China Post Tracking Number

China Post Tracking Number

China Post Tracking Number

A China Post tracking number is a unique code that is assigned to every registered parcel or package handled by the China Post. This code helps both buyers, sellers track parcels internationally.

China Post is used a lot by eCommerce merchants, or e-tailers, which is big business in China. This is because China produces and manufactures lots of goods that are sold at relatively low prices, meaning both businesses and consumers make lots of purchases within the country. Naturally, this means that China Post - as one of the most economic postal options available is used regularly.

Please note, any parcel posted with the China Post can be tracked as long as it is registered mail. If it is not registered mail, China Post tracking number information will only be able to be accessed in mainland China. Contact the China Post before sending your parcel to make sure that your package is being sent registered, and therefore will have a China Post tracking number.

Getting a China Post Tracking Number

Whenever you send a parcel domestically or internationally, you will receive a tracking number. Your tracking number can be found on the shipping label, the parcel itself, or via the email or phone number provided. All China Post parcels will need to meet the specifications as set by the mail operator in order to be sent as registered mail.

Packages that come with a China Post Tracking Number

A China Post tracking number is created on every registered package, no matter how large or small. A unique China Post tracking code will also be produced for its special services, such as China Post Express Mail Service (EMS). China Post tracking number will be made up of a number of different letters and numbers which will all tell the couriers and logistics companies handling the package the information they need to know to deliver it to its final destination.

Track Package Using China Post Tracking Number

Ship24 is one of the best international tracking platforms available for both personal and business tracking. A China Post tracking number can be entered at any time, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, into the Ship24 tracking homepage, and it, will begin searching for information not only with the China Post but with thousands of other couriers and logistics handlers to find the most relevant information on your parcel.

This is important because multiple actors may be involved in the delivery of your parcel, particularly when it comes to overs heading overseas, which is so often the case with China Post packages. Rather than need to track a China Post tracking number across multiple carriers, the smart customer is heading to Ship24, where they can access end-to-end tracking across as many couriers as it takes until their parcel is delivered, all in one place!

Anytime you enter your China Post tracking information on Ship24, you will be given the latest location and status information, as well as the China Post parcels journey so far.

Number of People Using China Post Tracking Numbers

Millions use China Post tracking numbers to track their parcels every month, with the majority of them choosing to either do so directly on the China Post tracking page or with Ship24. The issue with the former is that you will be required to log in and choose from your orders which the current one you would like to track is. Also, if a parcel is handed over to another courier on its journey, China Post does not always promise full tracking ability once a package leaves its possession. The advantage with Ship24, it offers you the ability to track with more than 1,000 e-tailers, marketplaces, couriers, logistics companies, and more, all in a single search. It does this by scanning the web for any information available on your unique China Post tracking number, with all the big couriers, including DHL, TNT, and DPD in Europe as well as USPS, UPS, and FedEx in northern America.

Problems with China Post Tracking Number

You can check the latest information, including status and location, using your China Post tracking number on the Ship24 page at any time.

However, if you think there is a problem with your parcel, you must contact your courier directly. For your convenience, please find the China Post tracking number customer service team information below:

  • China Post tracking number team: +86 11185 , +86 11183

Please note that their operations times vary and will be time zone specific. Alternatively, if your query is not urgent, you can also contact the China Post on their email:

Meaning of China Post Tracking Number Notifications

A China Post tracking notification will arise whenever a new event has happened to your parcel, such as it has arrived or been dispatched from a certain area. Some notifications can be more vague, such as "parcel now in transit". To help explain China Post tracking number search results in more detail, please find out the possible meaning of such alerts below:

  • In transit: Your parcel has been handed over to a carrier or your parcel may have been dispatched or left its country of origin (China).
  • Being processed: Your parcel may have reached the destination country and is under customs inspection or is being processed by your carrier to ensure it meets the correct specifications before dispatch

China Post Tracking Number Status Updates

Other notifications (sometimes referred to as China Post tracking number status updates) include outbound in sorting center, arrived at the facility, inbound in sorting center, accepted by carrier, waiting for pick up, shipment confirmed, arrived at inward office exchange in transit, attempted delivery, returned to sender, held by Customs In transit, waiting for pick up and so on.

If you want further details on these individual statuses or are concerned that they are incorrect, please contact China Post. Remember to keep your China Post tracking number with you when you call, to allow them to answer your query as quickly as possible.

Changes in China Post Tracking Number

While China Post international deliveries/cross border deliveries often involve multiple handlers and therefore, a China Post tracking number may change as it is handed over or it may not be possible to track a package with China Post once it has left mainland China. In order to avoid any of these issues causing you problems with China Post tracking, make sure you track with Ship24, the universal shipment tracking application. Ship24 offers powerful personal tracking options, as well as professional tracking API and tracking Webhook solutions for dealings. Contact our team to find out more about the best way to get China Post tracking number solutions today or simply head to the Ship24 homepage and begin tracking now!

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