Swiss Post tracking

What is Swiss Post?

Swiss Post or again in French “La Poste suisse”, in Italian: La Posta Svizzera, in German: Die Schweizerische Post, is the national postal service of Switzerland. The Swiss post is owned and managed by the Swiss Confederation, with its headquarters in Bern. Swiss Post offers services to individuals but also large companies in Switzerland and provides domestic and international solutions, with an efficient delivery time between 1-3 business days within the country. Swiss Post shipments Express and Swiss Post Economy shipping are available options for international delivery with Swiss Post. You can find global information about the courier Swiss Post in the following table and in the other sections lower:

Nationality of the courier: Swiss

Date of creation: 1849

  • Tracking number format:
  • Domestic Parcels: 99.00.123456.12345678
  • Domestic Letters: 98.00.123456.12345678
  • International Letters: RY123**CH
  • International Parcels: CE123**CH
  • Domestic Courier: 97.00.123456.12345678
  • International Courier: TT123**CH
  • Domestic Palettes (Letters, catalogues): 91.02.1234.12.123456

Delivery options


  • The Post Pac Economy
  • The PostPac Priority
  • The Swiss-Express “Moon”


  • PostPac International Economy option
  • PostPac International Priority option
  • Urgent option

How do I track and trace my Swiss Post package?

You can follow your Swiss Post parcels and your shipments on the ship24 website by using the Swiss Post tracking number given by the seller or by the post officer. Swiss post tracking information will be displayed as well as the information from the destinations posts and other couriers. You just need to go on the Ship24 website, on the homepage and put the Swiss Post tracking number in the search bar to get all the necessary information about your Swiss Post package.

How does the Swiss Post tracking numbers look like?

Swiss Post is known as one of the postal companies that have the best customer service in the world, which focuses on parcel delivery with over 3600 delivery points in Switzerland. Swiss Post tracking number or also called consignment number can be found under different types of formats such as:

  1. Domestic Parcels: 99.00.123456.12345678
  2. Domestic Letters: 98.00.123456.12345678
  3. International Letters: RY123**CH
  4. International Parcels: CE123**CH
  5. Domestic Courier: 97.00.123456.12345678
  6. International Courier: TT123**CH
  7. Domestic Palettes (Letters, catalogues): 91.02.1234.12.123456

How long will it take to deliver domestic parcels with Swiss Post?

For domestic shipment only, all the Swiss Post solutions are offering a 2-3 working days delivery. Some options like Swiss Post Express service can be faster. There are 3 delivery options for the domestic shipment:

  • The Post Pac Economy: this is a cost effective option with a delivery in two working days from Monday to Friday.
  • The PostPac Priority: this is a fast option with a delivery on the next working day from Monday to Friday.
  • The Swiss-Express “Moon”: this is an express option with a delivery on the next working day by 9am, including Saturday.

If you are looking for more information about the products and solutions offered by Swiss post delivery, especially about the prices for each options, you can click on this link: https://www.post.ch/en/private/sending-mail-privat/private-domestic-parcels

When can I receive my international parcels or package from china with Swiss Post?

Swiss Post offer 3 different international options for parcel shipments:

  • PostPac International Economy option: it is a cost effective option for an international parcel delivery with Swiss Post. It allows you to send parcels abroad inexpensively.
  • PostPac International Priority option: this option allows you to send parcels abroad in a quick way.
  • Urgent option: you can use this option when you need to send urgent products consignments abroad as soon as possible.

Most of the parcels reach international destinations within 30 days max, with some exceptions for certain destinations with a long custom process. If you are waiting for a package from China, you are going to wait about 30 days to receive it, if the shipping is made with Swiss Post. If the parcel you sent is not delivered yet, you can use ship24 to track your parcel and the latest event or contact swiss post customer service for more information.

If your inquiry order cannot be processed? You have the possibility to reach different contacts according to the following cases:

  • URGENT (TT#########CH) the customer service TNT Swiss Post AG, 0800 45 45 45; cs.urgent.ch@tnt.com
  • GLS (9939###########; 9039###########) the customer service Swiss Post GLS, 0848 85 86 86; infogls@post.ch
  • For unregistered mail (U##########CH) no inquiry can be provided.
  • For domestic items (98…/99..) kindly enter a National investigation.
  • For shipments from abroad kindly start the inquiry in the country of origin.

What do I need to collect a package in a Swiss Post service point?

If you collect your package in a Swiss Post service point, make sure to have the Swiss Post tracking number with you (to show to the agent a proof of notification by email or by SMS) and also to have with you your ID card or another official form of identification. If you can’t go to the service point and ask one of your family members to go instead, make sure that this family member has the same last name, the tracking number of your Swiss Post order and also their ID or another official form of identification with them.

What should I do if my Swiss Post package has been damaged?

If your Swiss Post package has been damaged, you have up to 8 days after the delivery to report the accident at the nearest Swiss Post branch around you. You will need to bring the letter or the package with proof of delivery (marked as “registered” for example). The Swiss Post branch will create a damage report and check if you can receive a compensation. This procedure is applied for both domestic and international parcels but if you can’t find a branch around you, you can still contact Swiss Post by phone or by email.

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