Estes tracking

Estes tracking


What is Estes?

Estes is one of the biggest, independently-owned freight companies in the United States of America. Started in 1931 by W.W Estes in Richmond, Virginia USA it has grown from a small postal service in the local area to the largest in the country. They employ roughly 16,000 employees and own 6,700 tractors, 30,000 trailers, and a network of 260+ terminals.

With Estes being started on a solid financial foundation, they have the resources to stay ahead of the game and adapt to the ever-changing shipping needs. They say that their mission is to deliver responsive freight solutions, so you have more time to focus on what matters most. Estes prides itself on being the best courier company in the USA not only for national deliveries but through international shipping too.

Estes package tracking

How can I track my package or parcel from Estes?

You can track your Estes delivery using one of two options, you can use their shipment tracking service on their website which can sometimes be time-consuming and complicated to use. Or you can search using free to use specialist tracking service.

If you were to use their site then you have a list of numbers to track, this list is as follows:

  • PRO number tracking
  • Bill of lading number
  • Pickup request number
  • Purchase order number
  • Interline pro number
  • Load order number

Once you have chosen your preferred method of tracking enter your tracking number/s into the box as instructed and hit the yellow button that says "Search." Once you have done this you will be displayed information about your order with its whereabouts.

If you are sending a package internationally then we would always recommend using for your tracking needs. The advantages of using a specialist tracking system are far better than tracking an international delivery yourself through various different couriers.

To explain this in more detail, please look below at the main reasons to choose

  • Multiple courier tracking: This has many benefits and is probably one of the main reasons to choose Ship24, you can track many different packages at the same time, meaning you don't have to go to different courier's websites when the package or parcel changes hands many times on its way to the destination. For example, if you were to just use the Estes tracking website you would only get tracking information up to a certain point before it changes hands/countries to its desired location. With a multi courier tracking system, you can be sure that you can track your parcel from the sender all the way to its destination and only use one tracking website.
  • One-stop-shop tracking: People don't want to worry about their parcel changing hands multiple times on the way to them, they also don't want to use different websites to track this. If you have ordered an item from Amazon that is being transported via UPS and another from Alibaba that is being shipped via Estes surely you would be more obliged to use one website as opposed to tracking your shipments around the world through different tracking websites. By using Ship24 you can search up to 10 different tracking numbers at one time and the system will give you real-time tracking information on all of your items instantly. Hence why Ship24 is the best in the game.
  • AI-drive machine learning: Ship24 is one of the market leaders in universal tracking of shipments and has a development team in place which has created AI-driven machine learning with 24 hours a day data monitoring system. This ensures that we are updating our results constantly to keep our customers in the loop. We have also a dedicated in-house support team that will help resolve any tracking issues the user may experience. Although if you have a problem with your parcel or package is damaged or not delivered Ship24 can not accept any responsibility as we are just here to give live updates on where the package is at that time. And we would advise contacting the seller directly.

Are Estes's shipping prices expensive?

Estes provides on their website a "rate quote estimate" section where you can fill out the form to get an estimated price based on where the package is being sent from and the destination it's intended to reach. To do this you fill out your contact name under the "Requester Information" section, then under the "Routing Information" you can enter the origin location of your parcel or package along with country, zip code, city, and state, and then your destination address with the same fields needing to be filled out.

You will then need to determine your freight class which is judged usually by the lower the class number the denser and sturdier the freight may be and the higher the class the more likely your package or parcel could be susceptible to damage or theft once you have the class and weight you can leave a description or note for the courier. If you have any more questions then we would recommend contacting them via telephone or email.

Estes shipping prices have been said to be fair for the delivery time and options available. Albeit sometimes quality often implies higher cost it is not like this for Estes with them putting the customers' wants and needs first.

Is Estes delivery fast?

Estes delivery prides itself on being a quick shipper in the USA, on average, a delivery of a package or parcels within the USA will normally take around 2 working days to arrive at the specified location. This is based on there being no COVID-19 hold-ups, for example, if there is a sudden spike in the case numbers of Covid then it may cause delays. If for example, you were sending a package from the USA to Mexico then it will take on average around 6 full working days before delivery to the specified address, again providing that there are no COVID-19 hold-ups.

Estes uses many different types of shipping methods, they ship via aeroplane, train, truck or boat to ensure that your package arrives to you in the shortest time possible whether it be exports, imports, consolidated and direct shipments, standard and expedited delivery and value-added services. They also offer single-invoice shipment handling, single points of contact, and complete tracking from end to end.

