Yunda Express tracking

Yunda Express tracking


Yunda Express courier service bases its business mainly on express delivery, but at the same time integrates warehousing and supply chain businesses into its courier service. Through its deliveries and logistic support, this company offers a high level of expertise to all its domestic and worldwide customers.

Yunda Express package tracking

What is Yunda Express?

Shanghai Yunda Freight Co., Ltd (Yunda) has been operating in Shanghai since its establishment in 1999. It is an integrated express logistics service provider, which has achieved leadership in this industry due to its effective delivery and Yunda Express tracking. Over the years, it has established itself as a first-class express courier company. Yunda Express China ranks among the top in terms of delivery time, which clearly brings satisfaction to all its users. With Yunda's global network, the company managed to deliver more than 10 million parcels to its customers.

As of December 31, 2019, Yunda Express, China maintained 31 provinces under its coverage, reaching more than 30 countries and regions across the world. Currently, this number is still growing.
Yunda Express China works daily with the mission to spread love, warmth, and more convenience through fast, capable, and totally secure service, which can be clearly evidenced through its free Yunda Express tracking service.

How can I track my Yunda Express delivery order?

Once you have registered and contracted a Yunda Express delivery service, the system will generate a Yunda Express tracking number that you will need to enter in order to keep you informed about the stages of the delivery. This Yunda Express tracking number will be requested from the Yunda web page and without logging in you will be able to access a box for this purpose, identified as an "express query".

From there you can read how the system indicates that you can enter up to 20 numbers per line in case you have several orders at the same time. Through Yunda Express tracking, every customer has the possibility to know in real-time the status of the shipment.

Another way you can track your delivery order is by using Ship24 as your tracking site. Ship24 can track your orders and give you the latest updates regarding them. Ship24's tracking is the most reliable one since you can track up to 10 orders at the same time. It can also track more than 1200 couriers so even if you have another tracking number from a different courier, you can use it all at the same time and Ship24 will be able to detect which courier it is.

Ship24 also has tracking API for developers or businesses who are interested in integrating a tracking system into their system.

What is the format of a Yunda Express tracking number?

Each Yunda Express tracking number will always have 13 digits. When you have contracted a shipping service with this company, you are given a copy of your delivery note. An example of this is 1302544709661. You can see it at the top under a barcode and at the bottom of the waybill. You can perform the Yunda Express tracking from the Yunda website.

In case any problems occur, please do not hesitate to contact their customer care.

Where can I find my Yunda Express tracking number?

The Yunda Express tracking number can be found on the shipping label of the parcel, or on the receipt that's given. If you have lost the receipt, you can check your confirmation email or your phone number for the details of the tracking number. This tracking number can be used on Ship24 to track where the parcel is to give you detailed information on the estimated time of arrival.

Does Yunda Express deliver internationally?

In 2013, the company started with Yunda Express international shipping providing impeccable service, thanks to the commercial cooperation with countries such as Japan, the United States, South Korea, Australia, and Germany, among others, providing an urgent delivery service that meets the needs of foreign consumers. This international service also allows the customer to access the Yunda Express shipments track, providing the opportunity to do this tracking in batches, which is quite advantageous if you are a company that handles multiple shipments.

Yunda Express tracking can be done from the website or from any cell phone that has downloaded the Yunda app. This way you will always have the facility to track your orders from wherever you are.
Among its notable advantages for the Yunda Express shipments track, we have that the company will also be able to notify its customers in a timely manner about the updated status of the international delivery, by means of a message.

Is Yunda Express delivery fast?

The service standards for receiving stipulate that for shipments picked up before 8:00 p.m. the same day, the delivery time should not exceed 24 hours on the third day. For shipments picked up after 8:00 p.m. on the same day, the time limit is increased by one day from the previous day.

For company purposes, the pick-up time is subject to the "pick-up" time specified in the logistics details on the company's website. A signature will be taken into account for the receipt, the pick-up, the signature of receipt, and the delivery. Therefore, when a receiving user alters the information in these logistic details, the company will be guided by the actual receipt or delivery certificate.

For Yunda Express international shipping, this company like many others dedicated to the industry makes it clear that there are great possibilities that deliveries are not made in the exact time due to other factors that are out of their hands. For example, customs procedures, and bad weather, among others.

Either way from the Yunda Express website you can get an estimated Yunda Express shipping time, where after entering data associated with the destination (sender/recipient) you can even see a map with the route and the estimated time it will take delivery, depending on the contracted service. Through the information associated with tracking Yunda Express, you will be able to keep track of the entire process, which is an undeniable sign of the transparency of this leading delivery company.

Is Yunda Express shipping expensive?

From the Yunda Express website, each customer will be able to know the rate associated with his shipment thanks to the "freight consultation" that can be done online. All you have to do is enter data related to the place of origin or pick-up, destination city, and the characteristics of the package to be shipped: size and weight.

The system will automatically make a calculation that will reflect your Yunda Express shipping prices. Regarding this calculation, the company is emphatic in affirming that this will be the guide price to be paid on the fly.

How do I contact Yunda Express?

If you wish to contact the Yunda Express customer service, the company offers its customers several options. Among these is an online complaint service, where you can report any inconvenience, from the Yunda website, in the section contact us+ online complaint. Clicking by on this link you will access a form where you can express any inconvenience.

Another option is through the Yunda Express contact 021-39207888 and fax 021-3929127. The company also offers on its website a link to its WeChat account.

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