YunExpress tracking

YunExpress tracking


In the world of eCommerce and online shopping, the anticipation of receiving a package is part of the experience. That's where YunExpress comes in. Known for its international logistics and shipping services, YunExpress takes the guesswork out of parcel tracking.

YunExpress Tracking is an integral part of the company's offerings, ensuring consumers can keep an eye on their packages from dispatch to delivery. Offering the peace of mind that comes with knowing where your package is at any given time, YunExpress tracking has become synonymous with reliability and transparency in international shipping.

With this system, customers no longer have to worry about their packages getting lost in transit. They can access real-time updates on the status and location of their parcels, helping to manage expectations and provide assurance of timely delivery.

While YunExpress Tracking might be our focus, it's important to remember that this service is just one aspect of the company's wide-ranging shipping solutions. From "YunExpress package tracking" to "Tracking YunExpress parcel", each aspect of their service is geared towards enhancing customer satisfaction and promoting efficient delivery mechanisms.

YunExpress package tracking

How do I track my Yun Express parcel?

Yun Express will provide all customers sending registered parcels with them a YunExpress tracking number, to check the location of their parcel. You can use the Yun Express tracking number on their tracking website or on the free-to-use Ship24 tracking website, to ensure you have global tracking capability on your Yun Express parcel.

YunExpress tracking on the website

When it comes to shipping, tracking your YunExpress packages is important. With YunExpress tracking, you can easily monitor your shipment's progress and know exactly when to expect your package. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use YunExpress tracking:

  1. Initiating the Tracking Process: Firstly, you will need your YunExpress tracking number. This number is typically provided when you make a purchase and the seller ships your item via YunExpress. The tracking number is essential for following the progress of your package.

  2. Visit the YunExpress Website: Go to the YunExpress website. Once there, navigate to the tracking section of the website. It's often visible on the homepage for easy access.

  3. Enter Your Tracking Number: In the tracking section, you will see a field asking for your tracking number. Input the number here and click on the 'Track' button.

  4. View Your Shipment Status: After clicking 'Track', you will be redirected to a page displaying all the tracking information for your package. This information includes the current package location, shipping history, estimated delivery date, and any possible delays.

YunExpress tracking on website

YunExpress Tracking on Ship24

When it comes to tracking your Yun Express parcel, you should be aware that Yun Express outsources and subcontracts the handling of packages with other couriers, especially when they reach the destination country, meaning that the ability to track your parcel could be compromised when the handover takes place.

This isn't the case with third-party Yun Express shipment tracking tools, like Ship24. You can track your parcel end-to-end, through multiple couriers with Ship24. That is why buyers and sellers alike are heading to Ship24 as soon as they receive their tracking numbers, to take advantage of the one-stop-tracking shop that is Ship24.

Track YunExpress parcels on Ship24

YunExpress Tracking Notifications

Upon entering your Yun Express tracking number on a tracking site like Ship24, a list of tracking notifications will be shown. Sometimes, it can be challenging to understand it. Below are some of the Yun Express tracking notifications and a description of them.

Yun Express Tracking Notification Description
Shipment information received The sender has scheduled delivery with YunExpress but has not given the parcel to YunExpress yet.
Departed Facility In processing center---- The YunExpress package has left a local YunExpress sorting centre.
Departed from AIRPORT of Origin The YunExpress package has left the origin airport and is on its way to the destination country.
Arrived at AIRPORT of Destination The YunEpress has arrived at the country of destination.
Delivery to local courier The package is on its way to a local YunExpress office.
Custom clearance completed The package is cleared from customs.
Arrive at international airport to abroad---- The package has arrived at an international airport in China and is being shipped overseas.
Departed Facility in The package has left a YunExpress facility in a certain city/region.
Arrived at Sort Facility The package has arrived at a sorting warehouse.

What is the YunExpress tracking number format?

The YunExpress tracking number is comprised of 18 digits. Starting with 2 alphabetic letters YT and ending with 16 numeric letters.

YunExpress Tracking Number Examples

However, just so buyers and sellers are aware of what the general format of YunExpress tracking numbers looks like, please find an example and description below.

  • YT202221272033139
  • YT212662127220186

YunExpress Shipping Methods

YunExpress provides a broad array of shipping methods designed to cater to a variety of customer needs. From businesses looking to expand their reach globally to individuals seeking a reliable way to send or receive packages, YunExpress has developed solutions that cover all these needs.

