Dsv tracking

Dsv tracking

Denmark is a great country that few people know or have heard of as a great opportunity to establish and grow in different aspects. Many industries and markets have dared to invest in this country and have obtained very good results. 
However, in order for all these markets, sectors, and investors to maintain their operations and growth in Denmark, it is necessary to use a company that provides logistics and transportation services. DSV is that great company that has taken it upon itself to support all Danish people who wish to make such a move.

What DSV stands for?

DSV stands for a Danish phrase, "De Sammensluttede Vognmænd", which translated means "the consolidated forwarders". This name was given when the company was founded in 1976. It mainly consisted of a group of 9 independent forwarding companies that decided to provide mail and logistics services on the national territory.
Since then, the name was changing over time, but after so many changes they decided to leave it under the initial name. Currently, the company has DSV shipping and offers various logistic and transport services at the national and international level through different means:  road, air, sea, and train.
In all its years of experience, it has been acquiring partnerships with strategic competitors that have allowed it to expand its distribution networks to many more destinations, both national and international. DSV tools have also been greatly improved, such as DSV tracking, and e-commerce services.

Who owns DSV?

DSV has been in the hands of several investors for a couple of years, but it was in 2006 that the Dutch group Frans Maas became the main investor and provider of air, sea, and road freight and parcel transport in Denmark. 
Since then it has also become one of the three largest logistics companies in Europe. On the other hand, it was also able to partner with ABX Logistics and DSV was able to expand further into several countries in South America, connecting now six continents and becoming one of the leading logistics service companies worldwide.

How do I track a DSV parcel?

Whether you have shipped by air, land, or sea, you can always use the DSV express courier tracking tool to track the location or status of your parcel.
Thanks to the Track & Trace tool, as found on the official website, it is possible to perform any DSV air and sea tracks. Just copy your DSV tracking number in the search field and you will be immediately shown all the information related to your package.
In addition, an advantage of the DSV tracking system is that you can not only track with the DVS tracking number but also with the customer reference number or shipment reference number.

How long does DSV take to deliver?

DSV delivery times can vary for a number of reasons, and therefore it may not be possible to establish a precise time frame for how long a package might take to reach its final destination. After all, this company ships via planes, ships, trucks, and trains, so it will depend on each one.
However, it is necessary to mention that delivery times are not usually so long.

  • Within the national territory, shipments are made by land and by air. These usually take between 2-4 days to arrive depending on the destination and the package.
  • For international shipments, the delivery time is longer, since not only packages are sent to other countries, but also have the option to send them by ship. Shipments by ship can take up to 25 working days to reach their destination, but at any time you can use DSV air and sea tracking and know the location of your package.

How do you use a DSV locker?

DSV offers its customers the option to rent or buy a locker. With the lockers, you can make purchases in online stores and have it shipped to the locker, while the locker takes care of getting it to the final destination in a more secure way.
This option is very useful especially for those people who want to make online purchases from other countries and have no way to have them sent to their country of origin. But with the DSV shipping locker, it is possible to bring any product from another country without having to maintain an address in that country.

Are DSV shipping prices expensive?

DSV has different payment options for its services to suit each customer's budget, whether they have a lot or a little. At all times DSV offers its customers a free rate quote through its website so that people can have an estimate of how much it might cost to ship their package.
To establish the quote it is necessary that you specify several details of your possible shipment and then provide the information, DSV air and sea tracking team will contact you to let you know the rates they can present.
All the information will be sent and notified to you through the email you put in the form you have to fill in the website, in the quotation section. You can also find the DSV contact number in the contact section of the website and make your inquiry there.

Does DSV only ship in Europe?

Thanks to the great expansion of DSV and its DSV express courier tracking, it is possible for you to ship not only in Europe but also on 5 other continents. We are talking about sending your parcels from Europe to Asian, American, African countries and beyond. And you can use DSV express courier tracking at any time.
There are more than 80 countries listed in the company's distribution network, which you can reach in different ways, either by plane, train, truck, or ship. And the best thing is that through DSV air and sea tracking, you can monitor your package wherever it goes.

How can I contact DSV customer service?

There are several methods by which you can contact DSV shipping. In the contact section, you can find several tips and the FAQ subcategory that can help you clarify any questions you may have. However, if you wish to make a more specialized contact, you can fill out the contact form.
Even if you want to be sure about any information related to DSV tracking, or maybe you lost your DSV tracking number you can request it by filling out the form with the correct data.

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