Parcelforce tracking

Parcelforce tracking

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If you want to transfer your important documents, gifts, or anything that means to you, what could be a more efficient way than using a parcel delivery service? Parcel delivery services have made the lives of people easy. Not only do they take the burden of transferring your things, but they also take proper care of your package and deliver it safely. It has made the lives of people more convenient. There are various parcel-delivering services in the world, one of which is the Parcelforce.

Parcelforce is a UK-based courier company that excels in providing top-quality courier service in the UK. Since it has a strong network around the globe, Parcelforce Worldwide shipping services are climbing their way to the top as well.

Parcelforce package tracking

Is Parcelforce Reliable?

For over 25 years, Parcelforce has been providing the highest standards of courier services to the people of the UK. Parcelforce tries its best to take extreme care of them and deliver them on time so that you can share happiness with your friends and family with peace of mind.

If you run a business, Parcelforce also helps you move your business to new heights of success as there is no address in the UK where they can’t deliver. The company has strong international partnerships, Parcelforce worldwide shipping is operational to 99.6% of the world’s population. They offer a wide range of delivery options to their clients, which ensures their customer's satisfaction every time.

How long does Parcelforce take to deliver?

Parcelforce shipping times are one of the best in the UK. All you have to do is drop your shipment to the nearest depot and it will be on its way to the final destination on the same day. Or you can call directly Parcelforce to pick up the delivery from your place and let their team handle the rest. The Parcelforce delivery proposes different services for both local and worldwide shipments. When it comes to local as well as worldwide shipments, they propose three delivery services which are mentioned in the table below:

  • Nationality of the courier: English
  • Date of creation: 1992

Domestic Services

  • Next-day delivery by noon
  • Next day delivery
  • 2 days delivery


  • Express; from the next day
  • Priority; from 3 days
  • Value; from 4 days

If you need an urgent delivery service, no matter local or worldwide, Parcelforce will deliver your package to the receiver's doorstep within 24-48 hours. They have been providing top-notch delivery services to their customers for almost 2 decades.

How do I track my Parcelforce delivery?

With the advancement in GPS technology, tracking your parcels has become one of the most important parts of a parcel shipping process. Customers like to be always informed about the whereabouts of their shipments. Parcelforce provides its customers with an efficient tracking system: Parcelforce customers can track their

Parcelforce parcels from the moment it is picked, up to the moment it is delivered. To track your Parcelforce delivery, all you have to do is visit their tracking page and enter your Parcelforce tracking number in the input field. With Parcelforce worldwide tracking, you can track your international shipments as well.

You can also track your Parcelforce shipment with Ship24 by going on the homepage of the website and putting your Parcelforce tracking number in the search bar. Ship24 will provide all the information about your package and the different steps.

How to contact Parcelforce?

In case of any query, our customer service representatives are available from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm on Monday - Friday and 8:00 am to 12:30 pm on Saturday. The customer services remain closed on UK Public and Bank Holidays. If you are from the UK, call us on 0344 800 4466, all calls will be charged locally. However, if you are living outside the UK, you would need to call your local parcel carrier.

You can also contact us on Twitter, and our Twitter Team will try their best to answer each and every query of yours. Fill this online form with your query and you will get a response by an email as soon as possible.

Does Parcelforce deliver on weekends?

Parcelforce delivery services are operational on Saturday. The packages are delivered on Saturdays between 7:00 am - 2:00 pm. But in order to get your package delivered on Saturday, you would need to choose Saturday delivery, otherwise, the order will be delivered on Monday.

They send notifications via SMS and emails to their customers to let them know when to expect the delivery. And if for some reason, you were not able to pick your delivery, Parcelforce will let you know what they did with your parcel. You can also choose the inflight interactive options to assign a different address for the delivery on a different day.

As far as Parcelforce Worldwide shipping is concerned, they provide email notifications to their customers in more than 150 countries. These notifications not only keep the customers informed about the position of the parcel but also build their trust and confidence in the company.

Does Parcelforce give time slots?

Yes, customers are given a 1-hour time slot along with the name of the delivery man, so that they can manage to get some time out of their busy schedules and pick the delivery. You already know that you can track your parcels anytime you want by using your Parcelforce tracking number. However, there are three different ways by which you can track your parcel: via the Parcelforce website, by using the Parcelforce mobile app, or on Ship24.

The senders and receivers of the package can closely monitor the journey of the parcel on the day of delivery. For this, go to My Parcel Live on the Parcelforce app, and see the movement of your package until it is delivered.

The Parcelforce worldwide app can be used by the overseas customers to track their parcels on the go. In case you are not available to pick up the delivery, use the app to tell the delivery guy where to deliver the package. Whether you want it to be delivered to a neighbor, or you prefer to leave it in a post office; whatever your choice be, Parcelforce Worldwide App will let you choose it efficiently and without any hassle.

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