La Poste tracking

What is La Poste?

La Poste is a french postal service company created in 1991. It is owned by the french group La Poste which also has a bank and an insurance company called La Banque Postale, a mobile network operator called La Poste Mobile and a logistics service called Geopost. Today these three activities represent half of the company’s income and the other activities that are on rise are banking and the parcel delivery.

The headquarters of La Poste are located at the following address:

9, st Colonel Pierre Avia,

75015 Paris,


La Poste Group generates more than 17% of its turnover abroad thanks to the dynamism of the parcel business. Present in over 40 countries on 4 continents. It greatly expands its parcel business in countries in Europe and worldwide international mail business. Preferred partner for online retailers in France, the Group carries nearly 1 billion packages per year, a turnover of more than € 5 billion and 14.9% share of the European market. To develop this market, the Group relies on GeoPost and its subsidiaries, already No. 2 in Europe. The most important platforms are located in France, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland. In all, the network includes 800 GeoPost deposits, 60 hubs, 500 interconnected by daily international road links connecting 35 European countries. La Poste and Swiss Post Group have teamed up through a joint venture ASENDIA to bring their expertise and networks of cross-border mail in the United States, the United Kingdom, continental Europe, and Asia. Through the activity of international mail, the company operates on three continents with more than 25 sites in 15 countries.

How can I track my parcel La Poste?

To track your La Poste order, you can directly go on the official website of La Poste. You will have two different spaces allowing you to track your parcel La Poste:

  • The space for individuals.
  • The space for professionals.

La Poste tracking is an easy process for both parts. If you are an individual, you can go on the following page: here. You will need to put your La Poste tracking number in the search bar and click on “search”.

If you are a professional, you can go on the following page: here. You have the possibility to put one or many La Poste tracking numbers in the search bar with the professional space. So for example if you want to follow several letters, you just need to enter each tracking number separated by a semi-colon.

The La Poste tracking numbers are generally composed from 11 to 15 characters, with numbers and capital letters. For example, a La Poste tracking number can look like the following one: 6Q01929938641.

If you check statuses of bulk international parcels shipping via La Poste, it will display all tracking details, from both origin country and destination country. You can subscribe to the email delivery notification in the La Poste shipping tracking result page to auto send you alerts once there is an update of your order status. If you want to find explanations of a specific tracking event, you can contact La Poste.

You can also track your La Poste order thanks to the application La Poste, you just need to upload it on your smartphone.

You can also go tracking La Poste with the Ship24 website. You just need to go on the Ship24 homepage and put the tracking number of your parcel La Poste in the search bar. You will just have to click enter to get all the information about your La Poste package and check all the different steps of the delivery.

What are the national letters tariffs and International letters tariffs of La Poste?

When you want to send a letter from France to France with La Poste, the tariffs are the following:

When you want to send a letter from France to internationalwith La Poste, the tariffs are the following:

Does La Poste deliver on Saturdays?

Yes, La Poste delivers from Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays). La Poste delivery time depends on the offer chosen but also other factors, for example if the destination for the order is located in France, in the french overseas departments (like Guadeloupe, Martinique…), or if it is an international destination.

La Poste tries its best to meet its delivery times, but delays can happen sometimes because of incidents such as exceptionally bad weather or again incidents specific to the shipment (damage due to insufficient packaging, incomplete address…).

You can follow your La Poste order via Ship24 if you want to get more information about your package status.

What does the La Poste application propose?

The application La Poste provides different advantages:

  • You can track a mail or again a Chronopost or Colissimo package in real time (Chronopost and Colissimo are the french partners of La Poste).
  • You can access your account and manage everything from there: your personal information, your favorites and your notifications.
  • You can access your emails with laposte.net messaging.
  • You can find the nearest post offices or the nearest drop-off point plus view the route plan, the opening hours and services.
  • You can calculate the postage rate of your shipments to France but also overseas and international.
  • You can enjoy the applications of the Group La Poste such as Quoty, La Banque Postale, My Payments or again Digiposte Pass.
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