La Poste tracking

La Poste tracking

La Poste is one of the most popular postal services in France. They are dedicated to committing a positive impact on society by allowing people to get connected to each other. La Poste aims to go beyond geographic boundaries and develop its international growth.

La Poste tracking can be done by using Ship24. Track your La Poste packages with Ship24's universal tracking and get real-time status on the whereabouts of your parcels. To do this, simply copy the tracking number and enter it on the Ship24 homepage. You can enter up to 10 La Poste tracking numbers and get results within a short time.

What is La Poste?

French company La Poste is the postal service subsection of the parent company Le Groupe La Poste. La Poste's one of the oldest postal services in France and has built a solid reputation for postal services and continues to be the go-to option for parcel delivery, especially for people in France.

While Groupe La Poste operates various services through subsections, such as banking and insurance with La Banque Postale and telecommunications through La Poste Mobile, it is predominantly focused on logistics through both La Poste and its international logistics counterpart, GeoPost.

La Poste is still a market-leading parcel delivery service within the company, and profits from La Poste represent about half of Group La Poste's company income. This is despite increasing competition within the sector from other postal services and private couriers, such as PostNL, DHL, and others. La Poste and GeoPost, although operating under the same parent company, are different entities and deal with mail differently.

Tracking your La Poste parcel effectively can be difficult if your parcel should pass between these two different handlers, even though they are technically connected.

Ship24 is a universal tracking tool that allows users to track their La Poste parcel both when it is with La Poste (perhaps when it has first been dispatched from an area in France) to when it reaches an international destination and may be handed to another courier for the final leg (known as the last mile) of the journey.

This is because Ship24 is a global tracking platform with the ability to track over 1,200 couriers and thousands of online shops simultaneously, meaning that whether or not your parcel should change hands, all your tracking information can still be found in one place, on Ship24. Whether you are using La Poste or GeoPost for your parcel delivery handler, track your parcel with Ship24 to ensure you can keep track of your parcel at every step of its journey.

Where will my La Poste package be processed?

La Poste parcels are not guaranteed to pass through any particular La Poste address or warehouse. La Poste operates several sorting warehouses and processing centres. Which one handles your parcel will depend on the origin of your parcel and its final destination. However, La Poste also has other branches and offices that do not deal with post directly, and therefore your package will not pass through these addresses.

There, La Poste customers should not expect their tracking to show that their parcel is at the La Poste head office.

Nevertheless, La Poste's head office is located at 9, St. Colonel Pierre Avia, 75015 Paris, France.

If you want to know where your parcel is, where it is being processed or its current status at any point, you can use Ship24's universal tracking site just by heading to the Ship24 website. Ship24 has the capability of tracking multiple couriers and as soon as you enter your tracking number, it will scan thousands of online sources to find the relevant information on your package. This service can be used up to 10 times for 10 different couriers, in just one search!

La Poste Tracking with Ship24

With Ship24, you can also keep up to date on the status of your parcel which is useful for several reasons:

  • Delivery information: Knowing the location and status of your parcel will help you know when it is going to be delivered. Although you should receive an estimated delivery date when you first send your parcel from the online marketplace or the seller, tracking your parcel with Ship24 will allow you to know when it has reached a local courier depot and/or is out for delivery. With this information, you can have the best chance of making sure someone will be at the destination to receive the parcel if it is required. Also, it helps sellers know when their product has been delivered (For instance, so they can send feedback forms to customers to review their product/service).
  • Processing complications: If your parcel is being sent internationally, it may need to be checked or processed at customs which can cause some complications, especially if an issue is found during processing. Ship24 keeps you up to date with the customs process, by sending status notifications (known as events) as soon as they happen. Therefore, if while tracking a parcel a person receives a notification saying there is a problem at customs, they can proceed accordingly.

We understand that being fully informed on your shipment tracking information is important, which is why Ship24 has been designed to keep you in the know when it comes to tracking our La Post package.

What's the best way to track my La Poste parcel effectively?

To track your La Poste order, you can either go directly go to the official website of La Poste or you can track via the free-to-use, universal shipment tracking system on the Ship24 website. The latter is recommended as the best option as there is no need to log in or enter details about your parcel, instead, you just need your La Poste tracking number.

If you choose to track directly with the La Poste website, you will find two options when you arrive on their website, of which you will need to select one.

  • Individuals tracking
  • Professional tracking

If you choose the individual option, you will need to enter your La Poste tracking number in the search bar and click on search to get results. However, if your parcel has been outsourced to another courier (which can often be the case if it is an international delivery), the most up-to-date may not always be available.

To get the latest, use the multi-courier tracking system by Ship24. You don't need to select a type of service, just enter your original tracking number and start tracking your parcel, instantly!

If you are a professional, you will have the possibility to put one or several La Poste tracking numbers in the search bar at the same time. So for example, if you want to track the number of La Poste parcels, you just need to enter each tracking number separated by a semi-colon.

In order to identify your La Poste tracking number details, some examples have been listed below to give an idea of what your La Poste parcel tracking number will look like. A typical La Poste tracking numbers consist of between 11 to 15 characters, including both numbers and letters, with the latter always being in capitals. La Poste tracking number ends with "FR".

