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What is Wish?

Wish is an online e-commerce platform that offers buyers low market prices for goods from sellers all over the world. Originally founded in 2010, the Wish platform is a similar set up to that of eBay and Amazon in that it allows sellers to list their products and sell directly to consumers. By 'bypassing the middleman' in this respect, such as a physical store - which would usually raise the prices significantly to cover their own overheads - Wish and other platforms like is can offer almost unbelievably cheap products which can be sent directly delivered to buyer's destinations of choice.

Wish, therefore, doesn't actually sell any products of its own but instead is a marketplace for producers and manufacturers to sell their products on. Wish simply hosts products for the seller to enable them to connect with buyers.

The original idea behind Wish was as a site for people to list the items they wanted to be bought as part of their wedding gifts, or for other events. The company then reached out to vendors and merchants of products that were listed on the site, connecting sellers and buyers while building up a range of products on their platform. Wish then takes a cut from each for their service. The company has been so successful that it has been approached by both Amazon and Alibaba regarding its purchase, but both were rejected and today Wish is competing at the top as one of the most well-established online marketplaces.

Where does Wish ship from?

Wish doesn't actually ship products it sells on its platform, as it is simply a host site for sellers to connect with consumers and therefore is not responsible for the shipping process. This responsibility falls to the seller; however, buyers and sellers can interact to discuss shipping options and delivery time frames should they Wish, with all parcels shipped by sellers from Wish able to be tracked with Ship24.

The headquarters of Wish are located in the United States, namely San Francisco, but Wish has many different offices worldwide. However, buyers should note again that as Wish does not sell any products, no products will be shipped from their San Francisco address, but instead from wherever the seller is located who has sold the product on the platform. For instance, if a seller is located in China, shipping will usually begin with a local Chinese courier or be handled by a larger international courier using local couriers as it progresses along its journey. This means that no matter who your parcel is shipped with, it could change hands, and even tracking numbers as it travels along its delivery route. The good news is, all registered parcels sold on Wish and sent by sellers can be tracked using the Ship24 website, regardless of who is handling the parcel or whether it changes hands multiple times. All you need is your tracking number, which should be provided upon purchase or in a confirmation email, and buyers can head over to the Ship24 website to begin tracking their parcel.

What is the best way to track a parcel from Wish?

Because Wish products are listed from sellers all around the world, they can be sent via many different couriers due to being in numerous different countries with any number of different local carriers. Therefore, the best way to track your Wish parcel is via the multi-courier tracking website Ship24. Ship24 has an auto-detection system that can automatically identify the courier your parcel is which just from the tracking code. You do not need to enter the tracking code courier or any other details to begin tracking your parcel, simply enter the code on the website and you'll receive the latest information on your parcel. Not only that, but you'll be able to track it worldwide, whichever courier it is with, including FedEx, DHL, TNT, DPD, GLS, USPS, China Post, Japan Post, and so on!

You can, however, opt to track your parcel via WishPost. When you visit the Wish website, head to the "shipping tracking" area. However, you will need to select the company's website in order to track your Wish parcel. You will then have to enter your tracking ID code and click on the button "check tracking info" in order to receive all the details of your shipping delivery. Sometimes it can be difficult to go on each webpage hence why Ship24 entered the market to offer an all-encompassing tracking solution which makes it much simpler to track your Wish parcel. Put your mind at rest and head to the Ship24 website to get all the information you need, any time you need it, with just one click of a button.

Ship24 is a comprehensive, universal tracking platform that provides information from multiple international couriers. However, for parcel and package or any other delivery issues, you need to contact the sender or the place where you placed your order or the carrier/courier that is in charge of delivering your parcel.

How long does tracked Wish shipping take?

The delivery time on Wish purchases will vary according to a number of factors. However, usually deliveries time takes between 15 and 45 days. The variation occurs because Wish products are listed by sellers from all over the world, therefore it will depend on the seller's origin and the courier services available in that country on how long delivery time takes. Equally, buyers can also be located anywhere across the globe, and subsequently the same applies. This can particularly affect delivery times if both the buyer and seller are located in remote or rural destinations where couriers may take longer to reach. For instance, if an order is placed with a seller in China, and you are located in the rural United States, there may be a long wait for your product.

