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What is Yanwen?

Beijing Yanwen Logistics Co., Ltd., established in 1998, is a leading comprehensive service provider of cross-border e-commerce logistics in China. Yanwen Logistics is currently a leading enterprise in the field of cross-border export logistics. Yanwen is mainly engaged in cross-border e-commerce export express delivery business. It has an international express business license and an international mail business license. It is currently the only cross-border logistics company with dual certificates Business. It provides direct-sale services in nearly 50 cities across the country and operates hundreds of cross-border logistics lines to reach 200+ countries and regions around the world. Yanwen's mission is to deliver made in China to the world, and its vision is to become the most trusted cross-border e-commerce logistics partner. Relying on a self-developed operating system and advanced intelligent logistics equipment to build a scientific and technological logistics system. Focus on the improvement of service quality, continue to invest in the construction of logistics infrastructure, rapidly expand the global network.

How long does Yanwen shipping take?

Yanwen shipping time depends on the selected delivery service.

For example, Yanwen special line tracking is a cost-effective special line logistics product. According to different destination countries, the delivery time is about 10-14 days under normal circumstances. Under special circumstances, such as statutory holidays, remote areas, severe weather events, policy adjustments, or exceptional events like COVID-19, it may take longer.

In which countries exactly does Yanwen can send packages to?

Yanwen can deliver packages to more than 200 different countries and regions; for specific shipping requirements and package size requirements, please consult your exclusive sales or customer service.

How do I track my parcel with Yanwen?

You can track Yanwen packages through the Yanwen website. You can enter up to 10 different Yanwen tracking numbers in the blank space, one per line, and then click Search. It is very easy to follow Yanwen on this page.

Another possibility is to use the Ship24 website. All you need to do is go to the homepage, then copy and paste the Yanwen tracking number in the search bar to follow Yanwen's order. You will then click Enter to get all the necessary information about the Yanwen package: its real-time location and its current delivery status.

What is Yanwen tracking Number format?

Yanwen tracking number formats are usually starting with two capital letters (for example VP, UV UF, etc.), followed by 9 numbers before ending with the two capital letters (generally YP). 

Other formats may also exist, for example, Yanwen may use directly a postal tracking number such as LO123456789CN or similar. In some other case, the format can also be like: AA 9999 9999 99AA. (composed of 14 characters, a mix of capital letters and numbers)

Outside China, these numbers may be changed but you will always get up-to-date tracking information using this number both on YW and Ship24 websites. Yanwen always provides the new tracking number in case it changes so you can know exactly where is your parcel and receive it efficiently by your local courier or post. Both ship24 and YW website allows you to search for either of the tracking numbers and get the same precise information.

How can I contact Yanwen customer service?

For any questions about Yanwen packages, please call 400-108-5656.

You can also leave a message on the Yanwen Logistics or Yanwen International Logistics public WeChat account.

Yanwen Logistics WeChat QR code     Yanwen International Logistics WeChat QR code

What is Yanwen Express?

Yanwen has different delivery options and Yanwen Express is one of them. You will find below an explanation for the different delivery options of Yanwen:

  • Yanwen Express:

Yanwen Express is a fast shipping option proposed by Yanwen. The Yanwen Express packages are trackable all the way, from China to the final destination. Their tracking number format starts and ends with 2 capital letters with 9 numbers between. Usually, the first letters are VR or UR, and the last letters YP. A Yanwen Express tracking number can be under this format: VR123456789YP or UR123456789YP for example.

When the package is arriving at the destination country, this tracking number may change in format but Yanwen always provides the new tracking number and the parcel can also be tracked using the original one.

  • Yanwen Economic Air Mail:

The Yanwen Economic Air Mail is the most common shipping option of Yanwen. The sellers generally use this delivery option. A lot of sellers from AliExpress use this shipping method for their small items (this method can be used only for goods under 2 kilos).

This method is popular because of its low price and short delivery times. This method is only trackable up to the arrival at the destination country.

  • Yanwen special Line YW:

The special line delivery is a shipping option used by Yanwen to ship packages from China. The packages are sent via air cargo to the destination country and then will use the postal office or the local express shipping courier of the destination country to deliver the package at the buyer's doorstep. This delivery option is used to speed up the delivery times.

All the Yanwen shipping methods are fast and that's what Yanwen is known for, the fast delivery and express services.

Is Yanwen Reliable?

Yanwen has existed since 1998 and is trusted by the Chinese merchants because of the optimal and reliable logistics solutions it proposes. In addition, Yanwen achieves the deliveries through partnerships with many international and popular postal and couriers such as DHL, UPS Express, China Post, and many others.

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