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How do I track my Aramex parcel?

Aramex is a company created in 1982 in Dubai. The company offers mail delivery and logistics services to its customers and represents today one of the most important companies in Dubai (the Aramex courier is listed on both NASDAQ stock exchange andDubai Financial Market). You can easily track your Aramex parcel on Ship24 or directly by the Aramex tracking system. In this system, you will find a dialogue box on the website, where you will put your Aramex tracking number and click the enter button, it is the same way with ship24, you just need to enter the tracking number in the search bar on the homepage. You will find all the complete information about your Aramex parcel there. You can use Aramex package tracking for both international and domestic Aramex shipping. Aramex use different types of services that you can find below:

Nationality of the courier: Dubaïote

Date of creation: 1982

Transit time: 4-10 days

Delivery services:

Export Express:

  • Priority Express
  • Value Express

Import Express:

  • Import unlimited
  • Drop and ship
  • Online importing
  • Priority import express

Domestic Express:

  • Package delivery
  • Package collect
  • Cash on delivery
  • Return service

How long does it take for Aramex to deliver?

Aramex logistics services usually take only 24 hours to deliver your parcel. While it has an excellent system for domestic parcels, Aramex international has a high-speed system to deliver international parcels. You can also call the Aramex delivery system an urgent delivery system, which delivers your parcels according to your needs.

How do I arrange my Aramex Delivery?

Sending your parcel through the Aramex courier is very easy to arrange and safe. You only have to go to the registered franchises in your country and book your package. You will provide the details of the parcel, your details such as your name and address, and the details of the person you want to send the parcel to. You can also call the agents of the Aramex courier on a specific number for this purpose. It is straightforward to place an Aramex order for your parcel or package, you will find the booking process simple, secure, and fast.

Does Aramex Deliver on weekends?

It is the most significant and excellent feature of the Aramex courier that it also delivers on weekends. Aramex shipping is continued working throughout the weekends too. You can even book Aramex orders also on the weekends and send your parcel to your families, friends, and loved ones. We assure you that you will experience the best Aramex logistic services throughout the world. Delivering on the weekends is sometimes an issue for the people because not every courier delivers during the end of the week. Aramex courier has solved this problem with perfection. You can send your parcel in just 24 hours anywhere in the world by using the Aramex logistic services in the world.

Does Aramex Deliver to your door?

It is the primary feature of the Aramex delivery, which it delivers to your door. You will not have to go anywhere to receive your Aramex parcel. Aramex delivers to your door and does not bother you to go anywhere to take your parcel or package. If you are not at your home during the Aramex delivery, don't worry; the agent will call you and tell you where you can receive your parcel. So, enjoy the Aramex courier with its best logistic services and fast shipping time.

How do I contact Aramex customer care?

If you need to contact Aramex, you can use the Aramex contact number present on their website. You can use the Aramex contact number for any queries, for example to know more about the status of your parcel, delivery details, and any information regarding your Aramex parcel and Aramex order (if you don’t find enough information while tracking by yourself your Aramex order on Ship24 or on the Aramex website). Hundreds of Aramex customer care officers are always available for your help whenever you dial Aramex contact number. You can ask them anything related to the Aramex services and deliveries. The Aramex contact number is a very easy number to remember, and you can dial it from your mobile and landline also. There is another way to contact Aramex customer care through email. You can use the given email on the Aramex website for different kinds of queries related to their services. The customer care officers are available for your assistance 24/7.

Which kinds of parcels can I send through Aramex Courier?

You can send any kind of parcels through the Aramex courier, from small things to massive things. But you should be careful if you want to send fragile products that can break down on applying the pressure such as some medicine. You should pack these kinds of parcels carefully and don't forget to take essential precautions before sending them for delivery. You can receive full information about what sort of parcels you can send through the Aramex courier by calling the customer care or on the Aramex website. They will properly guide you about packaging your parcel for shipping. One thing should be kept in mind that you cannot send any kind of inflammable and fire catching material through Aramex courier. It is a necessary SOP that you should follow.

Is my parcel safe during Aramex international shipping?

Aramex is a reliable company and your parcel will be safe through the Aramex logistic services, during both the domestic and international shipping. The company guarantees the safeness and the health of parcels to their customers. If there is any kind of damage that occurs to your parcel, you can claim it. From more safety, you should ensure a safe packaging for the safe shipment of your parcel. You can read on the Aramex website the procedure for the international shipment of parcels. Aramex shipment services are good for domestic and international parcels, if you ensure a good packaging for your order you shouldn’t have any issue.

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