Other factors can also help or hinder the delivery timeframe, namely the time it takes your seller to post the item and the transportation method. Once you have bought the item, it is the responsibility of the seller to post the item as soon as possible. It is best to make sure a delivery timeframe is agreed upon with a seller before a purchase is made in the event that you need the delivery to be within a set period. Also, the transportation method by which your Wish order is sent is also key to making sure it arrives as close to the possible day you would like it to. Transportation options by air are usually the fastest, however are generally more expensive. Shipping options by land and sea are usually among the slowest but are cheaper. If there is no rush to receive your product, then choosing the cheapest option shouldn't be a problem for you however, always make sure that your parcel is registered when being posted by the seller, then you can track your Wish order via the Ship24 website to keep up to date on its location and status whenever you want.

That being said, next-day Wish delivery is available should you need the item urgently, however, this is usually the most expensive option available, at around $6 or more depending on the item's size and weight.

Is the Wish express shipping option quicker?

Wish express shipping usually brings an order's average delivery time down to around 5 to 7 business days, with buyers needing to take into consideration that this option does not include weekend deliveries or national holidays, which could delay the delivery outside of this timeframe.

Wish express shipping is only available on certain products and with certain merchants on the platform. Also, only selected regions are eligible for the Wish express service, with the countries that are, able to be found on the Wish website. These countries are subject to change therefore it is always advisable to check on the Wish website for the latest information regarding the countries eligible for the Wish express service.

Does Wish have a parcel shipping ranking list for sellers?

Wish rates sellers on their platform by how fast they ship their items. The faster the merchant on Wish ships a parcel, the better their ranking is, with this information available to sellers while viewer products. This means that sellers are incentivized to ship Wish items faster and process orders quicker, so they receive the due recognition and better visibility on the platform. When it comes to Wish Express shipments, they are required to arrive on time (or when stated) at least 95 percent of the time, in order for sellers not to incur penalties.

Should merchants fail to meet their deadlines, penalties including account suspensions for damaged or lost goods or even having their accounts suspended and getting removed from the website. A Wish package sent by a seller must have been confirmed as with a courier by the end of the 5th working day after which the order was received and must be confirmed as delivered within 10 business days if sent through Wish express shipping. Although, extra time is given if confirmation of an address is issued within 2 business days of the order being received. An order that violates the delivery timeframe and is required to be fully refunded by the merchant.

How much does it cost to order a parcel from Wish?

Wish parcel shipping cost varies as per the size and weight of the product, as well as the shipping method. Standard Wish shipping costs are applied to each item in your basket but because different items will be shipped from the various locations where the sellers are located, Wish orders for similar size products may vary depending on local courier rates.

Buyers are advised to always check shipping costs with the seller or on the Wish website before ordering. Checking the Shipping costs is imperative as sometimes you cannot be refunded once an order has been placed. Also, buyers should be aware that if their Wish parcel order is an abnormal weight or size then there may be extra shipping cost which will be incurred by them.

Can you get free Shipping on Wish orders?

Some sellers and products offer free shipping on the Wish website, although you may find that the product is a little bit more expensive than usual in order for the seller to cover the free shipping cost by making the price includes the shipping cost but without making it a separate payment. While some Wish products include free shipping as a bonus, shoppers should be aware when something looks too good to be true, especially regarding free shipping on large items!

However, there are also various promotional codes for Wish free shipping which can be obtained through customer loyalty or via promotional offers on different sites and platforms. Wish shipping sometimes can offer you promotions if you regularly browse products in the Wish App. You can also complete the daily "login bonus" challenges to get Wish free shipping. Promo codes will also be sent in emails and via push notifications, so keep your eyes peeled if you like to get a bargain on shipping while shopping! Whether your shipping is premier next-day delivery, or free via a promotional code, all registered Wish mail can be tracked via the Ship24 universal tracking system using just the shipping number/tracking code. It doesn't matter which variation of numbers of letters are included in your code, just enter the number into the Ship24 website to get instant tracking information in real-time.

Which company offers universal Wish package tracking?

Tracking using the tracking services on the Wish website can be slow and frustrating. Due to the nature of Wish and the fact it hosts sellers from all around the world, means tracking parcels worldwide can be difficult, especially when the website is predominantly an online marketplace and not a shipment tracking specialist.
Ship24 is a shipping specialist, offering universal Wish parcel tracking on your Wish package.

The Ship24 tracking system is unique in that it can auto-detect couriers handling a parcel using just the tracking ID. Therefore, you simply provide the tracking number, and even if a parcel changes courier, the Ship24 system can still recognize your Wish parcel order, where it is, and what its current status is.

Ship24's universal tracking system has the capability to handle shipping variables, meaning you just need to enter your tracking code and the global tracking system will find and tell you all you need to know about your Wish parcel.

We do the hard work, and although tracking is complicated, the data you receive won't be. All Wish parcel information you receive will offer complete clarity, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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