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What is YunExpress?

YunExpress is a shipping solution provider that works for e-commerce shipping from the USA to other continents like Asia and Europe. This company provides the best facilities to retailers by providing a connection to their worldwide consumers. It provides fast shipping solutions, easy to use, and also affordable.
It is a shipping solutions company mostly used for eCommerce and logistic operations. It’s working all over the world and handles 200 parcels per day worldwide. The company makes sure to have a fast YunExpress delivery, great service quality, and very low shipping cost for its consumers.

Is YunExpress reliable?

YunExpress shipping provides reliable service to its consumers. It helps to track your YunExpress order to remain updated about your parcel online. Tracking is very easy and available throughout the tracking service of the company. Also, it provides the surety of good packing and delivery on time.

How YunExpress work?

As it acts as a partnership between seller and consumers, the company will pick the package from the seller and then will deliver it to the consumer’s country. YunExpress also works with other courier companies like Royal Mail, UPS, USPS, FedEx, Canada Post, etc. to deliver YunExpress package.

How do I track my YunExpress parcel?

You can track your parcel to check out its status. YunExpress provides you a YunExpress Tracking number to check the location of your parcel. You can put the number at “yuntrack.com”, please note that the number should be separated by commas, space, or enter. Using this service you can check 500 Tracking numbers at once.
You can also use the Ship24 homepage and put your tracking number in the search bar to check your YunExpress parcel.

How fast is YunExpress?

YunExpress provides the fastest delivery solution to their consumers, as for their international consumers like the UK, Germany, and France, etc. it takes 3-10 business days to deliver their objects. However, in more remote areas, the delivery may take a little longer. It provides the YunExpress shipping service to ensure fast delivery.

Who delivers YunExpress packages in the US?

YunExpress partner FedEx delivers the YunExpress parcel in the USA. If you ship your package from Hong Kong it will take 7-15 days by air and after the customs clearance they hand it over to FedEx. After it provides the FedEx tracking number and you can track it on FedEx official site. YunExpress uses FedEx to delivers packages in the whole USA without Hawaii, Alaska, and Guam Island, etc.
YunExpress works with other major courier services on partnership agreements all over the world. They use Royal Mail, UPS, USPS, FedEx, Canada Post, etc to deliver YunExpress packages.
They also provide a postal tracker service with which you can track your YunExpress package on Yun Express US Direct, Yun Express UK, or again Yun Express Canada.

Who delivers Yun Express parcels in Spain and the UK?

There are partner companies working with YunExpress to make sure the delivery of packages. There two types of services working first are Spain special line surface mail which delivers the package within 7-12 business days and the second is Spain special line registered which makes sure the YunExpress delivery doesn’t take more than 5-7 days. 
In the United-Kingdom, the delivery with Royal Mail is used. Parcel shipped from Hong Kong and in UK hand over to Royal Mail which makes sure the delivery on the destination within 3-5 and full path tracking takes about 35 days.

How does YunExpress deliver in France?

There are two types of services in France for YunExpress package shipping. First is “La Poste Colissimo” which delivers the package within 3-5 working days. The second one is YunExpress France special line registered and it can deliver the package within 5-10 working days.  

Where is Yun Express located?

If you have shipped your package through YunExpress, and are trying to find its office. You should know that it never involves YunExpress delivery to your country. It just acts as logistical partners between you and online sellers. It picks the package from the seller and hands over it to the courier service partner working in your country. 
If you need some information about your YunExpress track parcel and use the phone, it wouldn't help. You can use www.yuntrack.com to track your YunExpress shipping as always.

Can anyone use YunExpress shipping from China?

Of course, you can choose it for shipping from china. If you are shipping a package from China to the USA, it will take 7 to 15 days in only $2 cost. when it reaches USPS than handled as a Priority Mail Shipment. After it, it can deliver to the destination within 3-8 days.

What is the Return Policy of YunExpress?

YunExpress shipping service doesn’t support a return policy. From France to Hong Kong it doesn’t support the return but they provide the redelivery policy. Every consumer should pay its re-delivery fee which is 50RMB / package. The package will be destroyed after 2 weeks if there is no reply given to YunExpress.

How much are YunExpress shipping costs?

YunExpress shipping costs depend on the parcel weight and the destination. The company provides a great service with a low shipping fee without any surprise charges. There are no fuel charges.
Where return policy is not available, the provide re-delivery service the consumers pay YunExpress shipping costs for re-delivery.

How can I contact YunExpress?

You can contact the YunExpress company if you have lost your tracking number for example and if you need customer service to provide you the YunExpress tracking number. You will then use this number to track your parcel location.
If you want to contact the YunExpress office, then you can use the following number +1 (732) 722 8110 and you can also contact an agent through the official website https://www.yunexpressusa.com/. Here through the website, you can contact them and also find all the details related to the packages.

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