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Does TNT deliver residential addresses?

TNT is an international courier delivery company headquartered in Hoofddorp in Netherlands. Created in May 2011, the company was originally known under the name TNT NV and later under the name PostNL before becoming TNT. Today, the company provides road and air delivery services in different parts of the world such as Europe, America, Middle East, Africa and the Asia Pacific region.

TNT delivers packages for individuals, until their residential addresses. This is a real advantage for people who are not business owners and want these benefits.

If you want TNT to deliver to your area make sure to type your address in when ordering your TNT shipment.

Are TNT and FedEx the same?

Today, TNT is a subsidiary of FedEx, the popular american courier company known for pioneering a tracing packages system.

In 2015, FedEx wanted to expand its operations in Europe and ask to buy TNT for €4,4billon. After an investigation of the European Commision, the deal was approved in January 2016 and completed in May 2016. This year, TNT became a FedEx subsidiary.

TNT and FedEx have come together to bring a lot more opportunities in terms of delivery. This dynamic duo gives FedEx Express couriers picking up and delivering TNT shipments. It gives access to shipments tools like FedEx ship manager.

They have a 24-hour service also to help you if you are having any problems with shipments. This 24 hours service represents a real advantage for businesses because they tend to be working around the clock and constantly need help with orders that may have been lost.

When TNT and FedEx first came together many people were skeptical of its reliability. But in today’s economy especially TNT and FedEx have shown amazing shipping services to individuals across the world.

What does a TNT tracking number look like?

TNT tracking numbers most commonly follow the format of nine digits (example: 999999999). It can also be a combination of 13 characters that usually start with the two capital letters “GD”, followed by 9 digits and ending by the two capital letters “WW” (example: GD999999999WW). Some other less common tracking number parcels may also exist.

The tracking number can be found at the top of the package. This TNT tracking number is very important because it will allow you to find where your shipment is. If your TNT package is delayed, or if you need any information about it, the TNT customer service will ask you for this number if you call them. Be sure to remember it/ keep it written somewhere.

How do I track my TNT parcel?

You can follow your TNT shipping via the TNT website. When you go on the TNT homepage, there is a section “Track and Trace” where you can first choose if it is a domestic or an international tracking. If you select domestic tracking, you have three solutions to track your TNT package:

  • Entering the consignment number (tracking number)
  • Entering the reference number (tracking by reference number is only available for electronically submitted consignments).
  • Entering the sameday local job

If you select international tracking, you will have two solutions to track your TNT shipment:

  • Entering the shipment number
  • Entering the customer reference

Another easier way is to use a third party like Ship24. All you need to do is to go on the homepage of the Ship24 website, put the TNT tracking number in the search bar and click enter. You will get all the necessary information relative to your TNT tracking: the location of your package, the number of days for the delivery, the TNT parcel delivery status etc.

Note: It is possible to experience delays in your TNT parcels when natural events or catastrophes happen (meteorological accidents…).

How long does TNT delivery take?

Delivery time for TNT may vary according to where you live. TNT has an integrated network across 200 countries which makes it a good contributor in shipping in today’s economy. The TNT delivery times are the following:

  • Throughout the United-Kingdom, TNT provides an express next day delivery. Timed deliveries at 9 am, 10am or 12pm the next day are also available should you require a more expedited service. TNT Express tracking is very fast, for the 9:00 express system, your order will arrive at your door before 9 am. This is very good for a lot of the major cities in 40 countries. There is also a 10:00 and 12:00 express which is just like the 9:00 express in its options. TNT Express, in general, allows for delivery before 6 pm. This is very good for documents, parcels, and pallets.
  • Throughout Europe, TNT provides a service delivery within 1-3 working days.
  • For international services, it really depends on the country. However, TNT has a full range of accommodations that only take 1-2 days to arrive. This type of delivery is very good and reliable for individuals.

TNT Deliveries can also be slower because of exterior incidents (bad meteo…).

What is TNT overnight domestic service?

This TNT service ensures that your package arrives by 5pm on the next business day. It is a door-to-door delivery service proposed by the company.

For non standard deliveries such as weekend or after hours, this service can be upgraded to the “time critical services”. The conditions for the Overnight service apply for remote regional locations, if you need more information about it, you can call the 13 11 50.

What are the maximum weight and size for a TNT parcel?

A parcel weighing over 23 kilos is considered as a heavy shipment. If your parcel weighs more than 23 kilos, it doesn't automatically go on a pallet, shipment under 70 kilos can usually travel without a pallet but it depends on the region where you want to ship your parcel.

Large shipments may have an extra fee, depending on the service chosen. If you have selected an economy or a domestic service, a fee will be applied for shipments larger than 2,4 x 1,2 x 1,8m. If you have selected an express service, the fee will apply for a shipment larger than 1,2 x 1,2 x 1,5m.

The item heavier than 500 kilos or with too large dimensions will require a unique solution designed by the TNT teams.

Nationality of the courier: Dutch

Date of creation: 2011

Tracking number format (the most commons): 999 999 999/GD 999 999 999 WW

Shipping services:

  • International economy express
  • Express
  • Same day

Shipping locations:

  • Europe
  • Asia pacific
  • America
  • Middle East
  • Africa
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