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Gearbest is a global integrated e-commerce platform that provides customers with cost-effective products including electronics, phones, fashion, appliances and so on. Track your gearbest packages, shipments and deliveries on ship24.com!

Among the largest Chinese stores, GearBest is a widely-recognized marketplace. It is known for providing quality goods with strict delivery setup that can be tracked as are registered. GearBest is giving the opportunity to the buyer to choose the delivery option (Economy – Unregistered, Registered, Express) mentioning the name of the courier in charge the delivery like SF Express, Yanwen, … GearBest is a proudly emerging ecommerce network with pleasantly customer- friendly policies relating to guarantees, exchange and return of goods.

How does GearBest work?

When an order is placed with GearBest, the seller ships it via firstly sending over to a courier or postal service from where a unique number is assigned to the parcel/ package. The number that is provided is basically the tracking code which distinguishes your parcel from the other. Buyers can easily find the number as it is located on the order page or in the order email confirmation received. *Please note that GearBest also shares the tracking code via email for reflecting quality service towards the buyers. As far as the policies set by GearBest is concerned, a customer is allowed to have it either exchanged within the period of 3 months or the parcel returned with the period of 45 days and get back the full amount deposited to their account. Before any purchase, always check the conditions and the guarantee time.

How long does GearBest take to deliver?

GearBest is currently known for utilizing four distinctive methods of delivery that includes registered shipping, unregistered shipping, expedited shipping and priority line shipping. For majority of countries, the marketplace is also known to utilize standard shipping too. Having in mind the approximate time for the delivery, this marketplace is known to deliver every country excluding South Sudan and Palestine. Where registered parcels courier services offered on GearBest can be tracked, the unregistered (more economic) mails options chosen mostly by the customers doesn’t provide complete tracking information. The only information about the unregistered mailing service is that the parcel or package is available at the dispatch center. As a lot of electronics and accessories are sold on GearBest, registered (with Tracking) shipping options are mostly by default. Below is the list that comprises of shipping time and average days the service takes to reach the destination address;

Registered and unregistered air mail service- The average delivery time for the following countries is as below:

  • Russia- 28 days
  • Spain, UK, France, Portugal, Italy & Germany- 15 days
  • Netherland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Greece & Slovakia- 19 days
  • Turkey- 21 days
  • Brazil- 39 days
  • US- 19 days
  • Korea & Japan- 18 days
  • Australia- 11 days
  • Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore- 16 days
  • Others- 24 days (in average)

Priority line shipping- Below is the list of countries and the average delivery time it takes to deliver:

  • Russia- 31 days
  • Spain, UK, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany- 14 days
  • Turkey- 10 days
  • Brazil- 30 days
  • US- 12 days
  • Korea- 7 days
  • Australia- 11 days
  • Japan-7 days
  • Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore- 9 days
  • Others- 19 days (in average)

Expedited shipping- The shipping service includes two different shipping types for all the countries as below

  • EMS- 15 days
  • DHL- 7 days

All the days of delivery are working days!

How to track GearBest airmail from Hong Kong?

The air mail services offered by GearBest for making deliveries in Hong Kong are either registered or unregistered. Where the packages are sent via unregistered air mail, the tracking number only works when the parcel travels to the destination country. While choosing to have parcel/package delivered via registered air mail delivery service, the provided tracking number allows one to track and follow the package to your door or if you are a seller to get the notification of delivery. Check the last tracking status on Ship24!

How to contact GearBest?

Finding it difficulty in tracking your order or unable to find your tracking code? Have you received your item and is damaged? You are not satisfied with what you’ve received? For every query, the customer support or you can call the support center for every kind of help. Ship24 is not a courier and where an item received is damaged, as Gearbest client you can share the evidence via taking a picture and sending the attachment at support@GearBest.com. (<a href="https://support.gearbest.com/ticket/ticket/cat" target="_blank">Official Gerabest website</a>)

When placing an order with GearBest, it is always trackable on Ship24 as almost every customer choses the registered air mail service. GearBest is also offering their customers to make a choice of the warehouse to have their parcels delivered as early as possible. With Ship24, you can easily track your parcels to any destination country. For every country, the tracking code starts or end with a different alphabet such as for Hong Kong, the tracking code starts with HK.

Get all your orders tracked at a click of a button at Ship24.

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Gearbest is a global integrated e-commerce platform that provides customers with cost-effective products including electronics, phones, fashion, appliances and so on. Track your gearbest packages, shipments and deliveries on ship24.com!

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