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When the point comes on comfort, DHL is first name clicks into the mind. Everything on your door and there is no worry about picking your necessities from the market by yourself. Over the 50 years, DHL international shipping is one of the cheapest companies for sending parcels and other shipments. About 2.6 plus million customers all over the world use the DHL express service for shipping and got benefited by DHL shipping service. The DHL packages are very economical for everyone.

What is DHL?

DHL was established in 1969 by a group of three people Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn. The name proposed DHL on the basis of the first letter of each person’s last name. DHL, a German-based company is designed to provide door-to-door services like parcel, courier, packaging service, express mailing and international delivery export service that allows you to deliver documents as well. This is one of the largest global companies giving a really good economical service. DHL Express also gives favor to track your parcel timely.

Nationality of the courier: German
Date of creation: 1969
Tracking number format: 10 digits (e.g. 9999 9999 99)
Customer service phone number: [+1] 800-225-5345

How do I track my DHLorder?

There are a number of options that can be opted for tracking the DHL express:

  • Visiting DHL Website

You can simply go to the website, in the section TRACK A PARCEL, and enter the 10 digits composing the DHL tracking number.

  • email

If you find any difficulty you can send an email to their official email address (track@dhl.com). Their team will let you know your parcel through DHL tracking.

  • Text message

Another option is to send a simple text message on this number 07720 334 455 along with the waybill number given to you while placing an order. Then DHL express will send you the latest update about your parcel. But they do charge for this Like Standard network charges.

  • Customer service

Last option through DHL is contacted to customer support available 24/7 and call on given number 0844 248 0844* and then use your speech telephone system and say “track a parcel”. Still, they will charge for the call.

  • Ship24

Another easy way to track your DHL parcel is to use the Ship24 website. Ship24.com is here for you to provide real-time information about your DHL ecommerce tracking via DHL tracking number. You can follow your parcel simply by clicking on the bar “enter tracking number”. Instead of visiting a lot of pages on the website, simply use Ship24.com. Ship24.com has all the updates about your parcel and you can save your time not to get too worried about the courier.

What does the DHL tracking number look like?

  • DHL Express

10 digits numerical only
OR usually starts with 000, JVGL, JJD00, JJD01, or similar.
Examples: 9876543210 or JJD0088888888

  • DHL Parcel

Starts with JVGL, 3S, or JJD
Examples: 3SBCC000333444 or JVGL8888888888

  • DHL Global Forwarding

It is 7-digit numerical only
Example: 7654321

Another series is starting with 1 number, 2 letters followed by 4-6 numbers
Example: 1CD54321

Somehow starts with 3 to 4 letters
Example: CBA654321

And last form 3-digit carrier code, then hyphen (-), eight-digits master bill number.
Example: 321-17654328

  • DHL Freight

DHL Order Code: initially two to three letters and then hyphen (-) sign again 2 letters, hyphen (-) sign and then followed by the seven-digit number.
Example: CBA-ED-7654321

One form is four numbers along with hyphen (-) and five-digit numbers
Example: 1234-12345

There is another form of numeric-only 9, 10 or 14 digit longer.
Example: 987654321

Does DHL give estimated delivery time?

DHL Express provides door-to-door services for five business days from Monday to Friday, Between 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. DHL international services take time to deliver at their final destination. DHL international tracking is easy to access by using ship24.

As DHL express receives a parcel from the sender, DHL express notifies you and three days later DHL tracking will send a reminder about your parcel.

Usually, by law, it takes a maximum of thirty days to send a parcel to the final destination globally. But if the DHL parcel has been sent within a German address, then, one day later after receiving the parcel it will be delivered via DHL express at the given address. One more thing to know is, your DHL parcel can stay one week at the DHL offices if you have not chosen the door-to-door service. But After one week at DHL, your parcel will be sent back to the senders' address if you don’t come to pick it up.

The best thing about DHL is that you can send envelopes as a document as well and Ship24 helps you to track the parcel by using the DHL tracking number given by the sender.

How do I contact the DHL customer service?

DHL customer service is available 24 hours and 7 days a week. If you can have a query or any issues in relevance to your DHL shipping, you can simply seek help by visiting the official website dhl.com.pk/express or call the DHL customer service on given hotline +92 21 111 345 111.

Does DHL deliver on Saturday?

The most interesting fact is that DHL express is providing support service on Saturday too. Mostly on the European side, DHL custom service days are Monday to Saturday but at someplace where DHL delivery service is not available on Saturday, you can ask on demand.

DHL express shipping is more than 220 countries including Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Netherland, Nigeria, South Africa, USE, USA, and the US, etc. these are the popular destinations where DHL shipping is delivering its services. DHL express is the most popular worldwide shipping service. DHL tracking is the most truthful service you can have.

Ship24 is here to provide you networking technology about your DHL parcel by tracking your DHL delivery from Germany to worldwide. It will give you information of point to point about your DHL shipping and current location of the parcel. Once you enter your DHL tracking ID into the tracking box, then you will get an update about your parcel current status. You don’t need to worry about your shipment, just relax, enter your DHL tracking number and get results about the DHL parcel.

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