An Post tracking

What is An Post?

It is the company in charge of the postal service in the Republic of Ireland, totally owned by the government. They offer all the Ireland population many services including letter and parcel services, express postal services, express mail service with EMS, financial services like deposit accounts and money transfer. They also count on the An Post Ireland tracking service to let you know all the information available for your packages.
Founded in 1984 and becoming a reliable company with the time, An Post has become the first option for all the population in Ireland to send and receive their goods.

How can I track An Post?

The company’s tracking service has been improving since its creation, allowing you to know all the information about your packages at any moment. To track all your packages from this company, you will need the An Post reference number tracking that they will provide you when you finish your order.
To use the An Post tracking service, you can go to the official website or type the tracking number here on our webpage, in the tracking searching bar. After typing it, click on the blue button on the right side. Immediately all the information will be shown for you, so you can know where your package is and how many times it will last to arrive at your house.

What does an An Post tracking number look like?

The An Post track and trace number can start with the capital letters R, A, E, V, C, L, and end up with IE that stands for Ireland. Between these digits, you will find 9 numbers. An example of how a tracking number from this company would look like can be RA 123 456 789 IE.
When you have that number, you will be able to use the An Post tracking international service to know where your packages are at that precise moment. They will update all the information about the mail or parcel when it arrives at a postal office. There, they will scan it, upload, and update the status and location of your package.

Is An Post delivering to Australia?

An Post services can reach even the farthest countries in the world, so yes they are delivering successfully to Australia and also over 220 countries worldwide. You can send your packages to that country with no worries; it will arrive in perfect conditions and in the promised time.

How long does An Post take to deliver?

An Post offers its services locally and internationally. However, the time they will take to deliver will depend on the distance of the country you want to send the mail or package to. Sometimes it may vary for other reasons like transportation availability or climate conditions.
For domestic shipping, An Post will last a maximum of 24 hours inside all the country, sometimes it can even arrive the same day if it is intra-city shipping or the cities are close enough. You can count that your mail or parcel will be at its destiny the next business day in most cases.
International shipping is another story, as you know many countries are far from each other, maybe in another continent, so the delivery time will last depending on the distance between Ireland and the country where you want to send the mail or parcel.
If you are looking to send the parcel to other countries:

  • Inside Europe, it will last between 3 to 7 days to arrive in pristine conditions to that location.
  • For Asia and Africa, the shipping time will take more from 1 to 2 weeks.
  • For Oceania, the standard time is about 2 weeks.
  • Finally, for North America and Central America, it can go from 2 to 3 weeks and for South America from 3 to 4 weeks.

All this timing depends on the custom houses in the airports as well.
If you are in a hurry, you can always contact the EMS services to get your mails and packages faster, paying this service you can get a package in less than 72 hours in any country inside Europe, which makes it very suitable if you need it fast.

Is An Post expensive?

They offer affordable prices to everyone so you can send letters and parcels with them without paying exorbitant quantities of money.
The domestic shipping services are affordable to send a letter under 100 grams inside the country they will charge you 1 EUR that is something like $1.17 USD. For a parcel with a weight of 1 kg, they will charge you 9 EUR or $10.50 USD. These letters and parcels inside Ireland will arrive in the next working day without inconveniences.
If your plans are sending letters and packages abroad, the prices will be higher but also affordable, for a letter with a weight under the 100 grams to any country inside the European Union, they will charge you 1.70 EUR or $2 USD. In addition, for a package of 1kg, they will charge you 28 EUR or something like $32.60 USD, which is really cheap considering all the work it takes to get this parcel to another country like France or Spain.
You can always pay the higher prices of the EMS services if you need your parcels to arrive quickly.

How do I contact An Post?

If you are having any trouble while trying to track or get information about your mails or packages, or any question about all the other services this company provides, you can always call to the An Post tracking contact number (353) 01-7057600 their customer services employees will help you with any inquiry or issue you have.
For more information about prices, prohibitions, and the other services they offer you can always check their official website https://www.anpost.ie/. There, you will find everything you need to solve your problems without a doubt. With decades in the business, this company has gained its reliability becoming very popular among Irish people.

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