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PostNL tracking

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PostNL is a mail and parcel company that is based in the Netherlands. The company works with national postal services and private partners in delivery services to provide customers with a reliable network of delivery. Not only do they offer these services within the country but also through different countries around the world.

Track your PostNL parcels with Ship24 and get tracking updates such as the estimated time of delivery and the current status. You can track up 10 parcels at the same time and get results in a second!

PostNL package tracking

What is PostNL?

PostNL, which was formerly TNT NV, is a postal service offering parcel and mail delivery as well as e-commerce logistics solutions across a number of countries in Europe. Based in the Netherlands, it also has operations in Germany, Italy, Belgium, and the United Kingdom among others, and is a publicly listed company on the Euronext Amsterdam.

PostNL shipping and tracking is now the largest shipping company with a PostNL base of employers numbering over 46,000 worldwide. However, PostNL not only focuses on mail and parcel delivery, but also on the post-purchase experience that PostNL offers to their clients, which include retailers, logistic companies, eCommerce, and online marketplaces, as well as regular consumers. PostNL's main competitors in Europe include GEODIS, TNT and DHL.

PostNL shipping connects retailers with consumers through its logistics services, with some shipping options specifically designed for eCommerce e-tailers. PostNL package delivery services are also designed to offer a premium shopping experience in a direct and hassle-free manner.

One of these post-purchase PostNL international shipping features is PostNL tracking. PostNL tracking offers live trace and tracking of a parcel and/or mail. Although this service has been welcomed by users, many are finding that tracking internationally is better done with Ship24.

Ship24 helps millions of track parcels every month, this is because it tracks multiple couriers across the world. This is especially important when it comes to companies that don't have the complete end-to-end delivery capability and use other couriers within the parcel delivery network to make deliveries.

While PostNL deals with end-to-end delivery in the Netherlands, an international delivery will most probably consist of at least one other courier being involved in the handling, such as a local courier in the destination country. Therefore, people are preferring to get all their PostNL tracking in one place, which is possible on Ship24. Simply enter your PostNL tracking number to get started.

This article aims to answer questions such as, how much it costs to post with PostNL, how can I track a PostNL package worldwide, and how long it takes for PostNL delivery.

What is the history of PostNL?

In January 1997, KPN, the Netherlands government-owned postal service KPN moved to purchase TNT Limited after completing a takeover. The following year, KPN merged with the PTT Post to form a new group, named the TNT Post Group. The group was subsequently listed on the Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt and New York stock exchanges.

Following the merger, TPG opened a European Express Centre in Belgium, a road hub opened in the Netherlands, and acquired a French company, Jet Services. TNT Post Group changed its name to TNT in 2005 before TNT NV became a separate company and was renamed PostNL.

PostNL, therefore, has a strong background in logistics having been formed through a series of mergers and floats on the stock exchange itself, evidencing the value it has as an independent logistics solutions company. Today, the company offers lots of different services, from PostNL standard shipping service to PostNL express shipping services.

These postal options boast some of the fastest delivery turnarounds in Europe, with the service being particularly well used in the Netherlands and the country it focuses its operations. It also acts as a third-party logistics solution, meaning that it handles final-leg deliveries of the parcel from outside Europe as part of its operations.

If your package has been sent from the US to the Netherlands, it will most likely be handled by TNT or PostNL for the final part of the journey (such as from the airport to the addressee). If this is the case, you don't need to switch your tracking from the courier you originally sent the package with (such as UPS or USPS), instead, you can track it all from one place, with the Ship24 website.

Ship24 tracks hundreds of different private couriers and national postal services, through its in-built auto courier detection features, which are completely free, to help you with your PostNL parcel tracking - or any other for that matter - worldwide!

Where is PostNL located?

PostNL headquarters are located in the Netherlands. However, there are more than 5,700 PostNL service points in the Netherlands, including offices, processing centres, depots, parcel forwarding points, and package delivery handling centres.

Using the PostNL webpage locator, customers can type in their current location and they will find the closest PostNL service points around them. People can choose any service point based on their convenience and requirement and place their PostNL order by delivering their PostNL parcel at the service point. From here, all registered and express PostNL

Where does PostNL operate?

PostNL currently has operations in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

How do I track a PostNL package?

To track your PostNL package, simply copy and paste the tracking number that has been provided to you by the local office. You can paste the tracking number onto the Ship24 homepage. With Ship24, you can track up to 10 parcels at the same and get results within a few seconds.

Ship24 guarantees that you will get information related to your package because of its auto-courier detection. It means that even if the package is transferred to another courier, Ship24 can detect which courier is handling it and when it will arrive at your doorstep.

Where can I find my PostNL tracking number?

The PostNL tracking number can be found in different ways. The shipping label, the package itself, or the receipt are some places where the tracking number is provided. If you lose your receipt, you can still find your tracking on the email address or phone number that you have provided to the postal office.

The tracking number of PostNL should consist of 13-digits with two capital letters in front, followed by a 9-digit number, and ending with NL (Netherlands ISO Code).

What delivery services does PostNL have?

People sending parcels within the EU can benefit from the Dutch EU membership. This means minimum delays and maximum efficiency of cross-border PostNL package delivery within the EU.

Dutch-EU Membership Benefits

  • There is no customs form required.
  • End-to-end PostNL tracking in 7 different languages (however, Ship24 offers tracking in over 20 languages, all in one place, without needing to switch tracks to different couriers when they reach different countries).
  • Insurance on all parcels sent using this method is up to 500 euros.
  • Signature required on delivery so you know your package has been delivered safely to the recipient.
  • Your parcels were delivered safely.

