DPD tracking

What is DPD?

DPD is a french company created in 1999 and it is the second largest parcel delivery network in Europe. The services of the company are available in France of course, in countries in Europe but are also present on the intercontinental market more and more (Asia, South Africa, Brazil, India and other countries in the world through partnerships). DPD is part of DPDgroup and the three letters composing the name of the company stand for Dynamic Parcel Distribution. DPD services quicken the delivery process of the DPD order. The consignments get delivered to their owner on the same date upon arrival. The DPD services have changed the tradition of keeping parcels at a container freight station. Upon the arrival of the consignment at the DPD depot, it gets delivered to the owner without holding it at a container freight station. The shipment no longer waits for approval at CFS, but it gets delivered faster to the owner. The package usually lands at the port terminal and delivered to the customer on the same day or within 72 hours. The DPD services make the movement and delivery of the consignment more transparent. The frustrating moments of guessing the delivery date are over when you are using the DPD services.

Where is my parcel DPD?

DPD shipping services include tracking packages and goods. The DPD tracking system can track products while they are in shipment until they reach their final destination. The owner of the consignment can stay updated about the whereabouts of his or her goods. A DPD tracking number used to track the location of the shipment. The parcel owner can enter the DPD tracking number on the DPD website and the name of the courier to check the status of shipment. It is also possible to track the DPD parcel on Ship24 website, by writing the tracking number in the search bar. By tracking your shipment, you might know the delivery time of your consignment. Your parcel can be tracked up to your doorstep, making the shipping process more transparent. DPD delivery is efficient and reliable. Knowing about the whereabouts of your consignment makes you prepare in advance on how to receive it. DPD package is available for tracking live. Also, you can contact DPD if you fail to track your shipment.

What does DPD tracking number look like?

Every DPD shipping will have an associated tracking number. The tracking number consists of a random mixture of numbers in numeric format. For example - 000 000 000 000 (12 digits). The DPD tracking number also exists in other formats with characters ranging between 8 and 40 in length. At most, the DPD parcel uses the tracking number as identification. The tracking number can be like the barcode digits. Every DPD package to be shipped gets a tracking number.

DPD gives you the tracking number by emailing it to your address.All DPD parcels have different tracking numbers. The tracking number can be printed on the DPD parcel to be shipped. It’s supposed to be visible so that anyone can scan it using a barcode reader.

The courier uses the tracking number of the DPD parcel to keep the owner updated about the whereabouts of the package. If the tracking number is giving an error note when checking the location of your parcel, it might mean that the courier has not picked the packet yet.

How long does DPD take to deliver?

The DPD services are reliable, and your parcel delivery attempted on the same date of arrival at the port terminal. Delivery time depends on the distance and DPD shipping fees. When booking the DPD services, you can choose the collection date. The DPD Company can give you the final delivery date, including the DPD shipping time:

  • At most, the DPD delivery can take a maximum of 72 hours of working days.
  • Expect your domestic parcels on the same day
  • International packages can take more than 24 hours.
  • Delivery to the owner of the package takes place during the day
  • Deliveries not attempted during the night.
  • During the weekend, you may get your parcel on Saturday before noon.
  • Sundays and holidays delivery attempted only for urgent packages.

Nationality of the courier: French

Date of creation: 1999

Tracking number format : 000 000 000 000 (12 digits)

  • Geographic cover:
  • France deliveries
  • Intra Europe deliveries
  • Intercontinental market more and more

Delivery services and times:

  • Standard parcel segment: 24-72 hours
  • Express parcel segment:
  • 1-day domestic market
  • 1-2 day for international

How do I contact DPD directly?

The DPD support team can be reached 24/7 on various platforms by quoting the DPD package tracking number, available for contact on the company’s telephones or toll-free number. DPD has social media accounts on different platforms. You can contact them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp and get an instant response. The company’s email address is valid and accepted for communication. The customers can lodge their complaints and questions on any platform that they are comfortable with DPD contact. The tracking number assists further in reference when inquiring about the specific package. Make sure that you have the DPD tracking contact reference number when asking about your consignment.

Does DPD deliver to door?

The customer can choose the delivery options on offer. DPD home delivery tracking helps to track your shipment till the point of delivery at your doorsteps. Customers can choose the delivery destination of the consignment. For those opting for home delivery, please be aware that DPD services can provide door to door anytime during the working hours. You can pick up your package at the DPD depot during working hours or upon a special arrangement.The chosen delivery destination can be changed. Your parcel can be delivered at home, office, salon, shop, or at any address that you are comfortably available to receive. If you are not at the delivery address to collect your parcel, the DPD Company can keep your parcel safe in the depot, attempting to deliver the following day or the date of your choice. DPD services are reliable, and the company protects the packages from damages. Your packaging will be secure and intact in the hands of a dedicated, reliable DPD.

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