PostNL tracking

What is PostNL?

PostNL is the premier company for delivering post and parcels in Netherland (founded in 1998) as well as Benlex. With over 220 years of mail delivery experience in the region, PostNL shipping and tracking is now the largest shipping company with a happy PostNL family of over 46,000 employees worldwide. Excitingly, it's not just the mail or parcel delivery that they master, it is also about the post-purchase experience that PostNL offers to their valued clients; including retailers, logistic companies, and of course the end consumer. The first question after the purchase that everyone wants to ask; “where is my parcel?” is responded to by the PostNL tracking system proactively and staying-on-top which is the hallmark of PostNL. PostNL international shipping tracking offers live trace and tracking of your parcel and/or mail transported across the globe through our interactive and easy to use online PostNL parcel tracking system. PostNL shipping method ensures to connect retailer-logistics-consumer, the most important stakeholders of shopping experience in a direct and hassle-free manner.

Where is PostNL located?

PostNL headquarters are located in the city of The Hague in the Netherlands. Today there are more than 5,700 PostNL service points inside the Netherlands. People can visit the PostNL webpage locator, type in their current location, and they will find PostNL service points around them. People can choose any service point based upon their convenience and requirement and place their PostNL order by delivering their PostNL parcel at the service point.

How do I track my Package from PostNL?

Good news; now you don’t have to call for your queries and ask to check the status of your parcel/package from any agent. Just go to the following web page: PostNL parcel tracking, type in your PostNL tracking number, and instantly; to your satisfaction, you will find the exact status of your PostNL parcel. Whether your PostNL order is booked, dispatched or on the way to the distribution center, just sit back and relax with live updates because the PostNL track follows your order. Finally, you see a PostNL delivery agent on your doorstep physically. With its secure and swift handling of your valuable parcels, PostNL shipping brings you a satisfactory post-purchase experience.

What are PostNL different services?

The four main categories PostNL delivery system offers are as follows to choose one that caters to your requirements:

As the leading and native postal services of Netherlands and Benlex, with PostNL footprints throughout the country, PostNL offers one of the fastest PostNL Domestic Parcel services. You just need to go to the PostNL webpage and fill in the requisite information to find more information about your PostNL parcel. Find your parcel delivered in the fastest possible way with careful handling throughout its journey by the professional parcel handler till its delivery. Find detailed information regarding the four easy steps of the PostNL domestic parcel booking process in the PostNL Domestic Parcel section.

PostNL understands the desires of its end consumer who wants to see the shopped items in their hands as soon as they check out the shopping site. PostNL provides expedited delivery of your parcels by noon the next day of your parcel booking date, through the super-swift PostNL Domestic Express delivery system. The parcel gets to its recipient even before you think of tracking your parcel. Find detailed information regarding Domestic Express parcel booking procedures including the four-step parcel booking process in the PostNL Domestic Express section.

With PostNL integrated network of logistics and postal partners throughout the globe, the courier PostNL delivers your parcel with the minimum possible time at any destination all over the world. PostNL International Parcel offers to its consumers the fastest and secure way of delivering parcels to your end consumer within three days in Europe and four to eight days in the rest of the world. The super-secure and swift delivery system keeps you updated about the status of your parcel through the easy to use webpage and mobile app of PostNL. PostNL International Parcel details can be viewed for information regarding package description and limitations on items that can be shipped internationally.

PostNL International Express delivery system carries your parcel at a super-swift pace throughout the globe as per your urgency. In most of the major European cities, PostNL International Express surprises you by delivering your parcel the very next business day. For the rest of the world, PostNL delivery is just two to three days till you find your parcel right in your hands. Super secure and swift PostNL international shipping tracking keeps you updated about the status of your parcel throughout its journey. For details about PostNL shipping fees and PostNL, please see PostNL International Express.

How long PostNL delivery takes?

With the greatest network of delivery elements including fast processing, rapid logistics, and integrated information systems, the PostNL shipping method is designed to establish the fastest delivery network. You would find your parcels, packets, and mails delivered to your desired end-consumer at the optimal speed within Netherland as well as around the globe. However, depending upon the postal services of other countries and regions, PostNL shipping time may vary for different regions and countries. PostNL delivery takes only one business day to consummate the journey of PostNL Domestic Parcel. PostNL International Parcel and PostNL International Express shipping and tracking system takes one to three working days for its secure delivery across Europe. Other regions are covered in five to seven days due to varying factors including cargo handling limitations and international restrictions.

Does PostNL deliver on Saturday?

PostNL standard shipping time for regular as well as registered mail such as cards, letters, and small packets concludes with delivery within one day. For the parcels, the delivery is from Monday through Saturday until 9.30 pm. For the letters, the delivery is from Tuesday through Saturday until 6 pm.

Nationality of the courier: Dutch

Date of creation: 1998

Tracking number format (the most common): RR123456789NL

Delivery hours

  • Parcels: Monday through Saturday until 9.30 pm.
  • Letters: Tuesday through Saturday until 6 pm.
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