Non-EU delivery comprises 3 service levels, namely basic, tracked and registered.

  • PostNL priority options where desired
  • Insured up to 200 euros per parcel
  • Max. Weight: 20 kg
  • Max. Size: 150 x 50 x 50 cm
  • Delivery of parcels up to 2 kg

Non-EU service designed for eCommerce packages, which comprises 3 service levels, namely basic, tracked, and registered.

  • Max. Weight: 2 kg
  • Max. Size: shoebox-size

As the leading and native postal service of the Netherlands, with PostNL processing centres, offices, and depots throughout the country, PostNL is the most used and one of the fastest PostNL Domestic Parcel delivery services in Holland.

You just need to go to the PostNL webpage and fill in the requisite information to find more information about sending a PostNL parcel. Find detailed information regarding sending a package with PostNL using the four easy steps on the official PostNL website.

With PostNL's integrated network of logistics and postal partners throughout the globe, the courier PostNL delivers your parcel in the minimum possible time at any destination all over the world.

PostNL International Parcel offers its consumers the fastest and most secure way of delivering parcels to your end consumer within three days in Europe and four to eight days in the rest of the world. To ensure you have the best international tracking for your PostNL package, use Ship24.

With Ship24, tracking PostNL parcels couldn't be easier, simply copy and paste just your PostNL tracking number into the Ship24 and get instant information on its location and status even if it has changed hands (for instance, during the last-mile delivery stage where a local courier partner service will handle it).

Ship24 is free to use and doesn't require a login or any personal information about the tracker or the parcel. Try it out today and utilize market-leading tracking for PostNL as well as thousands of other carriers and logistics companies.

How long does PostNL delivery take?

PostNL usually delivers domestic parcels within one business day to the journey of PostNL. PostNL International Parcel and PostNL International Express shipping takes one to three working days for secure delivery across Europe. In other regions, deliveries take an average of five to seven days.

This can be delayed due to varying factors including cargo handling limitations, adverse weather conditions, and so on. Please note, that international restrictions can also cause delays so make sure you check that your parcel does not include any of the prohibited items listed on the PostNL website and adheres to both the tax and import restrictions of the destination country if sent outside of the Netherlands.

PostNL offers standard and express shipping, including next-day delivery to some locations, especially domestically. However, it will depend upon the postal services of other countries and regions who take over last-mile delivery services regarding how quickly PostNL packages are delivered if being sent overseas. Therefore, PostNL shipping time may vary for different regions and countries.

To keep tracking a PostNL package internationally and with different handlers, you don't need to keep switching your tracking every time your PostNL parcel changes hands. Get universal shipment tracking with Ship24, on all PostNL packages and their network delivery partners worldwide, all in one place, the Ship24 website.

PostNL operates a well-respected and fully established postal network which it utilizes effectively for its deliveries, with elements including fast processing, rapid logistics, and integrated information systems promising some of the most competitive pricing and turnarounds on delivery in Europe. PostNL delivers parcels, packets, and mail to your desired location as both an end-to-end and third-party logistics provider, with the former largely part of its domestic postal services and the latter part of the larger international postal network.

Does PostNL deliver on Saturday?

PostNL standard shipping delivery for registered mail (such as cards, letters, small packets etc) happens between Monday and Saturday. PostNL does not deliver parcels on Sunday. If you are sending a parcel internationally then the delivery day may depend on the courier who has taken over your parcel at its destination country.

For example, if you send a parcel with PostNL to the US, your PostNL package carrier could change for the final leg of your delivery, meaning that FedEx, UPS or USPS could be responsible for delivering your parcel and depending on the service you chose, may be able to deliver on Sundays.

Please note, if you have ordered a next-day-delivery service with PostNL and your parcel has been dispatched on a Saturday, it will arrive on a Monday.

If you are unsure who is handling your parcel at the destination country, head to the Ship24 website with your PostNL tracking number and you will be able to get the latest info on the status and location of your parcel, as well as who it is being handled by. This will help you with regard to the expected day of delivery.

Also, Ship24 offers not only PostNL tracking but scans thousands of couriers, online marketplaces, and logistics companies to find the latest on your parcel, whoever it is being carried by and through courier transitions as they happen.

Although times may be subject to change, delivery hours are as follows:

  • PostNL Parcels: Monday through Saturday until 9:30 pm.
  • PostNL Letters: Tuesday through Saturday until 6:00 pm.

What are PostNL tracking numbers?

A PostNL tracking number is a code created specifically to identify your package among the tens of thousands that are handled by PostNL every day. This number will be scanned into PostNL depots and processing warehouses along its route and these PostNL tracking events will be available for you to view as they happen on the Ship24 website.

A standard PostNL tracking number format will consist of a collection of letters and numbers. An example is shown below:

  • Tracking number format (the most common): RR123456789NL

All you need is your PostNL tracking number to begin getting the latest status and location tracking information in as close to real-time as possible. Just copy and paste your unique PostNL package tracking code into Ship24 and start using the best shipment tracking site today!

How can I contact PostNL?

If you have any requests, feedback, or concerns regarding your parcels, you can head over to PostNL Customer Service. On their website, there are auto-generated answers to see if it fits your questions. Otherwise, if you are still facing issues and concerns, you can contact them at:

  • Phone: 088-2255555
  • Phone: +31 900 0990
  • Twitter: @PostNL

The customer service on Twitter functions 24/7 and you can expect a reply within an hour. On the other hand, phone services are available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm and on Saturday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

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