Hrvatska Pošta tracking

Hrvatska Pošta tracking

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What is Hrvatska Pošta?

Hrvatska Pošta is the national postal operator in the Croatian Republic. The company is in charge of postal services all around Croatian territory. Besides, this company provides digital TV, retail services, and fintech, among others. Its headquarters are located in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, having also a total number of 1016 offices distributed all over the country.
This company was founded in 1999 as an independent corporation. It is also divided into four stages, each one with specific functions and instructions. The Postal Service Division manages the Croatia postal service tracking service, shipping of couriers, and deliveries. The Express Services Division is for urgent deliveries, while the Network Division administers the entire branch network. The Supporting Services Division is in charge of financial issues and real property.
Hrvatska Pošta is also a member of the Association of European Public Postal Operators (Post Europe) and the Universal Postal Union (UPU). Nowadays, Hrvatska Pošta is a run-estate company.

Hrvatska Pošta package tracking

How do I track my Hrvatska Pošta package?

This is a company characterized by the good quality of its services. The Hrvatska Pošta tracking system is one of the most complete and efficient in Europe, and that’s because the company belongs to the UPU, which helps to improve the postal services of all its members.
When the package is given to the workers of the postal office, they label the parcel with a Hrvatska Pošta tracking number to register it in the database of the company. With that number, Hrvatska Pošta can record all the information of the package, regarding the identity of both sender and receiver, as well as the addresses, departure date, estimated delivery time, delivery address, among others.
Hrvatska Pošta track and trace offers two ways to track a sent package. The first is by using the web page. The “Hp Track” section is where the client types the tracking number so the platform provides all the details of the shipment. The second method is by using the Hrvatska Pošta app for mobile devices, which works similarly to the web page.

Where does Hrvatska Pošta deliver?

As Hrvatska Pošta is the official Croatian postal service, it covers the whole national territory. This company only delivers packages, parcels, and letters inside the country. They arrive at every single city in Croatia with very efficient delivery times and good insurance of the integrity of the shipment.
Hrvatska Pošta has more than 1.000 postal offices spread in all the countries, having more than 10.000 employees working for them. This makes Hrvatska Pošta one of the biggest postal services and retail networks in Croatia. The people of the country recognize this company as one of the European nation’s best courier services.
In international issues, Hrvatska Pošta has the HP international courier, which only works receiving parcels and letters.  To enjoy that service, many terms and conditions apply. Although these packages are delivered to the address of the authorized receiver if the receiver is not at home at the moment of the delivery, the parcel will be taken to the nearest Hrvatska Pošta office, and the receiver will be notified.

How long does it take for Hrvatska Pošta to deliver?

The Hrvatska Pošta delivery times are determined by many different factors about the parcel. Some of them are the distance to cover, the travel route, the climatic and geographic situation, the dimensions of the package, like weight, height, and size, among many other elements.
These deliveries are only accomplished during the working days. The delivery time of a Hrvatska Pošta package in national shipments goes to a maximum period of three working days. This period is calculated thanks to some defined limits and conditions. The Hrvatska Pošta web page says that if there is any delay in the delivery, it is thanks to some events for which Hrvatska Pošta is not responsible, like traffic jams or natural diseases.
International shipments only work for letters and mail.
For these cases, deliveries in Europe take a maximum time of 5 days with priority items and 7 working days for other items.
For other world destinations out of the country, the maximum period in priority class is up to 12 days, and with common delivery, the time can reach 21 days.

Is the Croatian Post expensive?

Hrvatska Pošta is an associate member of the UPU, which means that tariffs and costs are stipulated by that organization. So, the costs of deliveries are inside the global range of mail tariffs and courier services. Besides, the tariffs vary depending on all the elements covered by the package. Once again, it regards the distance, the dimensions of the packages, and other different issues.
National deliveries are always cheaper than international ones. So, the tariffs for shipments inside the Croatian territory go from 3.10 Kunas, which is the national currency, up to 855 Kunas. Speaking about dollars, the costs go from $0.50 up to 135. Of course, there are many different categories for shipments and packages, and all of them depend on the same elements above.
International services have some different costs. These are mostly defined by the distance to travel. The lowest international fee is 8.60 Kn ($1.36), and the highest one is up to 1.000 Kn or $158.32. Besides, the international fees are divided into European and continental destinies.

How can I contact Hrvatska Pošta?

The Croatian postal service can be contacted in many different ways. The company’s web page provides all the Hrvatska Pošta contact information, like telephone numbers, email, the addresses of all the Hrvatska Pošta local offices in the country, etc., so the customer can send all his complaints, doubts, suggestions, and questions, among many others.
Besides, the customer service workers can also help the client with information related to Hrvatska Pošta track and trace. That way, the client can ask for all the package information without the necessity of accessing the company’s official web page.

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