Aramex tracking

Aramex tracking

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Is Aramex a parcel courier service?

Aramex was founded in 1982 in Dubai and is not just a parcel courier service, but a multinational logistics, package delivery company and today is one of the biggest companies in Dubai offering such services. Aramex is listed on both the NASDAQ stock exchange and Dubai Financial Market, which is a testament to the size and weight of this parcel delivery company in the international market.

Aramex parcels, just like over 700 other courier services tracked by Ship24, can be searched and located using the Ship24 universal tracking system. You do not need to let Ship24 know that your parcel is with Aramex, as just by entering the tracking number, the Ship24 tracking system will auto-detect the parcel is with the Dubai-based courier. After entering, you will get all the information so far on the journey of your package, including the current location as close to real-time as possible, as well as its current status, wherever it is worldwide.

Simply use your Aramex shipping code on the Ship24 website, or any other tracking code you receive when ordering a parcel online - including FedEx, China Post, DPD, UPS, USPS, or otherwise - and you'll get the most up to date information on your package.

Please note that whether your parcel is being sent domestically (from country to country) or internationally (overseas), Ship24 is still able to track your parcel and you just need to head over to Ship24 to find out just how easy it is.

Aramex package tracking

Which parcel delivery services are offered by Aramex?

According to the Aramex website, they offer several delivery services which not only include standard parcel services but various delivery options. To explain these further, please find the services on offer below.

Export Express:

  • Priority Express - A more expensive, but faster delivery service to ensure the fastest possible delivery for your Aramex parcel.
  • Value Express - The standard shipping option will take longer than priority express but is still a safe and secure option should your Aramex parcel not require a stricter deadline.

Domestic Express:

  • Package delivery - Domestic delivery service
  • Package collect - Package collection service

For all other Aramex services, please head to the Aramex logistics website to get the latest information on the current services offered by one of Dubai's leading logistics and parcel delivery solution companies.

How long do Aramex parcels take to arrive after ordering?

Aramex delivery services can offer door-to-door parcels shipment within 24 hours depending on the option you choose for delivery. Aramex express parcel delivery service is well recognized for its ability to promptly deliver parcels both domestically, due to it being the companies premium service. Aramex's ability to deliver internationally because of the roots of the company's founding, with Aramex being short for Arab American Express and the service being designed to offer local and international parcel delivery service, such as between the two mentioned regions.

How do I arrange an Aramex parcel order?

Often, people asked how they can utilize Aramex services due to the company being based in an area that is not typically known for its parcel delivery services. However, ordering and posting parcels with Aramex is not only easy to arrange but would mean the sender is taking advantage of world-class postal service. Just like other postal services, you will just need to head to the Aramex website, make sure that the delivery service offers parcel pick up and post within your area, and then follow the instructions on the parcel website.

You will need to provide details of your parcel, including the name and address of the person or destination you would like to send your package to, and make sure that the weight and size of the parcel fit the specifications mentioned.

You can also call the agents of the Aramex courier on a specific number for this purpose. It is straightforward to place an Aramex order for your parcel or package, you will find the booking process simple, secure, and fast.

Can my tracking number be used only on the Aramex website?

When you ship your Aramex parcel, you will receive an Aramex parcel tracking number.

This number, or code, is a unique combination of letters and numbers that will be crucial for identifying your package worldwide. When you ship your parcel, you will almost always receive either a notification on the platform you are using to make your purchase or receive an email confirmation or notification with your Aramex tracking number on it.

This tracking number will vary, however, this doesn't matter, because using Ship24's auto-detect universal tracking system to track your parcel means you don't need to worry about who your parcel is with, where it is or who it is with. Ship24 just needs the original parcel tracking number and It can immediately identify your Aramex parcel.

You do not need to know which Aramex tracking number corresponds with which Aramex delivery service, you just need the original code, enter it into the Ship24 global website tracking system and you will have the latest information on your Aramex parcel.

The Ship24 tracking system is not only universal, but it can instantly recognize the tracking number and match it with service to find real-time information on its current whereabouts and status. One major benefit, amongst all the rest, or by using the Ship24, is it does not require the customer to know what their tracking number means and which courier it represents. Customers can simply take their Aramex tracking number, or any courier tracking number, to the Ship24 website and it will find your parcel and give you the latest status on its whereabouts.

Start today, and harness the power of Ship24 tracking and optimize your package tracking capabilities from the word go.

Does Aramex Deliver on weekends?

