DTDC tracking

DTDC tracking

India is home to a wide variety of private companies that offer postal and shipping services. In this particular case, DTDC is one of the most important companies in the country, and in a short time, it has become a benchmark in terms of the quality of its services.

Tracking your DTDC parcels can be done on Ship24 by entering your tracking numbers on the homepage. You can track up to 10 parcels simultaneously and get results within a few seconds.

How do I track my DTDC package?

Once users have completed all the payment procedures, they can use the DTDC tracking India service, which can be found on their official website. Similarly, this kind of service can also be used via text messages.

Besides, users can also use the DTDC tracking system on other virtual platforms available on the internet. These virtual platforms are connected to the company's operational infrastructure, and therefore users can access detailed information about their packages.

On the other hand, users can use the DTDC courier tracking service through a mobile application that can only be downloaded from the website, or through emails. Users can obtain details such as the type of service, the package dimensions, or even the approximate delivery date.

It is important to remember that the DTDC tracking number is sent by email, text messages, and even by notifications that are especially sent through the mobile application. If necessary, users can consult the tracking number with customer service and track their package through a universal tracking tool like Ship24.

How can I track my DTDC international parcel?

Tracking your DTDC international parcel can be done by entering your tracking numbers on the DTDC website. You can also use a third-party tracking site to help keep up with the packages.

Third-party tracking sites like Ship24 can help with your DTDC tracking as Ship24 is a universal tracking system. It has an auto-courier detection that can show where the packages are anywhere around the world. To track with Ship24, simply enter your DTDC international tracking numbers on the homepage and hit "Enter".

What is the consignment number in DTDC?

The consignment number is the DTDC tracking number, users can use it to check the shipping status of packages through customer service. In case of package or mail losses, users can use the consignment number to not only use the DTDC tracking service but also to formalize claims or refunds.

What does the DTDC tracking number look like?

The DTDC tracking number comes on your receipts or on the shipping label. It is often known as the consignment number and it consists of a combination of letters and numbers. The tracking format of a DTDC parcel has 1 capital letter at the beginning followed by an 8-digit number.

DTDC Tracking Number Format Examples

Here is a list of some DTDC tracking numbers or consignment numbers:

  • Z06066552
  • B73180181
  • R16473144

What is a DTDC courier tracking status?

Once you have entered your DTDC courier tracking numbers, a set of tracking statuses will show up. With this tracking information, you will have an estimated time of arrival of your DTDC package.

DTDC Courier Tracking Status

DTDC Courier Tracking Status Description
In transit The DTDC package is on its way to your doorstep.
Booked The sender or merchant has requested the courier to pick up the package.
Softdata Upload The package is registered on the DTDC system and awaiting confirmation?
Pickup Scheduled The package is already scheduled to be picked up by the courier.
Out for Delivery The package is being delivered to the destination.
Pickup Awaited A shipping label is created and the package is in the process of being packed to be sent to you.
Delivered The recipient received the package.
Picked Up The courier picked the package up at your doorstep.
Not Delivered The package was not delivered successfully.
RTO in Transit The package is on "Return to Origin" status. This means that the package is being sent back to the sender.
FDM Prepared FDM means Franchise Delivery Manifest. The package will be delivered to you in the next few hours.
Not Picked The package was not picked up by the courier,

Does DTDC only deliver in India?

Due to its huge operations and logistics infrastructure, the company not only provides domestic shipments and deliveries but also offers international services. With DTDC's international courier service, users can manage shipments to more than 240 countries worldwide making them a fierce competitor for local giants such as Ekart Logistics, India Post, Delhivery, and BlueDart.

Similarly, with its operational infrastructure, users can use the DTDC tracking system to locate their parcels or mail regardless of the destination. Even in countries with complex political and social situations, parcels can be sent and tracked efficiently.

Compared to the competition, one of the advantages of DTDC's international courier service is that it offers different delivery services that can be tailored to customers' needs and are also available nationwide.

How much does DTDC charge per kg?

Users can manage parcels or mail shipments of up to 10 kilograms. However, for each additional kilogram, the company adds a US$2 surcharge to the shipping costs. This can significantly increase DTDC shipping charges if the customer doesn’t pay attention to the package’s weight.

However, DTDC rewards shipping costs with fast and efficient shipping services. An example of this is the DTDC courier home delivery service, which is very popular nationwide and for which users are willing to pay, regardless of whether they are a little more expensive compared to those offered by the competition.

How long does it take for DTDC to deliver?

  • Nationwide, delivery time is 3 to 7 working days.
  • With Premium Services, the approximate delivery time is 48 hours.
  • The company can even manage deliveries in less than 12 hours or at specific times during the day or evening, which can be adapted to the needs of users.
  • With Standard Services, the international delivery time is approximately one week.
  • With Premium Services, the approximate delivery time is 2 to 4 working days.

Users can also receive their packages at home or at the address of their choice.
Similarly, users can manage delivery at the times that best suit their needs. All this is thanks to the company's huge operational infrastructure.

How do I contact DTDC?

DTDC Customer Care Number

Users can contact customer service through these phone numbers depending on their regions:

Location Customer Care Number
Ahmedabad 7305770577
Bangalore 7305770577
Chandigarh 7305770577
Chennai 7305770577
Delhi 7305770577
Ghaziabad 7305770577
Hyderabad 7305770577
Jaipur 7305770577
Kolkata 7305770577
Mumbai 7305770577
Pune 7305770577

DTDC customer care is available from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am IST to 6:00 pm IST. The customer service is available in English, Hindi, and several regional languages.

DTDC Official Social Media

Users can also make some inquiries through the company's official:

Also, they can process queries, complaints, and suggestions and as we have mentioned on other occasions, they can also process the DTDC tracking India service. However, for international tracking, users must use the available mechanisms.

DTDC is a good company and one that offers services that users can use if they want to maximize time and efficiency. Without a doubt, it is the biggest competitor to companies like Ekart Logistics, another famous Indian courier company.

What is DTDC?

DTDC is a company that was founded in 1990 and started as a small private courier service company. Due to the quality of its services, it grew exponentially. Its growth was so fast, that by the 2000s, users could already access the DTDC international courier service.

The company not only has thousands of postal and customer service offices in the country's most important regions but also has more than 10,000 offices around the world. With this infrastructure, users in India can connect with millions of users worldwide.

The DTDC courier tracking system not only operates daily but also provides detailed information on all shipments, regardless of destination. For this reason, the company has become a strong partner of companies such as DPD and GeoPost.

These are allied companies that function as an extension of DTDC logistics operations. This kind of expansion is the main reason why users can track so efficiently with the DTDC courier tracking system in countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, the United States, and the Middle East countries.

While the main competition may be considered to be Ekart Logistics, DTDC is a company that is excelling in this type of industry. It has won the hearts of millions of users in India with its DTDC tracking India service, and also internationally for its on-time deliveries.

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