Geodis Espace tracking

Geodis Espace tracking


What is GEODIS

GEODIS is a multinational shipping and logistics company which is owned by the French railway company SNCF (which is state-owned). GEODIS is often referred to as GEODIS espace. Main competitors such as DHL, TNT, FedEx. All GEODIS shipments, which are sometimes referred to the GEODIS E-space service, can be tracked using Ship24 at any time.

GEODIS operates a global network that includes air and sea shipping, distribution, package delivery, warehousing, freight forwarding as well as last-leg delivery solutions. This means that GEODIS is involved in many different logistics solutions for businesses and can offer global end-to-end shipping services.

GEODIS specializes in five core areas within its business, which are express transportation and delivery, shipping, contractual logistics, and supply chain optimization. Today, GEODIS package delivery services are a global supply chain leader and sector expert when it comes to logistical solutions.

The success GEODIS has enjoyed has been because of the effective shipping solution it provides, which has proven key for businesses to improve their competitiveness. Therefore, by using GEODIS companies are not only optimizing their supply lines to improve shipments delivery times, but also saving money in the process, which can be then passed on to customers.

GEODIS also is involved in industrial level operations where it can provide tailor-made services, including in the Gas and Oil, Mining, Rail, Petrochemical and other sectors, such as Energy.

Geodis Espace package tracking

What are the core services of GEODIS?

GEODIS provides customizable end-to-end shipping worldwide, with an impressive global network of operational infrastructure which helps speed up the delivery process. GEODIS also uses complex information systems to ensure top operational efficiency and the best service for its customers.

GEODIS claims to offer multi-modal transport solutions through a combination of Sea, Air, Road, and Rail. This results in the optimal delivery of shipments which is not only beneficial for senders but also reduces the environmental impact of shipping internationally. Indeed, due to the company's international reach and expansive network, GEODIS shipping optimization is applied to any GEODIS shipment, no matter where an item is shipped from or to.

Is GEODIS a global logistics company?

GEODIS' can be found in more than 65 countries and it has an international network covering some 120 countries. The shipping company is ranked in the top 10 in the logistics sector globally, sixth in Europe, and is a parcel distribution and express shipping leader in France.

The company boasts over 40,000 staff and over 160,000 clients, with the company generating more than 8 billion Euros annually on average in the last few years.

The company's operational capacity is huge. Delivering more than 300,000 tons of air freight and over 1 million TEUs per year. GEODIS also owns and operates warehouses and distribution centers for deliveries on an industrial scale.

GEODIS also boasts some 300 logistics platforms worldwide and owns over 70 million square feet of warehouse space, with the number only set to grow alongside a logistics sector that is booming due to the growing demand for transnational eCommerce shipping solutions.

GEODIS regularly serves some 35 European countries and delivers some 100 million parcels each year via road transport alone. (In Europe, it is one of the market leaders in road transport deliveries, being in charge of large-scale mass distribution of shipments, especially auto-mobile related goods.

Also in Europe, GEODIS operates 94 sites, including more than 50 cross-docking platforms. This is all while the service provides the best supply chain solutions relevant to each parcel.

Does GEODIS deliver outside of France?

Yes. The company is number one in Europe for deliveries within 24- and 48-hour timeframes and offers speedy international delivery services worldwide. The company specializes in international transport organizations which means that they do indeed not only deliver outside of France but can provide global delivery. GEODIS shipping operations also deals with international parcels that are sent to France, where it helps parcels reach their final destination through a last-mile parcel delivery service. GEODIS boasts a wide variety of product handling services with premium service quality.

Which regions do GEODIS logistics services cover?

Although GEODIS is a truly global logistics service, GEODIS is arranged into various regions, namely Western Europe, East, Central Europe, the Middle East, Africa; North, Asia Pacific, and Americas

The huge network which GEODIS operates is split into these regions to help it offer better services as per the needs of the region in question. Each region has its own independent leadership.

Is GEODIS reliable?

More than a century of experience in the logistics sector mean that this company has proven it is not only capable of reliable international logistics and parcel delivery, but its presence in over 60 countries worldwide and its impressive client list, that includes many well-known international businesses, is reassuring news for customs wondering whether of not GEODIS shipping is reliable. Furthermore, the company is dedicated to improving the customer experience and making customers 'company ambassadors' by providing them a quality of service so good they want to recommend it to others.

GEODIS prides itself on understanding its clients' needs, meaning it has the ability to provide innovative and fully integrated logistics solutions. This, in turn, helps improve overall logistics efficiency bringing better economic returns for its users and minimizing its environmental impact on the whole.

How does GEODIS offer customer satisfaction?

GEODIS logistics offers what it calls customized customer experiences, with the onus on meeting the specific demands of the person wanting to ship with GEODIS. Some of the advantages of using GEODIS for shipments include low-friction shipping, meaning that your GEODIS shipment will have the smoothest journey possible on the way to its final destination.

GEODIS focuses on purchase experience and order fulfillment to keep customers coming back for more. GEODIS E-space service is a well searched service on google, which is delivered by GEODIS.

How can I track Espace GEODIS shipments globally?

Tracking shipments handled by GEODIS, whether they are handling the shipments end-to-end or are just involved in the last-mile or a specific part of their journey, couldn't be easier with Ship24. Ship24 tracks thousands of online shops and couriers, however, the team behind our tracking system had made sure that it covers the most recognized and largest shipping companies, such as GEODIS. Being one of the largest logistics services in the world, Ship24 offers end-to-end tracking of any parcel handled by GEODIS and because it has the ability to track many more, it can also track either who GEODIS forwards parcels on to or when a parcel is handed over to GEODIS to complete the last leg of its journey, anywhere in the world.

Can I use a tracking API or webhook for my GEODIS package?

If you want to take your business to business tracking capability to the next level, the Ship24 offers universal tracking API and Webhook options designed specifically for businesses. Check out our tracking API and tracking webhook pages for more information.

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