Cdiscount tracking

Cdiscount tracking

What is Cdiscount?

Founded in 1998, Cdiscount is a french marketplace known for the discount retail prices it proposes and has more than 16 million customers today. The french e-commerce website sells different kinds of products such as household and appliances products, IT products and many others, most of the time sent to the customer through pickup points and using La Poste delivery or Colis Privé delivery.

The year 2013 was important for the company since at this period, Cdiscount grew rapidly and was considered as the most important french e-commerce website.

How to track delivery of my Cdiscount order?

Usually, an email is sent to the seller when an order is placed and to confirm the availability of the product, the order has to be processed within 2 working days. Then the order amount will be debited from the customer’s account (the buyer) as soon as the availability is confirmed by the seller.It is then possible for the buyer to proceed to its Cdiscount delivery tracking on Ship24 and according to the postal service chosen.

When the buyer chooses the Signature Mail (La Poste), the order is generally delivered to the postal services within 48 business hours and the Cdiscount tracking number will be available 24 hours after the purchaseis done, in “My Account” section. The buyer can track his package as soon as the order is supported by the postal service (an email is sent to the buyer when the order is supported by the postal service). It generally takes around 7 days to receive the package.

The postal service used (in addition to La Poste) can be DHL Express France or DHL Express Worldwide. In these cases, the buyer can also track his Cdiscount package on the DHL website in addition to Ship24.

To which destinations does Cdiscount deliver?

Cdiscount shipping operates in France (Corsica and Monaco included), in Belgium, in Germany, in Spain, in Italy and in Luxembourg in Europe. Since 2000, the company has also been a subsidiary of the french group Casino, a huge retail group that has operations in Europe but also in South America and South Asia.

For deliveries outside of the 6 major countries where Cdiscount operates, it is possible to use the Cdiscount partner called ColisExpat. Different shipping methods are proposed on the ColisExpat website and it is only possible to ship orders under 30 kilos.

What are the delivery times and methods for Cdiscount international deliveries?

The delivery methods for international are the same as the ones defined for France on home delivery. However, pick up and drop off instore are not available for other countries than France. The Cdiscount shipping time announced is expressed in working days and depends first on the package size and then on the type of delivery method, as we can see below:

Deliver to country of dispatch

  • Standard package: 1 to 3 days
  • Bulky parcel: 2 to 7 days

Shipping from an European country to another EU country

  • Standard package: 2 to 7 days
  • Bulky parcel: 3 to 10 days

Shipping from a country outside of Europe

  • Standard package: 10 to 20 days
  • Bulky parcel: 10 to 20 days

What are Cdiscount delivery options?

The buyer will find 4 different Cdiscount shipping options:

The home delivery:

Cdiscount proposes 3 different delivery options for the Home delivery option:

  • The Standard option
  • The tracked option
  • The option with signature on delivery

The use of these options will depend on the price of the package ordered by the buyer:

  • If the product has an amount equal or under 40 euros TTC, the customer can choose any option (the standard option is applied automatically with a price under or equal to 40 euros TTC, but the buyer can still choose the tracked option or the signature on delivery option).
  • If the product has an amount between 40 and 10,000 euros TTC, the Cdiscount delivery option picked up by the buyer will be the tracked option or the option with the required signature on delivery.
  • If the product has an amount higher than 10,000 euros TTC, the Cdiscount delivery will be the one with the required signature (mandatory).

Note: Shipping costs are determined depressively for every product bought from the same seller and with this other rule: the highest shipping cost of all the items bought for the first item plus then the price per additional item for all the other items purchased from the same seller.

The delivery to a group Casino store:

For this option, the Cdiscount order is delivered to and collected by one of the companies from the Casino Group, such as: Casino supermarket, Leader Price, Géant supermarket and Géant hypermarket. This Cdiscount delivery option concerns more small items because of the space restriction in the stores.

The immediate collection from the seller store:

This Cdiscount delivery option lets the customer come to the seller store and collect its item for up to six hours after purchase. This can apply to all the products considered as available immediately in store and there are no shipping charges.

The collection from a collection point network:

For this delivery option, Cdiscount uses the networks Relais Colis, Mondial Relay or again Colissimo delivery. When the buyer chooses this option, its order will be delivered to one of these collection points. However, this delivery option is available only for products selected by the seller.

For all the options (excepting the immediate collection from the seller store), it is the seller who sets the postage cost per item and sets a sliding scale when several items are purchased in only one order.

What are “Expédié par Cdiscount” and “Cdiscount à volonté”?

“Expédié par Cdiscount” or in english “shipped by Cdiscount” is a fulfillment service (it can be compared to Amazon FBA), created by Cdiscount. The company provides warehousing and fulfillment services to the sellers that can store several of their products in Cdiscount’s warehouses. The buyer can identify the products concerned on Cdiscount website thanks to the label “Expédié par Cdiscount” that offer in addition a free delivery.

“Cdiscount à volonté” is a free-shipping option (that can be compared to Amazon Prime) created by Cdiscount. It costs 19 euros per year and provides a free Cdiscount shipping on orders over 25 euros.

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