La Poste Tracking Number Format Examples

For instance, a La Poste tracking number can look similar to the following:

  • EE019238594FR
  • EH483995847FR
  • NN750995485FR

You can also start tracking La Poste parcels with the Ship24 universal tracking website. You just need to go to the Ship24 homepage (website) and put the tracking number of your La Poste parcel in the search bar and click enter, to get all the information about your La Poste package.

What is La Poste tracking notification updates?

When a tracking number is acquired, there will be tracking notifications to inform the user about the current status of the parcel. Tracking notifications from La Poste may be difficult for non-French speakers. Below are some tracking notifications that you will receive from La Poste when you track your parcels.

La Poste Tracking Notifications

Tracking Notifications/Updates Description
Votre envoi est en cours d'acheminement vers sa destination. The package is on its way to its destination.
Votre colis est en transit sur nos plateformes logistiques pour vous être livré le plus rapidement possible. The package is in transit to one of La Poste's office and it will be delivered to you as quickly as possible.
Votre envoi est sur le site qui dessert votre adresse. Nous préparons sa distribution. The package is in a local facility near you and is being sorted for delivery.
Votre envoi vient d'arriver en France. The package has arrived France.
Votre envoi a été distribué dans la boîte à lettres. The package has been delivered to your mailbox.
Votre Colissimo va bientôt nous être confié ! Il est en cours de préparation chez votre expéditeur. Your Colissimo package will soon be under their care. The sender is preparing the package.
Votre colis est dans le site de livraison qui dessert votre adresse. Nous le préparons pour le mettre en livraison. The package is at a local La Poste hub near you and will be delivered to you.
Votre colis est livré. The package is delivered.
Votre envoi est sur le site de départ dans le pays d'origine avant son transport international. The package is about to depart from the country of origin and will be transported overseas.

Does La Poste deliver on weekend?

La Poste delivers from Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays). The La Poste delivery timeframe will depend on which delivery option the customer or seller has chosen. However other factors, such as the destination and size and weight of the parcel can also delay delivery times.

Delays in postage delivery may also occur in unusual circumstances, such as if adverse weather conditions make transportation unfeasible or if local couriers are overwhelmed with deliveries, such as during holiday periods.

Regardless, using Ship24 to track a La Poste parcel means It doesn't matter if your post is in transit on Friday at 3 am or being processed at customs on Sunday night, Ship24 will let you know as near time as a possible change in location or status on your parcel.

Can a third-party tracking platform find my La Poste parcel?

Yes, third-party tracking platforms, such as Ship24, are recommended when tracking parcels sent with La Post because the postal services often use other couriers to help with delivery, especially when it comes to international parcels and packages. Track La Poste parcels for free at any time.

La Poste delivers to many regions worldwide, with about 40 different countries listed as available for shipping options. However, the majority of La Poste warehouses are located in France and the majority of the deliveries and operations are also made in France. French merchants often use La Poste to take care of the delivery of their parcels.

To reach other customers through Europe, in Germany, Poland, or again the Netherlands to be more precise, La Poste works with its logistic service GeoPost.

Like many other postal services based predominantly within a country, such as China Post and Russian Post, international deliveries will usually be subcontracted outside of their respective countries. This means items shipped with La Post typically are handed over to other couriers, with tracking options varying depending on the courier the delivery is taken over by.

With Ship24, however, you can keep tracking your parcel no matter where it goes or who it is being handled by, thanks to its universal, multi-courier tracking capability!

Ship24 doesn't need the person tracking the parcel to know who is handling your parcel and you do not need to enter any more details into the Ship24 if your parcel changes hands. Simply enter the original tracking number you received and the Ship24 tracking system will use the tracking ID to automatically detect which courier a package is with.

This built-in auto-detection makes Ship24 a one-stop shop for tracking La Poste parcels or tracking parcels with any other parcel delivery courier. Find out how easy it is by heading over to the Ship24 website next time you get a tracking number and experience stress-free, true end-to-end tracking, worldwide.

How do I ensure my La Poste parcel is IOSS registered?

The EU's Import One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) system is a new import scheme that is designed to benefit eCommerce businesses and distance sellers who sell to buyers across its 27 member states. It promises faster delivery times and simplified VAT payments for both customers and businesses. This is because firstly, all VAT will be included and paid for by the customer at the point of sale, meaning that there is full transparency on payments and no hidden fees can be added afterwards.

As VAT will be prepaid, customs processing of IOSS packages will be vastly reduced, meaning faster delivery times, again benefitting all stakeholders.

Finally, IOSS VAT payments which will be collected first by the business or marketplace can then be paid in one monthly payment to one monthly EU tax authority via their IOSS fiscal intermediary (which will be based in one EU country and pay VAT owed on the company's behalf).

Ship24 is offering full IOSS fiscal intermediary services for businesses and marketplaces that need EU representation for IOSS registration. Not only are we accredited to do so, but our best-in-class support will walk you through the registration process and help you provide all of the needed documentation to get an IOSS number as soon as possible, sometimes within as little as 2 days!