Does Estes ship worldwide?

Yes, Estes delivers globally and offers end-to-end global transportation delivering your packages wherever they need to go. With their decades of experience, they have many solutions for all shipping needs. They also are an agent for transhipment of freight to or from foreign countries, giving solutions that include:

  • Airfreight: Direct imports and exports with standard or expedited transit.
  • Sea: Can ship either with a "Full container load" (FCL) or less-than-container load (LCL) freight.
  • Consolidation/Deconsolidation: Putting together LCL freight with many other shippers to reduce cost, deconsolidation of bulk shipments at port and delivery of freight to distribution centers, stores, and directly to customers.
  • Customs brokerage: Cross-border clearance along with document preparation.
    If you are shipping packages or parcels from the USA to Canada or Mexico, Estes has special arrangements when it comes to these lines of deliveries. With them offering solutions including LTL, Volume and Truckload, Time Critical, and Custom. Due to Estes's decades in the shipping industry, they have an extended reach when it comes to shipping within the country and internationally.

How can I reach Estes customer service?

Estes has many avenues of contacting them with their customer service designed to provide an excellent experience for both the sender and receiver. They have contact information on the bottom of their website landing page, you will see a yellow tab that says "Contact Us." It will then redirect you to the relevant page with information such as phone number, email address, and physical address. Those are as follows:

  • Telephone if you are calling from USA: 1-866-378-3748
  • Email Address:
  • Head office location: 3901 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23230
  • Postal Address: P.O Box 25612, Richmond, VA 23260

What types of packages and parcels can be sent through Estes tracking?

When shipping through Estes you can send anything from small parcels right the way up to Full Container Loads (FCL) of goods. This is why using Ship24's specialized tracking system is most advised. This means you will always be able to track your shipment, whether it's on air, sea, or land. Of course, depending on what you send the cost will vary.

The specifications of the parcel and package, as well as its destination, could also affect the time it takes for delivery. Parcels will be allocated a mode of transport depending on the urgency of the shipment and the price point. Packages or parcels which travel via Estes are transported by air, sea, and land using trains, trucks, ships, and planes.

All parcels posted with the Estes can be tracked if they are registered.

Can I track my Estes parcel or package on any website?

The answer is kind of, you can use the Estes website to track your package or parcel, however, this is only one avenue of tracking and may not have the most up-to-date information, this is due to the potential chance of couriers changing hands (if sending internationally).

If you were to use Ship24 then you would be able to track multiple shipments at the same time instantly. This is also completely free to use and can be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What's the best tracking API for Estes packages?

Ship24's Estes package tracking API is a one-stop-shop solution for businesses, it delivers instant real-time tracking information every time the information is requested. The global tracking API also comprises of the capability of searching between multiple couriers, with built-in functions to enable machine learning, and has the best in-house round-the-clock support included in the package.

The Ship24 tracking APIs multi courier capability that if your package or parcel is being handled by another courier on the way to its destination you will be able to track it all of the way. Our tracking API can be called at any time to update you with the latest information which includes:

  • End-to-end 24/7 tracking at your call.
  • Access to over 900 couriers with new couriers and shops updated on the system constantly.
  • Lightening quick integration and AI-enabled data.
  • Tracking number pattern following for multiple tracking number recognition.
  • 24 hours, 365 days a year in-house support team.

The way to find the best tracking API to track parcels around the globe is by selecting an API with the highest detention rate, this means one that covers the most couriers. You also need to make sure that the tracking API has rapid integration and a very high refresh rate to ensure you get the most real-time tracking information about your package.

Ship24 has you covered on all of what has been mentioned and more! With our integration only taking a matter of minutes and a lightning-fast in-house team to make sure you are selecting the correct tracking API plan for you, it's no wonder why companies are choosing Ship24.

Read enough? To find out more for yourself why not visit the Ship24 website where you can browse what plans are the most beneficial to your business, when you find the best plan for you, you could be moments away from integrating your system with Ship24s tracking API capability.

How long does it take for Estes to update their parcel and package tracking?

Normally, Estes updates the status of sent packages within a few moments of an update occurring through an electronic device when sending or receiving a parcel, and as soon as this update happens it will be available to view on Whereas calling Estes will charge you, Ship 24 is completely free to track via laptop or any electronic device 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

With multiple search options and multi-entry tracking numbers, you will be sure to use Ship24 for every one of your tracking needs.

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