The company's shipping methods are broadly categorized into Cross-border B2C Lines, FBA, Postal Parcel, and International Express. Each method is tailored to provide unique advantages, ensuring customers can choose the option that best meets their specific needs.

YunExpress Cross-border B2C Lines

Cross-border Business-to-Consumer (B2C) lines have become increasingly significant in the age of global e-commerce. Many businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones, are keen to expand their reach beyond their home markets. This is where YunExpress Cross-border B2C lines come into the picture, offering effective and efficient solutions to international logistics challenges. The following are the services that YunExpress Cross-border B2C Lines offer:

  • YunExpress Registered Priority
  • YunExpress Registered Standard
  • YunExpress Germany Registered
  • Japan Registered Direct
  • Middle East Registered DDP
  • YunExpress Priority Direct
  • YunExpress Registered Standard General
  • YunExpress Standard General
  • Tophatter Trucking Registered
  • Middle East Direct

YunExpress FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

The partnership between YunExpress and Amazon FBA is primarily focused on streamlining e-commerce operations. YunExpress helps in moving goods from sellers to Amazon FBA warehouses. The key elements of their collaboration include:

US FBA Ocean Freight

A significant part of YunExpress's offerings includes the US FBA Ocean Freight service. This service is specifically designed for sellers who need to transport large quantities of merchandise to Amazon FBA warehouses in the United States. YunExpress handles the freight from the seller's door to the Amazon warehouse, providing a cost-effective and reliable solution for bulk shipments.


For European markets, YunExpress works in conjunction with Amazon FBA under the UK-VAT scheme. This service is particularly beneficial for businesses affected by the implementation of the new UK-VAT regulations post-Brexit. YunExpress's Europe FBA UK-VAT services ensure that sellers can effortlessly ship their products to Amazon's FBA warehouses across the UK and Europe, while also adhering to the region's specific tax rules and regulations.

YunExpress Postal Parcel

YunExpresstakes international shipping to another level through its remarkable collaboration with China Post, one of the oldest and most respected postal services in China. This strategic partnership ensures efficient and reliable delivery of postal parcels to various destinations around the world.

Through its Postal Parcel service, YunExpress bridges the gap between Chinese merchants and customers globally, making international postal shipping as seamless as possible. This service integrates the strengths of both YunExpress and China Post, resulting in a reliable shipping solution that provides tracking information, predictable delivery times, and affordable shipping costs.

China Post, with its well-established infrastructure and vast network across China, handles the collection and sorting of parcels. After this initial process, YunExpress steps in to manage international shipping, customs clearance, and final delivery in the destination country.

YunExpress International Express

YunExpress is known for its global reach in logistics, primarily driven by its robust partnerships with top international express companies. Two of the most notable partnerships are with DHL Express and UPS Express, both based out of Hong Kong. These strategic collaborations have given YunExpress a unique position in the world of express shipping, and have greatly expanded its capacity to handle international parcels swiftly and efficiently.

YunExpress Direct Line Shipping

Direct shipping is an innovative way of delivering goods from suppliers and product owners to the customer directly, which is facilitated by YunExpress. Direct shipping reduces transportation and storage costs but requires additional planning and administration, which is covered by YunExpress as part of the service.

Direct shipment is now a common practice in industries that rely on outsourced manufacturing, such as apparel and footwear and is used by logistics companies to ensure speedy delivery of goods worldwide.

How long do YunExpress international deliveries take?

YunExpress delivery timeframes depend on the size, weight, origin, and destination of your parcel. However, most international deliveries are achieved within 5 to 15 days. For more specific, country-to-country delivery estimates, see below:

YunExpress partner FedEx delivers the YunExpress parcel in the USA. If you ship your package from China to the USA, it will usually take 7-15 days if you choose the standard shipping option. After customs clearance, your YunExpress parcel will most likely be handed over to FedEx, or another national courier, to complete the last part of its journey.

Usually, after the handover takes place, the tracking number will change and you will be encouraged to continue tracking your YunExpress parcel on the FedEx website. However, if you don't want to keep changing websites as your parcel is handed over, get YunExpress international tracking with Ship24, just using the original tracking number.

