the parcel know that the tax has already been prepaid on the item.

Ship24 DHL Package IOSS Registration

This system has multiple benefits for distance sellers and Ship24 makes the transition to IOSS easy for businesses. Ship24 provides complete IOSS registration services and ongoing compliance support as an IOSS fiscal intermediary representative. This includes:

  • Reliable registration in as little as three days
  • Best-in-class support for distance sellers and electronic interfaces to meet all EU VAT obligations
  • Ensure a seamless transition to IOSS
  • EU-wide tax representation with timely payments
  • Optimization of customer post-purchase experience
  • Best-in-class support from our international team of shipping sector experts

Make sure your DHL parcels are sent with the correct IOSS certification by getting the best-in-class support from our international team of experts here at Ship24. Check out our dedicated IOSS solutions page for more information.

Is there a hotline to track my DHL parcel?

To track a parcel via a phone call, customers can dial 0844 248 0844 and say "Track a Parcel". Using DHL's speech recognition telephone system, you will be able to access live updates on the progress of your DHL parcel. Tracking your DHL parcel through this service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with costs varying depending on where you call from.

You can also send a text message with your waybill number to +44 7720 334 455 and DHL will reply with the latest information on where your parcel is.

However, this service has associated charges which vary depending on the country from which the text is sent. Ship24 on the other hand is free no matter where you are accessing the services worldwide.

How long does DHL International delivery take on average?

The average time for a DHL Express delivery is around 1-6 working days between most major destinations, with standard services taking a little longer. However, customers can use their tracking codes to follow the delivery throughout the process.

Using Ship24, people can track the latest location of their DHL parcel and its current status for free with the DHL international tracking number. This helps users keep up to date with its progress and better understand its potential time of arrival.

What is the latest time DHL delivers?

DHL delivers their parcels from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. The exact time of delivery will depend on the size and delivery address of the parcel.

Contact DHL Customer Service

To contact DHL customer service, you can try the following options:

  1. Visit the DHL website and use the live chat feature to get in touch with a customer service representative.DHL Customer Service
  2. Call DHL customer service using the following phone numbers:
  3. For general inquiries and support: 1-800-225-5345 (within the United States) or +1-954-888 7000 (outside the United States)
  4. For tracking and delivery inquiries: 1-800-225-5345 (within the United States) or +1-954-888 7000 (outside the United States)
  5. Contact DHL via email by filling out the online contact form on their website.
  6. Reach out to DHL on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.
  7. Visit a DHL location in your area and speak with a representative in person. You can find the location nearest to you by using the DHL location finder on their website.

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