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Swiss Post tracking

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Swiss Post is the national postal service of Switzerland, owned and managed by the Swiss Confederation. Created in 1849 in Bern, the company provides domestic and international services for both individuals and companies. Swiss Post is today Switzerland's second-largest employer.

Swiss Post package tracking

What is Swiss Post?

Swiss Post, sometimes referred to as "La Poste Suisse", is the national postal service of Switzerland. The Swiss post is owned and managed by the Swiss Confederation, Swiss Post predominantly deals with postal services for its citizens, but it also provides domestic and international postal solutions within the country.

It also provides financial services under the PostFinance brand, a transportation service known as PostBus, an ID system, an e-voting solution and a digital transformation arm that deals with Swiss Post digital solutions.

Having been formed in 1849, Swiss Post has developed a considerable network of operations and is currently the country's second-largest employer. It has subsequently developed popularity amongst its fellow citizens and is well recognized for its efficiency, with country-wide delivery of packages within 1 to 3 working days. Swiss Post delivers from more than 3600 delivery points in Switzerland.

Where is Swiss Post located?

Swiss Post has its headquarters in Bern, Switzerland. However, it has multiple postal offices, processing stations, and offices nationwide. As the national postal service of Switzerland, Swiss Post is frequently involved in logistics solutions for the delivery of international packages within the country, as a 'last-mile courier'. This means that it receives, and processes packages sent from overseas and handles the last leg of deliveries, which is important when it comes to Swiss Post tracking.

If a buyer or business purchases an eCommerce order from China, it will be dispatched and handled by another courier service before it reaches Switzerland. Therefore, multiple couriers will be involved in its transportation before it arrives, meaning that tracking will not be possible before it lands in Switzerland.

Equally, if you are tracking a parcel coming from China, which was initially handled by a Chinese courier company, such as Cainiao or 4PX, then it could be difficult to continue tracking using those sites once Swiss Post had taken over handling. Fortunately, Ship24 offers a universal tracking service, which continues to get tracking information on your parcel even when it is handed over between different couriers and logistics companies.

Ship24 works by scouring the internet, and the thousands of courier sites on it, to find the information that's relevant to your parcel. All you need is the Swiss Post tracking number and once you have entered it into the Ship24 website, we do the rest. Ship24 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is free for single package tracking and regular users.

We also offer advanced tracking options, which especially cater to businesses and marketplaces dealing with multiple B2B and B2C orders both to keep them informed of the flow of goods or for our services to be provided to their customers. The two professional tracking options we offer are our Webhook and tracking API. Built with AI-machine learning at the core and accompanied by a dedicated development team, these systems optimize tracking capability for the business, putting an end to the need to track the parcel via multiple couriers and websites.

For further information on our professional products, check out our professional tracking options in the solutions section at the top of the webpage.

What are Swiss Post delivery options?

There are a number of domestic and international delivery options offered by the Swiss Post.

Domestic Delivery Options

  • The Post Pac Economy
  • The PostPac Priority
  • The Swiss-Express "Moon"

International Delivery Options

  • PostPac International Economy option
  • PostPac International Priority option
  • Urgent option

Please note, that whichever postal service you opt for, you can still track your package worldwide with Ship24. The advantage of using Ship24 for tracking is that your ability to track a Swiss Post parcel won't end when your parcel leaves the country (and changes couriers when overseas).

Ship24 tracks over 1200 couriers simultaneously - including all the major international companies including UPS, FedEx, DHL, and so on, meaning you can keep getting Swiss Post international tracking information right up to the point of delivery.

What is a Swiss Post tracking number?

Each registered Swiss Post package will have a unique Swiss Post tracking number, sometimes called a Swiss Post tracking code, which will help you identify and track your parcel.

Swiss post tracking number formats will vary. They will always contain numbers, but some may contain letters, depending on the postage service purchased by the customer.

Examples of Swiss Post Tracking Numbers

  • Domestic Parcels: 99.00.123456.19584678
  • Domestic Letters: 98.00.123456.14968578
  • International Letters: RY173**CZ
  • International Parcels: CE173**CZ
  • Domestic Courier: 97.11.126656.15948678
  • International Courier: TT233**CZ
  • Domestic Palettes (Letters, catalogues etc): 91.02.8574.12.129876

However, when using Ship24 it is not important to know which parcel service your tracking number corresponds to, as you won't need this information when tracking Swiss Post with Ship24. We don't need any personal details from you about yourself, your business, or your Swiss Post parcel. Simply copy and paste your Swiss Post tracking number onto the search bar on the Ship24 page and begin worldwide tracking of your Swiss Post parcel instantly.

How long does it take for Swiss Post to deliver domestic parcels?

For domestic shipments, all Swiss Post deliveries take 1 to 3 working days, with Swiss Post Express services usually arriving within 24 hours.

Swiss Post Domestic Shipping Options

The three delivery options for the Swiss Post domestic shipping are listed below:

  • The Post Pac Economy: This is a cost-effective or economy Swiss Post delivery option, with delivery promised within three working days (between Monday and Friday)
  • The PostPac Priority: This is the standard delivery option and packages are usually delivered by the next working day between Monday to Friday.
  • The Swiss-Express "Moon": This is the premium express option with delivery guaranteed on the next working day by 9 am, between Monday and Saturday.
    If you are looking for more information about the products and solutions offered by Swiss post-delivery, especially about the prices for each option, please visit the Swiss Post website.

