GLS tracking

What is GLS delivery?

GLS is the abbreviation coming from General Logistics System, it is a logistic company. Although its base is in Amsterdam, it has presence in many countries around the world. GLS is specialized in the shipment and the distribution of packages and messages. The company is a subsidiary of the British postal service Royal Mail.

GLS is one of the best parcel service providers in the business, founded in 1999 in Europe and it has been working until today. It covers most European Union countries, and it has expanded its territory to the USA.

How do I track my GLS order?

For your GLS tracking, you must enter your 14 digits GLS tracking number without spaces here In Ship24 and it will display all the information you need to know about the package. GLS International shipping tracking is one of the best worldwide because it always will show the exact position of your products in no time.

This information includes everything about your GLS order, like the estimated day that you will get your package and the delivery process.

This system works with a 2D barcode label in every package that contains all the necessary data to track your products. In the primary transport points, they scan the barcode label, and that information goes to the GLS system, this way they can offer you the right information about your GLS shipping.

How long does GLS take to deliver?

GLS delivery usually takes less than 24 hours to reach its destination when you contract the GLS standard shipping inside Ireland, sometimes you can get your package actually the same day.

They can deliver your package in the UK in just 24 - 48 hours if you are outside Ireland.

If you are outside the UK, in Europe the GLS international shipping will take between 24 to 96 hours to arrive at your destination, you will be able to get your package in 42 States. It is a fast service that will help you with all your packages and online purchases. GLS delivers your packages every Monday to Friday in the office time hours to any destination inside the European Union.

If you are in the USA, they can also ship your package; however, it will take more time than deliveries in the European continent.

GLS shipping time is really short, the packages will arrive in no time, and in perfect conditions. That is why you can always count on their Shipping method GLS.

A significant advantage of using GLS is that if the sender does not pay for transport insurance, GLS will take care of your items and will offer you a statutory liability that can go up depending on the price of your goods.

You can always pay for a GLS express delivery, this service will take your product to its recipient before the end of the normal working hours in the next working day, to complete this offer they will refund your money if the product does not arrive on time.

What are GLS shipping costs?

GLS shipping costs depend on your exact requirements; they will take into consideration the size and the weight of your package to offer you the right price to send it. You should also take into account that the price will vary depending on the packages destination.

The exact sizes are calculated by adding the largest and the shortest size of the parcel. About the weight, the packages sent inside Ireland can go from 30 kg and the packages to send abroad cannot have a weight of over 40 kg.

Taking these two references, the price may vary in five categories that go from XS -max. 35 cm- to XL -max. 3 meters girth-. The price point in the UK starts at 7.30, and it will change depending on the country and the size of the parcel.

GLS international shipping prices start at 21.00 if you are outside the UK, and they will be different depending on the Euro zone where you want your package to be sent. There are four Euro zones in the GLS shipping system, from Euro I to Euro IV, the cheapest is the Euro I, and the most expensive, the Euro IV. To check which countries are part of the Euro zones check the GLS official website and see the specific prices of shipping for every one of them.

To get better information, you should contact them by using their telephone number; they also offer better prices to clients who send parcels frequently, giving them the chance to send more products for a tiny price.

Does GLS deliver in the UK?

The answer is yes; they deliver in the UK, and thus the prices may vary if you are outside Ireland.

You can get your parcels in a standard delivery time of 24 - 48 hours in the UK. All your parcels will be sent to you with the greatest quality control.

GLS shipping locations are wide; you can get your packages in all the European Union, not only the UK. You can send all your packages in over 42 States and they will arrive with no problems. The time of delivery may vary from one country to another as well as their prices.

How do I contact GLS?

If you have questions about how GLS works, their prices, or about a specific parcel, and their website cannot help you, you can always call them.

GLS shipping contact number is the 01 8606200*. They will answer all your questions in normal working hours from Monday to Friday.

You can also fill a short form on the contact page of the GLS website, the customer care service should answer you as soon as possible.

As you can see, there are many amazing benefits if you use GLS to send your parcels. Fast shipping times, reasonable shipping costs and you can count on the GLS Express courier tracking system to know exactly where your package is anytime, by only entering the barcode in the website.

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