Packages delivered to Europe via the standard shipping option from YunExpress will usually arrive within 7-12 business days. What can cause delays to occur are unforeseen circumstances, including holidays, severe weather events, issues at customs, or exceptional events like outbreaks of disease (e.g COVID-19).

YunExpress Contact Information

For any inquiries regarding tracking, shipping, account information, or any issue-related matters, you can contact YunExpress customer service by the information below, depending if you are based in China or the US.

YunExpress China Contact Information

  • Headquarters: Shenzhen, Longgang, Bantian, Bulong Road-369, Donghaiwang
  • Phone number: 0755 893 563 29
  • E-mail address:

YunExpress USA Contact Information

  • Headquarters: YunExpress USA, Inc. East New Jersey, 1100 Cranbury S. River Rd, Monroe, NJ 08831 /
    West California, 10722 S. La Cienega Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90304
  • Phone Number: (732) 722-8110
  • E-mail address:

It should be noted that if you have shipped your package through YunExpress in the US, contacting main offices in America or even China is not the best solution, and it is better to contact dedicated customer service numbers to solve your query. This is because some offices don't process parcels, meaning that your parcel will never pass through these locations on the way to its final destination.

If your query for example is regarding why your parcel has not yet reached the address given above, then the answer will most likely be it has not because it is not a parcel processing checkpoint or your YunExpress parcel will be being processed elsewhere at a warehouse which is located closer to the origin and final destination.

If you have another query that is not related to YunExpress parcel tracking, head over to the YunExpress website to speak to one of their team.

If you need to contact YunExpress, for example, if you have lost your YunExpress tracking number or have a query for customer services, then you are encouraged to connect with them directly through their website, for the quickest response time.

Where does YunExpress operate?

YunExpress was founded in 2014 in Shenzhen, China. However, today YunExpress has warehouses and office locations in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Therefore, their operations are truly universal, meaning that if you need to contact YunExpress regarding a parcel sent with them or find out more about their services, it will depend on where you are located.

However, two important addresses to note are its headquarters in China and the US. The headquarters in China is based in Shenzhen, while the headquarters in the USA is in New Jersey and West California.

About YunExpress

YunExpress, also known as Yuntu in China, is a shipping and logistics provider that specializes in e-commerce shipping solutions, boasting market-leading direct-line logistics for cross-border eCommerce sellers and e-tailers. It was founded in 2014 in Shenzhen, China.

Being one of the biggest shipment forwarding logistics operations in China, as well as owning and operating around 10 parcel processing warehouses in China, it also has its own processing stations in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, Australia, and North America. In these respective destinations, YunExpress uses partnerships with recognized national and local courier services for parcels to be delivered within the fastest possible timeframe.

The company has enjoyed immense growth through its focus on facilitating delivery solutions for e-tailers, particularly in China. The company connects eCommerce merchants with international consumers around the world by providing fast and affordable international parcel delivery services.

With Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) customs clearance hubs in 11 countries and multiple dedicated e-commerce warehouses, YunExpress offers the full package as far as end-to-end parcel delivery is concerned. Utilizing DDP as part of its delivery services means more efficient and timelier package delivery, with YunExpress taking care of the added administration that such a service requires as part of its value proposition.

Indeed, the shipping giant has enjoyed significant success, which has resulted in substantial growth, leading it to become one of the world's top 10 cross-border shipping providers for B2C e-commerce. YunExpress is helping to create loyal shoppers for its client's online stores by increasing overall purchase satisfaction.

Today, YunExpress estimates that it delivers around 500,000 parcels each day worldwide, for some 10,000. Indeed, YunExpress's growth has also gone hand in hand with its recognition by major e-commerce websites and marketplaces as their recommended logistics provider.

In 2017, YunExpress was recommended as Amazon marketplace's preferred logistics provider and by 2018 was the official logistics partner of Wish. In that same year, the company also introduced automatic parcel processing, again improving the efficiency of its parcel delivery operations universally.

By 2019, Tophatter and Shopify both also included YunExpress as a recommended logistics provider, with official logistics partnerships secured with eBay and VOVA in some regions.

Now, YunExpress also has numerous, more localized offerings for customers, such as YunExpress USA, which caters more to the North American market and can e-tailers in China. This is slowly seeing YunExpress becoming a globally recognized name in the parcel delivery industry, as the company looks to secure continued growth in the future.

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