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What is Wish?

Wish.com is an e-commerce platform app that offers buyers amazing prices for goods sold all over the world. Founded in 2010 by Peter Szulczewski and Danny Zhang, the platform is similar to that of eBay and Amazon. It allows sellers to list their products and sell directly to the consumers bypassing the middle man known as the store.

Wish.com is one of the main marketplaces for goods from China sold all over the world. Wish is a platform for sellers optimized to sell directly to buyers and they only handle the payments.

Wish.com started as a site for people to create lists of what they wanted for weddings or other events. The company itself reached out to vendors and merchants of those products and began to build an app for sale of those items. Wish takes a portion of each sale as the host site for the merchants. Wish.com has been approached by Amazon and Alibaba to sell its platform to them, but it has rejected that offer ever time. Wish is now a direct competitor to the well-established marketplaces. The headquarters of the company are officially in San Francisco, in the U.S, but Wish has different offices worldwide. Wish is the fastest growing app having 800+ employees who are working in 130+ countries.

Where does Wish ship from?

Wish.com is serving consumers all over the world from China. It is like Amazon and eBay online stores. It is easy to work on Wish for sellers. They only need to add the product on-site, buyers directly search it and contact the sellers and sellers can easily handle the payments. Each day, many sellers add products with detail on Wish.com that you can see in visualized format.

How long does shipping take from Wish?

Wish shipping time varies according to the final destination place. Commonly, it takes 15 to 45 days to deliver the order at your intended place. If the order is placed within China then it takes a few days to one week almost to deliver your wish parcel. Most of the wish orders are from Alibaba so it is obviously time taking for your wish shipment. It depends on the seller you have chosen for your product. Sometimes, you will receive your Wish delivery within a week and sometimes it takes months to arrive at your proposed place. When you place your order you are supposed to receive a confirmation email of your wish order from a seller and all the details of your wish shipping.

You can also avail the option for same-day Wish delivery if you need an urgent parcel. For faster Wish delivery time you need to pay extra charges approximately $5.99. Wish is offering this service especially for their loyal customers.

What are Wish express shipping methods?

This option speeds up the delivery of goods; an estimate of transit time between 5 to 7 business days. (not delivered on holidays or on Saturdays).

This program is available only on specific products and for specific vendors. Only selected regions are allowed to be part of the Wish Express Program. Wish Express is eligible for selected countries (see on Wish.com).

The faster the merchant on Wish.com ships their item, the better their ranking is. They are required to reduce wait times and process orders within a day or two of receiving them so they can receive higher visibility. Wish Express shipments must arrive on time at least 95% of the time to meet the eligibility.

The merchants have to face penalties if they do not comply with the Wish.com stipulations, for damaged or lost goods to having their accounts suspended and getting removed from the merchant’s list. Wish is using a reliable courier network to deliver around the world.

They must be confirmed with the courier/carrier at the end of the 5th working day after the order was received and must be confirmed as delivered within 10 business days. Extra time is offered if a request to confirm an address is issued within 2 business days of the order if the order gets canceled before the order can be shipped for example.

An order that has violated the delivery requirement and needs refunding is 100% the merchant’s responsibility. They are required to pay back the cost of the item and the ship completely. It is not the responsibility of Wish.com to fulfill the orders for the customers.

How do I track a package from Wish?

You are offered with the option to keep a check on your wish order via WishPost. Your Wish package tracking will be tracked by this tool offered by Wish, when you visit the website just go to the option “shipping tracking”. You need to select the company's website in order to track your wish parcel. You are assigned a unique Wish tracking number of your parcel. You just have to enter the number and click on the button “check tracking info”. You will receive all the details of your shipping delivery.

Sometimes it is difficult to go on the webpages and find each thing with a hurdle. People always worry and ask themselves how to “track my Wish order”. For an easier process in your Wish tracking, you can simply go on the Ship24 website and just enter your Wish tracking number to find the details of your Wish delivery.

In conclusion, using your tracking number, you can look up your package through Wish.com to see where it is or you can use a third-party site to help you find out where it is like Ship24!

Many of these packages are easier to track once they are issued a tracking number of the country they are traveling to. Having a tracking number for your own country makes it more understandable and easier to track thanks to ship24.

What is the shipping cost on Wish?

Wish shipping cost varies as per the features of the product. The weight of the product, size and final destination point is in the count for Wish shipping costs. The Wish shipping cost is applied on a single item but on one order. Wish items are ordered from multiple stores that is why shipping costs are different.

How to get free shipping on Wish?

There are offers for Wish free shipping available for you with some challenges. The Wish App is developed for your ease and you can search free shipping in the search engine to get Wish free shipping offers. If you shop around the holidays, you will be offered with some free shipping option or at least reduced Wish delivery costs.

You can also get promotional code for Wish free shipping. Wish shipping gives you promo if you look at the top products in an App. you can simply complete the daily login bonus and challenges to get Wish free shipping. In push notifications there are new promo codes given. And your email is also full of new promo codes; only you need to read an email with attention.

How to cancel an order on Wish?

You can cancel your Wish order if you placed it by mistake. You have to go to the order history and find the option “customer support”. So you can get assistance from the Wish Assistant to cancel your order. With this option, you will be able to cancel your order and no need to charge for your parcel. Remember one thing, you can cancel your Wish order within 8 hours after placing. If your Wish order is already shipped, you would not be allowed to choose the order cancellation option.

Wish orders pending is an issue in some cases faced by buyers. If your order is on pending, maybe the seller has not confirmed it yet. Or some other issues such as not receiving payment through bank or debit card issues. Once your order has been confirmed, you will receive it on given time. If you encounter any issues regarding Wish parcels, you can report to the Wish customer support service for help.

You are allowed to keep checking your wish parcel after confirmation of your wish order. Wish shipping time is estimated in the confirmation email and surely you will receive your order at the given time. Once you place your order you can track by visiting the Wish website. Another easy way to track your Wish package is to go on the Ship24 website. This universal platform will help you to learn more about your Wish parcel. You will need to put your wish tracking number in the search bar “enter tracking number”. You will receive all the necessary information about your Wish delivery, the courier used and the key dates of the delivery.

Sumup: Which, shopping and tracking, how it works?

Wish.com has sellers from all over the world so your packages could come from everywhere. There are rules that merchants must follow to remain sellers on Wish.com. One of those rules is to acknowledge the purchase and ship or contact the customer within 2 business days of the order’s placement.

Most of the wish.com products shipped wish.com use WishPost and track easily through Ship24.com or the WishPost tracking feature on their website. The app itself also holds onto your purchase on your account and you can look it up any time to see when it shipped and when it will arrive.

Tracking from Wish.com depends on where it is shipping from and the carriers that carry them around the world. Most of the shippers are in China so your first tracking numbers will come from the China Post (economy option) until they reach your own country then they will be transferred to the national postal carrier most of the time for last mile delivery.

High percentage of goods are coming from China, but there are others based in places around the world such as the United States and India. You will need to make sure you know where and how your package will be coming so you can estimate the time it will take to get to you.

Your package should have the two letters, a series of 9 numbers and two more letters which indicate the country of origin to the country of destination. Those tracking numbers make it easy to track from China to the country of delivery such as the USA or the UK.

The better the review the customer gives, the more stars the merchant gets which leads to higher listings and more visibility. The merchants are encouraged to put the needs of their customers first and ship promptly to rise in visibility and ranking on the website.


Shop Nationality Date of creation Shipping time
American 2010 15 to 45 days
Send your parcel from China to 40+ countries from ¥99
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