DHL Shipping

DHL Shipping


What does DHL shipping tracking mean?

Shipment or DHL shipping refers to the movement of goods, whether they be private parcels, eCommerce packages, or bulk B2B shipments, from one place to another. The demand for the ability to move goods over greater and greater distances has continued to grow, and along with it so has the ability to monitor the movement of these goods. This is what is today known as shipping tracking, and DHL shipping tracking concerns the tracking of DHL goods specifically. The same would apply with other major couriers, including FedEx, DPD, TNT, UPS, China Post and so on.

DHL shipping tracking was originally only put in place to help the company keep track of the flow of parcels it was handling, but they soon realized that customers also wanted access to DHL shipping tracking information. DHL shipping tracking is now offered on all shipments and parcel posted with DHL, whether by standard or express, with the ability to track parcels worldwide becoming not only commonplace but increasingly sophisticated.

One of the ways in which tracking continues to develop is through new multi-courier tracking options. This has grown out of the need for consumers and businesses to track parcels that are handled by multiple couriers. This is particularly common where international parcels are concerned, which pass through a number of logistics companies and carriers during transit.

DHL shipping package tracking

Why is DHL shipping tracking better with Ship24?

In today's shipping sector, businesses and customers want true end-to-end shipment tracking capability at their fingertips, which is exactly what Ship24 provides. Businesses don't want to jump from one courier tracking site to another to track shipments worldwide and they don't want to have to log in and out of different sites and provide numerous different bits of information along the way.

That's why millions have chosen Ship24 as their one and only shipping tracking site. Ship24 offers not only DHL shipping tracking, but shipping tracking with thousands of other couriers, marketplaces, e-tailers, logistics companies, and more, making it one of the most comprehensive universal shipping tracking websites available.

Ship24 is available for free for individuals and offers very competitive prices for a business that needs professional-level tracking. However, you can search up to 10 parcels with 10 different couriers at the same time for free to test out our system or you can opt for one of our free business plans to try out our comprehensive per-call or per-shipment tracking functionality. We cover all of the major couriers, including DHL shipping tracking, so look no further if you want the best tracking available, delivered by the shipping experts.

If you want to know more about our tracking API and shipping tracking webhook then visit our dedicated pages to view our prices plans or sign up for free to test try out our functionality for yourself. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our best-in-class support team and you can look forward to getting superior tracking capability for your business within minutes, with our blazing-fast integration service.

When should you use Ship24 for DHL shipping tracking?

Tracking DHL shipping through Ship24 is important if any of the following applies to the way you send or receive parcels:

  • You send/receive cross-border shipments or send parcels over long distances: Often major couriers have partnerships with other international logistics companies or local delivery (known as last-mile) couriers in countries in which they do not have a presence. This can mean that accessing DHL shipping tracking information is not always available, of course, unless you are tracking through Ship24!
  • You are unsure of the courier: If you are unsure who will be handling your parcel at any point in the journey (as even if the parcel is the responsibility of DHL, transportation services from other companies may be utilized and tracking consequently compromised. Therefore, you need to use a multicarrier tracking service, such as Ship24, in order to be assured that you can continue tracking your parcel in such circumstances.

Please note, Ship24 is also useful so you can see delay notifications that may affect the delivery date of your parcel. If your parcel is stuck at customs or has been delayed due to a DHL shipping issue, Ship24 will present the latest status so you are made aware of the situation and can act accordingly (by informing your customer or making arrangements to receive it at another time when it will be delivered).

How do I get DHL shipping tracking on my parcel?

Once you have ordered your parcel, you will receive a DHL shipping tracking number which you can use to track your parcel worldwide. However, as mentioned before, the best place to ensure you get 100 percent of tracking information (such as if your parcel changes hands during its journey, especially with international parcels) is with the tracking experts, Ship24. You can try it for free today, by searching up to 10 parcels with any number of different couriers in the search bar on the homepage. Watch as your systems deliver the latest location and status information on each individual parcel!

Which online businesses offer DHL shipping tracking?

When an item is sold online and the merchant or marketplace uses DHL to deliver the goods, then the tracking that they offer will likely be provided by DHL directly. However, if you want to avoid the confusion over where best to track our DHL shipping (i. e whether with the marketplace or the courier) and are unsure whether other couriers may be involved in the DHL shipping process, you don't need to! By using Ship24, you are utilizing a powerful multicarrier tracking platform that is not limited to a single marketplace, carrier, or logistics company, but instead scans thousands of actors within the supply chain to find out the latest information on your parcel. The reason why millions are choosing to track their DHL parcels, and parcels with thousands of other carriers, with Ship24, is that they know they can find all their shipping needs in one place because of the aforementioned.

Whether you are using Amazon, Alibaba, or eBay and whether the merchant or marketplace is delivering via DHL, UPS, or China Post, all you need to do is enter the shipping tracking number you receive at the point of sale or confirmation onto the Ship24 and you will get 100 percent of all tracking events from dispatch to delivery.

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