We also provide ongoing VAT compliance support to make sure you meet all EU obligations and can take full advantage of the benefits of IOSS.

Where can I ship a package with La Poste too?

La Poste ships to some 40 countries around the world, with sister company GeoPost handling many of its international shipments overseas, particularly in Europe. However, when it comes to other destinations, La Poste packages are often handed over to private, local couriers to complete their journey to other countries.

French retailers often opt to choose La Poste shipping because they are both comfortable with using the longstanding service which has ensured a good customer-client relationship but also because of the international shipment options it offers.

Tracking your La Poste or GeoPost package is best done through Ship24, as it offers a single shipment tracking system that covers over 1200 couriers and thousands of online shops. This means you can track your La Poste parcel from origin to final destination all in one place.

Simply enter your La Poste tracking number, or your GeoPost tracking number, into the Ship24 website and let the system do the rest. You don't need to add any personal information or any further tracking information other than your La Post / GeoPost tracking number to get started. Simply enter, click search and get tracking results!

How long does La Poste take to deliver?

For delivery within the country, the delivery should take around 24 to 48 hours while if you are shipping internationally, it could take 4 to 9 business days depending on the destination country.

To track the steps of your parcel, use Ship24 as your reliable guide to information on the whereabouts of your parcel. Track up to 10 parcels simultaneously and get results within a matter of seconds.

How do I track my La Poste international package?

Tracking your La Poste international package can be done in two ways, by going to the La Poste website or by using Ship24's universal tracking system.

You can track your package on the La Poste website but the only downside is that it might be difficult for non-French speakers to navigate through the website. With Ship24, tracking is seamless as all you have to do is place your tracking number and our tracking system will do its job for you. You can also track up to 10 packages at the same and get results in a matter of seconds. It is the most convenient and reliable way to track your La Poste international packages.

Why is my La Poste tracking number not working?

There could be delays when it comes to tracking your La Poste parcels, this could be due to La Poste not processing the parcel yet. When this happens, wait a few minutes or a few hours before trying to track your parcel again.

Another reason could be that the tracking number that you entered was miswritten. Please double-check each number and letter and try tracking again. You can use Ship24 as your trusted and reliable tracking system.

There could be some issues in the La Poste server and hence, the tracking number could not be tracked. It is recommended to use Ship24 as your number one source of tracking as it provides fast and reliable information regarding your parcels' status.

Is the GeoPost and DPD group part of La Poste?

La Poste uses GeoPost For its international deliveries, and DPDgroup is the name for the parcel delivery arm of GeoPost. All of the aforementioned are part of the parent company Le Groupe La Poste.

Both GeoPost and DPD shipment services have their own track and trace system for their parcel, however, it is separate from La Poste which can make tracking a parcel that passes between the two difficult, especially if the tracking number changes slightly moves between handlers, as sometimes happens.

Can Ship24 tracking find the La Poste parcel?

Ship24 universal tracking is designed to be able to track parcels handled by multiple couriers, wherever they are worldwide. Whether a package is passed between couriers or the tracking number changes along its journey, Ship24 tracking can take these variables into account, to deliver true end-to-end tracking.

Put your mind at ease by letting Ship24 universal tracking scan all the relevant courier websites at just the click of a button, so whether it be La Poste, DPD Group, or GeoPost handling your parcel, you will get your parcel tracking information instantly.

Can Ship24 track La Poste, GeoPost, and DPD?

Ship24's auto-detection system means that you can enter a La Poste, DPD, or GeoPost tracking number and the universal Ship24 global tracking platform will be able to identify and locate the parcel by whoever it is being handled.

Where can I get universal La Poste parcel tracking?

To track your La Poste order anywhere worldwide, you simply need to enter your La Poste tracking number, into the Ship24 universal, multi-courier tracking platform to get the latest tracking information on a La Poste parcel.

Your La Poste tracking number should be given to a buyer once the seller has received purchase confirmation. Although, if an item has been bought on an online platform or marketplace, the tracking number may be sent to the buyer after checkout or via the confirmation email.

How can I use a Ship24 tracking API for my La Poste packages?

La Poste tracking API offers true end-to-end tracking for your business with our advanced, multi-courier tracking API. With its powerful in-built auto-detect features, it can identify which courier is handling any parcel or package using just the tracking original number. So, if your parcel is with La Poste, another handler, Ship24 will know. Integrate your system with the powerful Ship24 tracking API within minutes, to optimize your tracking capability.

How do I contact La Poste?

For queries or concerns regarding your La Poste parcel, you can contact them thru the following information. Please keep in mind that while La Poste offers English services, it could be quite difficult to reach.

La Poste Customer Care Contact

Calling from France

  • 3631 (individuals)
  • 3634 (professionals)

You can contact them from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm on Mondays to Fridays and 8:30 am to 1:00 pm on Saturdays.

Calling from abroad

  • + 33 810 821 821 (individuals)
  • + 33 892 970 416 (professionals)

You can contact them from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm on Mondays to Fridays.

Email Address

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