Cyprus Post tracking

Cyprus Post tracking

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What is Cyprus Post?

Cyprus Post is one of the largest companies in Cyprus and manages all the postal services in the country. Cyprus Post answers only to the Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Public Works of the Cyprus Government. In this way, the Cyprus Government, through laws and regulations, can guarantee that the services offered by Cyprus Post, are of the best possible quality. This is one of the reasons why Cyprus Post prices are so competitive in today's European market.
According to the law, Cyprus Post has until 2027 the obligation to offer the only postal services in the country. Among the postal services that Cyprus Post offers to both public and private clients, we can mention the transport, distribution, sending, and delivery of postal letters, registered letters, documents, parcels, and money orders. Cyprus Post can also offer additional postal services such as EMS, or better known as the emergency mail service.
It is important to note that the Commissioner for the Regulation of Electronic Communications and Postal Services of the Cyprus Government is responsible for regulating, controlling, and monitoring the quality of postal services offered by Cyprus Post. This control is aimed at ensuring and protecting the interests of the customers, in terms of prices, variety of services, and adequate technological renewal of all Cyprus Post services.
Cyprus Post also has the operational capacity to offer other types of services such as E-Commerce services. This is to meet the needs of some users and to comply with the rules and legislation of the Cyprus Government and the Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Public Works. This is one of the reasons why the quality of the services offered by the company is so good, both nationally and internationally. 

Cyprus Post package tracking

How do I track my Cyprus Post parcel?

Cyprus Post has an electronic tracking and tracing system that can be found on its official website. The only way users can use the Cyprus Post track and trace system is through the use of the tracking code or number provided by the company. The Cyprus Post tracking number can only be obtained through email messages or telephone notifications.
The tracking numbers are implemented in the packages or postal correspondence in an electronic way and the users will be able to acquire them once they have finished all the procedures corresponding to the transport and delivery of the postal orders. Only in this way can the Cyprus Post Tracking service be used correctly. 

How long does post from Cyprus to the UK take?

Delivery times may vary depending on several factors, such as the type of transport and the destination. Specifically, the delivery time from Cyprus to the UK is approximately 28 working days. It is important to mention that if users decide to use the EMS postal service, the delivery time is shortened to 1 or 2 weeks. The delivery time is this long because each postal order must pass a strict analysis and approval process by Cyprus Post and the Cyprus Customs authorities.

  • For domestic deliveries, the approximate delivery time is 2 to 4 working days. With the use of the EMS postal service, the approximate delivery time is 24 to 36 hours.
  • For deliveries to European countries, the delivery time is approximately 2 to 3 weeks.
  • For countries in North America, Central America, South America, and Asia, the approximate delivery time is 4 to 5 weeks.
  • For countries in Africa, it takes 3 to 4 weeks approximately.

Where does Cyprus Post can deliver?

Because Cyprus Post has a monopoly on the postal market, it can deliver to all cities in the country, and remote rural areas. This is only possible thanks to the more than 51 postal offices and 1000 rural agencies that are distributed throughout the national territory of Cyprus. Cyprus Post has the operational capacity to deliver to over 200 countries worldwide. This is also possible because Cyprus Post works closely with transport companies such as DHL, FedEx, or QuickPost.

What are Cyprus Post shipping costs?

Cyprus Post shipping costs may vary depending on the destination:

  • When sending postal orders to South American countries, such as Argentina, the shipping cost is approximately 42 dollars.
  • To countries like the United States or Mexico, the shipping cost is approximately 44 dollars.
  • The cost of shipping to countries in Asia, such as China is 40 dollars approximately.
  • To countries on the African continent, like Nigeria, the shipping cost is approximately 41 dollars.
  • The shipping cost to Europe, like Germany or the United Kingdom, is approximately 38 dollars.

It is important to mention that with the use of services such as EMS, costs can increase considerably. Also, depending on the type of shipping company that has been selected by the user, shipping costs can receive a considerable increase. Shipping costs can exceed 100 dollars if packages exceed 5 kg.
Finally, it is important to note that users can use an electronic tool on the Cyprus Post official website, which will help them calculate all transport, shipping, and delivery costs of their postal orders.

How do I contact Cyprus Post?

Users and private clients will only be able to access all important information of Cyprus Post through its official website. Through the website, all users will obtain the most important data of the Cyprus Post contacts. For example, the official telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. They will also be able to acquire the address of the Cyprus Post main office and the post offices located in the most important regions of the country. Users can also make use of customer service through a mobile application developed by the company.
This application not only allows us to track and locate postal orders but also to receive notifications of shipment and delivery of packages and to process some inquiries or requests. The mobile application can only be downloaded from the Cyprus Post website. Finally, it is important to mention that users can also make requests, queries, complaints, or suggestions through an electronic form that can be found on the company's website.

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