La Poste Track Package

La Poste Track Package

What is a La Poste track package?

A La Poste track packages are any parcels or letters being received or being sent. They usually come with a tracking number that can be used on the La Poste website or on a third-party website. These tracking numbers can be found on the shipping label, the receipt given to the recipient or the sender, or via confirmation email.

Tracking your packages will allow you to follow your La Poste package from the start of its journey to the arrival of your front door.

Is the La Poste track package available on Sunday?

You can track your La Poste package using Ship24 any time of the day without any inconvenience. Ship24 offers universal tracking to more than 1200+ couriers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Just go to the homepage and copy down your tracking number to find the latest information on your La Poste track package.

Please note that although Ship24 can track your La Poste package, La Poste, however, does not deliver any packages on Sundays and public holidays. Ship24 will make sure you get the latest update on the whereabouts of your packages.

How can I boost my La Poste track package delivery?

When it comes to the La Poste track package, several factors can affect the speed of delivery. Such factors can include:

  • Size: this is about the length and width of the parcel
  • Weight: how heavy or light the parcel can affect the method of transportation
  • Transportation method: the delivery time may depend on whether you are shipping your parcel by air or by sea. Shipping by air may be faster but it could be more costly. Shipping by sea is usually the cheaper option but the delivery time may be longer than usual.
  • Public holidays: La Poste does not deliver any parcels during the holidays
  • Bad weather: weather forecasts such as hail, snowstorm, or heavy rain could affect the delivery time

To find about about the estimated time of arrival, you can always use Ship24 to get the up-to-date status of your La Poste track packages.

How can I get access to La Poste track package services?

You will be granted access to your La Poste track package services when you have received your receipt or email. On your receipt or email confirmation, there should be a combination of numbers and letters, that would be your tracking number.

With the tracking number, you will be able to access information about the live status of your packages. You will receive information such as:

  • The courier that is handling your package.
  • The time it arrived at a certain destination. (This includes countries, cities, customs, local centres)
  • The origin-country of your package.
  • The destination country of your package.
  • The status of your package. (Delivered, In-transit, In/Outbound a centre, etc.)
  • The weight of your package.
  • And many more...

Finding information like these can be done through the La Poste website or Ship24, the most convenient way to track your La Poste packages.

What are different ways to track La Poste packages?

To track La Poste packages, you first have to check your receipt or email confirmation for the tracking number. Once you have your tracking number, there are two ways to trace your La Poste track packages.

The first way is by going to the La Poste website ( and pasting your tracking number there. The only downside is that La Poste’s website is mainly in French and that could be a hassle for non-French speakers.

The best way to trace your La Poste track packages is by using Ship24. Ship24 gives you the latest updates on the status and location of your packages. You can find the information in a short time. You are also given additional information such as the origin and destination, the weight, and time of arrival for each centre of the packages.

With Ship24, you can track up to 10 packages at the same time and get results within seconds. It is very convenient for those who have a lot of packages coming in.

For businesses who want to track their packages, you can use Ship24’s shipping tracking API or shipping tracking webhook. Both services will offer you instant access to 1200+ couriers, automatic courier detection, true end-to-end tracking, and many more!

For businesses or marketplaces that want to ensure that parcels are IOSS registered, Ship24 also offers IOSS fiscal intermediaries. With the best in-house support team, Ship24 not only will register you for an IOSS number but also guide you to every process and documentation needed for the registration. We will make sure you will get your IOSS number within 3 days, meet all requirements for EU VAT obligations, and get full benefits for IOSS.

What do La Poste track package numbers look like?

La Poste track package numbers or tracking numbers are a combination of 11 to 15 numbers and letters. When it comes to international shipping, it consists of 1 letter and 14 digits.

An example of an international shipping track package number should look like this:

  • A12345678912345

Most commonly, you will receive tracking numbers with 13-digits. These tracking numbers will have two (2) capital letters, in the beginning, nine (9) digit numbers in the centre, and two (2) capital letters in the end. These numbers are also used to track La Poste packages.

Here are some tracking numbers that are used to trace La Poste track packages:

  • LG574337350GB
  • LB107374376SG
  • LB106980343SG
  • LP206637581FR
  • LP348881293FR

Once you have found your tracking number, you can track your La Poste package on your Ship24. This can be done by copying the tracking number and copying it on the homepage. You should be directed to your package and see the latest information about it.

You can use the tracking numbers above on Ship24 to check the status of the La Poste packages to have a glimpse of what Ship24 can offer! You can copy more than 1 tracking number on the Ship24 homepage to track multiple parcels on multiple couriers!

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