It is the most significant and excellent feature of the Aramex courier that it also delivers on weekends. Aramex shipping is continued working throughout the weekends too. You can even book Aramex orders also on the weekends and send your parcel to your families, friends, and loved ones. We assure you that you will experience the best Aramex logistic services throughout the world. Delivering on the weekends is sometimes an issue for the people because not every courier delivers at the end of the week. Aramex courier has solved this problem with perfection. You can send your parcel in just 24 hours anywhere in the world by using the Aramex logistic services in the world.

Which Aramex parcels can I track using Ship24?

International postal services by Aramex include a variety of shipping options. These shipping specifications will depend on the weight and size of the parcel or package and vary in pricing depending on the dimensions, and delivery destination. However, all parcels that are registered when they are sent can be tracked using the universal Ship24 parcel tracking system.

Parcels, regardless of the mode of transport or under what delivery urgency they have been assigned - such as air, land, sea, or by train -can be tracked by Ship24.

International organizations have been known to subcontract courier services in remote, more rural areas to countries in which they do not have a service presence. It is because of this that sometimes customers can find it difficult to track their Aramex parcels at these points during their parcel's journey. The difference is that Ship24 is a shipment tracking specialist, working with over 700 couriers and thousands of different online shops to make sure it delivers an individual or business the latest information on their parcel, wherever it is worldwide.

Does Aramex offer door-to-door delivery?

Aramex, just like other parcel delivered services such as FedEx and DHL, whole businesses are orientated around ensuring they can offer door-to-door delivery services. The businesses and courier companies are experts in organizing international logistics to deliver your order from the seller to your final destination. Aramex's business is based on its ability to deliver a door-to-door service, ensuring your Aramex parcel makes it within your specified timeframe.

There can, however, be difficulties. Although Ship24's global tracking API can track Aramex parcels twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, Aramex may not deliver on certain days in certain countries. To confirm this service, check on the Aramex website to keep yourself in the know on delivery timetables.

However, usually, when parcel delivery is purchased with Aramex, an estimated delivery time will be calculated. However, actual delivery times vary, and therefore buyers should note that actual delivery times can be different from the stated time.

If my orders are delayed, how do I contact Aramex customer care?

Although Ship24 can help with all your shipment tracking needs globally, if you are not satisfied with your delivery service, you will need to contact Aramex directly. Ship24 is proud to be able to offer you the latest status updates, showing you what is happening with your parcel and where it is. However, if your parcel is stuck at customs, is late, or is facing another issue, buyers are urged to contact their courier directly to resolve any issues with your shipment.

Therefore, please see the following information to help you resolve your issue with your parcel shipment. You can contact Aramex directly, using their company customer service response team directly, which can be found on their website. If you contact this number, you may want to consider that the time difference depending on where you are calling from could mean they are not available. Team availability varies depending on the time of year and time of day. The Aramex contact number can be used for most general queries, as well as how to track your parcel, although the easier option is to track your Aramex parcel before you call on the Ship24 website.

Aramex customer care is well renowned for being qualified and proactive in helping resolve your issues. It is important to note that searching for your current parcel status and location using the Ship24 universal tracking system to arm yourself with all the information you need before calling the customer service line can help you fast track the resolution you need to find regarding your Aramex parcel.

Recently, Aramex has updated their customer services to include 24 hour a day and 7 days a week response, which could be a temporary update, and all customers who are trying to contact Aramex should check with their website to make sure they are not disappointed if they are trying to get into contact with the Dubai logistics giant.

What's the biggest size parcel that can be tracked with Aramex?

Aramex, like a lot of international courier services, offers a range of size, weight, and delivery time options with their services. By heading to the Aramex website, you can find the full range of options available for your specific package or parcel. If the parcel you wish to send with Aramex is of a size that is an unusual shape, then users are advised to double-check with the courier to ensure they incur no unexpected fees on top of the standard charges.

Is my parcel safe being handled by Aramex international shipping?

Aramex is an international logistics giant, both known for and held internationally accountable for a reliable parcel and delivery service. This promise is consistent with both its domestic and international shipping options, regardless of the type of shipping provided, as in the service which is opted for by the customer.

However, it should be mentioned that any unregistered male cannot be tracked with international tracking companies and therefore unregistered parcels or packages cannot be tracked with other independent tracking companies also. All registered parcels and packages sent with Aramex can be tracked using Ship24's comprehensive, universal tracking system to not only deliver the status of their parcel in real-time but also the latest update on its location.

According to Aramex, the company guarantees the safety of their parcels and if should any damage occur to an Aramex package, then customers can claim back for it.

That said, customers are required to ensure their parcels are properly packaged before being posted and handled by the company beforehand. Customers using Aramex are encouraged to read on the Aramex website to check on the specifications for packages and shipment procedures to avoid any unforeseen complications when using the Aramex shipment services and having their package delivered.

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