Gearbest tracking

Gearbest tracking


What is GearBest?

Gearbest is a globally integrated eCommerce platform that provides customers with cost-effective products including electronics, phones, fashion, appliances, and more.

The eCommerce scene has exploded since 2010, with huge players and marketplaces, such as Amazon and Aliexpress dominating the sector. Now, with competition for the cheapest online prices increasing daily, GearBest has made a name for itself supplying quality electronic products for low prices on its platform.

In fact, GearBest is now one of the most popular sites for buying wholesale electronics and has become known as the go-to overseas wholesale supplier which provides an unparalleled selection of the very best gadgets, along with an unbeatable shopping experience, prompt shipping, and exceptional customer service that exceeds expectations.

Recently, the ideation behind buying wholesale electronics has increased because it offers customers bulk product options at lower prices. It could be compared to buying an entire box of chocolate treats at the same time instead of buying one at a time. So rather than purchasing one product and paying a premium price, customers can buy bulk quantities of the same product to get the cheaper price per unit.

Indeed, it is sites like GearBest which specialize in these types of wholesale options, specifically regarding electronics as well as a wide range of other wholesale products.

Couriers for GearBest include SF Express and Yanwen are among others.

Gearbest package tracking

Is GearBest safe to use?

Now, new customers and buyers are constantly taking to google to ask if GearBest is legitimate, safe, and reliable. Lots of people are also trying to find out where the items they have bought from GearBest are, with questions such as "How do I track my GearBest package?", "Where is my GearBest parcel" and "How do I open GearBest tracking?"

Being one of the largest Chinese marketplaces, GearBest is recognized globally as the platform dedicated to "gadget lovers". However, it is also known for its multiple delivery options, all of which can be tracked. The company gives each user a range of choices for their desired GearBest delivery option, such as economy or unregistered, registered, and express.

GearBest also allows users to see the name of the courier who will be in charge of the delivery, such as SF Express, Yanwen, China Post, and more. In this respect, GearBest offers a pleasant and inviting eCommerce network with pleasant customer-friendly policies relating to guarantees, exchange, and return of goods. One of the site's popular features is the offer of comparative discounts. Here, if a user finds the same products on another website, with a lower price, they can send a request with the link of the website and GearBest promises to equate the price within 48 hours on their platform.

How can I track my GearBest parcel?

Sellers or merchants usually use postal delivery services or couriers to send GearBest parcels. When they send a parcel, they will receive a unique number which in turn gives information on where the parcel is. This unique number is called a tracking number.

Tracking a GearBest parcel is simple, all you have to do is head over to their website. On their website, you have to log into your account and go to “My Orders”. When you are on that page, choose an order you want to track.

After that, click on “Track Shipment” and copy the tracking number.

With the tracking number, you can go to the Ship24 homepage and paste it there. You can track up to 10 parcels with Ship24 and get results almost instantly. Ship24 can track more than 1200 couriers and 10000 marketplaces around the world. All you need is a tracking number and you’re good to go.

If you can’t find the tracking number on the website, you can check your email to see if the seller has sent it there. If you still can’t find it, you can contact the seller and request the tracking number, if they have it.

Please keep in mind that Ship24 cannot track order numbers. Order numbers are different from tracking numbers. An order number tells you the number of the product you have purchased while a tracking number allows you to see live updates of your parcel.

Where is GearBest located?

GearBest is a Chinese company and it is headquartered in China at the following address:

Shenzhen Global Egrow E-Commerce Co Ltd,
Room 526, 5th Floor, Building 2,
Nanyou 4th Industrial Zone,
Nanshan District, Shenzhen, 518057.

However, GearBest has an international presence, with warehouses located in many different parts of the world, including the United States, Spain, Poland, England, the Czech Republic, and many other places. This not only widens the reach of the international company but also reduces the GearBest delivery times to only around 1 or 2 days depending on the package and final destination.

The warehouses help GearBest quickly dispatch and move GearBest packages and parcels along the way. All in all, this provides more efficient and convenient after-sales services for the users.

All registered GearBest parcels can be tracked using the Ship24 website. All users need to do is use the tracking code they receive at the point of purchase on the Ship24 track my parcel bar, which can be found on the home page, to instantly find not only where their parcel is but its current status and journey so far. This service is free of charge and has been used by hundreds and thousands of people looking to get instant tracking information on their GearBest parcel.

How does GearBest work?

When an order is placed with GearBest, the seller will be responsible for shipping the GearBest package, this is done via postal service or courier and a unique tracking number or code is assigned to the package to allow it to be tracked. The number that is provided is the tracking code that distinguishes your parcel from others, allowing you to follow your GearBest parcel by using the number to get tracking information specifically about your GearBest order.

Buyers can easily find the number as it is located on the order page on the GearBest website or in the order email confirmation, which should be received after a purchase is made to your inbox.

In many cases, you will receive the GearBest tracking number both when ordering and in a confirmation email, to give customers every chance to access and be notified of it, for them to use it to track their GearBest package.

How do I contact GearBest?

Are you unable to find your GearBest tracking code? Have you received your item and it is damaged? Are you not satisfied with what you've received? For every query, the GearBest customer service can help.

Although tracking your GearBest parcel at every stage can be done for free on the Ship24 website, Ship24 is not a courier and when a received item is damaged, as a GearBest client, buyers will need to deal with them directly to organize a refund. The GearBest support services can be emailed at or contacted through their website.

How do I get a refund from GearBest?

The GearBest website says that it wants all items sent to be of good quality and delivered safely and promptly. To do this, it employs a rigorous quality control inspection on all of the packages it handles. Therefore, the company's warranties are designed to ensure customers have a positive experience, giving them a complete peace of mind when it comes to ordering and receiving their GearBest parcel. while giving you total peace of mind.