Does Swiss Post offer international parcel delivery?

Swiss Post offers 3 different international options for parcel shipments.

Swiss Post International Options

  • PostPac International Economy option: This is the cost-effective economy option for international parcel delivery with Swiss Post. It allows you to send parcels abroad inexpensively but takes the longest amount of time (between 5 to more than 15 days depending on the final destination).
  • PostPac International Priority option: This is the standard shipping options
  • Urgent option: you can use this option when you need to send urgent product consignments abroad as soon as possible.

All Swiss Post parcels reach their international destinations within 30 days, with exceptional circumstances, such as long custom processes or transportation blockages, taking longer.

How long does it take to ship from China to Switzerland?

Shipping an item from China will usually take around 30 days. Although you can organize shipments of items from China with Swiss Post, they will be handled by a third-party courier or logistics company in China and along the journey to Switzerland beforehand.

Therefore, if you need to track your package end-to-end from China to its final destination, you need to do so with Ship24's universal tracking system. You don't need to download anything or provide any personal details, simply head to the homepage of Ship24 and type in your tracking number to begin tracking your package.

Do I need an ID to collect a package at a Swiss Post service point?

If you opt to collect your Swiss Post package at a Swiss Post service point, make sure to have the Swiss Post tracking number with you (to show to the agent proof of notification by email or by SMS) and also to have your ID card or another official form of identification.

If you can't go to the service point in person, you can ask one of your family members to go instead. The person who is representing you will need to also have the Swiss Post tracking number with them and carry an ID.

What should I do if my Swiss Post package has been damaged?

If your Swiss Post package has been damaged, you have up to 8 days after the delivery date to report the accident. You can report the damage either at the nearest Swiss Post branch or online, although you will need to provide proof of the damage and the delivery documents.

When travelling to a Swiss Post office, you will need to bring the letter or the package which was damaged with you with proof of delivery (such as the package being marked as "registered" for example). The Swiss Post branch will create a damage report and check if you can receive compensation.

This procedure is applied for both domestic and international parcels but if you can't find a branch around you, you can still contact Swiss Post by phone or by email and they will help you proceed with your claim.

Please note that if you contact via phone or email, do so in advance of the 8-day limit on claiming this way of making a claim can take longer than a physical visit to the post office.

If you have an issue with a package or the Swiss Post service, you must contact the Swiss Post directly, as it cannot be resolved by Ship24. However, if your post is delayed or late, you can search for the latest tracking information on Ship24 before contacting them regarding the delay so that you are fully informed of the parcel's location and status before making contact.

Please note, that if the Swiss Post parcel you sent is not delivered yet, you can use Ship24 to track your parcel and find out its latest location and status. However, if they are a problem with delivery then you need to contact swiss post customer service for more information directly.

How do I contact Swiss Post?

Below is a list of the ways to contact Swiss Post, which will depend on the nature of your call.

Urgent Calls

TNT Swiss Post AG

Swiss Post GLS

For Unregistered Mail

Inquiries cannot be answered for unregistered mail as there will be no details available for it. Similarly, unregistered mail cannot be tracked using any tracking system. Therefore, it is always advised to send parcels registered. Although it may cost more, it will be worth it!

Domestic Items

Please contact your local post office

Shipments from Overseas

You will need to contact the carrier which is handling your package before it arrives in Switzerland (and subsequent handover to Swiss Post for delivery). If you are unaware of who is handling your package, you need to ask the seller or marketplace from which you purchased your item.

How do I track and trace my Swiss Post package?

You can follow all Swiss Post parcels and international shipments on the Ship24 website by using the Swiss Post tracking number given by the seller or by the post office. This will be given as soon as a purchase has been made on an online marketplace or with an e-tailer. If it is not given by the merchant (seller) then you need to contact them or make sure it is not shown in the 'check-out section of the website you used to make the purchase.

When you track with Ship24, you will receive information about your package, as well as the current location, its journey so far, its current status, and its intended final destination. To access this information, you just need to go on the Ship24 website, on the homepage, input the Swiss Post tracking number in the search bar, and click enter, to begin utilizing the best universal tracking systems available.

If you are a business and are seeking enhanced, system-integrated tracking, you can also use our other universal tracking options by clicking on the solutions page.

Ship24 offers tracking, shipping from China logistics options, and even IOSS EU VAT solutions, giving us extensive experience in the shipping sector. Alongside our international development and support teams, we are experts in our field and our services strive to offer our customers the smoothest shipping experiences, whatever their needs.

Find out why businesses and individuals are sending and tracking millions of parcels with Ship24 and our partners every month by exploring our website and putting your trust in market leaders.

Why is my Swiss Post parcel not being tracked?

Several factors could affect the tracking of your parcel. One main factor could be t small delay in the delivery of your parcel or t delay in the courier's tracking system. If you are trying to track your parcel and it still hasn't been updated or you haven't received it after the delivery date, then you would have to contact the seller or the courier for inquiries.

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