Leboncoin tracking

Leboncoin tracking

Start tracking your Leboncoin parcels with Ship24 by entering your Leboncoin tracking numbers on the homepage. Track up to 10 Leboncoin tracking numbers and get all the tracking information you need to know the current location and status of your parcels.

How to track a parcel with Leboncoin?

When you buy a product from a seller, a tracking number will be provided to you by Leboncoin or the seller. With this tracking number, you can get the estimated time of arrival and where your parcel currently is. Although there are several ways how you can track your Leboncoin parcels, here are some ways you can track your parcels.

Track Leboncoin Parcels

A Leboncoin parcel is a product or item that the seller sends to the buyer. You can get tracking information on your parcels in the following ways.

  1. You can track your Leboncoin parcels on the Leboncoin website.
  2. You can track your Leboncoin parcels on the courier's official website.
  3. You can track your Leboncoin parcels on a third-party tracking website, Ship24.

Tracking with Ship24 is probably the best way to track your parcels as all you need is Leboncoin tracking numbers. You can enter up to 10 Leboncoin tracking numbers on the homepage and get your results within a few seconds.

Another reason why you should track with Ship24 is that is able to track more than 1,200 couriers worldwide. This means that even if another courier like DPD, Royal Mail, or UPS is delivering your parcels, you can still get tracking information with just one tracking number.

How to track a Colissimo parcel from Leboncoin?

If you want to track the Leboncoin parcel sent through Colissimo, follow the steps below.

Colissimo Tracking on Leboncoin

  1. Log in to your Leboncoin account.
  2. Click on the "Transactions" tab.
  3. Select the Leboncoin order that you want to track.
  4. Once selected, the information about your Leboncoin order will be shown. Click on "Suivre le courrier" button.

Alternatively, you should see a tracking number on top of the "Suivre le courrier" button. You can copy this number and paste it on Ship24. Ship24 is a universal tracking tool that can be used to enter your Leboncoin tracking numbers.

This could be useful for non-French speakers as Leboncoin's website is only available in French. It will give you all the tracking updates that you need before the parcel reaches you.

How does Colissimo shipping work on Leboncoin?

When someone places an order on Leboncoin, the seller can either send the parcel by physically delivering it to the recipient or by shipping it with another courier, in this case, Colissimo.

Shipping Parcels with Colissimo

To ship your Leboncoin parcels with Colissimo, you need to first generate a shipping label through the mobile app or the website. Once you have a shipping label:

  1. Download and print your shipping label.
  2. Pack the Leboncoin parcel carefully.
  3. Stick the shipping label on the Leboncoin parcel, and make sure the barcode is visible.
  4. Drop off the parcel at the nearest Colissimo branch.
  5. Confirm sending of the parcel through the Leboncoin messaging system.

You can send the tracking number to the buyer to allow them to track their Leboncoin parcels. With Ship24, they can enter the Colissimo tracking numbers on the homepage and get all their tracking information given to them. They can also track their orders from Amazon, Cdiscount, AliExpress, and thousands of other marketplaces around the world.

How to track a Mondial Relay package from Leboncoin?

If the seller has sent the Leboncoin package through another courier such as Mondial Relay, you can track the packages by:

Mondial Relay Tracking on Leboncoin

  1. Logging in on your Leboncoin account.
  2. Find and click on "Transaction".
  3. Find the Leboncoin package that you want to track. When you have found one, click on it.
  4. Details of your packages will be shown, simply click on "Suivre le Colis".

If the seller has sent the package through a different courier delivery service like TNT, Chronopost, or La Poste, it is best to go message the seller and request the tracking number. Once they have sent the tracking number, you can copy the tracking number on the courier's official tracking website or use a universal tracking tool such as Ship24.

For example, if the seller has sent your Leboncoin package through La Poste, you can request the La Poste tracking number. Copy and paste the tracking number onto the Ship24 homepage and you should receive all the tracking details of your packages.

How does Mondial Relay shipping work on Leboncoin?

When the buyer buys something on Leboncoin, the seller or merchant has several options for shipping the parcel. If the recipient is nearby, the seller can either personally deliver the order or the recipient can pick it up somewhere. Otherwise, the seller or merchant can opt to deliver it through a courier.

Shipping Parcels with Mondial Relay

Using Mondial Relay to ship your Leboncoin parcel is one way to deliver the parcels to the recipient. To be able to ship it, you must first register the parcel and create a shipping label for it. To do this, download the Mondial Relay app or go to their website. When you already have your shipping label or receipt, follow these steps:

  1. Print the shipping label or receipt by downloading it.
  2. Carefully seal the Leboncoin parcel.
  3. When it is carefully sealed, put the shipping label on the parcel by making sure the barcode can be scanned easily.
  4. Deliver the parcel to the closest branch of Mondial Relay.
  5. Verify that the parcel was sent by heading to the Leboncoin app or website and informing the buyer.

How to find my tracking number on Leboncoin?

To get tracking updates on your Leboncoin parcels, you will need to be issued a tracking number. Finding your tracking number is simple, you can log into your Leboncoin account and select the order that you want to track. This can only be found if the seller or merchant ships the parcel by Leboncoin. If the seller chooses to send it through another courier, then the buyer would have to request the tracking number from the seller.

Upon selecting the Leboncoin order, you should see the tracking number on the left side. The tracking number should consist of 8 to 15 digits, depending on which courier the seller has sent the parcel with.

Once you have your tracking number, you can either track the parcel from the Leboncoin website or copy the tracking number and track it on a third-party courier site like Ship24.

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