Most items sold by GearBest are covered by comprehensive product warranties. Firstly is there 7 Day Dead on Arrival (DOA) Guarantee. Here, if a GearBest item is delivered and the item is either damaged or not working, customers are encouraged to call the support centre within 7 days of their GearBest parcel being delivered.

Then, after the product is returned to the address provided by the company's support team, a new item is sent free of charge and customers will be reimbursed for the return shipping costs also. Alternatively, customers can opt for a full free fund also.

GearBest also has a 30 Day Unconditional Refund Guarantee for items that are not opened or used after being delivered.

Here, if a buyer does not want his or her item within 30 days of receiving it, they may also contact GearBest for a return and refund. However, in this circumstance, the return shipping will have to be covered by the buyer and the product is non-refundable. When the buyer ships to return the items, they need to be returned in their original packaging, unused and unopened, to qualify for a product refund.

The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee & return process must happen within 30 days of receiving the item. When contacting the support team, please have available the following information:

  1. The order number.
  2. The item code(s) you wish to return.
  3. The reason for return.

The GearBest in-house team will then review the case and make a decision. If a refund or exchange is decided upon, when GearBest receives the item, it will be exchanged with a replacement or will be refunded.

There is a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee option too, where customers can get a refund or an exchange for their product within 45 days of receiving it. Shipping costs to the buyer will also be reimbursed by the company.

Can I return my GearBest parcel?

GearBest also operates a 12-month long free repair option for customers. It says that unless otherwise noted on the product page, the default product warranty period is one year starting from the date you receive the goods. However, customers are reminded that any free repair needs to be confirmed with the manufacturer via the GearBest customer support team. Also, customers must pay fees to return the item accordingly,

GearBest pride itself on Lifetime Technical Support, which they say ensures reliable, helpful, and flexible services to their customers. On top of this, GearBest promises Lifetime Technical support over the lifetime of purchased products from its site, letting users buy with confidence.

It should be noted that GearBest does have some its which are non-returnable, as well as some conditions which if met, also make products non-returnable.

The conditions include:

  • If the item is over the 30-day warranty timeframe.
  • If it is washed, worn, used, or misused items.
  • If the items are not covered by the warranty for hygiene reasons.
  • If the items are unable to be returned, such as virus prevention items including All masks, disposable protective clothing, and other protective gear that comes into direct contact with the skin of humans or animals. All these types of items should mention that it is non-returnable on the product page.

What are the delivery options for GearBest products?

GearBest delivery currently uses four distinctive methods:

  • Registered shipping.
  • Unregistered shipping.
  • Expedited shipping.
  • Priority line shipping.

For the majority of countries, GearBest marketplace is known for using standard shipping too. Having in mind the approximate time for the delivery, this marketplace is known to deliver to every country except South Sudan and Palestine. Where registered parcels courier services offered on GearBest can be tracked, the unregistered (more economic) mails options chosen by customers will only provide partial tracking services. In this case, customers will only be able to access at best, information about their GearBest parcel when it is readily available at the dispatch centre.

As a lot of electronics and accessories are sold on GearBest, registered parcel options which include tracking are most advisable. Below is the list that comprises of GearBest shipping time and average days the service takes to reach the destination address.

How long does GearBest take to deliver?

Below is the average parcel delivery time for standard registered and registered shipping methods:

  • Russia - 28 days
  • Spain, UK, France, Portugal, Italy Germany - 15 days
  • Netherland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Greece Slovakia - 19 days
  • Turkey - 21 days
  • Brazil - 39 days
  • United States - 19 days
  • Korea Japan - 18 days
  • Australia - 11 days
  • Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore - 16 days
  • Others - 24 days

Below is the list of countries and the GearBest average delivery time for parcels shipped with priority line shipping option:

  • Russia - 28 days
  • Spain, UK, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany - 14 days
  • Turkey - 10 days
  • Brazil - 30 days
  • US - 12 days
  • Korea - 7 days
  • Australia - 11 days
  • Japan -7 days
  • Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore - 9 days
  • Others - 19 days (on average)

Expedited shipping can be one of the fastest options for delivery, depending on the weight, size, and destination of the GearBest parcel. This option is most commonly handled by the EMS China Postal service of DHL. The average delivery times for these couriers is below:

All registered GearBest parcel deliveries can be tracked on Ship24. Anyone wishing to track their package with GearBest just needs to use their tracking number on the Ship24 website homepage to find out the current location and status of their GearBest package.

When placing a GearBest order, GearBest is also offering to their customers the choice of the warehouse, to have their parcels delivered as early as possible. With Ship24, you can easily track your parcels to any destination country. For every country, the tracking code starts or ends with a different alphabet such as for Hong Kong, the tracking code starts with HK. However, the powerful Ship24 tracking system can detect multiple variations of tracking code, so it knows who your parcel is being tracked with and what its destination country is without you having to know. Simply enter your GearBest tracking code on the site and let it do the rest!

How to track GearBest parcels send via airmail?

GearBest airmail services are either registered or unregistered. When the packages are sent via unregistered airmail, the GearBest tracking number provided will only work when the parcel arrives in the destination country.

The tracking can therefore at best only notify the customer when the item has been delivered and not its progress as it moves from the seller to the final destination. Therefore, registered mail is a superior option when it comes to being able to keep up to date with where your parcel is. Buyers are encouraged to request sellers send mail registered when making a purchase, which will allow them to effectively track their mail for free via the Ship24 website. Once registered mail has been sent by the seller, the consumer can get real-time updates on their GearBest package as many times as they like, free of charge.

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