DHL track package

DHL track package


How do I get a DHL track package number?

A DHL track package number is assigned to every DHL parcel which is sent with the German company, which is headquartered in Bonn. When you purchase DHL package delivery services you will find that either on your parcel receipt (if you send from a DHL drop-off point), or through the contact details you have provided, such as by mobile (by text message or via the special DHL WhatsApp group) or email.

Once you have your DHL track package number, you just need to head to the Ship24 homepage where you can enter it and get immediate results on the latest tracking updates. You don't need to log in or signup or enter any personal information about yourself or your package. The universal, multicarrier tracking platform provided by Ship24 automatically identifies the parcel through the DHL track package number and delivers all of the relevant information.

DHL track package package tracking

How do I get DHL track package functionality?

There are two ways you can get DHL track package functionality. The first would be directly through DHL, but this can sometimes not be the ideal way to ensure you can track a DHL package. In fact, many people run into issues with DHL tracking, such as if the goods are sent overseas (international parcels) and are handed over to other couriers for the final leg, or last mile, of their journey. Others can also get lost on the DHL website trying to find the tracking section, or not know the relevant information when it comes to searching for a DHL package.

Ship24 was launched by a team of shipping experts who were passionate about finding a resolution for these problems and launch a universal shipment tracking website that would offer true end-to-end tracking. Today, Ship24 offers not only the one-stop-shop solution for the problems mentioned, but provides complete tracking coverage for businesses and individuals sending parcels with more than 1,000 different couriers, marketplaces, logistics carriers and companies within the sector, delivering 100 percent of tracking information even as parcel pass between partners along their routes. That's why millions have switched to tracking with Ship24, so they know they can access the latest tracking information no matter who their parcel is travelling with or where it is going.

If you want to put an end to the tracking guessing game, whether with DHL tracking or any other courier, utilize Ship24's powerful tracking platform in just the press of a button. All you need is enter your DHL track package number (tracking number) into the search bar on the homepage and Ship24 will start to search the web for all information related to your DHL package both from DHL directly and hundreds of other sources, pulling the latest and most relevant data available in seconds. Whether you are sending with FedEx, TNT, GEODIS, UPS, USPS, China Post or otherwise, conduct all your track package needs with the shipping experts, Ship24.

How long does it take for DHL to update parcel tracking?

DHL track package updates, whether it be the status or location of a parcel, are usually delivered within a few minutes of a new update being recorded. The time it takes for Ship24 to be able to show updates is in as close to real-time as possible and as soon as the new tracking event is updated on the DHL website it will also be updated on Ship24. There is no time advantage to tracking with DHL over Ship24, however Ship24 does offer the advantage of being able to deliver parcel tracking information from 1000s of courier, not just DHL, all in the same minimal timeframe.

DHL track package services are free from Ship24 for individuals and can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also offer professional or business level tracking from B2C and B2B orders which can deliver both per-shipment or per-call functionality. You can start a free plan today to trial the Ship24 system and view our prices on our dedicated shipping tracking API and shipment tracking webhook pages. For any other services, including IOSS or Ship from China logistics services, you can browse our full list on the solutions section of the menu bar or on the individual tabs found at the top of this webpage.

How long does the average DHL track package delivery take?

The average time for an international DHL Express delivery is around 2 working days between most major destinations, with standard services taking a little longer. Most international parcels are delivered in around 1-6 working days.

Although all parcels sent with DHL should have an estimated time of delivery by the time they are dispatched, the best way to DHL track package progress is by following your parcel on Ship24.

With Ship24, both buyers, sellers and individuals sending packages can get the latest location and status of their DHL package in as near to real-time as possible. Knowing this information can help users better predict the actual estimated time of arrival, as as long as their parcel is progressing as expected between transit points then it will most likely be delivered on the day specified by DHL. However, if your parcel is held up at customs or delayed because of adverse weather conditions, a shipping blockage, national holidays (in some cases) or otherwise, you can be informed first when you DHL track package with Ship24.

Why does my DHL track package number give me the wrong information?

If when you search for DHL track package information with your DHL tracking number and you think it is providing you with the wrong information, it could be because of a number of reasons. Firstly, you should double check that you have entered the correct DHL tracking number. The tracking numbers can be tricky, as they are a varied number of letters and numbers but each number is important for identifying your package specifically so make sure you haven't missed one! The best option is to copy and paste the number where possible.

If you are sure the number is right, it could be the case that DHL has recycled the tracking number. This sometimes happens due to the sheer volume of parcels which are handled by DHL. In this case, check again in a short while to see if the system has updated or alternatively you should contact DHL directly.

Sometimes there is a processing delay which can cause DHL track package numbers to not show any results, although this is rare. Again, customers are encouraged to try searching for for their DHL parcel again after a short while on the Ship24 website before contacting DHL directly.

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